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The 342nd chapter sheds hematic a thousand li

Xiao Chen is stranded absolutely Gu Zhong, admire a day to howl, thick long hair is perpendicular, beat in seething commonly like the blaze that is black.

The old magic grain that then dark secret not measures forehead midpoint, just like sets upright an eye to be opened commonly only, the space of your ahead is fast cave in, open up gives an inky passageway that does not know to lead to He Fang, blast a horrible smell is vast and mighty and piece.

Thick smoother is angry from coil inside inky space and go out, resembling is a situation full of danger will flood over there Xiao Chen commonly, drizzly cloud and mist surrounds him, held off day aerial to be atttacked thick and fast actually.

Dead bridge of exceeding lofty or great guides a god the horrible superhuman strength of Luoyang contain, be well versed in the dreariness therein kills the valley blast, that is to be able to contend the terrible power of yellow mud stage. But rush however without overmuch superhuman strength break through mirage, pensile nevertheless and unique the half ancestor emperor that kills an all directions implement, in this this was moved together momently rise.

Nerve of fierce sword of lamp of 3 baby god, white Hu Shengwen, 7 colour, sun hit entirely, the target is not Xiao Chen, the inky space that is opened then however, want to prevent all these.

Numerous emperor implement Ke Yan destroys space, can tear off sky, power can adv unimaginably, in banging boom, they are moved together, unripe unripe shut that inky space, the demon grain on desolate morning forehead is a little dim, actually blood spills over, forehead a blood red.

The mirage that emerges to move and go out in inky space oneself just now nevertheless goes dropping off, surrounded him inside, if the armour of indestructible is general, make him avoid to be atttacked annihilatively.

Yellow mud stage is like have spirit is average, became aware dangerous place of Xiao Chen, vigorously shake comes, resembling is vast breaks up, resembling is come down in torrents of sky the Milky Way, 2 gas are in Xuan Huang one instantly blazing to acme, god of temporary rout Luoyang stimulates the divine light that shoot and comes, at the same time nearly shake;burst;ulcerate;festers unique kill blast.

The emperor such as nerve of lamp of god of 7 colour fierce sword, 3 baby, sun implement fast and towering and case, had avoided black Huang Er is enraged, cent defends all directions. Will tumbledown antediluvian reduce a stability come down.

Mirage winds around all round Xiao Chen, over there unintelligible, the shadow of consistent way evil spirit of his set off, in this momently the Zhan Jian in his hand and his syncretic, condensed extremely doughty force, bright sword awn is towering and case, break off broken tens of a magic weapon. \*\\

One caboodle scrap iron and jade article fall in the sky, many person anger phonate, deeply regret not

Be in this moment. Kill god destroys demon Gu Zhen is violent shake, most dangerous places falls towards Xiao Chen pressing and come.

This is antediluvian kill blast power and influence, and this is to begin merely just, get half Zu Shengqi guards a door, have Luoyang mind force of divine brightness complement, it need not break evolution to go out to be killed horribly situation.

A sea of fire arrives above all and fall, that is the blaze that can destroy deities, be bewitching different is sanguine. Asing if is not intense blaze is beating. However hematic water is writhing, towards Xiao Chen billowy and come, the space appears by fusion.

It is such horror, how can be called immortal group otherwise 5 big fierce blast

Desolate morning place extremely danger, zhan Jian brandishs, although have 100 thousand blazing swords gas is towering and case, but essential cannot undone a sea of fire that this can burn Azrael spirit. In numerous enemy cry out. Sonic boom heaven and earth, a magic weapon of all over the sky also is hit ceaselessly.

Be the same as for a short while, a Dao Shan emerges in blaze, cut apart towards Xiao Chen and go, the bright knife gas that tremendous Dao Shan erupts is inconceivable. Sweep anything away everything pledges corporeally.

Fortunately this is one closes kill blast, otherwise circumference is afraid 100 thousand lis will destroy thoroughly.

Most dangerous places, be worthy of the name!

Both conform to is proportional, close in everything, behead god destroys celestial being, do not escape to give this, be sure is ruined end.

