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Military of the first order defeats empty sky

Whose person is not dead on the world?

Hold the post of peerless of your elegance and talent, colourful coronal the world, in the end also is red pink skeleton; Hold the post of arrogant of your generation day, sit have 10 thousand lis of state power, in the end also will change one loess eventually!

Immortal not old, everybody yearns for. But without ageless beauty, also do not have immortal monarch, female day arrogant and all living things are not had commonly 2, escape hard birth, without the person can eternal life at this worldly.

Nevertheless, circulate from beginning to end however about immortal amaranthine fokelore at the world.

Amount to rub, alone Gu is begged be defeated, the door blows snow, Li Xin on the west of soft of the wife of a prince of joyous, division, , billow turns over the cloud, Pang Ban, Qin Mengyao...

Each name passes the name of through the ages, ceaseless like old demon cuss incentive later generations, let people believe immortal do not be not to death absolutely and absurd, some people can reach that one domain.

Just, time is merciless most, as years elapse, once immortal fokelore, in also effacing the endless flow in time gradually.

Till become silent after endless years, the miracle is in insipid in erupt again!

15 months of round night, lan Nuo of goddess of generation day arrogant, dirt predestined relationship will be broken in behead of peak of Kunlun human society, broken empty is empty and go, there's no one who doesn't or isn't of the person that the world is repaired is astonished,

Nearly a few days, kunlun hill emerges ten people, the nobility comes on, the lackey that peddle a husband comes below, pervade all sorts of people, they are had same a purpose, the spirit that inquire for evidence a through the ages shows inaccessibly is slash.

Arrived eventually the day of lunar circle, lofty Kunlun, grand and beautiful, below bright and clear moonlight, as if envelop went up a hazy fine gauze, let this Shengshanru be the same as elfland general and wispy.

Moonlight in, be like,Xiao Chen runs wind, all over the body is bloodstain, send even pitch-black length by hematic water incarnadine. But if the knife cuts the brilliant countenance like,be castiron completely color, one pair is like the bright pupil like stars, it is transmission more the ray with firm and persistent move.

He is undertaking life and death absconds greatly!

Beautiful jade of royal day female Zhao swear to put to death destroy he, lead encircle and suppress of all directions of the person that tens of names are repaired. Fine gauze of hide from view of day female range, figure graceful, the curve is lithe and graceful, eye is like autumn water, pian is like Jing grand, be like skimming over the surface general light spirit,

Do not have a road to be able to escape, xiao Chen rushs to human society peak!

Moonlight below, near human society peak huge crowd of people, all over the mountains and plains all be people, nevertheless ten people gather together, it is however such quiet, everybody is in looking up at woman of that white garment on human society peak silently.

Absolutely over the peak, white garment of orchid Nuo a suit gets the better of snow, in lunar corona envelop below, her celestial being human body ases if to sending light and holy brightness fully, white garment skirt is moved along with wind stroke, the wide cold faery that does not eat terrestrial cooked food like that really is general.

Since these half month, she tries broken empty sky twice, be in nevertheless result become split second, called in that foot that steps.

The Yao of one pace, she eternal life heaven and earth!

But, if step that one pace, boundless human society, always will leave her and go, sever all dirt predestined relationships from now on!

Unplug predestined relationship of dirt of intelligent sword behead, this needs greatest courage! Because walk out of that one pace, endless immortal years is medium after be in, await her perhaps will be endless lonely.

Day heart is measured hard, celestial being affection is like frost!

Now, had stood to now from early morning, human society a variety of emerge one by one at her heart, arrived eventually when brandish fastens this world. A god with blazing path is smooth, erupt suddenly at absolutely over the peak, whole Shan Dian is enveloped went up an extremely holy brightness.

Lannuo puts flesh jade bone on the ice, in holy rays of morning or evening sunshine, she is such going out dirt and nobleness, admire in millions of people in inspecting, empty sky is broken, she is indulgent and sturdy take a step ahead and go.

In final one instant, she answered eye to look last times to human society, the celestial being that is like unreal like the dream then colour, between the forever heart that takes in common people, the name of Lan Nuo of call out of ten people in chorus.

Orderly nevertheless call out sound is very fast messy, over peak of people discovery hill two form that run quickly, actually as Lan Nuo together broken empty is empty and go!

Account of history of a poetic name of China, 7316, lan Nuowu of goddess of generation day arrogant defeats empty sky and go, beautiful jade of royal day female Zhao predestined relationship of celestial being of knot having good fortune, be accompanying enters immortal group.

As to Xiao Chen, in be record in annals without the predestined relationship.

The instant that goes in broken empty sky, xiao Chen was to astonish the utmost really!

He never has thought of to have such a day, can lead to immortal bound with this kind of means actually. In that flashy he thought of a lot of, family, friend... will part forever, he forever departure this is subcelestial.

Life and death absconds greatly, can be a such results actually. To a lot of people, broken empty sky enters immortal group, that is honor of through the ages. But Xiao Chen would rather forgo this kind of opportunity however, he is such be sentimentally attached to this is subcelestial, parents, family member... parted forever! He is reticent brandish does not the word of mortals.

Xiao Chen does not know, beautiful jade of royal day female Zhao as much broken empty is empty and go.