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The 297th chapter is contended for

Biting chill envelops Xiao Chen and Qing Dynasty, resembling is the back that two unique Li Jian are touched in them.

The force of the eyes actually such dreariness? Solid the thing that is unimaginably queer, what can imagine that woman is powerful.

Abrupt, a gorgeous ray lacerate vast sky, chase after raid and come. That is shadow of one a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest actually, the ray tends gradually gentle, in hazy brightness a woman is shown change and go out, establish a body empty on the sea.

Stopped after the feature that sees that woman clear when Xiao Chen, actually really with the woman in that picture exactly like, it is the water that be like by what he destroys from the behead between the heart it seems that.

Qingqing plays garment role of Xiao Chen, light tone: "That woman in lotus throne did not come be pregnant with, the energy gas institute that this is her is changed. The energy gas institute that this is her is changed..

Xiao Chen nods. Even if faces this name and in former days lover exactly like woman, there also is half wave motion in his heart, it is the outsider outside place oneself thing it seems that, very quiet ask: "Who are you? "Who are you??

Enrage agglomeration completely by essence of life and become a woman, the faery that is like that chilly is general aloof and proud, disregard Xiao Chen, staring Qing Dynasty, path: "You follow me later. "You follow me later..

Without redundant speech, she tears off a space, wear from inside passageway of a space piece, fine fine jade shows Xiang Qingqing.

Xiao Chen one Jing, did not think of the woman persuades a hand to start work, the actual strength of the character such as this cannot conjecture, see its imposing manner be afraid unlike half ancestor weak how many. He shook a hand to break Wu Tieyin to go out, after that with 8 photographs extremely fast belt is worn clear Qing Dynasty again towering and go.

Black Tie Yinceng has been killed via destroying half ancestor, nowadays although chap, approximately broken, play does not give how many power, but bluff person is enough still, after all its grade makes half ancestor use a facial expression.

Twinking a hunderd li, xiao Chen and clear Qing Fei are fast far escape, some people are cannot of force enemy, can fly only escape.

But. That woman after only moment passes through again the space was chased after. Can say to be able to overtake 8 photographs extremely fast ground person is not much. However this woman can be accomplished. Enough explains its are terrible.


The ray shines. The woman cut off their ground outlet. Staring at clear Qing Dynasty still is that word: "You follow me later. "You follow me later..

"Beautifully why does the elder sister let me follow you? " clear Qing Dynasty asks.

The woman did not reply. Look to be disregarded by him all the time ground Xiao Chen. Path: "Dodge. "Dodge..

And till this moment Tie Yincai of black of that chap ground flies back to Xiao Chen from distance in the hand. Above much a few crackle.

"Why should take away her? " Xiao Chen is blocked was in before the body of clear Qing Dynasty, float of gold god halberd the hand is medium now, wu Tieyin in suspension is before his body.

"Scram! " Leng Leng responds to the woman, wave wave forward brandish comes to long sleeve, enrage agglomeration by essence of life and she is become, long sleeve nature also is spirit of sterling ground energy, power is strong absolutely.

Even if gold god halberd and Wu Tieyin are blocked, xiao Chen still is smoked to fly in instant hundreds a unit of length is far. Fortunately the woman did not issue killer, just think brandish retreats him just.

Although woman appearance resembles extremely be like water, but Xiao Chen has destroyed his from the behead between the heart. Go up because of this affection and have no a bit another feeling, some is doubt and anger only.

Clear Qing Dynasty rushed quickly, support sb with hand Xiao Chen, if the shadow follows the woman that go and comes,face after that, path: "I and you visit beautiful elder sister, nevertheless you can not move again. Nevertheless you can not move again..

"Good. " woman loftily nod, did not see Xiang Xiaochen.

And in this momently, xiao Chen is already OK and affirmatory, this woman is like water by no means. Because be in,she was full of feeling of years ground vicissitudes of life in the eyes of that aloof and proud, it is place of a young woman is due anything but.

Clear Qing Dynasty holds Xiao Chen's the palm of the hand forcibly, think him to the speech of say sth unthinkingly was blocked up. Xiao Chen discovers the hand is much mediumer the crystal tower of size of a big toe, the instant understood the meaning of clear Qing Dynasty.

"You want uncle to be taken care of well. " this is language of the ultimatum when clear Qing Dynasty is taken away by that woman.

