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Figure of day of the 97th chapter emerges

Little violet dragon accompanies unripe the Dragon King for the ground in fokelore. Most propbably has it to be beside. Those even if of dragon a group of things with common features discovers them, also won't move to destroy kill, everybody comforts him so, rear Yin Bing appears with troops from heaven-an invincible army the heart has abstain from, do not wish to stand by here, aloof wait-and-see move.

Grave growl. The area near tablet of god of steer clear of of violet the Dragon King, along hematic river refluent and go up. This cadaver is smelly tangy hematic river true it may be said 9 18 turns. Actually winding and labyrinthian clinking.



Divine tablet ray is towering,

Halberd of god of ground of Can of golden light Can

Imprint with pitch-black subway was bumped to fly, shake of drama of desolate morning mood. Because be during divine tablet ray is dazzling, they come to the direction back side of divine tablet, in Shenguangzhong he is faint saw a few pattern!

Mood of his the earth's core simply excited arrived the utmost, that is continuance of ground of plan of god-given refine air. It is the part of black achievement complement that he longs for day and night all the time, the divine tablet on Long Dao is having greatest connection with the ancient tablet that always presses down the Yellow River as expected.

"You are sending Xiao Chen what is slow-witted, be still unhappy? ! " willow dusk sees Xiao Chen is slow-witted stand, can't help pulling his lichen front of a garment.

"Your foregone. I come down along with heel. " desolate morning expression is absentminded, the plan of god-given refine air that he is blurred completely by that is attracted.

"Are you mad? ! " willow dusk pushed a Xiao Chen forcibly.

On the side the ground alone Gu sword demon sneers: "Groan hum. Do you want to write down temper with fire of the ground on next ancient tablet to enrage a graph? I persuade you or died this heart, always repair refine to cross temper with fire of the ground on dragon island ancient tablet to enrage graph ground person. Person of final neither one can come down alive. Person of final neither one can come down alive..

One true bonze heard sound to also walk over, path: "Xiao Chen does not want absurd to write down that refine to enrage a graph, that is to cannot write law of refine ground meritorious service, somebody of past of according to legend has gotten incomplete picture. But the person that all Xiu Lian passes this plan die tragicly.

"Just as well, your foregone. " Xiao Chen is like be infatuated general, staring at old divine tablet closely. But ray already collect went. Those design already disappeared.

Be in this moment, ahead transmits to exclamation, it seems that violet the Dragon King left everybody a bizarre seat, willow dusk is opposite with one true bonze inspected, wearing Xiao Chen to go ahead together, look giving them is occurrence problem of afraid desolate morning.

And this moment, horn, Buddha of Zulong is law annulus, brass the Eight Diagrams... and abracadabra of ground of dragon of numerous an ancient name for southern nationalities. Bang again to divine tablet, gorgeous ray rushs on tablet since ancient times, day figure emersion!

This, xiao Chen is binocular in shoot awn of flashes of light preceding an earthquake of person of two be astonished. Wan Re essence is general, his mood seemed to develop the body as two gods light, in this momently he felt a huge, vicissitudes of life, ages ago breath attacks head on. A piece of old carved stone graph is deep brand entered him in ground brain.

Without the fault, that is him what repair follow-up of ground of refine result method day figure! And, he weighs jackknife to fold the ground in that complex in quarter graph, still discovered 4 write down medicinal powder hand, be mystery kill form. Although mere 4 write down. But impact of ground of morning giving desolate is too big.

Follow-up god-given refine enrages a graph, xiao Chen is impossible to be digested inside time of so short ground absorb, can die only the deathtrap is written down was in in brain, nevertheless. 4 write down medicinal powder the hand has however be like ever was acquainted ground feeling, identify carefully fragments has seen it seems that before next his disclosure.

4 write down medicinal powder the ground in the hand the first write down, picture extremely join god comes loose hand, but compared join god comes loose the hand is profound the ground is too much, fathom Xiao Chen the more the more heart Jing, early preexistence monument protects column god of join of ground of the discovery around comes loose hand. Go up with this god tablet the first write down than rising, have Yun Ni simply not. Cannot be likened to to it at all, that among them secret is inexpressible ground.

Subsequently, on tablet of god of desolate morning discovery 4 write down medicinal powder hand, can shield the account on column in monument a few sign are found in killing form, 4 write down medicinal powder in the hand the 2nd write down actually with " go against chaos 3 type " some photographs resemble, 4 write down medicinal powder in the hand the 3rd write down actually with " town demon 8 laws " some be similar in shape, and the 4th write down medicinal powder hand actually with " burst apart 5 kill " some close.

The ground on ancient god tablet 4 write down medicinal powder hand, mere 4 gesticulation just, but so simple quarter graph generalized endless change highly however. Probably this is alleged highway comes brief.

Fokelore goes against chaos mediumly demon of 3 type, town 8 laws, burst apart 5 kill etc all but by write down medicinal powder hand evolution and piece, and compared profound ingenious do not know how many times.

