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The 143rd chapter wins come a beautiful attendant

Xiao Chen sees a jade-like stone a jade-like stone such, white carapace small tortoise should be bought when standing, should know snow-white the Ke Xing that little beast all along is clever pure, its eye all along is original, what see small tortoise likely is uncommon, how is the meeting otherwise such dare of interest turn over the past look?

Nevertheless, xiao Chen is afraid of cause the attention that sells the home, burst out laughing path: "I was searched very long, discovered the tortoise of white carapace eventually, ha, white chelonian soup can be a kind of big invigorator. White chelonian soup can be a kind of big invigorator..

The white small tortoise on the ground is fierce quiver, got scare it seems that, do not have a person to notice however nevertheless.

And a few just collect comes over to buy a Wen Ting after the word from the back, immediately bored backtrack, selling the home is to turn over supercilious look more, weak path: "I say little brother, I this is to fight animal directly, not be invigorator, you came to wrong place. You came to wrong place..

"Without, sell just about instead, you sell when the medicinal material calculated. You sell when the medicinal material calculated..

No matter be this boss, still be the person on the side listened to be not had quite language.

"Good, do you plan how to many money give? Do you plan how to many money give??

"Chelonian of bits of so big a Xiaowu, two gold coin. Two gold coin..

"You... do you buy food? Go quickly person! " sell the home helpless brandish wave.

"Two gold coin are little still, lay out of enough of two gold coin one desk is big convivial, although the small tortoise of this white is very infrequent, but also not should expensive too unusual. " of Xiao Chen not care a nut break up doing small tortoise, the dot that discovers this fist is big has some of extraordinary really, a pair of eyes resemble bright of Can of black lapidary and general Can, have intelligence very much, of cowardly cowardly look at him, be afraid of really it seems that by stew.

"Brother, I this is a bottle of animal, the price that you drive is real too unusual, you still go away rapidly. " sell the home to think met green skin blackguardly.

"Is this small tortoise a bottle of animal? Do not spend fist bulk, without benefit tooth. Do not have benefit tine again, what can it fight? You also too fool person, how to catch a thing to run to sell casually. How to catch a thing to run to sell casually..

This boss appears also very feel embarrassed. Path: "Although battle force is not powerful, but it calculates a bottle of animal after all, can beat bigger than it very multiple thing. Can beat bigger than it very multiple thing..

Wen Ting this word, surround immediately come up 78 people.

Xiao Chen asks unconcernedly: "What to beat? "What to beat??

"Had beaten an evil dog and a golden pheasant. "Had beaten an evil dog and a golden pheasant..

"Dizzy, boss you are joking, of the family selling the ground bottles of small animal is to cherish breed, what can kill 78 meters to grow is giant fierce animal, you had arrived, honest too let a person not have language. Do a small tortoise to be able to steal chicken to feel a dog only so, the look that sees its fainhearted resembles a little thief. The look that sees its fainhearted resembles a little thief..

Ground person cachinnated to rise on the side. Again unmanned surround view. All came loose.

The be flushed that the boss also is said, explain: "This only small tortoise prepares to buy namely originally give what send out, I did not plan really again scurvy and it sheet sells. Otherwise. You buy young animal of this wolf king, I send you freely small tortoise. No matter you are to take stew, still fool a girl to use, be good thing. Be good thing..

"Hey, boss you are really interesting. A price 5 gold coin, I buy small tortoise to go stew. Still calculated as to your wolf king cub, I do not plan to eat dog meat again. I do not plan to eat dog meat again..

"Go off with! Go off with! " the boss waves forcibly. He is overcome really Xiao Chen. Let Xiao Chen stay a little while here again, what the person all round most likely thinks he sells is invigorator. is not a bottle of animal.

"That opens ball and chain rapidly, a small tortoise is returned as to lock up. " on the white carapace above small tortoise of desolate morning discovery, stood by neck place to be worn a small hole, a dark careful ball and chain latched it.

