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The 331st chapter kills morning to make!

Ding is long cry, resound through a poetic name of China. The world all can be heard, not shake ear. But let popular feeling give birth to fear however, this ases if is music of call back the spirit of the dead.

For who does death knell cry?

In this momently the world is noiseless. Half Zu Chen silent, all divine aphonia, result from of the soul bodeful premonition. Let a lot of important person hard quiet.

Till passed for a long time. Heaven and earth just restores Pure Brightness.

Ding distant and out of sight dies. Under earth of a poetic name of China, 9 Gu Deng as if from extend olden with respect to consist in over there, sway an uncannily ray.

Xiao Chen establishs a body to be immersed in in Gu Cun in brooding, here hush is breathed, faint what will his feeling have to weigh important matter affection to happen.

After this day passes. Spirit is angry over earth of a poetic name of China more and more fill. Between famous mountains and great rivers, had been smooth mist dense. As if be about to want the land of hole day blessing on emersion.

The person that two bounds common is repaired is after brief surprised and bewildered. Begin to contend for famous mountains and great rivers again...

But pass in half month hind, a major issue happens " , kill morning to make " spread everywhere to the world!

Immortal bound and repair true extent emperor of a few half Zu Baihu emperor, 3 mother-in-laws too the order the world such as god of emperor of gentleman, sun, kill kills morning of desolate of malefactor of through the ages.

This is an extremely big disturbance, divide above as it is said a few half ancestor outside. This still got originally other license of ten half ancestor ground.

In killing morning to make, point out, xiao Chenmin destroys human nature. The emersion of evil-minded musical instruments used in a Buddhist or Taoist mass that town of Ling Honghuang period seals F Gu Cun at the world. Covet battles this torment the world. Eradicate 3 bounds the people.

This makes, be like meteorite to hit gigantic sea, cause a mighty uproar, vast and mighty the world.

Arriving to there is some of thing now is not secret any more, the existence of yellow mud stage spreads everywhere to the world already. Think to be able to put to death the morning that kill desolate succeeds without the person. It is how to return a responsibility after all, the know exactly about sth in heart of the person that the world is repaired, smooth unexpectedly, a lot of people participated in the action of ancient village of besiege Hong Huang personally.

Kill make, 10 cloud are moved.

What should kill is Xiao Chen not just. Half ancestor chela clear tells the world, kill kills an object to include to return Xiao Chen's aherents. Although did not point out full name, but the willow dusk, one person such as true, Niu Ren on inevitable a list of names posted up famous.

The world is astonished. Of Jing is not half Zumentude " complement is killed your " , however Jing Chu half ancestor place, a lot of a person with breadth of vision are already clear, half ancestor the destiny may want an end. Otherwise how does can indulgent child go such extreme to kill make? This is to should force apparently hold morning concurrently to make known one's position, let him abandon yellow mud stage. It is to abandon even from already life, this is the final menace with naked ** .

The message spreads everywhere to the world ground that day. Billow sound wave is inside Gu Cun echo.

"Abandon yellow mud stage, blow destroy Gu Deng. Such. The world is too smooth. Cannot see figure. Only sound of huge earthquake sounds is in the sky resound, xiao Chen looks up at canopy. Drink merely cry give 3 space: "Cannot one can. " , . You should be in charge of to already said ground word oneself, "Abrupt collect goes to sound of huge earthquake sounds, a hush between heaven and earth. Repair so even if not be,be half ancestor, also certainly is its come out in person ground child.

Falling momently. Xiao Chen looks adjoin is about to crack. Blood develops top of the skull.

The old hand of a white blots out the sky and cover up the earth and fall, pat towards a nearby dorp fall and go.

Instantly. The day shakes quake, gang wind is vast and mighty and below. The earth's surface is given out, , crack cracks " noise. Burst apart ceaselessly, the building breaks in flashy collapse. The earth caves in. The miserable rostellum that village person frightens lasted to be less than 3 seconds. The ground on the earth's surface everything is wiped besides.

