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The 91st Zhang Yin, halberd, annulus, divinatory symbols, dragon

Final. The others of tablet of a few gods illusive disappeared, remain that bona fide merely " always press down absolutely island " ancient tablet. It wears that in awe " demon well " .

Everybody can'ts help suspiciousing. true ground still has a few ancient tablet on this world. Always press down one party commonly as the divine tablet over Long Dao? Others has doubt probably. But Xiao Chen believes firmly however return tablet of god of face of know exactly about sth certainly. After all his used has seen personally " always press down the Yellow River " ground god tablet.

Abstruse the ground " demon well " in fiercely jolty, it seems to connecting another world, have infinitely soul it seems that struggling, in scroll, as if to communications center is vacated and go out.

Be in at this moment. That true god tablet also begins ray your work, will " demon well " in will erupt namely a ground is dazzling strong photo-generated unripe suppressed go down, vast of boundless ground force is unparalleled. If boundless ocean is general vast and mighty inside dead city.

Demon well is ceaseless quiver, but the town that cannot break through divine tablet from beginning to end is sealed, the ground is shown inside demon well strong light is fainter and fainter, final ray shines. Concealed at demon well in. Ray of bulkily god tablet brights. It is ceaseless and vibratile, in this momently the quarter graph copy above it is like lived to come over thoroughly, just like had life general.

In deafening banging noise. Case of the map on divine tablet flew off actually tablet body. Pretty dragon, god, a sea of blood, dead city, Sukhavati interweaves together. Comprise cover of a smooth act to fall to demon well. Will the town is sealed was in below.

! Wap! Be in this day,

The maritime space all round Long Dao

Upsurge monstrous billow,

Whole sea as boiling general, whole islands is vibrating slightly. On the island, forest is waved amuck, deciduous leaf flies violently, pretty animal goes straight towards howl, fierce birds grows cry, dead city is to be in more acutely is jolty, erupt to develop light of bird of heaven and earth.

Over Long Dao, become silent a for years mountain peak. Emerge suddenly move the Hei Wu that removes to dash to the skies. A pitch-black subway imprints towering and case. Fly quickly towards dead wall way, a dazzing bird light leaves in sky.

This has the volume like fist only when square Tie Yinchu. But in the sky should fly to dead city when had been like lofty mountains greatly, towards lower part divine tablet attacks the ground to be bungled and go, divine tablet ray twinkles. A smooth act is greeted to the sky, iron imprints bump above hind, erupt blare. Have ten million again all the subway imprints actually inverted flight go out.

Be in at this moment. A collapse is endless in the mountain range of years, halberd of one lever god is erupting to bright dazzing ray, what break from incomplete is vestigial in towering and case, towards dead city medium ancient tablet is broken off fall and come.

Nevertheless it was flown to by ancient tablet shake likewise. Tens of a unit of length grow sky of empty of lacerate of ground god halberd. Be cast to high overhead over.

After that. Law of Buddha of the ground on an arch over a gateway of city of dead city land annulus, if great music gives out the sound of huge commonly. Resound through heaven and earth, erupt harsh ray. Towards ground ancient tablet bumps in Gu Cheng, old divine tablet is acuteness and vibratile. Buddha ground law annulus also be bumped to fly, be like shooting star of a bulkily. Procrastinating to grow long end light, flying Xiang Yuan is empty.

Then. There is one to be in a valley to burst apart again over Long Dao. Graph of the Eight Diagrams of copper of a tremendous glutinous rehmannia is broken empty and come. Nip the situation of as powerful as a thunderbolt, shake is down just ancient tablet. Just. Graph of brass the Eight Diagrams carries the horrible power that come. Still do not have shake god tablet, it was flown to by collapse likewise.

Subsequently, iron imprints, divine halberd, law annulus, brass the Eight Diagrams is successive bombard ancient tablet, shake is extremely big noisy incessant Yu Er, whole dead city is jolty rise. But die hard however fraction of caustic ancient tablet, finally, earthworm of besiege ancient city a group of things with common features over there also develop two rays, the horn of a Zulong is as long as 100 meters. Rays of morning or evening sunshine is glaring. Claw of god of an ancestor dragon is sharp the knife that be like a day. Bright is dazzing. Be torn off quickly and fall. Attack to divine tablet.

Become silent dead city of endless years ground. Now ceaselessly fulminant, my day of day of smooth block of bird of bewitching different ground. Although hematic rain stopped already, but right now however more horrible and fearsome, aeriform evil spirit gas diffuses inside whole Gu Cheng.

The horn, Buddha in Zulong a few mahatma such as law annulus implement below ground attack. Ancient tablet is acuteness shake quiver. And Long Zuquan ministry flies to this moment to headroom, all abracadabra attack come over consistently towards divine tablet. Very apparent their ground is final the target is that demon well. As if over there connecting a bizarre world. Only ancient tablet is in suppress. Other force wants to be defeated go in.

Besides dead city countless skeletal. Be in entirely look up at a sky. Their as if momently in this had the spirit general, the bone sea of stretch to the horizon envelops deep and remote light of ground of a miserable green jade. This is the soul of a deceased person state ground death ray, swing a huge to be like coercion of the ground like angry sea. The dragon in siding with a sky a group of things with common features billowy and go.

The death ray of color of miserable green jade, make a sky medium earthworm a group of things with common features also dare not overlook, way spirit light with a bang falls and fall together. In deep and remote smooth act of dark ground death by rip fission to together huge gap penetrates and fall. Attack the endless bones of the dead of lower part broken another.