"First come to an agreement or understanding, after I am opened if it is dropped but without giving thought to my ground thing. " the boss underestimates malcontently: "Abnormal of ground of eccentric of this small tortoise, run fast consistent flatus is general, beginning to still think is a good thing, did not think of to be able to steal chicken to feel a dog only. Did not think of to be able to steal chicken to feel a dog only..

"Still steal chicken to feel a dog really? " Xiao Chen laughed.

"Can be, stole me many gold coin. Stole me many gold coin..

"Hey, still be an avaricious dot. " desolate morning is fine looking small tortoise up and down finely, he has known this small white chelonian is affirmative not common, because of the small hole that is penetrated on that ball and chain and turtle shell, how to look to have some of time.

Until pay money to carry small tortoise was in in the hand, xiao Chen just asks at will: "Boss do you catch it over? "Boss do you catch it over??

"I am bought from a hand that dig medicine. "I am bought from a hand that dig medicine..

"Are you still the money that takes when the medicinal material really? Then I do not have missay word in the begining ah the boss showed the bearing that feel embarrassed inaccessibly, awkward path: "That person that dig medicine dug an infrequent old person to join Wang De at the same time, also gouge this only small tortoise. Also gouge this only small tortoise..

"I am dizzy, gouge comes? ! " Xiao Chen considered meeting, path: "Is that ball and chain you tog ground? "Is that ball and chain you tog ground??

"Either, when I am bought, have, should be that digs what medical person wears. Should be that digs what medical person wears..

What doesn't Xiao Chen say, carrying small tortoise, taking a jade-like stone a jade-like stone to go with face about of small gruff dragon, with the feeling he feels possible to strike day of use!

He buys that petty ball and chain actually ceaseless, with him such repairing for for honest some are mysterious, subsequently he becomes aware to discover after fine fine observation with the spirit of acumen, there are a few naked eyes to cannot see clear small character it seems that on dark careful iron chain, this is not to dig medical person to put on absolutely those who go.

Go much not further, of desolate morning acumen caught unusual, after one's death actually somebody dogs.

"Where is what person? " Xiao Chen maintains his composure, still stroll the go for a walk of the purpose.

Day emperor city each square force with twisted roots and gnarled branches-complicated and difficult to deal with, have the palace fighting animal with a few abysmal actual strength not only, still have institution of higher learning of a few person that repair, more the be ashamed that close a month spends hall and heavy fish to fall wild goose palace such imperial *** place, most important is south barren makes force of much general trends have deploy here, include to be similar to not dead door such south barren teachs greatly, it is an unusually complex place really.

"Desolate childe asks don't bother to see me out. "Desolate childe asks don't bother to see me out..

Desolate morning face about comes, discovery does not know this youth that chases after, this is mongrel, blue length is sent, black pupil, having an inherent pride and advantageous feeling it seems that.

"Occupied? "Occupied??

"My home lord child have please. "My home lord child have please..

"Your home lord child who be? "Your home lord child who be??

"Saw knew. "Saw knew..

"I am sorry, if do not say, I can consider far from. I can consider far from..

More or less is young taking an air of arrogance, path: "My home dare refuse without a few people in city of this day of emperor. "My home dare refuse without a few people in city of this day of emperor..

Desolate morning face about sees him no longer, continue to go ahead, path: "I say not to go even if do not go. " face those who have some of hostility to invite. He cannot want to rush about casually.

"You do not regret. " say this word, the youth leaves quickly.

The one place in day emperor city occupies terrestrial pole wide, the palace with grandiose dimensions group in. The sound of an old person comes out inside an audience hall, path: "Doesn't he come? "Doesn't he come??

"It is the ground, and the bearing is very proud. " the man that ever invited Xiao Chen just about.

"Hm, junior and flighty. " aged sound ancient Jing Mobo.