Loess earth bursts apart. Whole village disappears thoroughly.

. , you still have human nature, to Everyman does go to the fields go hand? "Xiao Chen bristle with anger, rise high into the air and case.

"This is to begin merely! " white ground old hand resembles is lofty mountains general. Not to press and go towards another village, "Bang " blare, sadly sad rostellum instant disappears, the village was wiped to make the same score thoroughly.

"Cannot destroy you. Cannot destroy Gu Cun, with respect to a few villages that let draw near then complete hurl destroys. Do not abandon yellow mud stage. Do not extinguish Gu Deng, with respect to the your area country that allows you family member of friend of miscellaneous, your area, your area goes dead completely, "Be in this moment, another direction appears an aureate huge hand, pat again fall and fall, go to rap of village of ground of birthday lower part.

Xiao Chen is approximately mad, he helplessly look at that village collapse to break. Change a remains.

"With a ha breath out " , between heaven and earth of thorough of licentious yock noise. Flintily speech transmits: "I had said this is to begin merely. Person of the friend of word your area that does not abandon yellow mud stage, your miscellaneous person, everything and your concerned ground, will complete from this worldly efface. One also won't stay, "Far sky, white huge hand is shown change a white tiger. He is cold drink: "Holy emperor tea 3 child Hu Ben, "Across is aureate huge hand is shown change a knight of god of a golden hair, mouth path: "Baal child abstruse force develop, "An insensible woman is being arrested in his hand. It is Su Ying actually. God child abstruse force develop drinks: "To you 3 heaven and earth consider time. Otherwise this female die surely, "Same callosity drinks the brave warrior: . . It is the adjacent village person that destroyed you this nevertheless just. Concern with you truly namely next time closely person. "Tooth of desolate morning steel is bitten defeated double lip. The character of exceeding lofty or great of two supernatural power can not have the thing of heart so all right actually. Disaster and innocent. To laic helper, his dot is pointing to two people, fulminate: "Tiger home, sun teachs " " the world half ancestor, with me you were not over! " " abandon Huang Ni stage. Otherwise horror still can happen. " Baal child carrying the Su Ying that is immersed in insensible condition. Inhospitality is staring at Xiao Chen flintily.

Xiao Chen launchs 8 phases extremely fast developed the past. Arrived now. He has a thought to kill two people only.

River Ke follows beside desolate morning ground closely, stretched break Eden. Be enveloped ahead and go. Because small, fellow finds greatest in a extremely dangerous state, energy of two people ground fluctuates before too horrible.

"Haing Zhi " , the brave warrior laughs, gash a space, blink disappear. Baal child also carrying Su Ying defeats a space and go.

Two old past master went, xiao Chen admires a day to howl.

Catastrophe, all round the person of a few villages is dead. Die tragicly is under invincible might, skeleton fails to stay, turned fleshy mashed vegetable or fruit thoroughly.

Desolate morning genuflect is on loess ground, forward a few villages knock at a heart to have mournful at the same time. In also was immersed in be in a dilemma.

Abandon yellow mud stage or do not abandon?

Abandon ground word, white Hu Shenghuang, 3 baby too the person certainly such as god of emperor of gentleman, sun escapes big disaster in safety, chou Yongyuan signed up for impossibly. And he and person of body border district are afraid escape hard to die, not the word that abandon the land. In every case and his conversant person are afraid will be in before long be immersed in dangerous situation in the future.

Xiao Chen is silent hold a memorial ceremony for does obeisance to gone villager mind to be in a blood. This enemy has to sign up for!

His genuflect very long just stand up. Force to already came down calmly oneself, analyse at the moment situation.

Kill morning to make such extreme and dear. Showed an issue badly. Destiny of half ancestor ground is afraid! Think of this likely, heart disobedient disobedient of Xiao Chen jumps continuously, he ignited earth of a poetic name of China under 9 gods lamp, knocking noisy likelihood is death knell of half ancestor ground, they are much smoother do not have how many time.

