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Scope of activity of the 211st order is the same as Bei

" toot... prattle... " little beast is sad lament, exert all one's strength shaking cough hematic Xiao Chen, also do not agree to leave alone anyhow.

"You cannot save me... if or else goes, you also should be here to death... "

" toot... " snow-white little beast does not listen Xiao Chen is persuaded, a pair of large small holes are twinkling the tear is smooth, exhaust can, want to be protected Xiao Chen is comprehensively, protect Xiao Chen with light of 7 rosy clouds inside, puny body is bearing Xiao Chen, again towering and case. It wants to go all out however life rushs out, develop this by the space of confine.

"Since already entered net, can you allow you to leave how? " Hu Nu sneers, expressional awe-inspiring, ghost claw is torn off and go out, also break off an a god light with time tiger serve, little beast was sealed to block again go back.

Heavy be bungled to fall in the ground, little beast is looked at cough hematic Xiao Chen, of chilly chilly crying, it does not want to abandon at this point, carrying Xiao Chen on the back to rush again.

, two, 3...

Even if Jiang Ruxue is white little beast, latent capacity is infinite, also sufferred in concussion processes inflict heavy losses on, with its magic power reluctance can cope with a half god, but the field territory that at the same time cloth of 6 half god leaves hard shake, it still appears too too puny with puerile.

"Prattle... toot... " is resembling asking why? A jade-like stone a jade-like stone all over the face the tear is smooth, look at everybody, it does not understand these factitious what are so atrocious, must send them at the deathtrap. With it at the moment innocent heart sex, understand hard to mixed popular feeling or some.

Little beast is protecting Xiao Chen hard, also do not agree to unlock to death. Sob is worn kill towards gammer of the ground in sky, it wants to hit fly this extremely vicious gammer, develop a breach.

Sky of block of 6 half god ace. Any feeling are not had in eye light but character, 4 ace are in charge of sea home only confine all directions, advocate those who kill is Hu Nu and tiger serve. Only in Na Huanglong of affront of Hu Jiagan of earthy earth ground a group of things with common features, flow inside the body of tiger family dripping Bai Hu the blood of one arteries and veins, according to legend their ancestor is the Bai Husheng emperor that has god-given god grain personally directly, antediluvian one war once hard shake Buddha 3 attack the whole body and retreat, actual strength is late cannot conjecture.


Light of 7 colour god is glaring, great magic power of dragon a group of things with common features blossoms a gorgeous brightness. The Hu Nu of ahead of sweep anything away and tiger serve.

Chi Chi

Hu Nu hits ray of a tiger ungual form, guang Ren resembling is true divine soldier general, tore off a space, give out deafening noise going straight towards thunder, make this heaven and earth acuteness and queasy. Tiger serve makes smooth blade of form of a curved month directly, give out rumble resonant likewise, resembling is to have 1000 army 10 thousand horses are gallopping general, heaven and earth is queasy.

Familial had gotten their ground report to, already secret order of make known to lower levels, if have an opportunity. Do not make this snow-white forever little beast is in this again worldly show, if be killed surely,this waits your, be sure to want this to get rid of snow-white little beast. Tiger home issues such order rarely, enough shows what a jade-like stone to aing jade-like stone to abstain from, because old the character of ancestor class has guessed the past history that gave it from inside the description.

The ray is glaring, do not have the big collision of breath soundlessly, not to 4 outside erupt annihilative energy is fluctuant, but the center resembled however that is blazing sun burst apart general, harsh ray nearly lets a lot of person blindness, ased if that after that cosmic starlight is in annihilate is general. In be attributed to sky of an inky empty finally.

This kind is opposite definitely most in a extremely dangerous state, flying smoke of ash of the rare certainly that differ a pool destroys, snow-white little beast corners of the mouth spills over a bloodstain breaks up flew, but still desperately protected Xiao Chen with light of 7 rosy clouds. Did not let him be harmed. Although it is powerful, endowment exceeds constant, having magic power of ordinary person unimaginably, but those who face is two place however attendant inside the country half god.

Should know this is the field region below cloth of 6 half god, establish a body to be inside, a priori has lain incincible position, snow-white a tired power that little beast breaks 6 half spirit impossibly also anyhow.

Bump violently, the move of desolate morning hardship goes. Expectorate a blood. The little beast of the will serious injury that feel distressed is held in the arms in the bosom, the silent ground in looking at a sky 6 half god.

Xiao Chen is strong the blood that swallows to cough readily. Calm way: "Massacre I two fetch 7 soul, leave a incomplete the lofty spirit of a nation, before always pressing down white tiger grave. Put snow-white little beast walks. Put snow-white little beast walks..

"I come for it namely originally, let off how possibly! " the laugh of tiger slave Leng Sensen is worn.

"If you killed it, dragon a group of things with common features won't let off you. Dragon a group of things with common features won't let off you..