Very apparent, main forces of this bones of the dead is guarding dead city, blast a ground of pins and needles of scalp letting a person is sad and shrill howling often rings in bone sea, lacerate of Buddha of sound of antediluvian big battlefield is spatio-temporal transmit, wenzhi makes a person creepy, dragon a group of things with common features must divide a partial energy. Paying close attention to this ancient battlefield.

Horn, Buddha of Zulong the tablet of ceaseless bombard god such as law annulus, dead city is already jolty rise, xiao Chen they cannot have been been stationed in around square stayed, the eye of real ground storm is over there, the quantity is in all force to be attacked to.

Pitch-black subway imprints, halberd of god of ray bright ground, old brass the Eight Diagrams is the holy content that with Buddha law annulus is the same as level apparently, once passed shadow mark in the flash in antediluvian and mythological fokelore. It is might huge unparalleled divine arms emperor implement.

Law annulus is corresponding Buddha, so can be imagined. Additional the character of correspondence of content of a few emperor also should be coetaneous, or the character that is the same as level just is opposite, just do not know Buddha and whether are additionally a few people returned living. Having a thing nevertheless is to be able to affirm the ground, on the Zu Long of generation already die, otherwise Zulong's horn and the claw of ancestor dragon are impossible that depart gives dragon body to appear alone the ground.

"Enginery of the ground in fokelore, is that to whose ground belong to? " many people have such doubt. Although hear lives matter of a few emperor. But it is to belong to whose ground after all, truly witting without the person however.

Divine tablet already tottery. Will die it seems that broke. After all it bears with all possible means the attack of force. Press down a well of demon of lower part ground even. Have some of faint confrontation it seems that, nevertheless. Be in this moment. All round square those protect column, erupt suddenly to develop ray of heaven and earth, with the brilliant photograph echo of divine tablet, begin the strength of collective antagonism outside.

"Is are this true antediluvian gravestone? ! " somebody was given out exclamation, be in after all those monument too resembled, and it is to be in this dead city.

Protect column monument and an organic whole of divine tablet Wan Re, the ties goes act of a gorgeous flashes of light preceding an earthquake, will whole square is enveloped was in below, fortunately the person backtrack such as Xiao Chen, otherwise at the moment certainly is sealed to strand was in inside.

Dragon a group of things with common features and content of a few emperor do not want to abandon it seems that now ground opportunity, ceaseless to divine tablet attack. They cannot be in Xiao Chen at all the area base oneself upon around, apace is backing down, they want to borrow this opportunity to escape dead city. But detect however cannot find return. Just like of this ancient city is labyrinthian and general, all street and such land is similar, daedal clinking. Incognizant not ask they entered a Dian Yu.

In extensive of heavy imposing manner before eaves of grand ground hall, have a pitch-black megalith, there are 3 old big characters above: Die demon hall. Here feels with the depression to the person apparently, those 3 big character spoke the antecedents of here it seems that.


Huge shadow shines and pass, of everybody Jing look up look up at. Two meters high person entity gigantic image spans rapidly and pass together. Disappear between heavy Dian Yu. That cannot be the mankind absolutely. His ground bulk too too giant, it is his action is like wind only, and do not have soundlessly breath. Make a person difficult seek sign.

Stroke of an evil wind passes. Between old Dian Yu, sanguine gate " Zhi ah ah " ceaseless rock, cent other place is ghastly and fearsome.

Everybody did not pass through Dian Yu, bypass here continues forward. Do not have on the road in old street nevertheless much further. Another old grand edifice group before appear in them. Likewise megalith of ground of a black stands tall and upright before Dian Yu, there are 3 old big characters above: Fall shrine.

This is clearly answer relatively with die demon hall. "Die " with " fall " be linked together the dot understands everything.

The person that survival ground is repaired a few times feels chill blast. Do not have a person to dare watch explore. Everybody bypassed here, after that ceaseless gropingly is ongoing. Want to escape this Gu Cheng, everybody is heavy-hearted. They do not know whether living leave here.

The crowd dispersed gradually. Many people begin to search dead city land to export from the action alone. Not frightening cry sound transmits a long time. Xiao Chen and willow dusk rush ahead quickly, see hollowness ground street is drifting over posse meat mashed vegetable or fruit on the road only hematic mist. Great have a meter of more tremendous claw mark imprints on the ground. That gone person is it seems that by some ineffable and giant biology is patted dead!

Looking the activity around up and down carefully. Xiao Chen and willow dusk are rapid to inspecting one eye hind backtrack, they felt in the dark it seems that a colossus is in insidious. Devil's talons will be extended to them even came. Although do not have really to look clear, but the sort of feeling is won't wrong.

They escaped quickly that area. Scream after that sound rings again immediately, very obvious somebody arrived over there, encountered misfortune. 3 its skeletons follow beside in them. And Liu Ru smoke and swallow bend city are more follow closely, this is the Gu Cheng of a fear letting a person. Whether left here to be full of peacefully sealed.

Cross heavy and street, in saw many great hall world on the way, it is the shrine of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease of a lot of never heard of before actually. They still did not find Xiao Chen walk out of road of dead city land, them can the energy that the induction gives out fully to tablet of expression of the character in Gu Cheng is fluctuant, but side with when turning over directional advancement to search city gate. How cannot also find real ground outlet however. Old street and ceaseless bring them to branch road, direction ased if to be cheated in this Gu Cheng the veil of different of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, cannot really discerns.

"Rumble grand... "

As if have 10 thousand Ma Zaiben is vacated general, around ground is old the building is acuteness and vibratile rise. Xiao Chen they bear down on hastily in an off-street ground, with the feeling it seems that a flock of colossus run quickly on the ave. In rumble noise blast fall to the evil spirit gas of miserable intense is pounded and pass.