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The 396th chapter destroys king

Demon is simian a group of things with common features, a mystery and powerful ground is phyletic, there is common ground ancestry in remote antiquity period and mankind allegedly, was on another developmental road finally nevertheless however. Although population amount is rare with each passing day. But what the battle force of this a group of things with common features sends more however is powerful.

This gens and battle a group of things with common features general, all be inherent warlike phyletic. Reason this and battle a group of things with common features the relationship is not easy, for generations has contact.

Ancient and vestigial in, clever energy of life is rich all the more, celestial being flower blooms, multicoloured. Divine tree sways, green green jade is like jade. Wood fragrance, more waterfall of clever spring, celestial being flies asperse piece blast a water mist. Have rainbow to be in wind around, solid it is a Sukhavati.

Demon is simian a group of things with common features foothold is a highland. Here fruit is sweet blast, it is clever root everywhere. The ties became full fruit of celestial being of glistening, brilliant red ground. Glittering and translucent be about to drip. Rays of morning or evening sunshine is glaring, fragrant and aromatic, if suddenly entered Shenyuanzhong.

"Fruit of monkey of this group of demon is gluttonous ground Thunder God really. Held a such fruit forest. Know really enjoy. " your pupil has king of corpse of 3 meters of ground, enclothe all over full gules scute. Appearance appearance ferocious. He gives out awe-inspiring sneer.

"Cease should look down upon this group of monkeys. In the center the ground a few heterogeneous extremely powerful. But the past gave a few can to say but the demon of troubled times is simian. " wraith king compares keep one's eyes peeled.

Xiao Chen nods express to agree. Cannot underestimate this group of monkeys. Jump out in case go against fellow of heaven and earth.

"Be afraid here have hundreds monkey, in case roister rise. Very adverse to us. " the smile that corpse king shows awe-inspiring. Path: "Cannot rush into directly. Need thinks a way. that monkey Wang Yin comes out. that monkey Wang Yin comes out..

Wraith king the whole body is inky be like Chinese ink, evil spirit establishs a body to be in empty sky, sending fully blast ground evil spirit enrages a Yin Han. Path: "Cabala of call of death of my put to good use, look whether soul is imprisoned and come to its. Even if do not succeed, be afraid with the disposition of the monkey want to stamp with fury. Certainly can come out to search for a person that kill, to moment it is our ground opportunity. To moment it is our ground opportunity..

"Be good! " Xiao Chen expresses to agree.

Wraith king body becomes hazy, as if as empty as empty syncretic. Wave motion of the ground like a path dimple sides with ahead ground highland emerges to move and go, be together with gentle breeze be in harmony, even if be different race king,also do not detect hard alertly, but meeting puny divine sign is be circled and pass. Abrupt fluctuant induction went to a Na Lianyi knowledge of god of a powerful ground, jump a state in the fish absolutely.

By this, wraith king judges this is demon simian king is undoubted. All dimple emerge suddenly together. Want to imprison the soul of the other side.

"Growl... " angrily growl howl. Wear gold to crack stone, tear off heaven and earth, a few but the ear beat of shake broken person, a black shadow developed Gao Tian, fling all directions. Shoot two blazing golden light, can Can is threatening.

That is make an appointment with demon of two meters of ground only high simian, enclothe all over full dense black hair. Strong and nimble, if a fierce wind sides with wraith commonly,Wang Chong comes.

At the moment. Xiao Chen and corpse king had been in already ten inside and outside, static wait for wraith Wang Jiang that demon is simian draw.

"Dare kill me with art of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease. I take your area veins that stand out under the skin. Gather up your area bone. Always press down you in the nether world! " blaze of simian king demon is monstrous. Chase after closely after do not abandon,

229 lis are chased after between moment, exceeded the place that Xiao Chen and corpse king ambuscade already, the settlement that they do not no hurry twice unbearably chase after ground demon ten times simian a group of things with common features overmatch, after that ability is like greased lightning kind followed to go down.


Wraith king fled no longer, establish a body to be on an open open country, here is very ground-to-air free from worries, be big battlefield good place.

Demon is simian chase after for an instant almost to, awe-inspiring is clinking. Staring at wraith king, path: "You arrive is to escape. Even if be God,enter the ground. I also kill you. " looking is role of a firm.

