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The land of country of the 261st chapter is blank

The figure curve like the unique siren devil of day demon palace is lithe and graceful, the sky of incomparable faery ** of fast of kind boat sword is clever, all round them still mirage is hazy, can blur only see slender jade body, they are silent as the grave, all did not report a full name, with the Roman empire that holds Gu Sheng classics ace is scattered rub at the same time besiege and come, want the magic power of 8 photographs world of suppress desolate morning.

"Xi Xi... " chuckle of siren of day demon palace, garment skirt is waved, be like Rou Die lightly like that, delimit cleverly gently empty and over- , but space subsequently screwy, she resembles is the demon between free and day group and hell, if show,arm of a pair of lotus root is like concealed, tear off dimension space, muddleheaded sword gas guides directly go in.

After that, her Pian is like Jing grand, appear abruptly before Xiao Chen is close, leer has a smile on his face, eye is like Rou Bo, black grows hair switch, although appearance cannot peek, be enveloped by dense fog, but such more give a person with mysterious and hazy feeling. The soft body of soul-stirring, like the snake general bully arrives before Xiao Chen is close, element hand brandishs continuously, in the charming laugh that swings popular feeling soul, one pair is like the palm of jade, collided 100 thousand times continuously with Xiao Chen.

Two people all are like meet with be struck by lightning is general, match each other in strength. Although Xiao Chen is muddleheaded,go out, but day demon palace is unique siren the whole body ases if lie in dimensional big break, the space all round her is complete as perforative as dimension space, can contend temporarily muddleheaded sword is angry.

Chuckle of siren of day demon palace flies, if wind of day of day hag dance flies commonly, face a pair of whiteness when leaving Sheng Xue, glittering and translucent the bound feet bifurcation that is like jade carving steps on Xiang Xiaochen chest.

Dimensional cave in!

Day charm field controls an airspace!

Look be like gentle and lovely clinking, light spirit is like the unique siren with average spirit, although laugh at Yan Xi opportunely,beautiful eye longs for, but kill force is striking, xiao Chen dare not have a bit inattentivegeneral idea, otherwise absolutely meeting perishs for an instant.

Nevertheless he also is not how nervous, extensive of corners of the mouth removes to sneer, face what step then to be like the bifurcation of glittering and translucent snow-white bound feet like jade, he with 8 photographs extremely fast the space that has avoided cave in instantly. Rushed forward commonly like the shooting star again after that, both hands is like lightning quickly, instantaneous smell.

Siren of day demon palace is fast without desolate morning speed, the will catch her ** jade that sees the other side is audacious and inurbane is sufficient, unique siren not be angry. Instead chuckle phonate, plumage brandishs, growing sleeve to resemble is two Yu Long tear off empty sky commonly, split double arm of behead desolate morning.

Beyond anticipation of ground of siren of day demon palace. Xiao Chen was not kept out. Both hands still is caught to Na Shuangyu is sufficient.

"Phut "

Ground of firm of firm of plumage double sleeve is smoked was in on double arm of desolate morning ground. Make collapse of his the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket broken immediately. Scar of two dread ground leaves on arm. Blood gurgle and flow.

This namely Xiao Chen repairs refine to have ** of body of frit arms refine. If change,be being made is to be the same as state ground other past master. Not only double arm can smash. It is fleshy body also may break down.

Face a strong opponent. Xiao Chen conceals him place palm to control ground magic power none. Told the enemy in vain obviously. The law of body of refine of arms of his ground frit promoted an unusually horrible state.

Unique siren although chuckle is worn. Figure of the ground like the devil is in however quickness twist. Want to cast off chase after piece on Xiao Chen coming to the ground. But both hands of desolate morning ground already explore arrives. Captured Na Shuangyu instantly sufficient.

Proceed with softness is satiny, beautiful jade of just like suet is general, can calls God perfect classic. Swing popular feeling soul, nevertheless at the moment Xiao Chen but won't have heart of Yuzhi of sweet cherish of a bit pity, adversary is adversary, because the United States is lubricious,can loosen mind how.