If desolate morning disappointed is broken, there is an abasement feeling in the heart at the same time, looked at clear Qing Dynasty to be taken away helplessly so, he goes without force however block.

The crystal tower lukewarm embellish of the small and exquisite in the hand is glittering and translucent, above time excessive colour, xiao Chen gently caress is worn. He knows thoroughly meaning clear, it is to let him appeal with this tower that actual strength is powerful and mysterious strange uncle.

He is towering and case, fly towards distance.

Still be in in vast battle royal, tremendous Long Zhu actually broken, general like Long Hun breakthrough is sealed tired, stimulate towards far and near shoot and go.

True to be being repaired definitely person with abroad medicinal powder repair force of ** of each put to good use to grab, but all is empty-handed, the Long Zhu be all-pervasive of disintegrate, all sinks the sea. Bear down on the celestial being island with astral densely covered collect.

"Be like as expected old ancestor of anticipation that kind. Extortion is not gotten, can pursue slowly only. " Sichuan hill of one arteries and veins long true person plaint.

Confused war situation was appeased gradually. People of all over the sky drops off gradually, there are a lot of bodies in the sea, hematic water speaks a flock of group shark, very fast the repair person of those die in the last ditch was fed by cent.

How does ability find that powerful old person? Xiao Chen sinks divine knowledge in crystal tower, discover brand of a paragraph of spirit accidentally, tell about how drive makes this treasure.

"Ah, old battle elder brother we met again. " shadow of one a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest develops far sky rapidly, bearer abundant god is like jade, a suit violet garment follows wind and move, be jade of Deng of the person that young generation ground repairs Sichuan hill the most by force.

"Favour is met. " although Xiao Chen is right good impression of his it doesn't matter, but also do not want to start work to it now.

"Where did clear clear faery go to? " there is a smile on Deng jade face.

"She had work start off before the others to leave. "She had work start off before the others to leave..

"Really regretful, missed with her again. " he smiles a thin smile here look at Xiao Chen, path: "Old elder brother is repaired for masterly, as us compare notes falls, there is not clear clear block now, we can communicate racily one time. We can communicate racily one time..

Xiao Chen is aware of from inside its speech gave a satirize, frown path: "I am not your adversary, you go searching others compare notes. You go searching others compare notes..

"Clear now Qing Dynasty is not here, can prevent us to fight without the person, old elder brother does not want modest evade. " sarcastic interest is apparent.

"You are to want to say clear Qing Dynasty is absent, does nobody shelter I be opposite? " Xiao Chen looks at Deng Yu calmly.

"If you think in that way also have not cannot. " Deng jade thrill through a joking expression, path: "Qing Qingke is absent now, you had better take out true original story, suffer serious injury carefully otherwise. Suffer serious injury carefully otherwise..

"Are you in Nie state? "Are you in Nie state??

"Yes, do not cross what say here to be disaster fire state. Do not cross what say here to be disaster fire state..

Build base, Jin Dan, yuan fire of baby, disaster, flying celestial being this is to repair true person the 5 big states to celestial being, with fierce person, magic power person general every state divides for ninefold day.

In fact, repair true person the cent of the state, completely OK with magic power person, fierce person be interlinked rise, 5 big states were not before can cuts life and death. Build base correspondence altogethers at exuviate, golden red correspondence hides at knowing, yuan baby correspondence Yu Yu is empty, yu Nie of disaster fire correspondence, flying celestial being is corresponding at immortal.


Smooth shadow shines, deng Yu forced close before. Sparkle brilliance of purple ground flying sword, half feet is long nevertheless, suspension is before the body, the laugh of his Leng Sensen: "It is unripe be the good luck that sees you to death and actual strength. "It is unripe be the good luck that sees you to death and actual strength..

Xiao Chen does not have flying escape and go, extensive removes to sneer, be about hold a memorial ceremony for gives Hao Tianda, although just know drive makes its method, but the might that he believes this treasure.


Violet sword broken sky, lay off grows long purple end light together. Divide cut and come, general like the long rainbow that is a purple.

The crystal tower lukewarm embellish of big toe size is like jade, xiao Chen sinks with divine knowledge among them. Make it towering and rise.

"When "

When Hao Tianda magnifies one feet grows, of firm firm bump with violet sword was in one case, drizzly and muddleheaded gas diffuses and go out, immediately shake flew to Hao Tianda that brilliance 4 shoot ground violet sword.

