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Look of the 124th chapter is elegant

Eventually. A jade-like stone a jade-like stone lively good the nature that alter lets it fail to keep back. Be being returned finally is the dividing line that exceed crossed to wrap cadaver cloth, run to cabin that area. Snow-white little beast it may be said is audacious. Unexpectedly loiter ground one jump to that to grow bright over eternal dark light, curiously above watching.

"Toot toots... " although sad and shrill howling is not very big, but however can clear introduction Xiao Chen border of their ground ear. Evil wind whizs whiz blew.

In instantly little beast whole body grew Maodou brilliantly to stand to rise, the sound since abrupt noise frightened it to jump greatly. Jumped hastily. And small gruff Long Zezhan meaning is exalted, in taking half body explore ship's hold, black earthworm scale twinkles brilliance of dot giving a point, be in it seems that yearn for one battle, no matter that is ghost,be animal it is a person.

Xiao Chen slept lightly come over. He feels very helpless. Cub of this both ends is not the beasts of common. Want to squelch their simple minded is not moved truly. It seems that unlikely. But go boldly exploring. It is inappropriate really.

"Growl... "

Tremendous growl is transmitted, that is the terrible sound wave that was full of dead breath, warlike small gruff dragon is born to was born from the shake in cabin to be retreated by an uncannily force. Faint ghost sound rings at the same time, resembling is to 100 thousand people are in in the meantime murmur, cry general. Cent other place is fearsome.

Snow-white little beast and small gruff dragon hesitate one blast, cannot see ground enemy lets them realize unfavorable situation is bad. Not self-conscious recede.

Meanwhile. Emerge in cabin move piece blast a mist of black ground dark. Resembling is black clouds is rolling commonly, faint see tens of the ominous shadow of ferocious is in rock. Want to bear down on it seems that bicephalous cub.


Divine light twinkles. A jade-like stone to art of a jade-like stoningly magic power confine is shown and go out, round cover of 7 colour light is forward square. Enveloped ten shadows mark entirely. Struck at cabin suddenly after that in.

Resembling was to break some kind of balance general. Still calculate auspicious and quiet aureate sea originally, be in instantly evil wind is fulminatory. Dark mist is monstrous, emperor boat is shaking violently, the horrible wail cry that makes a person quaky was given out inside cabin, instant of evil spirit gas enveloped miserable intense ground around ground space.

Ghastly bloodcurdling breath. Let this area as if the ground that was immersed in the nether world. Total close went to ethereal starlight, growl howling is deafening, that is sound of ghost of ground of be worthy of the name, large ship is in the shakily of vigorously. It is worn in rock ongoing.

"Return discomfort to come back. " Xiao Chen is a little huffish really.

Bicephalous little beast backed down slowly come back. Still some are looking attentively at ahead nervously.

"Am I to had told you not to go there? "Am I to had told you not to go there??

See desolate morning first time is so accusatorial it. Snow-white ground of little beast grievance points to cabin direction. Make the appearance of make threatening gestures again after that. Careful listen respectfully just understands Xiao Chen its meaning, there is bloodcurdling ghost content to be in actually in cabin peek they, because discovered terrible thing,bicephalous little beast is have evil intentions, just developed the past.

"Divine animal ground is instinctive as expected fierce. " Xiao Chen must plaint. He did not look to was not heard then can spirit of ground of perception of go ahead of the rest becomes aware go up in ancient boat unexpectedly invalidation. Unusual without discovery, cannot see through there is He Yi thing in cabin. But bicephalous cub is aware of exquisitely however.

"Looking is I blame you wrongly, give your dot award. The heart of Xue Lian of Xiao Chen general is broken below a few begin to distribute them. The heart of Xue Lian of Xiao Chen general is broken below a few begin to distribute them..

"Prattle... " a jade-like stone ground of dissatisfaction aing jade-like stone raves. Saying that is it it seems that.

Through attentive observation, xiao Chen and swallow bend city felt, cabin direction appears really unidentified ghost content is worn in peek they, this is a very bad signal, ancient boat with so speed travel, they should be in possibly no-no maritime wave spill very long period of time. If thing more and more severely sentence day knows to be able to produce what dread feeling.

"1: ?


Large ship again violent and jolty. Morning allowing a surname they are startled one blast. Just now hull tilted actually. As if want capsize general in no-no sea. One grave, but sound of groan of clinking however bloodcurdling rings inside ancient boat. As if have cacodaemon of ground of exceeding lofty or great of an actual strength awake in sleep deeply oneself.

This is a kind of reticent depression, feeling letting a person breaths unusually demanding, of true true be sure to have a kind of choking feeling.

