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Arrogant of day of generation of the 360th chapter

"Which is eldest brother mixed before you? " red get Wang Zhe to scatter bifurcation at the same time child gallop, cover affably close to, path: "Go out outer not easy, it is skyline dark blue falls together person, we should look after each other. We should look after each other..

Xiao Chen is chased quietly, the smell of knife of bones of the dead in the hand, the forwardly that does not weigh not gently the pelvic arsis of that fellow write down, those who hit is red get Wang Zhe grimace in pain, skip a Laogao.

"Eldest brother your take things easy. Fellow-townsman sees fellow-townsman two weepy, we talks to be no good all right well, fasten so violent good? " can see apparently, this red get Wang Zhe to have nature, although be being covered ceaselessly close to, but rate is slow not at all, if the aglow bone body of jade is in moonlight general like the lightning that is a red, evil spirit it is dazzing.

"You are the person of He De of a poetic name of China, at which be born time? " Xiao Chen is incompact not slow chasing after.

Red get Wang Zhe to see Xiao Chen agrees to chat with him eventually, path: "I am person of chaste tree city, as to be born at why time, follow wind early and come loose do not have impression. " although replying, but he but a bit not dare decelerate.

"You are what kind character in those days, how come to this world? " Xiao Chen is very good to the antecedents of this fellow strange, want to know he is what fall from demon well and fall, the repair person that demon well gobbles up the character with simple neither one.

"Alas, the past is like smoke, the past is like wind, be not carried. " here, the feeling that this fellow wags his head unexpectedly.

See this fellow is so smelly fart, whats did not say Xiao Chen, the bone knife in the hand floats start nods maize ray, his what facing with the knife buttock took the past

Red get Wang Zhe to be frightened so that skip to jump again again, be like gules lightning lacerate night sky, but still be borne fruit take one knife, he breathes out greatly small rave: "Eldest brother your take things easy, we am Christian, the hero changes buccal not lift a hand. The hero changes buccal not lift a hand..

Xiao Chen listens he says to be enraged especially so, the station of cruel of cruel of this fellow when just meeting is on cliff, place the model of ace of a pair of peerless, the gas of bastard 4 excessive, want to tell civilization unexpectedly now, it is to owe really flat.

"I took eldest brother, you say how with respect to how, did not hit. " those who having human idea is red get Wang Zhe, was hit to be afraid of thoroughly, mouth beg for mercy: "The past is like smoke, follow wind already and come loose. Not be I do not want to say, it is I was unable to call to mind really, I know I come from terrestrial group only just. I know I come from terrestrial group only just..

Xiao Xiangxin, chase quietly, continue to hit.

Red get Wang Zhe to cover the head and sneak away like a rat, be hit really urgent when come with respect to face about " the bang in Pi " hit with Xiao Chen, escape again next.

Two people were circled big round one in this district, if beam of light of two shooting stars is in,pester, night is the time of kindling biology activity, biological warfare of a lot of bones of the dead of the breath Jing of two big overmatch Zhan Jingjing, fluster flees.

"My X, soup, the bird gives birth to piscine soup, I did not run. " red get Wang Zhe to be forced finally urgent, god does not have the door into the ground without the road, stop placed a morning allowing a surname to comparative without the pose of language, thin leg returns to go up, the knife points to vast sky, sign deeply path: "Person of outstanding ability of day be jealous of, think arrogant of my generation day, actually fall from the sky here, blue sky, thundery, rain, blow, heaven and earth cries for me sadness. Heaven and earth cries for me sadness..

This fellow is really interesting still, xiao Chen is full of interest look at him, path: "Want to earn a living, delighted speak antecedents, otherwise you know end. Otherwise you know end..

"I cry... I had forgotten eldest brother really, know oneself are person of a poetic name of China only. Know oneself are person of a poetic name of China only..

Xiao Chen is propping up bone knife, glare he is one, path: "Nonsense, remembering his is person of a poetic name of China, how may forget antecedents? How may forget antecedents??

"I did not cheat eldest brother really you, I remember myself only is person of chaste tree city, it is it seems that by a Gu Deng inspiratory subterranean in a remains, hanged indescribably, awoke to come to this world. " here red get Wang Zhe to begin smelly fart again, path: "Resemble me such person, before one's death certainly is generation day arrogant, do not think in that way of muddleheaded become warped to death became warped, really depressed and clinking. Really depressed and clinking..

This weapon is real narcissism, morning allowing a surname wishs to pat him again a few knives.