Between moment. Xiao Chen and corpse king were chased after. Sealed the leeway of demon simian king. Will be in tiredly in the center. They and wraith king are general. The whole body is enveloping mirage, did not show true body.

"Spill monkey to want mad sign less, I should have monkey head now! " the laugh with corpse spooky king is worn.

Wraith king also shows smile of Yin Han ground, path: "This monkey competence is not weak. As it happens takes him to drill hand. We 3 people thereby will adjust. We 3 people thereby will adjust..

Hear such speech. Demon simian king felt to get immediately extremely deep disgrace, he is demon simian king. Most hate people call him the monkey, and this 3 people regarded him as clearly the dead.

"Growl... "

He growls angrily. Admire a day to howl, body of two meters of uplands soares instantly nearly 10 meters tall. The black hair that is made grow by feet all over is enclothed, look all the more ferocious is fearsome.

If really be worthy of is a demon simian. Violent and clinking. Bare-handed 3 people are torn off and come towards Xiao Chen, if be captured by him, even if be overmatch of ground of fish dive state,be afraid also should nurse a grievance wind up.

3 round black mist. If fast ghostses and goblins, leave vague impression of a path incomplete, get on for acme, as if 3 birds light is in freely agitate.

"Monkey you were finished... " ground of firm of firm of fist of corpse Wang Yi goes to banging, claw of ghost of blood red ground passes through black mist explore go out, all the more fearsome. Very apparent he is seasoned. Old hot clinking, next dead hands while irritate intentionally cruel simian.

"Phut "

Even if form of demon simian body is lofty,be like hill. Violent and clinking. But as old as this all ages cadaver is right after on one palm. Also did not take a bit petty gain. And bulkily palm is caught by claw of ghost of the ground like that cleek 5 blood mark. The breath of a Yin Han spread along the arm.

4 king big fight becomes posse.

"Phut "

"Phut "

After engraving a bell partly. Empty of two direction land is empty at the same time broken. Xiao Chen and wraith king hit one bottom severally.

Xiao Chen hits a ground one palm, saw clearly left costal region of ground of demon simian king, spew gives wave of a blood. Wraith king ground one palm is exceedingly evil-minded. Inflicted heavy losses on directly the soul of demon simian king.

Demon simian king was not achieved to person state, block those who get 3 Wang Zhe that be the same as class impossibly to besiege, after quarter comes down, begin to be achieved ceaselessly.

"Force pressing is empyreal! " his big growl, show gave him ground the strongest magic power, this space resembles actually is to have ten million big hill is pressed fell down, let the earth burst apart.

King of Xiao Chen, wraith, corpse king all felt bear hard ground pressure, discover this one heaven and earth burst apart. The magic power of demon simian king if really if name is general and violent clinking. Superhuman strength but shake goes up to the sky.

"Go dead. Do not have time and your bad news! " be in at this moment. Sound of cold earthquake sounds of wraith Wang Sen comes out, drink: "Space of spirit of a martyr! "Space of spirit of a martyr!!

A boundless empty shadow is enveloped and fall. approach of block of demon simian king go in. Greatest pressure disappears from this heaven and earth immediately, ahriman is growling, die fetch is howling, that is one belongs to wraith ground space.

"Ancient spirit of a martyr people. Jing Xian oblation came to your descendants. Be enjoyed to the top of one's bent please. " fall as the speech of wraith king finish. In space of that windy ground. Way spirit shadow flies swiftly upward and come together. Simian king of instant pioneer evil spirit was flooded. The growl of miserable intense is given out, sutra of copy of demon simian king is sufferring adv unimaginably anguish.

Space of hazy spirit of a martyr slowly empty is weak and go, everything resembles is whats did not happen general, demon simian king disappears between this heaven and earth.

"Is this with you a group of things with common features the space that bethel of spirit of a martyr is linked together? " corpse king asks.

"Pretty good. " wraith king did not make an explanation more.

In desolate morning heart very amazed, spend hazard of wraith king land promotion one waits rank. This is one should be on guard carefully ground overmatch.

"Go. Go destroying kill Scorpio king! " first battle win victory. And those who win is very relaxed, let corpse king confidence soar.

