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Snow mountain of the 82nd chapter puts coffin on the ice

Numerous the person that repair escaped lush and green mountain forest, really as very different as the mood when coming. They and snow jade dragon lay between except a Xue Gu, had proper amortize time to abscond, not be to have of great capacity of snow of two people be buried only that kind simple.

Xiao Chen seeks a long time in this snow region, without the discovery with special what, side with snow mountain after that in set out, go searching a jade-like stone a jade-like stone with 3 skeletons.

After two time, xiao Chen discovered their trail.

When climbing a Xue Dian, xiao Chen is dumbfounded, besides discovering 3 skeletons to be repaired in putting a hole on the ice, he still discovered one individual plant can have the Xue Lian of building size, and a jade-like stone a jade-like stone curl up lies above breathe out breathe out to sleep greatly.

Make third contact of Can of Can of lotus of individual plant snow, general like Shui Bo brilliance is in slowly be on the move, the gods and spirits of inarticulate, make here spirit gas dense, rosy clouds winds around, rectifying lotus of individual plant snow to resemble is carve of divine jade carving those who come out is general, the bright below the illuminate in sunshine is dazzing.

And a jade-like stone a jade-like stone to breathe out in lotus heart of Xue Lian breathe out to sleep greatly, this must let a person plaint this little beast is honest gods and spirits, can find the thing of such clever a gathering of things or people every time, this is by no means accidental, certainly and its body provide intelligence of animals to concern.

This dot is really comfortable still, be afraid that the beast holds it not at all, those who sleep is honest too sweet, how does the Long Dao that does not know it appears and disappear in pretty animal infestation really come down alive. Xiao Chen goes by gently, touch it with the hand, the result makes a person uncannily the thing happened, the brightness with downy posse actually plentiful is in a jade-like stone the body watch that a jade-like stone, protect it was in inside " prattle... " snow-white little beast is in unexpectedly balderdash, a body crossed after be being crossed by desolate morning lay a finger on, breathe out again after that breathed out to sleep greatly, was not slept lightly at all.

This... let Xiao Chen not have really language.

Xiao Chen did not alarm again it. Oneself sit on Xue Feng to begin tone to cease. Although be opposite the enemy is marble, but to the person beside Xiao Chen is another appearance, he bestows favor on be addicted to very much to this little fierce beast, thanks to this a jade-like stone the colour jade broken case that a jade-like stone, otherwise he may be in to death under Na Bingfei knife.

They discover metempsychosis king Xiao Chen returns. Binocular in incorporeal light twinkles, destroyed as lonely again after that general, begin to repair refine silently.

Be in with respect to such desolate morning Xue Feng is static all the time the midnight after be being repaired, just feel magical to Qing Dynasty enrages bright. Regained summit summit position thoroughly. In order to battle he has drawn the essence of egg of a few dragon, cause life essence of life yuan compare an ordinary person far exuberant, this otherwise intense big fight is afraid can make him vigour is hurt greatly.

Powerful and prosperous life essence of life yuan, let Xiao Chen if had two lots,wait. If encounter,repair the adversary that is close, he can have internecine dead fight completely with the other side, anyway his life is vigorous, completely OK bad news dead the other side!

Starlight is nodded, the dim light of night is like water. Lin Lei

Till second half night, a jade-like stone ability aing jade-like stone sleeps the eye climbed faintly, when seeing Xiao Chen, it blinks large small hole mistily, resembling after that was what to remember like. Extend claw of a little beast to point to it bitterly that bulging small belly, pointing to Xiao Chen malcontently after that, be in it seems that breathed accuse. Xiao Chen was teased at a draught, this dot wants to eat Xue Lian for certain, defending the clever pure such as this to cannot be fed however now below, make it depressed and clinking really.

"You need not call little fierce beast after I look, completely OK you are appellation the animal that find treasure, the Wang Dou of so Xue Lian can be searched by you, you return the Ke Xing of really clever pure. You return the Ke Xing of really clever pure..

A jade-like stone a jade-like stone to have some of dissatisfaction it seems that, the brandish of face desolate morning that gas groans brandish little beast is ungual. Crossed a body after that. lotus heart in the center a few glittering and translucent lotus valve are opened, from inside gouge the jade simple thing of size of a fist, divine brightness is gorgeous, resembling is a stars general, this is the heart of true Xue Lian. Morning allowing a surname uses a facial expression for it.

A jade-like stone a jade-like stone greedy dc saliva. Want to dare not eat again.

"With a ha breath out... " the yock that Xiao Chen is amused, finally: "Still let me help you save first. Waited for disappear of your area small belly to bilge, you are enjoyed slowly again. You are enjoyed slowly again..

A jade-like stone of suspicion aing jade-like stone look at him, crestfallen finally inclination, broke lotus heart two half, the half wants Xiao Chen to rise surely for it, other in part sent Xiao Chen directly, at the same time brandish is worn little beast claw warns Xiao Chen, do not hit it that idea of half.

Xiao Chen cannot help laughing, laugh: "You this little fierce beast returns some conscience, did not forget me. Be at ease, I am staying to you, my half also does not want. My half also does not want..

Go after Guo Keke's native place, xiao Chen feels of He Xiaodong westing very close, can have left it beside almost.

"A jade-like stone a jade-like stone the small belly pass the time in a leisurely way that I tell you how to let your circle roll now bilges. "A jade-like stone a jade-like stone the small belly pass the time in a leisurely way that I tell you how to let your circle roll now bilges..

When aing jade-like stone those who a jade-like stone is big to stand, shined.

"Want to do, need your treasure tree. Last are you to see treasure cultivates the body that be blended in by me medium? Begin from today, in the small belly that you need to try to blend in divine nursery stock you, let it absorb that superfluous life manna, do not know to want to just be met with how long manna otherwise be absorbed completely by you. Do not know to want to just be met with how long manna otherwise be absorbed completely by you..