"Barren has dragon a group of things with common features south, tiger home has old ancestor, who after all strong what is weak who can say the ground is clear! " tiger serve rise superior to.

Distance, alone Home Gu Gu Bao in the sky, old person of a grey hair is carrying Tie Jian on the back, establish a body silently to look at this direction in empty sky, sighed silently at a heat from tongue way: "It ought not to appear on this world originally, dragon a group of things with common features is fond of again to it be afraid of again hate again, mood is complex difficult bright. The Dragon King is already much enougher, the Xiaolong of Zulong's appearance does not issue 4, this little beast need not be born. Just, it was not killed by dragon island numerous dragon, come to the mainland successfully, south the antediluvian cannot help doing in barren some attitude. But now... little him beast from south escaped in barren, be afraid that antediluvian has opened an eye to close a key point, want to let its emerge of itself and perish of itself. Want to let its emerge of itself and perish of itself..


The noise of broken sky is transmitted, gammer tiger slave also is afraid of the misfortune happens, cold light is torn off in headroom oneself and fall together, straight morning extraction a surname and snow-white little beast.

A jade-like stone to in aing jade-like stone to be conceived from Xiao Chen, be flounced off and go out, do all one can bears down on sky, greet to gammer. . .

Accompanying harsh ray flash, 7 colour ray over and over sweep to the sky, little beast is pounded desperately, want to tear off the field region of everybody.

But, the result can expect, a jade-like stone a jade-like stone it is very little still, although have endless potential, but at present fights 6 half god impossibly still alone, flower of a string of blood waves fall, little beast falls heavily, shake removes a soot.

Hard move wears Xiao Chen body, climbed the past slowly, leave a path bloodstain after one's death, he takes out a multicoloured look in garment unlined upper garment oneself feather, put in a jade-like stone to go up a jade-like stoningly personally, to path of the everybody in sky: "You disregard majesty of dragon a group of things with common features, still think at the moment with phoenix gens contract enmity? I am begged without place, think you put it to go only, I can let it pledge, do not revenge for me forever. You are OK to erase its memory, beg only leave its life " what to still have more complete than killing it? Our ground ancestor does not have old dragon of the barren austral dread. Ground of phoenix a group of things with common features maintains an order divine feather is a symbolistic favor nevertheless just, what imagine without you is so heavy. What imagine without you is so heavy..

Now, want to let a jade-like stone namely a jade-like stone to run away alone cannot. Xiao Chen is silent and reticent, looking at a sky coldly.

Who can be saved he and a jade-like stone? Dragon a group of things with common features... it seems that very absolutely affection, should appear originally, why to still show a body?

Can not dead door move, the hope is too uncertain, although swallow bend city is planted because of broken demon magical and if be the same as a life with him,wait, but they how may for a young child, and force of as super as several general trends is enemy? For old to school. Impossible such make a decision.

"Prattle... " a jade-like stone aed jade-like stone to climb infirmly, use light of 7 colour god to protect Xiao Chen hard, bearing him to bear down on again sky.

"Phut "

Divine light flash, little beast is hit by firm firm, fall heavily fall in the ground.

"Unlock me... "

"Prattle... toot... " a jade-like stone a jade-like stone to shake his head stubbornly, eyeful tear is smooth, although it also is in,cough blood, but still use little body toughly to bearing Xiao Chen, again towering and case.

, two, 3...

Also do not know to have how many times, be come down by the fetch down with cruel gammer ceaselessly.

A jade-like stone a jade-like stone to had done not have effort. Arrived now, if jade ground little beast is already complete,be snow-white originally by hematic water incarnadine, but still carrying Xiao Chen on the back toughly to bear down on ceaselessly sky, also do not agree to unlock to death.

The Xiao Chen that does not cry, the corner of the eye that feels oneself is wet. Do not believe a day, do not believe a destiny, believe the Xiao Chen of own force only, begin blood of the drop in the heart however at the moment, pray ceaselessly, let snow-white little beast is OK and living escape.

" toot... " little beast sob is worn. Had done not have effort thoroughly, fall in pool of blood commonly with Xiao Chen, but however still stubborn and side with Xiao Chen toughly to climb, want to bear him to run away again. Just. Tried hard a long time, little beast just also extends small claw, also do not sweep anyhow give light of 7 rosy clouds.

Finally, of its chilly chilly uttering sad calls, beside climb Xiao Chen hardly, ceaseless sob, tear blurred double eye.

Xiao Chen make much ado holds it in the arms in the bosom, arrived what to need not say more now. He just looks at aerial tiger slave and tiger serve coldly.

"Beg me. Beg my Rao Shu... " what gammer laughs is very ghastly, if shape is insane. There is very great pressure in her heart, small Bai Hu is gone, tiger home a lineal children also is here body die, she is having cannot the responsibility of shirk.