The laugh of gentle and lovely of siren of day demon palace rise, the human body of unique enchanting is sliding commonly like the snake, want to flounce off the double control that gives Xiao Chen, although laugh in charming, but the ground in making clear its heart with the action however is killed meaning, glittering and translucent like jade carving double sufficient kick again and again move. Gyroidal day evil spirit is aroused and go out.

Xiao Chen sneers, quick, both hands is holding unique siren ground Rou Runyu is sufficient, clever Xi Jianbo shakes and go out, want will smash, deflower.

Siren of day demon palace becomes angry eventually, dimension space appears, to her shake Xi Jianbo sealed the other spirit of hazy jade body to go in, day evil spirit resembles is the Milky Way coils ninefold day is average. From her that Bai Yu of soft beauty rushs in crural bifurcation. The sword wave with annihilative resistance.

All these happens between electric flint flower, speed gets on for acme.

"Chi Chi "

Defeat empty noisy incessant Yu Er. One sword thorn comes to the faery of fast of kind boat sword, siren of palace of help day demon dissolves a dangerous situation, meanwhile ace of Roman Caesarean religion is scattered rub skill, ancient Bible flips through ceaselessly, shoot gorgeous brightness to sweep Xiang Xiaochen.

Desolate morning contented not dread, 4 photographs use the ground, fire, wind, water together, gas of drizzly and muddleheaded sword catchs a to sweep together piece, immediate shock broke through murderous look a few black clouds that float in the sky, the muddleheaded sword of strong clouds enrages freely agitate, had swept like ray of a path comet general, power and influence is inconceivable.

Muddleheaded sword enrages smash the divine rays of morning or evening sunshine that Gu Sheng coils via breaking up and comes, but the faery bully body that allows room of kind boat sword however arrived close before, she can pass through actually space, in the ground, fire, wind, water a passageway of a space is torn off in 4 photographs.

Posture and temperament are like do not feed faery of terrestrial fireworks ground, but the yataghan in the hand however swift and fierce is clinking, wisdom is connected clever, the divine sword of the heart condenses bright sword awn, from rear kill to, the instant tears off a space, prick Xiang Xiaochen directly hind heart, left hand is light at the same time raise, of behead Xiang Xiaochen hind neck.

Everything what can feel back clearly, xiao Chen is faced kill absolutely so, binocular in shoot two cold light, in make make a decision instantly, body sideslip one feet, what catching siren of day demon palace after that is double sufficient, spread out 8 photographs world extremely fast hind bump.

Behead of left strike with the palm of the hand of faery of fast of kind boat sword is empty, shake broke empty is empty. But the sees clearly the morning that take a surname left shoulder of the firm of sword awn firm of the heart of her right hand, " " blood smooth spurt splashs the ground, left shoulder around of Xiao Chen is bright, eject gives a blood light, blood gushs madly and go out.

This result beyond everybody's anticipation, xiao Chen did not avoid actually retreat, before choosing to catching siren of day demon palace to bump into body of rear faery of Ci Hangjian fast however.

Faery of fast of ** vacant sword spends a look to change suddenly, xiao Chen nots hesitate actually internecine and bully is close she, cannot avoid at all now, be in almost the instant that the divine sword of her heart sees clearly desolate morning left shoulder, xiao Chen has been stuck to the front of her body, left ancon is fierce bump backward come.

"Phut "

Strong hit!

Ground of firm of firm of left ancon of desolate morning ground bumps on the right bosom of faery of Ci Hangjian fast, make its ejective on the spot a blood is beautiful, inverted flight go out.

Her ground corsage smashed, lens of a treasure that protect a heart is to change Cheng Chen dust more, wave medicinal powder in sky, nevertheless her breastbone still was two to break off.

The ray twinkles, mirage of the whole body of faery of fast of kind boat sword is hazy, she drapes a plumage quickly. Block held off the likelihood of the discharge outside spring scenery, only herself knows, originally if coagulate the right breast like fat beautiful jade at the moment already purple, ponderosity of the condition of an injury!

This walks out of the ground to fast of kind boat sword is extremely deep disgrace for faery!

Get hurt place is... so embarrassed, this is ** naked profanatory. Xiao Chen's courage is too great.