This kind of atmosphere lets Xiao Chen their Jing heart unceasingly. This is planted now state too make a person anxious. Do not be afraid that with respect to reaching the sky the ground is not afraid that the ground as jade-like stone aed jade-like stone to calm come down. Blazing ray was shown in eye of small gruff Long Shuang only, it actually battle meaning is exalted, prepare to develop the past at any time it seems that. Companion is faced in Long Dao with it when unripe the Dragon King the sort of refuse to obey gamely ground position is same.

Xiao Chen pressed it hastily. Joking, the power that there cannot be the external world absolutely below this kind of state goes irritating in cabin that is sealed, but unusually dread however existence. Long for daylight to be put some earlier only bright.

Nevertheless. Horrible atmosphere lasted after half time. Slowly abreaction. Do not have everything happening. Mist of black ground dark is gradually convergent. Ethereal ground starlight was shown again, resembling is whats had not happened general.

Now and then. Give out over there cabin blast a ghost sound. But Xiao Chen they always would rather lie however below this kind of condition. Because howl of this kind of ghost is low,cry far cannot mix a moment ago the sort of depressive atmosphere photograph is compared. Compare for these ghost sound had been movement of soft beautiful ground.

After all, they can bona fide experiences these and cannot browbeat their life. And accompanying groan to appear just now the sort of terribly atmosphere just is the most dangerous.

Oriental horizon appeared eventually a rising sun, after that gules sun jumped out offshore. New daystart. Dread atmosphere goes to night ground be not being returned thoroughly.

Midday ground time. Xiao Chen detects gladly, the ray that tree of small emperor of shipboard go to the fields gives out fully more and more Cheng Lie, 7 colour sapling is enveloped by golden light place. Will pullback can see it gave birth to the 4th leaf actually on the boat. Saying probably is germinal more appropriate. A few aureate little lamina rudiment had been born.

This let person sense be felt by contented joyance. Ground of really enough true true be sure to sees small emperor tree grows, this is one kind can see the ground is harvested.

Hand upland sapling did not grow tall. Its are truncal and vigrous strong, dragon of just like Qiu, as if above much the breath of trifling vicissitudes of life, from the bottom up is ordinal it is Mo Yuxie, Bai Yuxie, jasper leaf, aureate germinal. Leaf of very apparent treasures can be likely in no-no sea shape.

The little beast with gladly snow-white nothing is more... than.

Xiao Chen puts sapling outside the boat again. He also expects small emperor tree grows further. After wanting to know it blossoms finally very much, meet how, slow in boundless and indistinct and no-no sea before row, next a few although there often is horrible thing to happen on ancient boat,noon. But after all appears without danger.

Time passes the land very fast, there is some of risk in this kind and what went 10 days in atmosphere nervously is long, the Yu Xie with small emperor aureate tree is already adjacent blossommed, can of golden light Can, at the same time glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, just like jade article, there is endless superhuman strength above.

Ferial force of ground of the derive in the sea from contraindication is not very much, but be being accumulated for long still is scrape up quantity of enough soil fertility lets it grow.

And travel so long time. The speed of large ship appears fast many, and no-no Haitian color also produced change gradually. By aureate gradually Xiang Danjin color transforms. Xiao Chen knows to be able to want the periphery of no-no sea, they will break away from here extremely likely this terrible maritime space.

Swallow bend city is alarmed and happy, saw take off tired hope thoroughly, but she also knows to leave her ground time not much. She must want to make make a decision.

True ground should give the of great capacity that leaves contraindication. Briny color gradually Xiang Danjin color is changed. Speed of emperor boat ground had exceeded rate of ground of common person trot. The Haitian periphery superhuman strength that abstains from apparently drops. Obstruction decreased greatly.

And be in the 14th day. Produced the event of an unusual gods and spirits, leisurely Buddha sound is transmitted from distance.

This is honest too too barpque, this is the sea of contraindication originally, although lie brim region. But still impossible somebody can be in personally peacefully among them ah. Unexpectedly Buddha sound is passed gently now.

"It is banyan heart is like bright mirror stage personally... "

Sound is gradually clear and clinking. Rising and falling and euphonic. It is sound of earthquake sounds of a young man. As if was full of endless Buddha force. As over and over transmit. Be like great music to ring commonly in Xiao Chen side of their ground side. If wake,Hu fill supports general. If suffer edificatory,make person sense intelligence general, had some kind to comprehend it seems that.

See only, an outstanding form. A suit white garment gets the better of snow. The sea that the foot steps aureate contraindication and come. Do not say to give the ground to wave transgression dirt, celestial being of just like blame faces a life general.

Close, close. Can see clearly gradually. What he wears the ground is frock, whole person empty spirit is clinking, do not be infected with any subcelestial common to enrage, the upper part of the body has light Bai Wu to envelop, let a person look not Qing Jizhen is allowed.