This is reason of ground of put to good use of desolate morning first time, cannot accomplish essence of life to allow ground palm to accuse, should receive that flying sword continuously otherwise, which resemble now such dash around madly, nevertheless play gave place power just.

Deng jade surprised and bewildered is errant, path: "What treasure is this? " the billows since the extensive in his heart. Violet sword is Sichuan hill most valuable treasure of ground of one arteries and veins, was opened by shake so actually, can imagine pagoda certain interest is very large.

Xiao Chen not answer, control Hao Tianda to envelop and go towards Deng Yu.

Deng Yu hits an aquamarine hastily, exhibit with the wind, an emerald green Mt Jade appears in sky, block was in before his body.

"When "

Xiao Chen still appears very " lack practice and skill " , hao Tianda bumps on tremendous emerald green Mt Jade again, direct will burst apart. Broken Yu Zhui falls to the middle of the sea.

Drizzly muddleheaded gas ripples and go out, hao Tianda rotates in the sky, become bigger more after that, xiao Chen mastered the tricks of the trade that dominates it at long last.

When diffuse in muddleheaded breath and going out, deng jade complexion changes suddenly, towering and case, drink: "Had fastened now, next time again battle. Next time again battle..

"You consider fight with respect to battle, want to go? It is so easy to do not have. " Xiao Chen controlled Hao Tianda to be chased after. But in instantly he laughed to rise. Packed up Hao Tianda, path: "Nie state is to let a person jubilate really allow person concern. Actual strength with one climax following another is errant, you now unexpectedly... with a ha breath out... "

Xiao Chen rushed forward directly, overtook tumbledown Deng Yu, the with him right face with right fist impolite a unit of weight made intimate contact.

" "

Deng jade mouth vomits blood, grow in entering seawater, helter-skelter ground is towering and case, staring at Xiao Chen angrily.

Xiao Chen distains sneer, 8 photographs extremely fast instant and, it is one fist with a bang goes out, with its bone of bridge of the nose made intimate contact.

"Crack " bone of that erect ground bridge of the nose ruptures immediately, blood is long flow.

"You... " Deng Yu Jingnu accompanies each other, fear is clinking at the same time, his absolutely did not think of to be in the moment of truth, because make at disaster fire state,repair to produce wave motion.

He knows the effect that is the muddleheaded breath that got Hao Tianda is given out fully, otherwise according to before the condition when half month still needing to control ability to be able to drop into trough for experience.

"Phut "

Right leg sweep anything away of Xiao Chen was in he is alvine on, immediately like that he was screaming to fly.

"Boy you... " Deng Yu feels fast to hold back is persecuted to death, drop chain in the moment of truth unexpectedly, be repaired to be the person that is inferior to him by cruel dozen, did not compare this more the thing of nest fire.

"Bang " swing smoke, desolate morning spank pats him fly, vacate a body after that and rise, stamp ten feet repeatedly on his body.

This is the Rou cruel with naked ** , ground of state of fire of a disaster writes mad hit true person.

Brilliance twinkles, deng Yu's body expresses float to reveal armour of a battle, was covered even the head to be inside.

"Useful? Just now I do not want to kill you just. " Xiao Chen is sneering raise right strike with the palm of the hand, the hand callosity of God hits out.

"Phut " one control is strong on the chest that imprints in Deng Yu.

"Crack crack "

The noise of chap is given out, the battle armour collapse on Deng jade body broke, he showed incredible look, this is armour of treasure of a defence, unexpectedly such easily was broken under his Xiao Chen shake by Xiu Weiyuan.

"Stop! " the sound that far sky transmits broken sky, two middleaged long true person fly.

Xiao Chen head also is not answered, pressed gently on Deng jade body directly, in this flashy Deng Yu Hun body skeleton gave out the noise of disintegrate, inside body yuan baby is cracked by shake at the same time.

Deng Yu screams. All over energy spirit look ases if to be smoked to leave outside giving put oneself in another's position, faint soft in falling in empty sky, fall towards offing and go.

Desolate morning hold a memorial ceremony for gave Hao Tianda to receive him.

"You... " two middleaged repair true person be furious, give out howl of growl of the ground like thunderbolt, instant and to. They did not think of Xiao Chen is so decisive as hot as firm, hesitate none actually left dead hand.