In mirage, na Qingli of kind boat faery's free from vulgarity unique appearance is indifferent.

Not be her ability is inferior to a person, however doctrine of desolate morning war too cross swift and fierce, it is a bravo simply, it is dozen of law with order fight life completely, such weapons is enrolled nearly all right, hit her one unawares, with saw clearly cost of left shoulder land to inflict heavy losses on her, if not be,protect the word of heart treasure lens. She may be dangerous really.

Everything is instantaneous thing.

Meanwhile, desolate morning drink like a fish, mad shake of wave of clever rhinoceros sword and piece. Be promoted ultimate state by him, that is an annihilative force, be once the masterstroke that awe spends a period.

" "

Xiao Chen is attacked with clever Xi Jianbo actually broke of siren of day demon palace double sufficient, hematic water incarnadine sky, it is of course in this process he also was sufferred inflict heavy losses on, unique siren plumage is waved, sweep commonly like the iron plate that is indestructible was in on his body, his mouth tells blood inverted flight go out.


Have unique appearance, siren of palace of demon of sky of land of 100 fawn on is in 1000 charming actually was abandoned by Xiao Chen below the circumstance of carelessness double foot. This is a of soul-stirring brief process really, such result pressed down spot everybody.

Bitterly ending, after losing double leg, even if be peerless beauty how? Already was the body of useless incomplete, long will be inferior to greatly for affirmation once upon a time.

Everybody sucks air conditioning, xiao Chen is exceeding masty content really if really, a few people that he does not compare the spot are strong, basically be fierce war doctrine fearsome, it is one does not take personal body life to should answer the bravo of the thing simply.

In order to hurt oneself come enemy!

This is content of an exceeding masty!

The hazy mirage before body of siren of day demon palace dropped off entirely. Show a piece of unique appearance, blow the look that shot the peerless jade look that is about to defeat to be full of anguish then at the moment, light of the tear in be full of clever gas ground big sparkles, I see still pity, take seriously clear to have pity on the utmost.

Let a person cannot help doing it heartbreak, hag of such day arrogant was abandoned by Xiao Chen actually glittering and translucent those who be like jade is double sufficient, let on the side the person that a few males are repaired has an aching feeling, vacant of such a ** are unique stunner actually deformed, xiao Chen is the executioner of a detest letting a person simply.

The spot a few people stay it seems that. Be at a loss a little actually for a short while. Fall of siren of day demon palace desire sob, side with Xiao Chen feebly to attack. Lay off of slender and lithe and graceful charming human body the contrail of a chilly beauty, lose double sufficient hind she ases if already annals of heart life and death, even this kind of attack appears limp finally, it is flying moth attacks completely the manner like fire.

But, desolate morning ground is binocular shoot two cold light however, a bit did not shake because of this heart annals, decisive callosity moves, and was to use up main, because he felt huge risk is in,draw near!

Cycle of the ground, fire, wind, water, 4 photographs blend, spurt gives out a to muddleheaded sword is angry, annihilate space, sweep anything away is unique siren.

Be in this moment, dimension space is torn off ceaselessly, show and go out, an energy is formed in the sky violent, completely siren causes that, resembling is the Milky Way falls empyreal, resembling is dark spring develop a hell, all directions of sweep anything away, dimension space was opened tens of faces.

Death of a bloodcurdling was become simply in the sky absolutely.

If Xiao Chen has the heart that despise just now, be afraid now had been gobbled up by annihilative energy go in.

Empty empty disintegrate recombines again, had become the source of a destruction!

This result beyond everybody anticipation, force of battle of siren of day demon palace is striking, do not have at all abandonment, the expression of soul of popular feeling of that be puzzled had fooled a lot of people.

Till, revert of heaven and earth is clear and bright, everything calm, unique siren chuckle, ruddy double lip sex appeal is clinking, twinkling moving burnish, snow-white shellfish tine is glittering and translucent be like jade, the overflow on the face removes two small dimple, binocular be on the move Rou Bo giving the ground lets a person consider hard, anger of some angry meaning, some anger, some appreciation, clever and artful and clever.

