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The 278th Zhang Zu god? !

"Of real world umbriferous be attributed to after all windy, visional eventually will undone... "

The sound of huge is between whole heaven and earth resound, majesty is clinking, was full of the force of soul of be awed popular feeling.

Xiao Chen is astonished clinking, immortal bound is... of real world umbriferous, is whole world false? That... what does he calculate?

Sound distant and out of sight dies, whole big desert becomes noiseless and clinking, that sound resembling is to never had appeared general.

The big desert of vast boundless caught the glorious of red of a fire in afterglow, aureate sand flows dripping to nod bit of glow, the morning glow horizon sets the Phnom Penh that went up to to the joint of big desert and sky.

Deathly becomes silent, the big desert hush of hollowness is breathed, bleak and Gu is far. At the moment... if Xiao Chen's mood is angry the sea is mad billows be in commonly with one climax following another.

But be in flashy, xiao Chen calmed quickly again come down, oneself are actual existence, should understand this are enough only.

On the big desert of hollowness, without unripe breath, but be in now, engrave here, appear island of an an a fane, path view, god, xiao Chen is looking at them silently, before just walking up hard, go, mysterious force is holding back him to be close to.

The moon of chilly is aspersed fall and fall, the stars of all over the sky is flaring, is all these visional, is all these is real world umbriferous? Xiao Chen was not pestered, in his heart only " this I " , below this kind of condition, repair refine silently.

Moon is like water, the temperature in big desert drops urgently however suddenly, iron of essence of life can be in temperature is swift and violent in dropping to become, be frozen to crack, what flare in this starlight is lonely come out suddenly in big desert " Zhi ah " sound, the door of that Gu Miao is pushed.

The big desert of hollowness, it is noiseless and breathed originally, such sound especially abrupt, resembling is calm is laky in jump fish of a god general.

Xiao Chen brushed the ground to open an eye. Be in moonlight in resembling is two lightning are shot in empty sky.

After temple door is pushed. A little form takes a step composedly and go out. He is wearing wide ground frock. Do not pass ground sample 34 years old. Frock most pulled the ground to go up.

This is young child. Perhaps saying is small bonze. Do not pass ground sample 34 years old. Can touch chill of limit of the ground in desert of the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese Military and Political College however. Easy and calm ground walked out of temple door.

His color of skin fair-skinneds in vain. Forehead is full. The eye is big and have a mind. Eyelash is very long. Bridge of the nose is straight. The lip is very thick. This is one looks very honest and tolerant beneficent Xiaotong. Ear of the ground in facial features is most special. Although the person is not big. Ear is very big however. Have blessing state very much. Thick thick earlobe is about to touch come up against humeral head.

Although he saw Xiao Chen. But do not have any amazed ground expression. Take a step from the side its and pass. Circling whole ingenious turned circuit is sided with go in desert.

Xiao Chen special ground uncannily. But do not have phonate however. Look at him to leave silently.

Be in this moment, the path view of far also was pushed the door, a small Taoism priest of 34 years old takes a step leisurely and go out, although be young child, but look all the more experienced, especially a pair of eyes are abstruse and clinking, as if can understand thoroughly everything worldly.

He also is sided with leisurely go in big desert.

Extremely weird feeling, the child that does not pass 34 years old child just. But bearing movements seems however lived antediluvian of endless years ground is general, calm and clinking.


On that very small god island in the sky, buoyant fall next child child, the long hair with full pitch-black head is like the facile and graceful like chute, a pair of pupil filled clever air, not, perhaps saying is murderous look, morning allowing a surname felt a penetrative chill.

He also walking is sided with leisurely go in big desert.

Extremely absurd feeling, 3 children such experienced. Did not see Xiao Chen, in moving toward big desert.

Xiao Chen stands up to come personally, the footstep that follows them went, speed of 3 children ground also does not know to have how fast, xiao Chen promotes the limit rate, chase several a hunderd li to also was not overtaken, footmark forwardly disappears thoroughly.