Nevertheless, in his heart also part is open-eyed, he once had seen 9 Gu Deng, because he is born,9 lamps are, and the place that he once saw every Gu Deng rises, innermost underground has a remains. Of course, harmony city except, the dead town below Yong Zhou is whole nondestructive.

"You are little fastness, say according to the facts rapidly, otherwise I tore open you. Otherwise I tore open you..

"How should eldest brother say you just believe? "How should eldest brother say you just believe??

Red get Wang Zhe to explain by every means, but Xiao Chen is believed far from, final two people hold a knife again opposite.

"Do not have method, that leaves continue to hit, did not tear open you, your unwilling to give up. Your unwilling to give up..

"The bird gives birth to piscine soup! Clay figurine also has 3 minutes of internal heat, do not follow you anxious eye, you do not know Ma Wang as form of a address for an official or rich man 3 eyes. " red get Ao of Wang Zhe Ao to crying, rushed.

Two Gong Zuanjiang person again big fight is together.

Night sky of lacerate of knife of two bones of the dead, snow-white knife light is in like white backwash break up emerge, the earth below the foot by them of shake burst apart, now and then encounter the fraise such as caboodle of megalith, bone to hold back, one knife brandish goes, the instant can convert sand of a dirt.

This progressional big fight is already terrible, such overmatch is come up against almost hard in this brim area, kindling biology people all frighten so that keep away from far, dare not stand by fraction.

The battle force photograph of two people is about the same, red get Wang Zhe really Xiao Chen's strong opponent, after nevertheless hundreds court passes red get Wang Zhe eventually not enemy, be laid to be in the ground by Xiao Chen.

"Sob, thunder crack "

Xiao Chen works a solution of net all alone, do not have strand however nevertheless his red get skeleton, disassemble its from joint position only disassemble one lot scattereds bone.

Look at the glittering and translucent skull on the red caboodle that get bone, xiao Chen takes knife of bones of the dead to pat, path: "Say, give you the last chance again. Give you the last chance again..

Red get Wang Zhe to be being taken cry antrum, path: "I had forgotten eldest brother really, at the same time skyline dark blue falls person, meet to ever was acquainted why, we come from a poetic name of China, cannot cannibalism. Cannot cannibalism..

"Skimp my garrulous, or else says I can want to tear open your skull. " on the red broach bone that Xiao Chen presses knife of bones of the dead on the ground.

"Blue sky, the earth, weather channel is unjust, person of outstanding ability of day be jealous of, generation day arrogant will fall from the sky, alas... "

"You are little ghost wail, say quickly. Say quickly..

Red get Wang Zhe to leave to pledge to the day, taking cry antrum path: "I am easy, kindling biology has ten million, a few can go since Xie Yi, I can remember a few already pretty good. I can remember a few already pretty good..

"I had all things in the past how quickly with respect to Xie Yi, I see you is to be being concealed clearly. I see you is to be being concealed clearly..

"Eldest brother are you monster? Be in the world of this dead, but do not have a few people can realize preexistence, like me such peerless day arrogant just also remembered a few just. Like me such peerless day arrogant just also remembered a few just..

Xiao Chen discovers this fellow is not general narcissism really, the life was not protected, still so smelly fart is coquettish.

"I did not lie really, if cheat you,say again, I made up not to go casually. I made up not to go casually..

Desolate played his most night, this fellow is fast broke down, forgot the past really it seems that, know only by a Gu Deng inspiratory underground remains, ineffable its name body comes to here to death.

See Xiao Chen appears to did not kill his meaning, red get Wang Zhe big lick sb's boots, path: "Eldest brother, you are the bright lamp of that night, point to the direction of clear advancement for me, little younger brother I will be mixed with you henceforth, beat dead I also did not go. Beat dead I also did not go..

Although do not have flesh and blood, but Xiao Chen still has disgusting feeling, this fellow still can get a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument.

"I had not said forgive your life. "I had not said forgive your life..

"Do not kiss birthplace person in person, beautiful home water, fellow-townsman sees fellow-townsman two weepy, eldest brother ah us cannot regard sb as an outsider, you are my family member after. You are my family member after..

"Dong "

Xiao Chen feels this weapon is real too can flicker, use root of root of knife of bones of the dead knocked his skull.

"Eldest brother does not kill me, the talent kills kills, blue sky can shed tear. If you want kindling material, little younger brother helps you take, kill with rank kindling biology to us for such talent, honest if as easy as winking is general simple. " red get Wang Zhe to fear really, be afraid of those who hang root of root of knife of overhead bones of the dead to break off really fall down, rapid move wants render meritorious service, path: "300 inside and outside have a tremendous Gu Bao, there are 3 inside we this first-order kindling biology, I just come 3 times for them namely tonight of this district, I am eldest brother the kindling fetch them. I am eldest brother the kindling fetch them..