Reticent contempt, xiao Chen does not have any speech.

"Then you go dead! " gammer most hate Xiao Chen this kind of eyes, rush down on Gao Tianzhi oneself, right strike with the palm of the hand is like a knife, tear off empty sky, of firm firm towards Xiao Chen behead goes.

"Prattle... " a jade-like stone a jade-like stone to open big eye infirmly, of be reluctant to part with saw Xiao Chen last times, what resolutely after that is strong case, spell power last a little bit, bear down on gammer but, it connects light of 7 rosy clouds to be given out hard, how can you defy gammer of land of half god level?

Little beast is transmitted last times in the sky puerile trill, stop abruptly after that, of the firm of palm sword firm of gammer cut was in on its ground body, hematic smooth spurt is splashed, then illumination of 7 rosy clouds shined to rectify a sky, it is gorgeous brightness everywhere, largely day emperor city a brightly lit.

Even if be desolate morning heart firm be like iron, also be in cried loudly to come out instantly, those who rip a heart to crack lung is painful, he what weep rarely from pee is in this momently, the tear falls like rain, he never has thought of to have a so flimsy day.

Little beast is final meet head-on to gammer before, last of that be reluctant to part with, forever calm case was in between Xiao Chen's heart...

"Prattle... prattle... " that puerile sound ases if still haunt ear.

Adorably little beast, gluttonous little beast, innocent little beast, lively little beast, life and death and in all little beast... died so actually.

"Ah... " because Xiao Chen is painful and mad, resembling is wounded beast general, yang Tian cries.

Distance, a desolate flute sound, wispy, follow wind sob and come, appear the azalea caw blood below the setting sun, the hell in be like dusk again presses down chilly of fetch music chilly to utter sad calls.

"I do not want this result... " Xiao Chen heart is wrung like the knife, the tear falls like rain, day shout is admired in pool of blood, he resembles is a child burst into tears commonly.

Fragrance blast, colourful leaf, swirl, overflow empty facile and graceful, piece glittering and translucent be like jade, hua Yu fell actually in the sky.

Then Buddha sings buddhist acoustics, the wispy sound of ancient classics of the recital in the sky, enveloped whole space truely. Subsequently anthem of last phase of an age also rings at the same time, bleak is ages ago be like from antediluvian year a leisurely is vast and mighty and come. There is sacred Gu Yin again finally, as if lacerate is spatio-temporal and come, bei is cool infinite.

Light of 7 rosy clouds shrouded whole scope of operation, boundless Hua Yu is in facile and graceful.

Everybody Jing dread unceasingly, after little beast is killed, cause appearance of surprise of heaven and earth actually, let a person cannot understand.

Fabulous, only a few a few people such as the Buddha of level of half ancestor god, father, into Buddha, when before be being realized, that generation is killed, just had appeared appearance of surprise of this kind of heaven and earth, does this snow-white little beast have He Lai one by one after all? Can produce such thing actually... let heaven and earth be the same as Bei, let 10 thousand flowers be the same as sob, how likely? How likely!

Everybody was stupefied, especially Hu Nu, the feeling is put on the ice all over cold clinking, a what kind of small animal did oneself kill after all? Can bring so that heaven and earth is the same as Bei actually, surprise appearance advent is worldly, the spirit that she feels herself is in quaky.

"Do not wish immortal, wish only symbiosis, do not contend for 100 worlds, contend for generation only, do not beg eternity, seek this life only... with me the soul is sacrificial, 1000 worlds pinch, 100 worlds cross, wish to change little beast only one life... "

Xiao Chen is in this momently, earnest hair issues oath, do not know to that whether already the ancestor god that die falls is invocatory, sound is clear between whole heaven and earth resound, spread everywhere to most day emperor city, a lot of people use a facial expression in succession.

Gammer is Jing more trembling all over, be about to be killed towards Xiao Chen, since that 10 thousand beautiful sift, the Buddha sound, instant that destroys world sound, sacred sound appears, she knows the likelihood is offended gave extremely big the cause of disaster.

The body of little beast, did not fall the earth, disappeared it seems that.

There are 7 rays of morning or evening sunshines to be in in the sky circle, every resemble together is Zu Long be in commonly buckjump, the sapling with tall hand of the most backward one individual plant rushs, instantly the ray develops the sky continuously. The 7 colour emperor with tall hand is cultivated, blossom a harsh divine brightness, let other everything lost colour, after that slowly descend and fall.

Gammer is afraid of extremely, changed a dark light to develop the past, but tree of 7 colour emperor ases if having vast brimless power, all undone holding back, the bright brightness instant that gives out fully sweeps gammer fly.

Sapling slowly in the desolate morning hand that descends in pool of blood, 7 colour ray is flickering beating.

Absentminded heard dot again " Yi prattles ah " puerile language, the pang in desolate morning heart is clinking, the tear falls like rain.