Nevertheless, he had new discovery however, ahead is a dark and clinking district. Hope to be less than an end at all. respecting the end of ancient god desert? Gaze at carefully, xiao Chen detects. Appear over there... it is fault of a space!

He is not had soundlessly of breath returned place, till second half night just discovers 3 child child,come back early or late.

Early morning, a rays of morning or evening sunshine enlightened big desert.

A day of new arrival, although wind He Rili, but the breath that swinging to be depressed extremely is being passed it seems that in the sky, as if remote antiquity demon wants to be born general.

"Visional world will be destroyed eventually... " sound of that huge earthquake sounds appeared again yesterday.

Back-to-back, in the sky cloudy, press the alpenglow that rises first entirely fell.

Rolling black clouds is in big desert in the sky resembling is a heavy plumbic hill is general, the person choking that press.

"Rumble grand "

Lightning is broken off fall and fall, there is aureate chariot to be in actually in black clouds mobile, it is it is broken off went out to destroy world lightning, the energy that next vast and mightily dashing to the skies is fluctuant.

"Brush "

The ray shines, that Gu Miao in big desert unplugs the ground and case, resembling is a shooting star general, bump to gloomy sky. If black clouds of the ground like plumbic hill is medium,entered at rushing instantly, after that bangingly blare, bump on that aureate chariot.

"Rumble... "

Celestial resembling is broken, in deafening sound, tremendous aureate chariot is bumped to fall next high in the clouds. Back-to-back, people disillusion, black clouds is acuteness roll, the mirage of posse dusky and a small bonze collide continuously in the sky.

An annihilative dimensional big break actually outspread all the time to that distant sky!

Yes, monstrous plumbic cloud by shake diffuse, oriental sun appears die fell, sky float horizons now, annihilative dimensional big break is irruptive sky.

Psychedelic? Illusive? Xiao Chen cannot be distinguished.

Black clouds obstructed a sky again eventually, that mirage of round dusky gives out the sound of huge, drink to small bonze cry: "Resist why? Joining this world is visional, more Huang talking is you, you this windy, vanish completely so, it is final a home to return to originally. It is final a home to return to originally..

Small bonze is exceedingly quiet, ancient Jing Mobo, path: "Visional with true who can say clear. Spend generation bound, one grass one heaven, one Xie Yi bodhi, one arenaceous one ecstasy, an one Sukhavati, laugh at one dirt predestined relationship. Read aloud one quiet. Same... whole world also can be like flowers and plants for nothing. Same... whole world also can be like flowers and plants for nothing..

"Good a Buddha, you dare acid I? ! To us, actual strength is actual strength, no matter how your mood is tall far, it is visional after all! " the sound that huge transmits in drizzly mirage, path: "This world this are undone. 24 Zhan Jian general are returned to. 24 Zhan Jian general are returned to..

"Destruction often begins from oneself... " small bonze is composed like withered wood quiet.

"With a ha breath out... " yock sound transmits in black clouds: "This world already was guarded without ancestor god, half ancestor also in succession die falls, how to resist? An ancestor god comes in real world sufficient can destroy all these, ten half ancestor photograph follows in addition, visional immortal bound will is attributed to eventually windy. Can you hold back all these by your Buddha, primitive, exceeding lofty or great? Can you hold back all these by your Buddha, primitive, exceeding lofty or great??

Between conversation, the dimensional fault of that complete darkness outside several a hunderd li, the noisy incessant Yu Er of rumble, hei Wu breaks up emerge, my day of day of black clouds block. Ten aureate chariot lacerate vast sky and come.

Shake whole heaven and earth!

"Chi Chi "

Together muddleheaded sword gas wears broken black clouds, in the air that god island is towering and go up, of firm firm bump on an aureate chariot. A child child buckjump of 34 years old and go up, a murderous look of cold dense ground blossoms in eye light.

Back-to-back, the path view in big desert also unplugs the ground and case, collided to come up, shake broke an aureate chariot.