Because want ruined and mad!

Half ancestor people be forced will mad.

The dead already. Important now is to protect living still Xiao Chen to be being taken a jade-like stone a jade-like stone towering and case. Fly to earth of a poetic name of China, must want to be in find willow dusk for a short while, wait for a person really. Receive them Gu Cun after that inside.

He is searching everybody. Others also is being searched.

Kill morning to make. Stun the world.

Although everybody knows,be how to return a responsibility. But half Zu Nai is Jin Yu tower the most topmost character. Who dare criticize? Two bounds half ancestor chela spreads all over the world. Ground of absolutely executive the founder of a school of learning kills these people your.

The world all is moved, large quantities of ace are searching the willow dusk, one person underground such as true, Niu Ren to fall.

Xiao Chen is mad, find the world, but do not know a few person to be in however He Fang.

Half ancestor forcing he makes known his position. Had done not have time, if or else can find a few people. Mad half ancestor whats do come out. Between the world of desolate morning freely. But dare be opposite without the person he how, everybody has known, yellow mud stage is in tooth, nobody can kill him.

Kill morning to make be like violent and general sweep across earth of a poetic name of China, have again after repair true extent half ancestor make known his position publicly to support, raging waves is monstrous. Murderous look diffuses a poetic name of China. Half ancestor chela is acting. Search the whereabouts of those people.

"I also hearsay the world. In every case protects bless my my friend person. Finish the other day should emerge fontal look newspaper. Do harm to of in every case my friend person, the other day if I am not dead. The ox is returned when decuple photograph! "The condition is extremely critical. Xiao Chen also is like half ancestor kind the world of summon for trial " , protect friend to make " with " kill morning to make " go out together, churn the world wind and cloud.

After 3 days pass. Arrow morning gets message eventually, one true bonze is surrounded fleabane hill, a fatal disaster is before.

Hear this message, xiao Chen general 8 photographs extremely fast play arrived acme state, a thousand li of twinking of it may be said. Appear in Gu Mu to join hill of punt-pole of heaven and earth inside the shortest time with river Ke.

Group ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes often appears between hill. The murderous look in original mountain chain is towering. Absolutely sad over, resound of Buddha sound for a long time, heaven and earth is the same as Bei.

Bell of eternal emperor deity. Be high up in the air and dangerous. Open system glittering and translucent. Rising and falling ding is entered swing a few lis, light of bright gold god rushs continuously the sky, xie Tian is under divine bell.

Across jade light blossoms. The white jade palace of millstones size is in slowly rotate. Diffuse a drizzly white mirage, will over there foil ground god unreal not side, 9 disaster are Fang Tianqi below palace of white jade god.

Have 4 people additionally, imposing manner a bit is not weak Chu they. Also exhibit each build true a magic weapon, establish a body to be in sky. white garment monk is in tiredly Shan Dian.

, . See real look, all laws are empty. 10 thousand laws are the same as instant satori. Once scene does not hide,live. Face of compasses of ** naked ground meets. "White garment of one true bonze gets the better of snow, establish a body to be in absolutely over Su. Elegant empty spirit. Outstanding, resembling is path ground is magical Buddha general.

But, xiao Chen is driven to hind, however the heart is wrung like the knife. He feels life of ground of one true bonze to go to the end it seems that!

, . Eldest brother... I just know you are my ground eldest brother... it is my complicity you do... Bao Shibao wears 2 baldicoot one true crus bursts into tears.

The one true bonze that Bai Yi gives this world is like figure of Buddha general. Imposing is not moved. Silent stand in Shan Dian, spotless ground frock follows wind flap. Only leisurely Buddha sound is in resound.