And her land double base actually second birth, in good condition be like first.

"That is... art of day demon second birth! "That is... art of day demon second birth!!

"Yes, the siren of day demon magic power is not deformed, she has a good command of actually art of day demon second birth, such spirit art... it without a few people is OK to be afraid kill her. Won't not die at the ground in fokelore infirmly absolutely art and immortal art.

"The person that you are a callosity... " siren of day demon palace laughs at chant chant look at Xiao Chen, path: "Such cruel-hearted, behead I double sufficient, the eye is not blinked, it is the person be repaired the marbliest that I see. It is the person be repaired the marbliest that I see..

"Merciless. Very normal. Photograph of life and death to, do not have minute of men and women, no matter the United States is ugly, hold the post of peerless of your elegance and talent, as long as it is adversary, red pink skeleton is in my eye. " desolate morning speech is quiet.

"Xi Xi... I like such man. " all living creatures of smile enough reverse of unique siren, inarticulate charm is moving, barefoot is like snow, twinkling the burnish with general jade. She is like demon to be waved in the sky commonly.

"Flintily good man, I should kill you possibly today. " here, beautiful of siren of day demon palace laughs. Attack lightly again towards Xiao Chen like that, what can small without the person gaze masks below appearance of this absolutely beautiful dance is true kill situation.

Meanwhile, ace of Roman Caesarean religion is scattered rub also moved, ancient Bible flips through ceaselessly, time excessive colour catchs a together.

And the faery of fast of kind boat sword, it is to be in more killed the past for a short while, she ate to have a deficit greatly just now, right bosom is raided, this kind profanatory at the biggest disgrace is for her. One sword cold light uses the land of country, the sword awn of the heart rushs continuously the sky.

Nearby kink of one true bonze unceasingly, he thinks strong past attends a war very much, but Xiao Chen reads aloud with the god however pass sound, let its go ahead of the rest with adamantine mood one pace.

Morning of desolate of path of one genuine knowledge has 8 looks extremely fast, if do not have his word beside, fugitive more successful, but can you abandon a friend to escape first how? He is not done. He is afraid that Xiao Chen cannot flounce off the besiege of a few old past master.

"You went, I can escape! I can escape!!

Such a word. Although a few short word, but let stanch of one true instant however footstep, he is a cool-headed person, stare Xiao Chen, silent inclination, after that as towering as green jade the Dragon King and go.

On the side Rome is Caesarean ace of a female, towards chase after quickly really, but do not have finally result and return.

At the moment absolutely the knife is sober and clinking, establish a body attendant outside. Did not participate in surround kill. Dao Guangmang flies to be on the move in the hand nevertheless, that threatening aeriform knife enrages the lock that dies to death from beginning to end to deciding Xiao Chen. Be afraid that he spreads out escape of 8 photographs world suddenly, face one true flying escape and go, he did not knit even brows.

Knife of small Li Fei is so-called a special skill between heaven and earth, can behead defeats empty sky, pass through to weigh dimensional fight the enemy each, he Ren not dare small gaze, such locks decide Xiao Chen, have beyond challenge ground to deter force.


A glow flash, absolutely of the knife point to seam many the penknife with one sanguine handle, although still glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, but colour and lustre and before flying knife is very different, resembling is to invade had painted blood general, the get rid of of redness of skin appears cutter hub to be on the move the brightness that gives a path red.

This is in those days the flying knife that small Li Wei hands down first-rate!

Ren Yuci is full of in the heart, but be forced however behead deicide is clever countless, xiaoli feeling reduces attack overweight, the flying knife that is stained with this finally endless deities blood abandoned, but be searched by his ground child however, generation acting inheritance come down.

It is the color that this shows glittering and translucent get rid of flying knife, once by small Li Yi " heart " refine of temper by dipping in water passes!

The feeling is less than murderous look, more feel less than killing meaning, but flying knife of redness of skin, the soul that lets spot holder actually has the feeling of Jing dread.

See absolutely the split second that Dao Liang gives this knife, scatter rub, drop back of all of faery of siren of day demon palace, Ci Hangjian fast, divide morning of square besiege desolate, look at absolutely Dao Zixu is entered for nothing in field.