"He this is to despise us, cannot let off him easily. " young man talk.

Sound of earthquake sounds of a young woman in audience hall: "He now is not dead of one arteries and veins protect a law, according to each general trends the regulation of article won'ts do between force, previous generation person cannot move to young generation easily, can cause great war, big trouble otherwise. Hm, this fellow is very troublesome. According to his expression on Long Dao, should have exuviate every state of heavy season or 6 the seventh heaven long for. Ace is in young generation. Ace is in young generation..

Passed a little while. The sound of that old person just comes out: "According to is in light of the circumstance of Long Dao happening, the head is then snow-white little beast is honest very extraordinary, do not differ Yu Long king. We fight animal palace this to need it very much. One's elders character cannot move for certain the ground, do not die otherwise the door won't sit by and watch pays no attention to, the problem can be solved between the youth only. Probably... you should think method hook in he. Probably... you should think method hook in he..

Young man: "Hum, does he repair even if to achieved the seventh heaven how? Have here with alone Gu sword demon is in ground of Na Huangqi name young overmatch, if cut course,kill him, be located in thing kind to solve him with young generation. Be located in thing kind to solve him with young generation..

The sound of young woman: "Cannot, until the last moment cannot such. Until the last moment cannot such..

"Late. When I come back, little younger sister had gone... " young man speech is bringing a smile.

"Her ground is repaired to how can go. How can you let her go so, the thing can is troubled by for certain big... " young woman has some of dissatisfaction it seems that.

"The ability after letting her be in an unfavorable situation namely uses that skill please. "The ability after letting her be in an unfavorable situation namely uses that skill please..

Xiao Chen still is strolling freely. Watching bottles of small animal of those peculiar gods and spirits. But be in this moment, suddenly in feeling a sky, transmit blast a peculiar wave motion.

Many people look up look up at, if the chromatic roc of red-crowned crane descended to come down,see a body only, take Xiao Chen continuously actually and come.

Xiao Chen pacified small gruff dragon, pressed again a jade-like stone, carry gas of a aureate sword lays the hand to the middle of sky, the chromatic roc that attacks is fast dodge, descending nearby after that come down, offend so that week exclosure person avoids in succession.

"Are you that crankily Xiao Chen? " of pride of girl of a blue hair as small phoenix general, holding out plump chest to walk over, her figure is petite, nevertheless however curvilinear exquisite, what the person grows is very melting, grow long eyelash, the large small hole of spirit of fresh and juicy, it is bearing only however very haughty be proud.

Xiao Chen believes firmly had not seen this woman.

"Well, is that is Mander familial that most can the little girl of ask for trouble? Is that is Mander familial that most can the little girl of ask for trouble??

"It is her, familial palm has the family the palace that fight animal, this is actual strength is indicative, arrogant and domineering a few it is normal to also calculate. Arrogant and domineering a few it is normal to also calculate..

"This is a troubled energy. "This is a troubled energy..

"Do you look for me occupied? " Xiao Chen asks.

"I 7 elder brother ask you to go to my home, hear you distain to be considered? Hear you distain to be considered??

Xiao Chen is not had quite language, does He Ceng distain to had been considered?

"Hum, do not want thinking is not dead door to protect a law, think nobody dare how you, the argue between compeer scruples without place. I give you a few lessons today. " the pace with quiet and tastefully laid out move walked over pace of blue hair girl.

Desolate morning appreciably ponders, gave a lot of businesses with respect to speculation, abstain from between force of each general trends very deep ah, one's elders can not move casually it seems that. Since such, he can borrow completely situation! If the person of really young generation searchs,come to come, did not hit small offending to go out with concern at all old.

Think of here, xiao Chen asks unconcernedly: "The little girl that whose home is mothered are you? All day long such monkey business, be afraid of be captured to sell? Be afraid of be captured to sell??