What touch on one to have true mankind idea inaccessibly is congener, xiao Chen cannot bear really kill, recombined him finally to rise again, path: "Do not make fun of pattern to me, otherwise you know consequence. Otherwise you know consequence..

"I was mixed with eldest brother after, where does the long knife of eldest brother point to, little younger brother bears down on where. Little younger brother bears down on where..

"Good, my knife points to that gigantic fort of 300 inside and outside today. My knife points to that gigantic fort of 300 inside and outside today..

"What your knife points to is really fast. " red get Wang Zhe to talk in whispers in a low voice.

"Do you mumble what? "Do you mumble what??

"Not, where does eldest brother point to, little younger brother is killed to where, kill ah... " this fellow grabs bone knife, go with respect to forward Fang Rufei, he wants to escape at this point, but looked round secretly, discover Xiao Chen is incompact the not slow back that follows in him, immediately crestfallen.

Go before about 300 lis, ahead a tremendous Gu Bao stands tall and upright over, spooky fearsome, resembling is a giant remote antiquity gigantic animal is general.

The gate copper of pitch-dark is hanging the skeleton of two ferocious on annulus, gate two side are located two honour lion of giant bones of the dead, this lofty lofty Gu Bao foils more awe-inspiring.

"Still be to place a fair amount of confidence really. " red get Wang Zhe to grab of root of root of lion of a bones of the dead strike at a gate, path of drink like a fish: "Is there those who take arm to take a leg? Give me to come out 3 two. Give me to come out 3 two..

Xiao Chen is holding bone knife in the arms to stand at the back, path: "You such shout, in act rashly and alert the enemy. In act rashly and alert the enemy..

"If be tall to going up first-order overmatch, nature is with hitting staggering blow is given priority to. Resemble us such talent with rank for king, dozen kill with rank 35 be nothing difficult. " him hey hey laugh: "The wind that copes with them to be about to have Wang Zhe model. "The wind that copes with them to be about to have Wang Zhe model..

Still not be a good bird really, xiao Chen talks in whispers secretly, must be on guard below, otherwise by this blamed hit one staggering blow to be about to cry really then do not have a tear.

"Growl... " bloodcurdling roaring is transmitted in Gu Bao.

"Growl what growl? Awful king came. " red get Wang Zhe one knife cleavaged gate, xiang Lichong goes to in the van.

Immediately many kindling biology rush, red when although He Xiaochen talks,getting Wang Zhe giggle, but moving a hand to come truly can be none ambiguous really then, bone knife freely divides cut, attack broken one ground bones of the dead, those kindling biological warfare that kill continuously Zhan Jingjing, collapse escape in disorder goes.

He is carrying bone knife to be gone to in strong, all the way place noes to smoke, it is very clear to structure composition of Gu Bao to appear, apparent to challenging Gu Bao this kind fights to have experience very much, it is a veteran apparently, did not do this kind of business less.

"Without the tiger the monkey weighs king in hill, this talent king came. " the power that he is carrying bone knife to be able to be held back in order to not have, all kindling stride enters sweep anything away in Gu Bao, glittering and translucent bone body is twinkling this is like holy red shade momently is a Wang Zhe really.

"Growl... " angry roaring is adjacent, 3 powerful kindling biology sweep a fierce wind, since ancient times fort most in strong to close before.

Left that kindling biology is actually by bones of the dead medley a when become tremendous scorpion, right is the giant of bones of the dead that a your pupil has 10 meters that, among is a person entity biology that gives birth to the normal height that has cankered assistant.

"Hey, have a female death angel unexpectedly. " red get Wang Zhe to dally with to the unripe ala angel among: "Girl gives elder brother laugh. "Girl gives elder brother laugh..

Speech unexpectedly, 3 on powerful kindling living things did not think of this fellow can be like this speech apparently.

"Your court death! " dead angel bate, exhibit cankered assistant, swing a fierce wind, instant killed the past.

"Phut "

Result by red get Wang Zhe one knife shake flew. Curtilage vigorously fan assistant, hold up of black mist of the whole body is circled, appear in the hand violet get pike, twinkle piece blast a brilliance like dream, if violet report rushs to come ahead commonly

Red the knife of bones of the dead in getting Wang Zhe hand and violet get pike to collide ceaselessly, if two person entity ghostses and goblins general, collided about a hundred times instantly, as a result dead angel is broken off to fly by bone knife again.