Xiao Chen does not have dread meaning, the ground just is killed meaning, numerous most ancestor chela adds up to layout together to ambush him, let him employ ultimate force to contend. He is static heart wirh fixed attention. From the stone hand lieutenant general of that broken inside body stone gets call come out. Grasp in the hand firm firm was hit.

Horrible stone implement is right definitely most dangerous places!

Shi Zuanceng is flint person family name to master, in the barren austral immortal bound by desolate morning gains. \*\\ besides bloodcurdling power, still have a bad temper.

Fluctuant without any energy, it has delimited in the sky a beautiful arc, bump directly after that was in on Dao Shan.

"Rumble grand "

The day shakes quake, the Dao Shan that behead coming back gives endless awn blade is actually under biff break down, change every bits of bit ray abreaction in the sky, shi Zuan is hit after wearing tremendous Dao Shan, copy is like can gobble up blaze general, all over the sky sanguine divine fire is inducted entirely.

This result, let everyone eye glare

Shi Zuan not at this point stanch, however white Hu Shenghuang the 3rd child Hu Ben, Baal child abstruse force pictures once had taken to have a deficit greatly, unusually vigilant, go backwards for a short while.

Celestial being of explain teaching gold, 3 baby too gentleman's daughter and passing the eyelash such as child in person is clearing, alert and clinking, also be in fly for a short while retreat.

What they expect no less than the ground that kind, shi Zuan as expected terrible! Towering and case, a magic weapon of all over the sky in the sky is broken into pieces countless, after that Shi Zuan is more direct lay about a hundred person wear, knight of a lot of suns in the sky, repair true person, white tiger disintegrate, hematic mist diffuses.

And, it is when Shi Zuan force is extinct, explode suddenly the flourishing that gives out different of bewitching of all over the sky, envelop 559 people was in inside, the frightening cry is given out immediately, this is extremely bloodcurdling setting, tens of names half god and ten immortal ace, the soul and ** burned to rise at the same time, less than was burned clean between moment.

Casualty a big hind, shi Zuan eventually extinct force. Brave warrior, leaf laugh, Baal child when abstruse force develop, explain teachs Jin Xian to be equal, move, want loot Shi Zuan.

Just, do not have soundlessly between breath, shi Zuan without foundation disappears, in returning the stone hand inside desolate morning body again, everybody all in vain. \*\\

Powerful deterrence force, pressed down everybody momently, very fast nevertheless they were adjusted come over, launch attack of swift and fierce again.

Kill god destroys demon Gu Zhen begins to evolve again, purgatorial space emerges and go out, be enveloped towards Xiao Chen and go.

Purgatorial inside giant dead iron chain, alternate freely, dark mist emerges move, darkness envelops everything, evil spirit is in drift, over there unexpectedly, the person that repair hits a magic weapon of go to the fields to near that area not carefully, the instant changed flying ash.

Xiao Chen will count a name with dimensional magic power from aside sneak attack and the half god confine that come was in inside, push space of Xiang Lian prison ruthlessly after that.

The result is terrible, had not been close to, an unthinkable energy wave motion ripples and go out, their tear at in the past, change in the instant for cindery.

Such power and influence, the god enters meantime. Be afraid want body spirit all to destroy.

Xiao Chen did not hesitate, now is not to flaunt one's superiority ground time, he will already the Shi Qiu that call gives was hit.

Shake of unique stone implement is purgatorial, in the sky one jolty.

Purgatorial inside iron chain horizontal stroke is empty, sweep to all directions, but in Shi Qiu ground attack falls, all iron chain die quickly, then purgatorial space breaks down, dark mist of black comes loose. Brightness restores gradually in the sky.

Shi Qiu was not returned at this point, strong influence is not decreased, enter headroom, dozen wear the chest of more than 30 people ability without foundation disappears.

Employ stone implement twice, extinct Xiao Chen's force, short time again cannot new call.

And in this moment, the condition is extremely critical, the gas of black Huang Er that yellow mud stage delivers fully and Luoyang god light interweave together. Divide relative superiority or inferiority hard. Dead bridge of exceeding lofty or great slowly descend and come. It is connecting Luoyang god is smooth, collected enough extraordinary power, erupt suddenly colour of luck of ten million path, included unique kill blast.

78 in the sky half ancestor emperor implement, was liberated come out, qi Qi pressing falls and also need not fall again. \/*/\ Xiang Xiaochen destroys kill and come.