Xiao Chen did not talk, developed the past directly, this will be he and the 3rd collision of flying Dao Chuanren! Such blood knife, let him feel dead menace, perhaps cannot retain a bit power again really, extremely possible body is otherwise dead here.

Unexpected, absolutely the hematic knife that the knife did not shoot glittering and translucent get rid of to appear, however flying knife of double move pointing to clip and desolate morning hassle are together, with flying knife behead destroys muddleheaded sword is enraged, break without collapse again cutter hub ground is likely.

Two smooth shadows are pestered together, everybody feels very accident, why absolutely doesn't the knife shoot haemorrhage knife? That is sure is the biff that spirit of remarkably original and forceful, mind not measures.


Absolutely knife drop back, look at Xiao Chen chilly, path: "Your heart has scruple, dare not be without the skill of reservation, be afraid that others instant moves to kill you? Be afraid that others instant moves to kill you??

"Need not say more, although give a knife! " Xiao Chen is responded to leisurely, his palm accuses to have 8 looks extremely fast, if not be the deterrence of knife of small Li Fei, he can escape at any time here.

"This knife, the day is cracked dyingly, the land of country is blank, divine spirit cries wail. Even if be a god by lacerate skin, want body spirit all to destroy, this is small Li Zushi what go out with refine of heart hold a memorial ceremony for is exclusive benevolence person knife, blame great illicit sexual relations is great evil do not kill, be not face retribution for a life of crime to be not killed. Blame is extremely vicious do not kill, behead has killed endless Ahriman and fierce spirit, this knife... cannot move to you. I think very much as fair as you one battle, but now is not moment. But now is not moment..

Here, absolutely knife drop back.

"Good, now I and you still are draw collects a hand, divide again next time be defeated win. " Xiao Chen nods.


Shadow of 4 a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest rushed, desolate morning besiege, knife of small Li Fei passes a person not to move. Do not represent others to also can put Xiao Chen to leave.

Siren of day demon palace double sufficient nearly is abandoned, how agree to work so rest? Right bosom of faery of fast of kind boat sword meets with disgrace, impossible also Ren Xiaochen is easy and go. As to the religious ace of Roman empire. Put Xiao Chen more impossibly to go, their one party by killed an overmatch really, at the moment one true already by Xiao Chen let slip, this account nature should let Xiao Chen repay. Scatter rub rushed with ace of a female.

"With a ha breath out... " Xiao Chen laughs.

Do not have a bit a look of fear to 4 people alone, the ground, fire, wind, water 4 photographs annulus move, he actually swoon was in in empty sky, drizzly and muddleheaded ray twinkles and go out, he changed a muddleheaded ray.

"Does the ground in fokelore, fire, wind, water repeat muddleheaded? "Does the ground in fokelore, fire, wind, water repeat muddleheaded??

" OK really does open up give a new world? " rub, heart of all of faery of siren of day demon palace, Ci Hangjian fast has Jing idea. They remembered laborious of a few secret, not self-conscious Jing expiration sound.

To this, xiao Chen is cold only hum, can reveal secret of land of 8 photographs world how, he had never wanted to want refine of new hold a memorial ceremony for a world, that is far from actual, that is ancestor god ground power can, should do ground word to be afraid a lot of people can destroy in that way really he.

In fact, be opposite according to him himself of 8 photographs world fathom. He knows even if of the ground, fire, wind, water repeats muddleheaded, far from likely also refine of hold a memorial ceremony for gives a new world, have very big discrepancy with fokelore, this world is so called " muddleheaded " it is the most primitive configuration far from, power of air of muddleheaded nevertheless sword is enough Jing world, can offer for him powerful extremely accuse killed force.

Scatter rub the Gu Sheng in the hand rises via retroflexioning, change a divine brightness to be swept towards Xiao Chen come, spurt gives out the light of a path stars inside, the small stars that has 10 several bright more is all round ancient Bible rotate.