A jade-like stone a jade-like stone the smooth circle of glare of a pair of bright large small hole, covering after that the small belly of round billow exerts all his strength shake one's head, that means beats dead to also do not work. "Yi prattles ah... " saying to won't go up in abdomen absolutely it seems that kind of tree.

"You are not willing it may not be a bad idea, so much life manna is absorbed by yourself, advantage is bulkily. Nevertheless, you will want period of time henceforth bear shut up desire, wanting not always to eat delicate ah. Wanting not always to eat delicate ah..

A jade-like stone a jade-like stone immediately downhearted, gas groans the ground mounts Xue Lian, continue to breathe out breathe out to sleep greatly.

"A jade-like stone a jade-like stone not to want patronage to wear sleep greatly, this Baoshu that you are filled, plant tree of your area treasure on Xue Lian. Plant tree of your area treasure on Xue Lian..

Desolate morning Jiang Keke is held in the arms entered glacial hole, treasure the tree is grown was in over Xue Lian, the brilliance on the Xue Feng in the dim light of night that is like water is on the move, the divine nursery stock with expensive hand, like Qiu dragon " truncal " go up, leaf of leaf of jade of a Chinese ink, a white jade, still have part of a historical period of a jasper, the coruscate when standing gives dazzing luster.

Early morning, they left Xiao Chen here, because be looked at in alpenglow, they discover a Xue Feng of far to go up, have the old palace of a broken it seems that.

When climb a hill when here, discovery is not then psychedelic, here has one place really vestigial. Broken Gu Dian close to the cave in, it is imposing manner extensive originally grand heavy Dian Yu, remain 9 Gu Dian to still be in only at the moment standing firm, may fall in wind snow at any time nevertheless. What to discover here, it is one place merely it seems that old vestigial, over there hill of far unlike emperor different of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease and terrible.

"Gu Dian serves as mark, bury dragon egg temporarily be here, when be being searched later, also go to the lavatory. " Xiao Chen wants to suspend essence of derive dragon egg yuan, yesterday satori of prep against alpenglow, let him be in Xiu Lian had brand-new knowledge on one road, he wants to begin another time to build refine course. Anyway dragon egg won't run, he although when can come this is taken out. In the meantime, do not have not not be to one expects in his heart, true perhaps can be pregnant with and give 9 small the Dragon King.

Desolate morning absolutely cannot think of, ice and snow is opened by shake, when digging thaw earth, dig an ice coffin in underground actually!

This is a big discovery really! This bury ground that won't be ancient god? He thinks of so, sudden shock cracks the frozen earth all round, let put coffin float on the ice to go up in snow mountain now.

Below the illuminate of sunshine, can see transparent ice coffin is medium clearly, have a piece of complete person skin, plait drape is knitted, look even if the person place with unusually old age stays.

This is honest too different of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease!

Only a piece of Laopi, do not have a body, this lets Xiao Chen feel some Sen Han. But, he cannot be scared because of this, light jog opened the lid of glacial coffin, showed the person skin inside. Will instigate discovery, skin of pieces of whole person is divided outside having a gap to abdomen from the head however, the others each place is approximately whole, do not have the place of a bit damaged, be about even that thin to fall silk of smooth snow white hair, and the eyelash of that grey still is being withheld.

Do not know why, xiao Chen feels here is unusually ghastly, even if rising sun is aspersed brightness, but also as if lost due vernal, xia Hui appears ghastly. In spite of oneself, he thought of cicada carapace, this Laopi resembling is bug kind the case that take off is general, have some of similar character it seems that.

Xiao Chen is done not have at this point stop, dug a frozen earth around again, beyond his expect, he dug an ice coffin again really actually, with the first apart glacial coffin does not cross two meters far. Xiao Chen sucked a cool air, here this won't oh the bury ground of an evil different? If so, the palace of broken is not Yin Dian here!

The 2nd puts coffin break ground on the ice and go out, the Laopi that drape of a piece of clinking plait knits still is inside, let desolate morning back this appear cool air, discover because of him and two pieces of Laopi are honest too similar, the result is exhibited smooth after be being put together, detect their face skin actually complete exactly like.

Feature is same! And, through careful contrast, xiao Chen feels scalp has some of pins and needles, because he discovers the birthmark on two pieces of old skins is done not have,point out partly, complete same.

"How to meet such, even if is twin brother, also won't such likeness... "

Xiao Chen jumps over disclosure to get here evil surprise. Back letting a person risks the bury land of cool air! He collects a hand because of this impossibly, continue to dig frozen earth, the result puts coffin on the ice the 3rd times by gouge. He was sucked deeply at a heat, did not go seeing coffin of the 3rd ice, however shake cracks glacial layer, continue to dig frozen earth.

Nevertheless, the layer near Gu Dian is dug by him, also did not search coffin of the 4th ice again. And the place that 3 ice coffin comes up out of land, apart does not cross two meters, very orderly permutation is together, if figuring so, it seems that only 3 ice coffin.

Xiao Chen lifted the 3rd coffin that puts coffin on the ice to build, he rectifies an individual to stay, the Laopi in inner and outer coffins is as general as before two pieces without 2, and birthmark of that 3 place also a bit is not poor.

How to meet such? Xiao Chen feels here algidity dense, why to have the 3 person skins like Zhang Yimo, don't have cadaver head however? by what thing was the flesh and blood inside eaten off?

Static next hearts come oneself are watched, between suddenly his expression one sluggish, because he discovered important clue! In coffin of the 3rd ice, his hair discovered a few bloodstain, dry up it seems that without how long!