The highway comes brief... the highway comes brief! Xiao Chen relapses murmur these 4 words, finally 4 write down medicinal powder the hand is named to be by him: Join god, go against random, town demon, burst apart!

"Are you in from language what? "Are you in from language what??

Dusk of willow of ground of the travel before wearing him and one true bonze. See his expression is absentminded. Can't help exerting all one's strength shake he, xiao Chen wakes in the sort of great void dreamland oneself turn come over, excited mood gradually calm, path: "I do not have a thing. " until at this moment. Willow dusk just unlocks him with one true bonze.

"How is the responsibility returned over there? " Xiao Chen uncannily look at ahead, they are already backward more than 100 meters, ahead blood light is towering.

"Violet the Dragon King brought us here, perhaps have the means of livilihood that escapes really. Perhaps have the means of livilihood that escapes really..

In this area. Old building is not very much. Shade gas diffuses near hematic river, hematic mist flap, ahead has it seems that in towering hematic light be full of oppressive feeling ground old high table.

They developed Xiao Chen quickly. Discovery is a table of old hold a memorial ceremony for actually, it is completely become by megalithic load one's writing with fancy phrases of black, your pupil has 20 meters. Was full of feeling of years ground vicissitudes of life. In it all round, still a lot of two meters many tall monument surround. And towering hematic light is those monument give out the ground, resembling is to protecting stage of old hold a memorial ceremony for.

Hematic river all is worn table of old hold a memorial ceremony for meets with, just flow to distance. It seems that hematic light also is having greatest correlation with hematic river. Let a person must suspect, whether is this the hematic hold a memorial ceremony for in fokelore? Say hematic river flows for stage of ancient hold a memorial ceremony for only?

The person that ground of the survival inside Gu Cheng is repaired escapes to here accordingly almost. But the number already did not pass seventeen 8 people now just. Someone else is all and gone. Here Xiao Chen saw Philistine talent magic Ling Shikai the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces. Nevertheless two people did not start work, solve out of turn really now illicit complain.

Low growl of violet the Dragon King. After that actually buckjump and case, had flown hematic river. Had crossed monument to protect column. In developing hematic light, appear before table of ancient hold a memorial ceremony for is near. Low growl of its turn one's head a few, be in it seems that signal everybody follow-up.

Ten person that repair look at each other in speechless despair, can dead town leave before developing station of hold a memorial ceremony for? This appears unlikely. But, had notted allow they considered too much, because far is passed,come blast blast vibratile. Troops from heaven-an invincible army and shade arms are remote bypass divine tablet followed here, and still more Ahriman also rushed. In the sky bestrewed skeleton bird thickly also.

More very is. A lot of ancient curtilage no longer quiet. Come out blast a sad and shrill growl howling, that is super absolutely fierce spirit!

The person that repair people hesitate no longer. Since had been not had,means of livilihood can escape. Still be inferior to following violet the Dragon King to try. Ten people vacate hop a sea of blood early or late, had crossed monument to protect column.

Along the ancient stone inscription that is full of years breath rank. Everybody and violet the Dragon King side with stage of hold a memorial ceremony for to go up together. All previous classics is endless on the stone stage of hardships of a journey or of one's life. Carve not only have plan of the heavenly bodies, still the character of a lot of antediluvian timeses pursues, can figure far from nevertheless a what.

Should take stand of hold a memorial ceremony for over when. Everybody was to discover more a lot of come to sacred ground with pretty dragon bloody quarter graph, this lets be in violet the Dragon King of the ground on its to appear personally exceedingly angry. Ceaselessly low growl is worn.

This moment. Before a big fierce spirit drove a dense mass of to stage of ancient hold a memorial ceremony for, hei Wu breaks up emerge, miserable intense ground is fierce evil spirit breath is diffusing. And the top also is pressed like black clouds in sky general. Have skeleton bird not only. much still a lot of not bright can fly ground fierce spirit. Their all is staring at stage of ancient hold a memorial ceremony for fiercely, do not have pair of everybody to launch attack temporarily nevertheless.

"How to return a responsibility? How do I feel incorrect interest. " somebody adventitious of surprised and bewildered is pure: "These fierce clever besiege us, won't... regard us as oblation. Want to live us hold a memorial ceremony for? Want to live us hold a memorial ceremony for??

Fierce spirit gets together more more. They gave out howling finally. Make this area ceaseless and vibratile. Violet the Dragon King appears a little anxious also, look up ceaselessly wait-and-see, through circle in the air float is in the ground between aerial fierce spirit aperture, can see hematic sun will hang Gu Cheng high one round upper part.

Approach center gradually as hematic day. Ray of old redness of skin of stage of hold a memorial ceremony for is acuteness and glaring rise, this did not know to exist how long the stage of hold a memorial ceremony for of years. Just like had life to surround to surround ground blood river in its week in mad derive commonly. Dazzling ray rushs continuously and rise.

Surround here fierce spirit a big chaos, sad and shrill howling is ceaseless. Paying close attention to ground of a vivid hold a memorial ceremony for to happen it seems that.