Bareheaded of in peril of life and death, desolate morning long hair is perpendicular, black hair resembles is dark fire beats in seething commonly, blood of dip of forehead demon grain, blossom again a brilliance. Ahead ground space is opened again. An inky world emerges and go out.

He himself also does not know how to employ the demon grain force of forehead, it is press completely it seems that come out the ground.

Half Zu Shengqi is hit at the same time kill and come, but be in this momently, suddenly float reveals that inky space a tremendous urban empty vague impression.

However in huge city, a lofty Hei Yingjing is standing staticly, as if to be before general.

Suddenly, he had turned round suddenly, inky mirage is in wind around, cannot see his ground feature, see two Qing Guang be sent fully in his eye oneself and go out only. Make this unique kill it seems that blast temperature is in urgent drop suddenly.

Gang wind puffs. The hunt of hunt of the cloth that wrap cadaver on his body makes sound.

That is... dead city, that is flint person

Desolate shakes in morning heart. The lofty mountains of tall figure just like that reveals through inky dimensional on the surface is general too high to reach, disappeared very quickly nevertheless.

78 emperor implement all have clever knowledge, in this flashy found risk it seems that, all was in surely half sky, did not strike at Xiao Chen.

This is the power and influence of what kind, a shadow mark is issued fully in inky space, pressed down half ancestor emperor implement!

Big besides, dead bridge of exceeding lofty or great resembles is somewhat induction, rumble defeat blast in this moment, inky space is expanding slowly, the shadow mark of dead city emerges and go out, even more clear.

Qing Guang was swept inside dead city oneself at 2 o'clock come, if dead bridge of exceeding lofty or great meets with bang, violent and vibratile, inverted flight and go.

After that inside inky space, two Qing Guang disappeared thoroughly. \*\

Dead bridge of exceeding lofty or great and Luoyang god light disconnected temporarily, nevertheless divine light stimulates Luoyang to shoot and come independently, did not disappear. But, everything produced a change, the guiding of dead without exceeding lofty or great bridge and change, divine light and yellow mud stage rush no longer. Resembling instead is harmonious general and shirt-sleeve together.

Endless ray comes towards gather together of yellow mud stage, flowed into like the spring that is life dry up the ground is desert, moist the slimy stage that this looks bland.

78 emperor implement decisive retrogression, developed a sky, suspension is killing an all directions.

Nevertheless one arteries and veins, Baal teachs Bai Hu, explain teaching each child chela of big denomination did not abandon, more mad instead, do not think the dead bureau that decorates meticulously produces changeover, start to the utmost kill blast.

At the moment, empyreal god of 10 ground kill destroys demon Gu Zhen envelops whole valley, boundless coercion cannot conjecture, murderous look pours a ninefold day, gu Zhen all directions has half Zu Shengqi is suppressed, firmly is sealed tired unique kill blast each.

2 gas are in Xuan Huang wind around, blend ceaselessly with Luoyang god light, yellow mud stage is drawing look of through the ages actually force.

Numerous adversary is arranged next endless a magic weapon are made in headroom, all over the sky flutters, if migratory locust, starlight is general, blot out the sky and cover up the earth, destroying beam of light of day aerial magic power to resemble is raindrop is aspersed commonly fall and fall, each inches of space spread all over dead force, prepare to prepare breach mirage to control Xiao Chen's life momently.

Xiao Chen is in personally on yellow mud stage, experienced all these clearly, saw a lot of alien change inscrutably. He reveals picture of ground of a broken at the moment, this... bland slimy stage, it is blood and clay casting it seems that become the ground with respect to.

Not, perhaps not be Huang Ni, however flesh and blood.

If force of Luoyang city inland belongs to ancestor god. So who does the flesh and blood of stage of mould yellow mud belong to? Also be to belong to ancestor god it seems that...

Acoustics of day of source of yellow mud Taichun rises, all directions sky is shaking quiver, do not know the glittering and translucent leaf that waves to fall and come from where, shed full scope of operation, resembling is to an elegy is in shock world.

Blazing finally ray shines, the divine light of Luoyang city appears by blot, developed yellow mud Taichun entirely.