"The woman wants tenderness. " red the way that gets Wang Zhe not worry at all, before going up, the stride forces.

Giant of scorpion of dead angel, bones of the dead, bones of the dead stood one case side by side, 3 powerful kindling living things feel the overall situation is bad

Colour of calm during the day gets live thing very scarce, two bloodcurdling are red nowadays get Wang Zhe to be killed together come to come, they had felt bode ill rather than well beforehand, also not be fear of nevertheless, stepping evolution of bones of the dead of countless kindling biologic to arrive namely originally now of this degree, do not have dread destruction already.

"Break out of an encirclement! "Break out of an encirclement!!

Dead angel drink gently, in the van flies, be about to run away. Scorpion of bones of the dead and giant of bones of the dead also face about flees.


The lightning that Xiao Chen resembling is a red is general, speed gets on for mysterious degree, rise high into the air and case, inclined behead of knife of the bones of the dead in the hand and below, immediately assistant of dead angelic decay was broken off come down.

Dead angel falls and fall, xiao Chen also is carrying bone knife drop back, did not move again.

Red getting Wang Zhe also is almost rush in the instant come, did not think of Xiao Chen moves first nevertheless.

"Eldest brother you how can thorny urges a flower, I still want to catch a perfect angel. I still want to catch a perfect angel..

Xiao Chen is disinclined to manage he, this is what evil gout.

Red get Wang Zhe to shake one's head sigh, path: "Like me behind such talent how can bosom friend of neither one beauty. Perfect angel is bad to search ah, good not allow to come up against to still be given to break off incomplete by you. Do not distain me, path associate should be fostered slowly, our decay such as some day arrives when the state of vivid, you can discover the beauty of nurturance has much beauty. You can discover the beauty of nurturance has much beauty..

What the mouth of this fellow comparatives is fierce, but let Xiao Chen feel disgusting every time with aversion to cold.

"Return discomfort to chase after, the person disappeared. The person disappeared..

"Eldest brother is at ease, they do not escape 3 times. " say, red get Wang Zhe to turn a beam of light, bear down on in Gu Bao, not noise of rumble of a long time is transmitted, gu Bao begins collapse.

Xiao Chen is holding bone knife in the arms, the stride goes to.

Although 3 kindling biology is very powerful, but face red even if be 3 people also contend hard together,get Wang Zhe.

Red get Wang Zhe to be withheld no longer, bone knife is like report like wind, brandish gives vague impression of 1000 heavy knives.

Grandiose Gu Bao collapses ceaselessly as his brandish knife, can be imagined the force on bone knife has how horrible, one knife behead goes out, ground collapse stone is cracked.

"Crack "

Scorpion of bones of the dead is broken by behead.

" "

Be tired out of giant of bones of the dead.

Finally, inclined behead of knife of bones of the dead and below, dead angel also is solved.

Be over get the better of!

Red getting Wang Zhe is not vaunting, the force with oneself alone battle 3 strong, more than 100 action settled a battle.

Xiao Chen instigates with bone knife the skull of giant, begin to draw the live cinders kept for starting a new fire in skull after that.

Divine fire seething is jumpy, refine is changed with rank kindling is not arduous, the time of expenditure is limited.

An extremely powerful breath after moment erupts and go out, bright ray enlightened whole ghastly Gu Bao, if Ma is general,red body of Xiao Chen that get bone connects body crimson, erupt endless god brightness.

The sun that resembling below night sky is redness of skin round is general, circumference tens of kindling biology in the induction arrived a powerful coercion, gingerly, forward this direction worship on bended knees.

"Growl... " Xiao Chen cannot help admiring Tian Changxiao, bloodcurdling spirit is fluctuant, vast and mighty 10.

Three eventually collect is neat, he is successful advance rank! Actual strength promoted one big chunk.

Red got Wang Zhe saw with one's own eyes to witness all these, taking cry antrum path: "Person of outstanding ability of day be jealous of, toot... " see Xiao Chen is successful advance rank, he is about to cry without the tear, this falls is the hand the centre of the palm that does not escape to give opposite party thoroughly really, immediately Yan.

Xiao Chen did not respond him for nothing, he looks to distance, preparation faces terrestrial group again!

Last time after advance rank, when agglomeration of a poetic name of China gives true body, can retain 5 time that breathe accident, go again now bone well enters the world, can make true body reservation longer necessarily.

Cannot hold back!

This he wants revisit world, meeting in those days old friend!