Lower part, xiao Chen is astonished clinking, small bonze is Buddha actually, the small Taoism priest in path view is primitive, the Xiaotong that the murderous look on divine island diffuses is hierarch of exceeding lofty or great actually. 3 years ago he but... with one's own hands behead their head.

"Undone and visional... "

Ten chariot in plumbic cloud are passed swing wave motion of energy of coercion world land, desert of whole ancient god ases if jolty rise.

Buddha, primitive, exceeding lofty or great gives out shake day to move the coercion like the ground fully likewise, with the different bound in ten aureate chariot between black clouds half ancestor contend rise.

And, be in this moment, empty sky is broken by shake ceaselessly, round of dazzling sun appears in the sky, be god of that sun emperor, right now nevertheless his true body is a fair child of 3 years old merely child.

Be the same as for a short while, all over evil spirit is vast and mighty. The black Yi Xiaotong that the whole body is surrounded by demon mist appears, just about that is big demon honour Satan.

Subsequently, western a group of things with common features 3 comforter are shown personally with child Tong Zhi.

Carry a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest definitely also with young child identity unreal is changed and go out.

Empty sky is broken by shake continuously, day demon palace generation palace advocate, Ci Hangjian fast generation faery, Bai Hu the holy emperor all of one arteries and veins with childish child identity is shown.

Emperor of the ground in desolate morning hand implement catch fly away, finally... one also is not remained, by him what behead drops a head is all half ancestor all with childish child ground identity is shown here. If not be 7 colour emperor,the tree is in emerge for a short while the upper part of the top of head in him, asperse fall to together 7 colour brilliance, the grey flying smoke that is afraid Xiao Chen has been baked by this blazing big desert destroyed, connect a god here after all implement metropolis by melt away.

"Are you done bureau lure us to come immortal bound? Nevertheless... everything is infructuous. Had done not have the visional world of ancestor god. Can break down very quickly, be attributed to windy. Be attributed to windy..

Butterfly Zhen Chi. Zhuang Zhou is shown, mental wave motion comes out: "Dream butterfly, butterfly dream, why be empty and fact? Relative to character, you also do not live a dream. You also do not live a dream..

"That with respect to battle! " ten chariot come out at the same time the sound of huge.

"Growl... " long howl, the body that one feet grows white Hu Shenghuang, the enlarge between suddenly arrived like lofty mountains size, claw of tiger of the ground like hill sides with the vigorously of a chariot in the sky to be patted.

Sword of the top of head of hierarch of exceeding lofty or great pursues, all directions cent presses down 4 fierce swords, swing to together muddleheaded sword is angry, bore down on a chariot in black clouds, ruined murderous look rushs continuously the sky.

Clever tree of the 7 treasure in raising hand of a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest definitely is brushed again and again move, together the black clouds that 7 colour brilliance will develop his vicinity is all shake comes loose, it is a chariot shake broke up more.

Hand of sun emperor god holds holy stone in the palm, brilliance is beamed 10, shake broke big plumbic cloud, developed an aureate chariot finally.

Primitive right hand carries yataghan, left hand holds jade flexibly, break off broke an aureate chariot, with inside big fight of that round drizzly mirage rise.

Billows of medium wave of desolate morning heart rises and fall, essential hard calm, this... be destined is a half ancestor class that does not tell for common people place, even big fight of ancestor god class, concerned the trend of life and death of immortal bound.

Be in this moment, he heard a voice clearly heaving a sigh: "Should come did not come, ought not to come to the ground come... the bureau that this is a failure. Ought not to come to the ground come... the bureau that this is a failure..

The dimensional fault of hundreds inside and outside transmits a monstrous energy to fluctuate, flashy pass to here.

Buddha, primitive, exceeding lofty or great, accurate carry, the person all such as sun emperor god becomes angry, they know the ancestor god your arrival of the other side!

But be in this momently, the south of ancient god desert, also pass from immortal mainland direction swing hard Yan Yu's vast is fluctuant, instant and to!

"Ancestor god? ! How may immortal mainland still have ancestor mind? ! "