Heaven and earth of shake of cool battle song of a Bei, 8 sound use source together, empyreal god of 10 ground kill destroys demon blast begin to break down actually.

Meanwhile. The demon grain in the middle of desolate morning forehead is invented more bright, have blood flowing along demon grain, dead city ases if will arrive general.

"Rumble grand "

The noise that city gate drives is given out, inside distant inky space, dead town door is big, hundreds troops from heaven-an invincible army and shade weapons seem got call, appear in real world, surround get together it is all round Huang Ni stage.

Dead city did not arrive truly. Actually call came " vivid arms tomb figure " !

"Kill! "Kill!!

Xiao Chen establishs a body to be on yellow mud stage. Brandish the Zhan Jian in the hand goes towards celestial middle finger, hundreds troops from heaven-an invincible army and shade arms raise rubiginous mark mottled bronze ancient arms, give out the roaring that shocks world, comprise a battle blast kill to sky.

This resembles is a steely onrush, even if be the ace in the sky countless, also cannot hold back, ancient arms of hundreds dead city develops the instant since. Immediately hematic rain flies violently in the sky, cadaver falls ceaselessly and fall.

This resembles simply is disintegrator general, do not have anybody to be able to be kept out, gu Bing is killed to kill, unite for join. Ensanguined sky.

Syncretic of hundreds ancient arms, be invincible!

Brave warrior, Baal child, Xie Xiao, explain teachs some Jin Xian decamp, not dare to it the front is contended for sharp edge.

Phasic changeover is such fast, let everybody dare not believe his eye, this is group of an inapproachable battle simply, behead god destroys celestial being, invincible.

If lofty mountains is pressed commonly,overturn the heavens imprints fall and fall, be enveloped hundreds ancient arms entirely subjacent.

But, the business that makes a person dumbfounded happened!

What is that ases if but the clever treasure that shake day uses the land, resembling is one caboodle straw and general. Gu Bing raises bronze weapon each. Break off to the middle of sky. Overturn the heavens imprints turning over fall, by sweep anything away go out. In bumping into Xiang Yuanshan, shake is broken a mountain ridge.

Fall fetch bell also rushed, shake ceaselessly, but invalid to Gu Bing, they as if general without soul, do not suffer any arms to hold high, nearly lets this Ling Baozhi receive collapse to break, the person accuse a bell of Jing backs down hastily.

All alone that bind celestial being pesters ligature and come, after behead of bronze battle dagger falls, inch inch rupture.

Repair all over the sky of true a magic weapon to flutter, but sword of countless celestial being is broken by shake of bronze ancient arms, stand by fraction hard hard at all.

The situation was turned round thoroughly!

Xiao Chen establishs a body to be on yellow mud stage now, hold Zhan Jiangen to need not start work personally originally, hundreds " vivid arms tomb figure " invincible, nobody can be blocked!

But the person that have intercept, there's no one who doesn't or isn't by behead, sky of ancient arms sweep anything away, freely is inapproachable.

This teachs than the sun it seems that but shake group of battle of knight of Baal of half ancestor ground is even horrible.

Luoyang god light is received by yellow mud stage, empyreal god of 10 ground kill destroys demon Gu Zhen breaks down, dead bridge of exceeding lofty or great and half Zu Shengqi is broken already empty and go. Dead bureau is broken already, each are big horizontal stroke of flesh and blood of the ground that be killed by dead city ancient arms flies to religious sect, also do not support again, auspicious situation is not returned, everybody begins in great disorder to run away.

"Kill to me... " seething of grain of demon of Xiao Chen forehead is jumpy, he establishs a body to hold war war sword on yellow mud stage, rushed foremost square, guide ancient arms of hundreds dead city to chase after kill numerous add up to main forces to break down thoroughly, the countless bodies in the sky fall and fall.

A thousand li is chased after greatly kill, volt cadaver is endless, blood stream becomes a river.

This one battle, stun the world, in Xiu Lian Shizhong left the brushstroke of dense, the bloodshed that becomes what the person that later ages is repaired talks to want color to change kill big fight. Strangle a miracle, hide the truth from the masses, skeleton demon new book " bound king " .

The mainland of incorporeal world -- -- " fetch group comes honour " .