. , a few bring back to life. Die a few times, extend ancient extend grows today such... " , . I do not want eldest brother you die for me. I would rather take the place of you go dead. If can. I wish time flows backwards... " Bao Shinu is looking at the 6 people in sky. Path: "Even if be dead. I also can come to those who revenge look for you! ", , one true bonze is individual content. Repair true extent to me alone 6 outstanding. Still can be like this expression. Enough is prideful. Become on generation is young holy monk. "The one build among Fang Tianqi and foliaceous day carries person of ground of Xiu Luobao umbrella on the head to sigh, repair Luo Baosan. Divine light is towering, in him edge of a field in the sky supports slowly rotate, gas of muddleheaded a very short time often emerges to move and go out, he looks at Xiang Xiaochen this direction, path: " advocate came, cut next heads. Send him to make a gift. "" travel is empty also. Sit empty also, all without exception of language silent activity is empty, even if face Bai Ren the head, be just as Li Jian behead spring a few... true bonze has a smile on his face and stand, body is in slowly empty is weak. As the visionary hope kind die of the Qin Dynasty.

"One true... " Xiao Chen breathes out greatly, descend in absolutely over skirt. Looking at transcendental and free from vulgarity white garment monk. He bursts into tears.

. . Eldest brother dies because of saving me, original eldest brother is OK easy and go to the ground... " thin person burst into tears.

, . You why first I and dead? ! " Xiao Chen is decreased greatly.

Shadow of a vacant empty breaks down oneself the trail in ground ** . One picks up spend and laugh at monk of god of ground white garment. Border of horizontal empty Yu Tian. Path: "Whose person cannot die on the world? "Act according to change eventually glittering and translucent the Buddhist relics that does not appear child. Fall in carry absolutely over.

, , eldest brother... " thin person cry out tears of blood. Path: "My eldest brother with one enemy 6, because of me do not retreat. Force exhaust and dead " . It is my complicity he, ", , became aware suddenly. Clever heart source, crack without bright carapace always general, there are 6 interests obviously in the dream, the sky after becoming aware does not have holy heart for nothing " . "Bonze of white garment of that easy peaceful ground disappeared forever. Only last Buddha sound is in wind around.

Xiao Chen felt deep sorrow of the Bei in reticent agonized heart is clinking. Once friend of ground of go through fire and water with respect to such die, even if the heart is like firm iron, but in this momently, he also feels binocular and wet, tear blurred his double eye.

, , one true you are big thorough is realized greatly and go... but. This worldly can cross me without the person! "Xiao Chen stands in absolutely over the peak. Speech is quiet. But Sen Han of mood case other place. Path: "I should kill the world! "He is binocular in shoot two Li Mang. Sweep to the ground in the sky 6 people. Path: "Repair true extent 6 outstanding. I should beat dead one by one! " empty sky is broken. Of white Hu Shenghuang child Hu Ben, Baal child abstruse force pictures appears in the sky.

"Look the message still considers those who pass seasonable, those who let you see white garment bonze is ruined, "The brave warrior is a little regretful, path: , , small bonze has the charm of divine Buddha quite, latent capacity is very breathtaking. Dead some regrettablly, if you still do not abandon. You will be more painful. The person related to you can be in you catch a ground at the moment gone. Let despair accompany your lifetime. , ". You are done so. Still count on me to abandon? ! "Green morning anger looks at headroom.

Baal child the path with merciless inhospitality of abstruse force develop: . . Half Zu Zao knows you can refuse, from last you reject to begin. We these door people are clear also. You won't agree after all. Since such. Let you enjoy dead music slowly, ". , so half ancestor go dead! "Desolate morning drink like a fish.

The brave warrior looks at him chilly. Path: "The half way that Zu Zao already was preparing to spend disaster. You savour sadness of the ground like despair slowly, , ", spend disaster? Want me to if,still live only. White Hu Shenghuang, 3 mother-in-laws too gentleman, Baal also do not want to spend! "Desolate morning drop points to brave warrior of the ground in sky and god child abstruse force develop. Path: "I never had hated person of school of some one familial, some, some so. But I am earnest now vow. Destroy completely surely you! , ". Kill us? Forever impossible! "Abstruse force develop sneers, after that with tiger duty sentences broken empty sky, taking 6 outstanding disappeared.