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Little beast of joy of the 400th chapter

White small animal was maintained quickly break Eden, bub appears very keep one's eyes peeled, come it experienced too much in a extremely dangerous state, even if the nature is pure be apt to, also become alert and clinking. It is blinked moving bright big key point, of doubt look at Xiao Chen, give out tender sound, path: "Who are you? "Who are you??

All overmatch went in the strong palace that take the land, be in in this entrance and do not have alien, xiao Chen need not be concealed again, old hind eventually again meet again, his mood is very rough static.

"A jade-like stone a jade-like stone don't you know me? It is me... "

Here, he squelchs the god in oneself knows wave motion no longer, make mental source complete open wide. Experience a dead disaster, return to gradually with form of another kind of life in dead world, its soul source did not go.

"Prattle prattle... " snow-white animal cried at that time, so familiar soul is fluctuant, can it forget how? Had rushed quickly, open amazedly big eye, looking Xiao Chen up and down carefully.

"Toot toots... " after that, if it is same appoint the child is general, cried greatly.

"Do not cry, it is me... came back. " Xiao Chen also is deep feeling myriad, after dead world comes into being spirit wisdom, he by a puny skeleton slowly evolution becomes one party overmatch, among them hardships 10 thousand suffering are very difficult imagination. Can all previous goes to today via a variety of cross, special not easy.

"Prattle... " dancing of little beast tearful eyes, it seems that some not dare, close to timid and weak-willed ask: "Be true... be dream? "Be true... be dream??

Before Xiao Chen walks up gently, go, knead the head of fine and soft of little beast wool, path: "Do not cry... "

Resembling was to or very long. Little beast toots toot cries greatly. Tear boils bunchy and bunchily to fall and fall.

"I came over. True ground came... do not cry. True ground came... do not cry..

After old past. Meet again eventually.

"Why did you become this model? " little beast looks at Xiao Chen anxiously. It knows this is body of wraith ground bone naturally. Not be the person that real ground is born.

"God wants to make me true understand mystery of ground of life and death. Want to know source of land of life and death. I should be experienced naturally one time personally. " Xiao Chen communicates an easily smile with divine knowledge wave motion. He does not miss atmosphere too too heavy with sadness.

Bub is a naturally optimist. Satisfy very easily. Cast worry very quickly. See Xiao Chen return. Joyance was full of in the heart.

"Prattle prattle... " dot resembles is present a treasure general, open oneself break Eden, show a gods tree, want to ask Xiao Chen to sample rare world clever fruit, but wake up to reality again in instant come over, morning of at the moment bone body desolate cannot be enjoyed, it feels embarrassed patted tricky.

See bub foolish state but the appearance of Ju, desolate morning chuckle rise. It still resembles once upon a time that kind, extremely big big clever pure is the biggest.

"Gluttonous dot... "

"Prattle prattle... " a jade-like stone brandish aing jade-like stone is worn snow-white little beast claw expresses dissatisfaction with this.

At the moment dot is exceedingly glad, it never has thought of to still can see Xiao Chen again, happy laugh is worn, had cried greatly just now nevertheless, there still is glittering and translucent teardrop on long long eyelash, letting what Xiao Chen looks is glad to have a sentiment again, busy it is its rub-up with one's own hands.

"Say so much to me year come you are how to cross the land, won't sleep greatly solely with collect fed clever pure of heaven and earth? " Xiao Chen amuses dot intentionally.

This lets bub toot is worn protest. It is used to prattling language, the glad morning that it is desolate tells about these year of experience that come. Result respecting is final itself felt embarrassed, a lot of " wonderful past " concern with clever pure of heaven and earth, discovering even this remote antiquity is vestigial also is such.

So old come snow-white little beast encountered many in a extremely dangerous state, but be in however at the moment telling about happily, do not have anger of a bit enemy it seems that. Make Xiao Chen bad to suffer more so the more, bub is the small foundling of a be worthy of the name, there is parents after be born, followed he however part for ever, experienced a lot of sad pasts.

And final little him beast was boiled however come over, see its happy look, xiao Chen was affected.

Satisfy easily get pleasure easily, this as jade-like stone namely the fountainhead place of joy aing jade-like stone.

Xiao Chen kneads its edge of a field fondly.

When experience be examininged minutely by dot, xiao Chen is direct to revealed a god to know the of great capacity, deliver to it with the means of mental impress, a variety of pasts of dead bound are in it seems that yesterday.

A jade-like stone aed jade-like stone to be full of curiosity to the dead's world, a pair of large small holes are glistening, toot is worn should go dying the bound has a look, frightened Xiao Chen to jump greatly however.

Meet again, besides first the sentiment when, more ground is happy.

To avoid to be discovered, xiao Chen and a jade-like stone a jade-like stone entered in breaking Eden, did not see nature has a lot of words to want to say for years.

Till passed very long later, little beast just is beginning Xiao Chen to visit its home.

"This is I search the ground to often be not cultivated in the father-in-law, laic the fruit that eats it to written guarantee can immortal not old. " a jade-like stoningly sound is very puerile, be full of what achievement feels to pointing to one individual plant not to cross sapling of two meters of uplands, glad path: "Yellow Mao Mao is conceivable also it, always contend for with me in the father-in-law grab, was hit to run by me nevertheless. Was hit to run by me nevertheless..