3 people were not injured. Need not adjust, side with foothold of ground of Scorpio a group of things with common features to fly directly.

"Well. Again ace enters this remote antiquity vestigial. Again ace enters this remote antiquity vestigial..

Going up on the way they discovered Xiao Chen aloof a few shadows are slash. Had flown quickly from far sky, fly in foremost square is a 5 lubricious peacocks it seems that, split second is distant go.

Xiao Chen feels unusual look familiar. Rear two people are state of immortal group big business it seems that 3 princesses Yan Ying and city of bend of the not dead swallow that send a person. Nevertheless he did not think more. With two evil king sides with seat of Scorpio a group of things with common features to fly.

This thinking that foothold of ground of Scorpio a group of things with common features is place of a dark and damp ground, but did not think of here fragrant grass lays the ground. The flower is brilliant, beautiful wood luxuriantly green. Clever cane tangles fold wind around. The scenery is unusually beautiful.

"Old way, still bring anguine unkennel, outside will attack kill.

Outside will attack kill..

Really very successful brought Scorpio king come out. But simianer than demon Wang Li kills Wang Yuan of this different race the ground is much, this is the woman of a beautiful enchanting, do not cross what actually force considers to let poll ache.

Maintain one's composure, with respect to the Huang Zuan in Xiao Chen bone arm and bone leg uppercut wore two small holes. Adherent hematic silk is in above for a short while melt into flying ash, except kindling extremely fast systole. Also should suffer inflicted heavy losses on.

Corpse king is more miserable. An ear gives rip off, a palm also is seen clearly, be like,become inky Chinese ink, it is heavy apparently virulent, strut ground is become quickly " black steamed stuffed bun " . Poisonous ground of the person that can jump the fish state ground king is so deplorable. Can be imagined noxiousness has have ground intense.

And wraith king is a frightening cry more again and again. Black evil spirit was hit to wear the hole with 3 bright around. Harmed soul.

Scorpio queen actual strength beyond the expect of 3 people, its attack does not have a shadow aeriform. Its poison hurts person ** not only. Still corrode person ground soul.

Only then come up, 3 people ate to have a deficit greatly, this can imagine scarcely.

"Groan hum... " Scorpio queen sneers again and again, a snow-white long hair likes a practice general. Twinkling silver of bewitching different ground is smooth, awe-inspiring is sneering.

"Do not let his desert! " wraith king is strong corpse king drink like a fish. Because he discovers. Dissociate of Scorpio queen look. Searching breach, want it seems that from corpse king that direction escape. Which know to be in at this moment, baiguang is glaring. Scorpio king wants to kickback he and come.

"Ah... " wraith king screams. Again in action, hard nevertheless it is gnash one's teeth. Filled space of spirit of a martyr. Forced Scorpio king go back, wraith king gnash. Annoy to the utmost, several are seen clearly again on fetch body, pang is borne hard. Space of spirit of a martyr is enveloped and fall. Want Scorpio queen embezzle.

But this siren acumen is clinking, discovered danger for a short while, if fast ghostses and goblins. Dodge quickly.

"Dead demon is cursed! " it is this moment. The corpse king big growl on the side.

"The soul of a deceased person is blusterous! " wraith king also cries.

These all are to die to fasten ground cabala. Be to cope with battle king originally, be forced the ground was shown ahead of schedule now come out.

Dead cuss law blots out the sky and cover up the earth. Envelop Scorpio queen, make her action logy rise immediately. Attack of her ground horror also is seen clear by 3 people gradually, it is to together actually " ray " , bloodcurdling Scorpio ray, it is that invisible barb of ground scorpion end sweeps a ground, impossible to defend effectively.

Woman of ground of a beautiful enchanting, hiding tail of a scorpion rear. Comical not at all, however exceeding horror. Scorpio ray can is opposite indiscriminate attack of the soul and ** , virulent can destroy kill the soul.

"Of Mom. I was overcome. This woman the moon is soft, get rid of rapidly! " corpse king drink like a fish is worn, had sufferred attack 78 times, fluctuate all over strut rise. Gules scute became pitch-black look.

Wraith king also annoys to the utmost, did not think of to eat to have a deficit greatly, xiao Chen is more blast a heart Jing, his glutinous rehmannia gets bone body to was hit to equip 5 office actually, can be imagined Scorpio barb has how horrible.