"I all along incorrect enemy show mercy. Won't take future trouble to oneself absolutely. " Xiao Chen the heart is medium now already know how things stand and feel confident of handling them, power of Hao day tower is vast, can deal with at the moment 2 people.

Middleaged repair true person instant and to, the sword enrages horizontal sky.

To this, xiao Chen is none alarmed, direct hold a memorial ceremony for gave Hao Tianda, he masters already completely now how drive makes this most valuable treasure.

Crystal tower rotates, rays of morning or evening sunshine brights, beamed 10. Fast enlarge, the cover falls and go downward, muddleheaded breath blots out the sky and cover up the earth.

"Ah... " middleaged long true person turn pale with fright. Discovery cannot defy that terrible power actually, at a draught by pagoda embezzle.

Brilliance shines, instant of Hao day tower shrinks big toe size, in the hand that flies back to Xiao Chen, be on the move a glorious like dream.

"Is that... the Hao Tianda in fokelore? " another is repaired true person astonish, show mysterious ground expression, path: "How likely? ! " say him actually the head also does not return the land decamp, crying: "Hao Tianda returns at the world... "

Xiao Chen wants hold a memorial ceremony for to give pagoda, also press down him. But changing a mind instantly again, the mouth that borrows him sends the message, if the name is then mysterious and powerful ground old person still is in terrestrial group, regular meeting looks for him actively.

What he should do now is to look for a secret place to hide, await induction of strong pull by hand to arrive inside pagoda mental impress is searched come.

Xiao Chen does not know Hao Tianda's past history, dan Xiuzhen scope is very much the person is witting have such an emperor thing, interest is very large.

The message travelled very quickly to go out, xiao Chen is in island of a barren is classy fully half month, saw the host of pagoda eventually.

Although had not met before. But Xiao Chen the first holding that old person is strange uncle of the ground in clear clear opening absolutely, old person giggle, it is a very hopeful old imp it seems that, chaotic of full head white hair, wearing not exquisite.

Cannot let person estimate go out at all its are repaired for, if big desert,as if immensity of that kind of pound, be like vacuum again that kind is windy.

"Your rack one's brains in scheming brings the boy I come, am I prentice had an accident? " awn of wisdom flashes of light preceding an earthquake was full of in the eye of the old person.

This makes Xiao Chen very open-eyed, what has not he said. The old person has been guessed almost it seems that. This made him little abandon a lot of talking around, told everything directly come out.

"How can offend her... " head of old person frown. From tongue way: "Scan widely repairs true extent to also do not have a few people dare incur she. "Scan widely repairs true extent to also do not have a few people dare incur she..

"This... " Xiao Chen is a little disappointed.

"Just as well, we look for him directly, the nice person that should wind me. " the old person places a hand, path: "Unreasonable word, I spend a few trick with her. I spend a few trick with her..

Exceeding lofty or great of supernatural power of old person it may be said, stretch one's hand a bit, give passageway of a space with respect to open up, pulling Xiao Chen to go in together, in the sky be in what appear in island of a celestial being for an instant almost.

"This is not island of Sichuan hill celestial being. "This is not island of Sichuan hill celestial being..

"I know. " the old person is taking Xiao Chen to take a step in the island and go to celestial being, path: "The door that has the space on 9 islands in all is connecting the dimension space that that woman is in. "The door that has the space on 9 islands in all is connecting the dimension space that that woman is in..

"How to meet such? " Xiao Chen very indissoluble.

"The island represented 9 celestial being to repair true extent a large amount of 9 cliques, that wife interest is large fearsome, she dies in nurse exceeding lofty or great the bridge, safeguard repairs true extent and terrestrial group be well versed in.

They entered the gate of the space on this islands between the word, after that the ray shines appear in 12 in tasting space of dimension of lotus throne seat.

"Was searched by her unexpectedly 12 taste lotus throne, this compares immortal group it seems that the most valuable treasure of that Buddha more get the better of one prepare, in because it still lies,growing. I knew, she wants to use still lie grow always 12 article lotus throne is lukewarm the Zhan Jian in raising those 4 fokelore! She wants to use still lie grow always 12 article lotus throne is lukewarm the Zhan Jian in raising those 4 fokelore!!

in this moment 12 savor the sound that clinking inhospitality comes out inside lotus throne: "You said to be opposite. "