"It is banyan heart is like bright mirror stage personally, constantly diligent wipe off. Do not make offend dust. Do not make offend dust..

Xiao Chen and swallow bend city are very amazed, unexpectedly somebody can step in no-no sea wave and row. This appears some are inconceivable, this person is having incredible ** power without doubt!

Back-to-back instantly, they sucked an air conditioning at the same time. Gentle breeze light kiss is moved, blow came loose the mirage of upper part of the body of monk of white garment god, let its be shown all over come out, it is body of a ground that do not have a head actually... an outstanding bonze that do not have a head!

Mirage drifts gently, flashy enveloped his ground upper part of the body again. But Xiao Chen and swallow bend city however bona fide saw just now picture. Although be hasty dekko merely.

Wave transgression dirt. Divine and clinking, but it is a body that do not have a head however, this is honest too weird, although circumfuse is worn ground of celestial being Buddha is temperamental, but let a person feel some are scared however.

Bai Yi is like blame celestial being without head monk general light spirit. With Xiao Chen their crisscross and over- . Step wave and go, but. He folds short nevertheless half quarter bell to return and be answered again, overtook ancient boat again. After that such move back and forth. Always be all round ancient boat ground drifting.

In this momently, although his ground temperament is outstanding, but resembling to person ground feeling however is ghostliness and general, let a person very hard openly ground associates.

"It is... that in Buddhist Zen talent character in fokelore... " complexion of land of swallow bend city is not very good-looking.

Xiao Chen also realized already, this bonze that do not have a head is probable if jade, Jing just admires absolutely,be god of that abundant in fokelore bonze of ground god show.

"It is banyan heart is like bright mirror stage personally. Constantly diligent wipe off. Do not make offend dust. " this Ji child name of it may be said passes for all time. Even if is not Buddhist go-between also publicity.

Just. The divine show bonze that just admires absolutely for Jing then in those days is a pathos character however, his ground this Ji child just just be born. But became greenery of foil other ground however.

"Bodhi does not have a tree originally, bright mirror also is not a stage. Original none. Where offends dust. " this Ji that is born at the same time almost child out 6 groups intelligent can mouth, let a person strike the table and shout bravo. Masked the ray of divine show bonze thoroughly go down.

5 ancestor great are borne be about to pass a divine show bonze originally. But because,be hind one Ji child the ground is born, made him complete change a decision. Because he knows,another person can suit to accept inheritance more probably.

If do not have intelligent can be born. Divine show can be on ground of a completely different and typical way probably. Divine show was accomplished intelligent can. Nowadays " bodhi does not have a tree originally, bright mirror also is not a stage. Original none, where offends dust. " through the ages circulates, but if do not have divine show. Won't have absolutely intelligent can this Ji child.

The Buddhist mahatma that a Jing just admires absolutely. But was masked thoroughly however ray. Person of ground of the detail in be familiar with this can not forget this to be buried the ground Buddhist talent character.

"Look of mahatma of Buddhist of the ground in fokelore is elegant... " Xiao Chen mutters, he feels mysterious, that is the character before terrestrial group counts chiliad. Cannot think of in this immortal bound can meet however. Although lost a head. Although be absent normal condition. But the billows in still letting his heart is vast and mighty. Perhaps he still will see person of the ground in more fokelore henceforth.

The bonze that do not have a head followed tens of in. Final hidden from view was not in in no-no sea, did not continue to be chased after again.

"How is this to return a responsibility? How to meet such... " swallow bend city also mood agitate, calm hard, from tongue way: "Long Dao if really terrible, week exclosure has so person actually in no-no sea... "

Two in the future ahead blue waves breaks up emerge. Ocean of weak aureate ground transformed thoroughly colour. Sail the of great capacity that gave contraindication! Cast off eventually by region of the area like the curse. Xiao Chen and swallow bend city are all excited unceasingly, connecting bicephalous little beast also is exultant, only 3 skeletons ancient Jing Mobo. Special n is static.

But be in this moment. Just like of deafening earthworm howling is in from empyreal transmit, agitate of empty on blue sea billow. The seawater of shake is acuteness tuck diveseethe rises.

Far. Large ship of a 7 colour is twinkling rays of morning or evening sunshine. Brave the wind and waves and come. Resembling is a megalosaurus general, it is that god boat actually, it once held the person such as dusk of one true, willow. Xiao Chen did not think of to encounter to it unexpectedly here, faint he had premonition badly.

As expected, the sea periphery region that divine boat abstains from oneself sides with them to here collides and come directly. Swing endless sea, want to lift boat of Pu feather emperor it seems that.

"Growl... " depressing polar ghost howl is given out in emperor boat, open system pitch-black ghost boat a bit not give the impression of weakness, resembling is to having have spirit wisdom general. Gave out growl to give a response.