This is the connate remarkable ability of be worthy of the name. It is the particular masterstroke with Scorpio inherent a group of things with common features.

"Cadaver Jing the world! " corpse king is blusterous, have the word of reservation again. He is afraid that he can turn a pitch-black big steamed bread, meet even by poison.

"Die fetch gulps a day! " wraith king also is drink like a fish, or else solves this terrible woman, a lane is bad he all of possible body spirit destroys.

Be the same as for a short while, xiao Chen also is to shake news of buzzing word day. Launch incorporeal attack.

Ground of the person that face 3 king is killed absolutely. Even if be Scorpio king has weird attack battle power, also bear hard. On the spot black-and-blue mouth vomits blood. A ham is more direct by pulverize.

Scorpio king is sufferred inflict heavy losses on, showed the noumenon of ferocious. A tremendous white scorpion is sufficient have 78 meters long. Brandishing two gigantic Qian Heng sweep 3 people. At the same time that pours perpendicular silver-colored hook. Tear off empty sky. All directions of sweep anything away, can keep out scarcely.

Poison shrouded this scope of operation.

"The extraordinary with this strong scorpion. Hiding assist to wear. Solve it rapidly! " wraith king drink like a fish. This action is undoubted very fail. 3 people or light or important place is achieved, still drop Scorpio king without massacre unexpectedly.

"Scorpio domain! " 78 meters long ground is giant white scorpion king. Respectful of bone of hair of person of hair sell one's own things like that growl howl. In the sky immediately misty rise, a bizarre space wants to seal inside.

If really by confine amid. Be afraid 3 people are met by complete poison.

"Go dead! " corpse king big growl, ejective a bird is smooth, the cadaver that is ten thousand aged cadaver then enrages elite. Crashed Scorpio domain ground the force of seal instantly.

"The soul of a deceased person the sea! " wraith king call comes shadow of ten million fetch, flood Scorpio king.

Xiao Chen's charge is most single. Before doing not have renascence of flesh and blood, he once ability of magic power battle is developed very hard. But although such, its atttack force also is horrible absolutely.

"Phut "

Scorpio king is sufferred continuously inflict heavy losses on. That poured perpendicular silver-colored hook to be interrupted by 3 people actually finally come down. Scorpion poisonous all over the sky splatters.

Final. Giant white scorpion was infiltrated by wraith king space of spirit of a martyr. Hold a memorial ceremony for gave those die fetch.

"Not be to one's profit, too not be to one's profit! Too not be to one's profit!!

The battle has ended 3 time, deadlocked king still is growling, the poison on his body has been forced clean. But still feel however all over pang is clinking.

Wraith king is very indignant also, fetch body is achieved. Although repair. Do not cross vigour or hurt.

A few on body of bone of desolate morning Huang Zuan small holes had cicatrizationed. This makes him exceeding astonish. Such spirit body is returned actually can by the person piercing, must let him admit, 100 a group of things with common features in the ground is certain connate remarkable ability is too terrible.

"Skeleton king. I hurt vitality, I feel you should do some of compensation. " corpse king still is growling. Path: "I am to come forward for you. Just be achieved, you should compensate me. You should compensate me..

Wolf of this supercilious look should increase price. Nevertheless to Xiao Chen, what doesn't this have. It is dud cheque anyway, open much higher price to be indifferent to.

"Altar of bone of your ground emperor has the remains of matchless character. Affirmation has not cankered body in the center, I want an emperor body to do compensation. " this it may be said is lion big mouth.

Can be sent body of ground of holy bone altar, the amount is extremely exiguous. It is poor in the past skeleton complete a group of things with common features force is searched those who obtain. It is in former days matchless character. Speak word going to the ground 4 bounds should shake.

"This thing concerns destiny of my a group of things with common features, I cannot agree. Nevertheless I can be compensated additionally. " Xiao Chen answers so. Although can random promise, but if too false word, the other side also won't believe.

Corpse king also knows ~ | Just agree impossibly. Be skeleton a group of things with common features then is essential. He raises such requirement is for counter-bid of ask for advice nevertheless just.