Be in this moment. A building with very near table of distance hold a memorial ceremony for group suddenly a big chaos, produced acuteness collapse broken sound, in the center a most grandiose ancient die curtilage broke. Sad and shrill howling is deafening. Have it seems that have unique fierce ghost was born.

Gasping with astonishment of everybody all without exception. This is to enter Gu Cheng to never pass ground business. Now although level is not little ancient gave out abnormal knocking curtilage, but broken without collapse still precedent.

Then light of one spoken parts in an opera rushed. What see a shagginess only is lovely little beast developed another ancient curtilage on roof, snow-white and snow-white little beast healthy atmosphere breathes out breathe out the ground is blinked using one Shuang Mingliang land big. Look at that remains, give out " Yi prattles ah " sound. Pass into border of everybody ground ear.

"Growl... " growl of severe ghost ground, shake is ground-to-air in the fierce spirit that can fly vibrates one blast. Nearly falls come down, see a lofty man only, wear old dress, climbed in remains oneself.

"Ah... "

"How likely? ! !!

"That is... "

Everybody turns pale with fright. Because that is an acephalous angel. Also can sound actually, and he has aureate assistant, that is meant is deities of the ground in fokelore! How can he be in Gu Zhaizhong personally? And lost a head. Careful nevertheless induction can detect, at the moment where does he have half holy flavor, the whole body arrives up and down was to be full of ghastly bloodcurdling evil spirit gas.

Go at of angel of ala of the gold that do not have a head that snow-white little beast. Instantaneous collapse broke that ancient curtilage, endless soot swings over there, movement of little beast ground got on for the utmost it seems that, acephalous gold ala cannot catch it actually, subsequently. It was to develop another Gu Zhaizhong more. Follow closely of the angel that do not have a head go in.

Each Gu Zhaizhong has exceed strong fierce spirit. As a few ancient collapse curtilage. Had had digital wore fierce spirit of ground of unlined upper garment of ancient old farmer to rush. Do not look to give them to have the place of He Te different. But horrible force is to let popular feeling Jing however unceasingly, compared everybody encounters the ground before but those fierce spirit are strong too much.

Look special directly adorably snow-white little beast. Cause a so big movement actually. And it develops a few Gu Zhaizhong actually can all over and retreat, have some of feeling letting a person really mysterious.

"A jade-like stone a jade-like stone... " Xiao Chen cry in fear rise. He has admitted to a jade-like stone. Absolutely did not think of little beast also entered Gu Cheng actually in.

Some people once had seen this little beast follows beside Xiao Chen. Thought back to to rise immediately at this moment. Nevertheless they never think of this little beast such gods and spirits. The person that there is many repairing before wanting to know enters Gu Zhaizhong to also did not come out again. Reduced the grain ration of cacodaemon, but this lovely little beast actually one and again again and 3 ground rush, let a person not have really language.

It seems it not only not scared. Return the model of a pair of in a huff it seems that, really lovely and magical arrived the utmost.

A jade-like stone a jade-like stone heard Xiao Chen call, blink moving a pair of clever large small holes to look. Resembling after that was to encounter a family member to run livelily commonly. Had stepped on the way another ancient curtilage.

This honest too lively. The fierce spirit such as angel of rear ala of the gold that do not have a head is violent pursue and attack, ceaseless collapse is broken old haunted house. That area soot is towering.

Everybody thoroughly dumbfounded, this little beast... be too aggressive. Be still too lovely and pure? Unexpectedly of such not care a cent rushed. Cause a so big movement. Honest too let a person not have language.

Xiao Chen is in to a jade-like stone insecurity aing jade-like stone fears the ground also also is in in the heart at the same time underestimate secretly, that a few people behind golden ala angel this won't be in those days celestial being? One person once had known before him after all. Although this a few people are unfamiliar face. But one cannot say for sure won't have similar capacity.

"Rumble grand "

Ancient collapse one after another curtilage. A jade-like stone nearly aing jade-like stone is captured by a fierce spirit, desolate morning insecurity arrived the utmost, cannot help wanting buckjump to give station of hold a memorial ceremony for eventually.

"Do not go! " willow dusk and woman of the ground in be in colour mist personally move at the same time. The force block of divine criterion stayed in dimensional law and time Xiao Chen.

Not bad, a jade-like stone a jade-like stone in good health. And, it still has time chafe unexpectedly to brandish of golden ala angel brandish small claw.

Finally, a jade-like stone swoosh aing jade-like stone turns light of one spoken parts in an opera, actually the horizontal stroke is empty and cross tens of rice, crossed directly surround the ground before be being blocked up in stage of hold a memorial ceremony for numerous Ahriman, leap again after that and rise, had crossed hematic river, developed table of old hold a memorial ceremony for.

A jade-like stone a jade-like stone honest too gods and spirits. Open system snow-white and snow-white, the hair that whiteness is too busy is twinkling glittering and translucent burnish, resembling is by soft get rid of carve of root of root of the chalcedony that appear the ground comes out the ground is common. Increase that pair of clever big key points, lovely arrived the utmost, the little beast of the Ling Hui that is heaven and earth of a bell really.