Siren of day demon palace tears off dimension space. Day charm field waves heaven and earth. Want to infiltrate Xiao Chen directly go in. Kind boat faery is the unique sword light with blank the land of country of behead sell one's own things more, destroy dark field forcibly with the sword. The force of space of region of different of have the aid of gobbles up muddleheaded sword gas.

Murderous look is towering, the person that one name daughter builds Roman empire, wear aureate battle nail, if female Ares is general, aureate battle lance is inclined in the hand sweep and go out, lance blade tears off a sky.

4 person jackknife, power and influence is inconceivable, the space does not have the annihilate of breath soundlessly, also be in by force like muddleheaded sword gas break down, be guided entirely into dimension space.

Nevertheless Xiao Chen still does not have dread, 8 photographs extremely fast spread out, fail to let 4 people surround not only, resembling instead is a shooting star is attacked round them commonly kill.

He is already reincarnate into muddleheaded!

Muddleheaded ray is swept ceaselessly piece, the ground, fire, wind, water, 4 photographs repeat muddleheaded, grind extrude to together ruined light, xiao Chen became the source that destroys force, the body is on the move give any a bit rays to be able to smash space, accuse killed force strong cannot hold back.

"Phut "

Intense big collision!

Lance of field of charm of the sword awn of Xiao Chen and ancient Bible, heart, day, god absolutely region is successive 4 violent to banging.

Result... scatter rub hand of faery of haematemesis inverted flight, Ci Hangjian fast strokes right bosom haematemesis and retreat, blood of siren of day demon palace asperses long flip to fly, face of female Ares of Roman Caesarean golden hair is like golden paper, divine lance breaks off, ensanguined vast sky flies retreat.

Of course, the force like desperate spells 4 old past master, xiao Chen is unusually afflictive also, successive and ejective 6 blood, his careful guard is worn absolutely knife, after that if fly towering and case.

Xiao Chen can not think really and these person desperately, if consider state actual strength, everybody is his ground strong opponent, want the word of life photograph wrestle really, he one person does not have supernatural power enemy to count an ace absolutely, see Xiao Chen is towering undoubtedly to death surely and go, neither one person goes chasing, since Xiaoli flies,Dao Chuanren does not move, the speed of anybody cannot block Xiao Chen absolutely, these people are elite character, do not want to do useless work.

"8 photographs world, the land of country is blank, but shake day uses the land. " looking at back of desolate morning ground, absolutely knife make such assessment.

"Xi Xi... I like such man. " siren of day demon palace is like demon general clever Hui Meili, small in the sky dance with sth in one's hands.

Cloud and mist is wispy all round faery of fast of kind boat sword, if wide cold faery faces a life, the sound of sounds of nature is euphonic and pleasant: "This person is exceeding and dangerous. "This person is exceeding and dangerous..

The 4 people that country of Buddhist of 12 ace besiege leaves the scene, all sorts of magic power are exhibited together, this is a hassle that is without be concerned about, perhaps saying is one slaughters!

4 overmatch propped up moment in, with respect to all have one's body smashed to pieces, included an infanta among them, it is then the name has command ability, will the daughter that cloth gives to kill big infante absolutely.

At distant horizon, xiao Chen dish sit between heaven and earth, the whole body is skeletal " Beng Beng " make sound, flesh and blood is in ceaseless peristalsis, because Xiu Lian has ** of body of frit arms refine, get achieved body restoring with breathtaking speed, the skin twinkles a glittering and translucent burnish.

But with respect to this moment, he suddenly felt a powerful animosity sweep anything away and come.

Xiao Chen opened double eye suddenly, on devil Campagna, a fair boy of 912 years old, binocular and ajar close partly, seething of a perpendicular eye is jumpy! Although be a teenager nevertheless, but kill meaning is infinite, its situation defeats the sky continuously!

Stand at will merely over, let this heaven and earth do it quaky, the earth after aing just judge it seems that suffers its coercion and succumbed.

Gold lion king!

One honour the clinking Buddha that knows its past history without the person!

Half god has been been not 3 years ago cannot enemy, after 3 years he after all brutal and unreasonable arrived why to be planted nobody can know condition!

3 years are lain between when, xiao Chen and change the gold lion king that forms * person to encounter in devil Campagna.