"I also need to compensate. Altar of aristocratic emperor bone gets together accept is eternal spirit of a martyr, the bone system that I do not want them and advocate fetch, it is OK that I want seed of soul of their ground little only. " requirement of wraith king ground sounds suddenly still calculate reasonable, and he made logical explanation: "In those days Bai Qi of fetch of war of land of my a group of things with common features, Lv Bu goes out instead from fetch bound, escape into immortal bound. Make me vigour of wraith a group of things with common features is hurt greatly... if can ground word. I do not want long narrow flag of emperor of that bones of the dead, need a noble to offer ground of spirit of a martyr of a bit heaven and earth to plant only fetch, photograph of my meeting sacrifice oneself aids a noble to get long narrow flag of emperor of bones of the dead.

An argy-bargy, xiao Chen satisfied a few requirements of two evil king again, ability is able to let them continue to support together.

Did not do long nap, xiao Chen they again start off. King fearing war gets an information and have guard against.

When foothold of ground of simian gens of road classics demon. 3 king are all astonied. Over there very lively. Wang Xiang of a multicoloured peacock flies with horizon, and the ground is upland. Hundreds simian kind of person that repair an aureate demon simian surround in in the center, persuading to the utmost it seems that what solving.

"My @#%# ... how to come out again simian king of a demon? ! " corpse king turns pale with fright.

Wraith king also shows the scene of dignified, path: " does here have bicephalous demon simian king? This appears far than what die the head is then powerful ah! This appears far than what die the head is then powerful ah!!

Xiao Chen also is startled very. Because he saw in former days friend really, it is state of immortal group big business 3 princesses Yan Ying and not dead door conduct town of person swallow bend.

Posture of swallow bend city is slender and lithe and graceful. Appearance is extremely beautiful, appearance of abundant of it may be said is unique. Went for years. In former days girl still Ming Yan is moving. Can says the world is peerlessly beautiful, still follow the little girl that by alula dragon Lei Na changes that beside her ground.

Abundant jade-like stone elegance and talent uniques among his contemporaries. Very beautiful. Elegant, elegant demeanour is not decreased in those days, without doubt, that aureate demon simian king. Be in those days 3 princesses are in south barren receives the deity offspring gold that take.

Wraith king is startled exceedingly it seems that. Path: "That aureate demon is simian very differ kind. It is the monkey of troubled times demon in fokelore it seems that, resemble extremely the god that open an arm is simian, can take life. Shrink 1000 hill, differentiate rests blame. Heaven and earth rub lane. Heaven and earth rub lane..

"Strange, those demon are simian be opposite it seems that golden god is simian respect very much. But that gold is simian far from bird them. " corpse king feeling is very strange, path: " are they all the way? " are they all the way??

Xiao Chen is clear. Be afraid gold also is like gold lion like Wang Na, to oneself originally phyletic without attributive feeling.

Between scope of operation of credit of illumination of 5 kinds of gods. Horizon multicoloured peacock king appears and other places is impatient. Sweep light of below 5 gods, fly to those gigantic simian shake, gold is cast off pester, wait for person flying Apsaras with Yan Ying and go.

"Look enter this ancient and vestigial overmatch increasing. " wraith king looks at those a few to be about to want to disappear in horizoningly shadow mark. Path: "King of that multicoloured peacock is very powerful. "King of that multicoloured peacock is very powerful..

Xiao Chen knows the past history of multicoloured peacock king naturally, accident ground emperor can be contended for with gold lion Wang Yi when childhood, after blossomming nowadays uncommon of course.

"Hey, be more and more interesting really. " corpse king is sneering, path: "We still go rapidly king of shade dead battle. Not want this to have any reservation. Not want this to have any reservation..

the foothold of battle a group of things with common features counts 10 inside and outside. 3 people begin Xiao Chen decorate rise, because battle king is mastering,drip have half ancestor the blood, crimson blood lance that never dries up, very horrible, they must want to be set carefully bureau just go.

In this district, a variety of contraindication that they begin to decorate death to be fastened not only blast law, still delimit engrave a lot of curses and secret art, cadaver of region of different of dimensional trap, death, blood curses the soul of a deceased person... a variety of firm are hot ground calculate emerges in endlessly. Preparation is carried out to battle king kill art surely.