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Animal of pretty of the 6th chapter is crazy

Xiao Chen cried bad, the close Lin Chong that faces coastal margin quickly goes. 8 arms evil dragon was returned to, he must want as soon as possible form of conceal good body, be sure to come to a bad end otherwise!

Not bad, when when evil Long Pang big fierce picture is shown in the sea and going out, xiao Chen had developed primitive forest region.

Not a long time, day of shake of seaside dragon howl, although be apart is counted in, but that tremendous roaring, still wear gold to crack stone, the blood of person energy of life that appears the shake like Tian Lei breaks up emerge.

8 arms evil dragon is mad, discover dragon egg was destroyed, it is in seaside severe howl is ceaseless, tremendous growl lets the sea that calms originally, upsurge immediately the sea of a Zhen Tao day, subsequently evil dragon will nearby that capacious coco forest use up number to destroy.

Giant like hill antediluvian fierce animal, fluctuate all over argent flare is jumpy, final it rushs towards the dense forest zone inside island, 50 meters chief giant dragon human body, erupting towering evil spirit gas, the part that spends can be become without content!

Forest becomes the lodging of the platoon into the platoon, the earth is vibrating acutenessly, mountain forest is flown violently by the fallen leaves of shake, lin Diao wails flush, the beast fears fleeing unbearably, xiao Chen also must fly escape, alternate in dense forest zone the ground is nodded ceaselessly.

8 arms evil dragon is honest too too terrible, all-conquering, do not have any fraise to be able to stop its pace!

Knowing is coincidence, antediluvian still fierce animal is true can rack cloth rain, colour of sky is fast and dark come down, endless black clouds is enveloped in island in the sky, after that thunder and bolt, fall next violent storm!

Tremendous lightning breaks off dance amuck, a hurricane attacks from offing, make a lot of ginseng extremely big immediately the tree breaks off, have a lot of tree more by uproot, bore down on the dim heaven that leaving heavy rain, smash in what be banged by that tremendous thunder in sky after that.

It is the picture like advent of a pair of doomsday simply, darkness envelops the earth, violent storm is ceaseless, the tree is folded forest destroy, and that is antediluvian fierce animal is ceaseless growl howl, can compares Jing thunder of the sky.

In the night that this violent storm accompanies each other, the dragon human body with 8 arms evil enormous dragon, jumpy blazing argent flare, close forest medium dash around madly, destroy all holding back!

A big chaos in virgin forest, endless fierce animal in great disorder flees, resemble substandard besides common lion tiger, have more a lot of fierce and cruel heterogeneous, be like: The male lion of unripe ala having a mind, long have alone 3 meters two the lofty 3 eyes wolf like gigantic elephant of big snake of horn, can comparing, long aureate centipede...

Have animal of a lot of big barren pretty more, it is the dreariness evil animal of the account on a few ancient books it seems that, be like,they run wind, growl howl is like Jing thunder, even if is the beast of prey such as tigon, also frighten so that courage is about to crack, give way for them in succession.

Xiao Chen is astonished extremely, a what kind of islands is this? Having animal of so many big barren pretty actually... here copy seems world of antediluvian pretty barren general!

The electrify of headroom shows thunderous, rainstorm stops without a bit resting evidence, fierce wind still also is in indulge in wilful persecution, the fierce animal that many running is coiled by fierce wind to Gao Tian, lost sign thoroughly.

Xiao Chen meets with a few times nearly accident, should avoid not only antediluvian fierce dragon, escape the concussion of animal of all sorts of big barren pretty even, escape to a few and far between forest zone once, it is nearly is coiled by hurricane more Gao Tian, from have one's body smashed to pieces only the Yao of one pace.

Indulge in wilful persecution of 8 arms evil dragon most night, side with after that rush in island, in mountain ridge that area a big chaos.

Outside the growl that besides 8 arms evil dragon annoys, the animal growl that wears gold additionally to crack stone together rings subsequently, actually complete no less than 8 arms evil dragon, both sound as one falls, they are in it seems that fast immediateness.

Time is not long, the horrible howl sound of pretty animal combat rang in mountain ridge, two kinds of different tremendous growl howl are deafening, give birth to Jing Lei Zhiyin of the sky unripe suppress actually go down!

Xiao Chen special astonish, have pretty animal actually can force enemy is antediluvian fierce animal 8 arms evil dragon, really mysterious Mo Ce is returned over this island!

"Growl... "

"Ao... "

The pretty animal with fierce and cruel both ends, actual strength is about the same it seems that, in the depth of mountain ridge Li Xiao is ceaseless, big fight appears extremely intense, that mountain ridge ases if vibrated rise, bring 10 thousand animal all Jing, neat neat Ai Hou.

This is a frantic dirty night, thunder is plangent, fierce wind howls, two big antediluvian fierce animal is intense big fight, shout of 10 thousand animal, in great disorder runs... till down time, rainstorm is overblown come down, the big fight of two animal just ends.

8 arms evil dragon is hurt again and return, the mountain forest of straight shake " " make sound, deciduous leaf flies madly. Next argent flare on its the whole body are jumpy, many bloodcurdling cut appeared on the body, scute fell off big, a lot of places are badly mutilated. 8 gigantic claw have 3 injuries not dare touchdown, that 78 meters senior sharp silver role on the head, although be infected with the bloodstain of enemy animal, but also appeared however crackle.

Can imagine big fight has how miserable intense, also do not know that enemy animal has the background of what kind, let 8 arms evil dragon pay so big price unexpectedly, more knowing two big fierce animal is who gets the better of to lose after all.

As the regression of 8 arms evil dragon, let this forest zone rise in disorder greatly again immediately, 10 thousand animal flee.

Xiao Chen witnessed all these, feel antediluvian pretty animal is fierce power powerful and prosperous, honest dreariness is clinking!

Evil dragon is pulling an injury style is gradually distant went. And this moment, envelop in island the black clouds in the sky also dropped off gradually eventually, violent storm stopped, daylight has been put bright, now have been early morning.

The violent storm of one night destroyed big forest, more a lot of fierce animal were in to death in the convulsion last night, in virgin forest one ins disorder.

Early morning alpenglow is aspersed brightness, illumination of Can Can glow is in forest, get on blade, the bounty on flower, the glittering and translucent get rid of of illuminate is appeared, resembling is one pearl is rolling, fresh air sends bright with the wind.

This is a young early morning, after the tempest of yesterday evening dreariness passes, greeted a calm eventually auspicious in the morning.

Xiao Chen goes in incomplete branch to defeat Xie Zhi to go up, those who experiencing pluvial hind is pure and fresh, his pupil between suddenly contracts one blast, binocular in erupt god of two Zhan Zhan is smooth.

Bright and clean by the side of the lakelet that is like sapphirine, a ginseng is extremely big over the tree, fine gauze of one party white is hanged on branch, be in as gentle breeze small small flap, in this the forest zone of unmanned smoke, be such marked.