Blue hair girl is obvious be used to of raise of order people by gesture, hear Xiao Chen's speech, when curved brow stands, the turn was knitted rise, denounce path: "Your this person is too abhorrent, those who see me is fierce, the lesson that has been close friends certainly teachs you a lesson this dandy. The lesson that has been close friends certainly teachs you a lesson this dandy..

Xiao Chen is to not have really language, this is small girl is true still can confuse right and wrong, who be after all it is fine silk fabrics Ku, who is Ya inside ah? Nevertheless as long be rise, his mood also is rising, make his occurrence mood very hard fluctuant, laugh: "You this is small fine silk fabrics Ku, owe really beat. Owe really beat..

The large small hole of spirit of fresh and juicy of goggle at of blue hair girl, spirit way: "You if really say like 7 elder brother in that way, perky and haughty be proud, hum, this young lady will teach you a lesson. This young lady will teach you a lesson..

"Nevered mention it, come over rapidly, waited for you early to move. Waited for you early to move..

The easy manner of Xiao Chen not worry at all, let a girl see more furious more, path: "I cannot start work with you in vain, we want some colour head, if hit you look for a tooth completely, you want to send me that only lovely Xiaobai lion. " her one a bit does not conceal look at a jade-like stone, show the expression that jubilates extremely, a pair of large small holes had bent crescent moon shape.

"If you were defeated? "If you were defeated??

"How may this girl be defeated? In compeer never the person surpasses me. In compeer never the person surpasses me..

"Be the someone is not willing to get the better of you, with a ha breath out... " Xiao Chen laughs, feel this little girl is very interesting.

"Come, my washed-up the word sends you my colour crane. " the girl is pointing to nearby multicoloured red-crowned crane, path: "It but directly super fight animal. "It but directly super fight animal..

"Good, put a horse to come nevertheless. Put a horse to come nevertheless..

"Your have the impertinence to do sth is so small gaze me. " it is ghostliness and general that blue hair girl resembles, the action is exceedingly quick, attack towards Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen one Jing, of the girl repair to do not lose really, achieved exuviate to altogether actually the state of fourfold day, what just be compared with him or differ is too much. Body form slightly rock, xiao Chen leaves a incomplete vague impression in place. Blue hair girl is not flurried, be high up in the air comes back flew, lightsome be like angel circle in the air dance, take 108 palms picture repeatedly towards Xiao Chen.

Nevertheless, all these stopped to come down below the effect that remembers palm knife, xiao Chen wrote down palm knife to fly to her shake gently, in her at the same time side side has delimited, one is born to give birth to the eardrop that cuts to appear in his palm.

"Oh oh, was defeated... "

"The baby girl of Home Mander was defeated... "

On the side round one swarm person jeers together.

The straight stamp that blue hair girl enrages.

"Good, I do not have an attention, made you this fluky win, colour crane puts in you 's charge temporarily. We come again, I can win those who come back. I can win those who come back..

Xiao Chen looks at this appearance melting, but however one face is vexed the little girl of expression at a draught by amusing, path: "What do you still have to you can be defeated? "What do you still have to you can be defeated??

"Was defeated when wife! "Was defeated when wife!!

"Was defeated to marry him! "Was defeated to marry him!!

The person on the side is really wary the world is not random, jeer together, angry blue hair little girl is angry and clinking, ceaseless glare everybody.

After half time, mander is familial and in-house, a few youths are commenting helplessly.

"Little younger sister causes a trouble, went to her beloved colour crane output, the result is given to sell in the market that fight animal on the spot by that smelly boy, that but directly super fight animal! That but directly super fight animal!!

"The thing of little younger sister also somebody dare

"A few dandies in the city have what not dare. "A few dandies in the city have what not dare..

"The worst is little younger sister was defeated again next. "The worst is little younger sister was defeated again next..

"Output again go what? "Output again go what??

"Know not merely, know this moment became the attendant of that boy that mix Zhang only, following smooth ave one case! "