"La of noise made in coughing or vomiting... "

"La of noise made in coughing or vomiting... La of noise made in coughing or vomiting... "

Cent is not clear this is what sound, in hearing ear, be like can penetrate the body is irruptive the soul, body letting a person can'ts help can be in this cold snow night hit on a few shiver.

The north wind of bleak passes in the sob inside this heaven and earth, blast Zhen Baixue waves along with wind dance, canopy intersected broken up, one layer upon layer asperse full earth, look far, if silver-coated, everywhere desolate.

This is not a late night, it is crepuscular only, but empty that day bleak it is however like the night, give a person the sense of a kind of heavy, be like press in the pit of the stomach, suffocative come. On that argent earth, can see a tremendous outline, that is a magnificent city, as if gigantic animal power face.

The center of city, have a station of topping tower shape hold a memorial ceremony for, become the entity of 7 horn, open system inky, insert Yun Feng continuously, stand erect is not moved at the lofty inside fierce wind blizzard, in the sob rumor that has played on stage of that hold a memorial ceremony for, be mingled with is worn the noise of La of such noise made in coughing or vomiting of La of noise made in coughing or vomiting, medicinal powder to distance, taking primitive straightforward, do not have charm idea one time.

"Hopeful still... still have... "

Hoarse muttering voice, in the trail on stage of hold a memorial ceremony for of the wherefrom in this wind snow, be like be together with that wind confluence, faint some resolution are not clear.

"If hopeful, hope to be in He Fang, if do not have a hope, why to let me see again! ! " if that sound copy is crackers, it is hysterical almost same, growlingly whirly and empyreal in.

Lower part of stage of hold a memorial ceremony for, have the figure of countless dress straw rain cape at the moment, silent station is over there, look far, awesomely know exactly about sth ten, they have male have female, surround this altar all around, thickly dotted one, in be not being moved, however fanaticism emerges, the person that seems stage of that hold a memorial ceremony for to go up a word, they can pay everything for it.

Snow, bigger.

"Since you let me see, regular meeting is hopeful, but hope... in He Fang! " the hoarse voice on stage of that hold a memorial ceremony for is being taken agonized, accumulate contained distress, for a long time does not come loose.

"Bright Huang Cuo returns now, 3 peaceful open up wasteland, xue Feng comes, eternally is built, an old fellow like me should calculate pretty day again! " that sound suddenly greatens, also do not know put to good use what method, see color of the wind and cloud on that sky change however, countless wave falling snowflake is all abruptly halt, back-to-back move coils entirely, from howl of far and near advent is condensed together, make quiver of heaven and earth!

Then the day has Xue Piao to fall no longer on sky, all snowflake agglomeration formed a tremendous Xue Sexuan dragon, one form accomplishs this Long Gang to admire day chilly to neigh immediately, sound is sad and shrill pleasant to hear, let the person that hears entirely, immediately mind one shake, be like like wanting to be torn off by this sound.

Blast a shocking blood, the secrete on body of wherefrom snow dragon goes out, diffuse very quickly its whole body, make if this snow dragon made hematic a surname, its sad and shrill shout, struggling body sides with a sky suddenly to rush, if one pretty shooting star inserts horizon continuously, be like with a bang should open this day a hole, open a hope.

Its fast fast, it is endless in an instant, plangent and whirly, be like this dragon to bump in somewhere aeriform diaphragmatic on, heaven and earth shakes, the reputation that with a buzz cries spreads towards all directions, that blood dragon screams sad and shrilly again rise, body with macroscopical speed layer upon layer break down.

With respect to an instant that will break completely in its, tens of 10 thousand silent people of lower part of stage of that hold a memorial ceremony for, bid farewell of clutch of all both hands, bite broken the tip of the tongue, ejective a blood, those blood are like drawing of the force that be planted by some, fleet and rise, if a sea of blood enters the space, the hematic dragon in going straight towards that to break down continuously and go, to it after confluence, make the situation that this dragon breaks down had alleviation, bore down on taller horizon.

Soon that blood Long Yuefei is taller, condensed everybody's look, but be in at this moment, that blood dragon is fierce whole body however one shake, after giving out the Li Si that spreads everywhere to several lis, cannot prevent body again break down, changed snowflake of countless redness of skin, wave fall down, saw this heaven and earth be caught already far the Acheron of bare color.

It is to be engraved here more, an instant that that blood dragon breaks down, a sound that differs completely with chilly growl came out in the mouth from it!

"Die young... "

"Die young... " in top of table of that hold a memorial ceremony for, in the middle of the position of the heart, the old man that tailor-fashion is taking to wearing violet robe, that old man all over the face furrow, it is overgrow more Brown stain, he mutters in opening double eye, but it is bleak however in its eye without light, it is an a blind person apparently.

There is before his body complete spinal, send out the beard that gives Senbai, there is a rock on its right hand piece, stay in thirteenth piece spinal over.

His empty double eye looks at a sky silently, for a long time, for a long time, deep sigh.

"Tell Yu Wang... an old fellow like me already endeavored... "

In his speech, taking rock piece the right hand, at that weird spinal went up to be moved again rise, attrition is worn animal bone, gave out the sound that crack cracks, drop off towards far, his form is being shown bleak, with this sound confluence, the loneliness that gave a grief fully and downfallen.

"My pretty as big Yu Wangchao is fair, the world that I see, you cannot see... "

"You... cannot see... "

"Hope... "

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