Xiao Chen ate one Jing, yellow Mao Mao he can not forget this name, it is the name that little beast has for gold lion king. Gold lion Wangzhi is strong, the world is rare, was defeated by little beast again unexpectedly, what can imagine that one battle is intense.

This individual plant often does not cultivate verdure of branches and leaves, like green emerald green write in an ornate style and become, trunk shows golden scene, mould of Wan Shi gold, the tree looks at god of entire individual plant to feel unusually extraordinary solely. Sparse knot is worn above ten glittering and translucent gules fructification, if Gong Ma Nao is general glisten, fragrant and aromatic.

"Originally fruit is hanged full branch, have a lot of of a lot of, too delicious nevertheless, I want to keep an in part, result... " here, snow-white little beast blinks large small hole, show a pair of bearing that feel embarrassed inaccessibly, toot in a low voice: "As a result I cannot help, eat every day, so fast dispose of... nevertheless regular henceforth meeting keeps back, remain leave you. Remain leave you..

Xiao Chen yell rise.

"This individual plant is very special also, it is my appellation Yin Longshu. " little beast is pointing to one individual plant to connect body silvery white, also be like even leaf tree of the god like Bai Yu. 56 meters expensive tree system, fruit of its main force is like Qiu dragon really general dish exhibit, unusually distinct, 229 argent fructification were hanged above, aroma refreshing.

"The ground of the seal that I border area in southwest of a poetic name of China discovered it, did not think of on the side have 9 big snakes guarding, frightened me to jump greatly. " little beast appears one's heart still fluttering with fear, smack oneself chest, path: "Oh, missay, it is a big snake, it grew 9 heads. It cheats me to say that is it kind below, result by me say that is it again after get behind turn chance of 9 dragon title deed, it returns sneak attack I, result... be hit to run by me. Result... be hit to run by me..

Little beast of not worry at all saying, make Xiao Chen astonied however, if do not have a bad shot, certainly of that big snake is the ace on a poetic name of China -- -- hydra.

A jade-like stone very familiar with sth aing jade-like stone, the superb work strange tree among introduction of the morning that it is desolate, green light is glaring in breaking Eden, divine brightness winds around, ten million of colour of luck of it may be said.

It points to the superb work of 3 individual plant of new plant again finally, it is lotus of pine of flat peach, green jade, god respectively.

Divine lotus glow

, lotus seed glittering and translucent. Green jade pine is just as aquamarine, connect body bright, hang full child. Coil peach is as high as 100 meters, endless luck colour winds around, it is the ancestor root of celestial being peach.

"I am in this remote antiquity is vestigial in discovered this 3 individual plant only, nevertheless I believe to still have clever root of other superb work, one choose a site for the capital can be searched. " here, snow-white little beast large small hole is glistening, extensive gives a starlet.

"I send you a gift, also be tree of treasure of one individual plant. " Xiao Chen took 7 treasure clever tree, rays of morning or evening sunshine sparkles, lucky gas diffuses.

"Did not grow fruit again... " little beast toots in a low voice .

Xiao Chen was teased immediately, this dot also is paid attention to too ate, how to say this also is the treasure tree with one true individual plant.

"I saw your collect how long is fruit ground spirit cultivated, want to send you one individual plant of extraordinary. Want to send you one individual plant of extraordinary..

"It what not long fruit has is good that what not long fruit has, I from treasure tree is stronger than it much... " snow-white little beast talks in whispers in a low voice.

Brilliance shines, the holy tree with tall hand of a jade-like stoningly that individual plant emerges and go out, bright of 5 jade Xie Shan gives gorgeous brightness, the 7 treasure clever tree that will make desolate morning hand medium actually is dim go down.

Can squelch half ancestor most valuable treasure!

"Well... " Xiao Chen is very open-eyed.

Recalled a variety of wonderful part of tree of small emperor of that individual plant, sapling has been received in Cong Keke hand, rangjigen needs Fu to be on 7 treasure clever tree.

Brilliance dot, tree of emperor of dragon a group of things with common features is on the move a way way luck, the root must resemble was to have fresh life for an instant general, of firmly 7 treasure clever tree is twined, finally actually take root enters clever tree in.

Go out by derive like superhuman strength of the ground like Shui Bo together, go by the limb that the root must send Xiang Xiaosheng the tree.

Xiao Chen eats one Jing, 10 thousand did not think of to a jade-like stone the sapling that a jade-like stone, can draw 7 source strength of Bao Miaoshu actually.

"Prattle... " little beast is glad also cried, small emperor cultivates evolution of old have not, be in actually nowadays derive an emperor implement divine source, should have change again likely.

Although spank is only tall,Long Zusheng is cultivated, but blossom the brightness that go out is gorgeous however and clinking, rays of morning or evening sunshine 10 thousand, lucky colour 1000, in a steady stream is constant child superhuman strength of 7 Bao Miaoshu derive.

This is change of ground of a shock letting a person, tree of emperor of dragon a group of things with common features rises brightly even more, and 7 treasure clever tree is in however ceaseless and dim.

Although look,old Lai Xiaosheng is cultivated and do not have any change, but the speed of outside force compares derive not to know how many times quickly in those days however.

Do not spend a time, 7 treasure clever tree thoroughly dim do not have light, and small emperor of dragon a group of things with common features cultivates a brightness millions upon millions, more uncommon. Arrived finally, 7 treasure clever tree changed one cut deadwood actually, do not have wave motion of a bit superhuman strength again, xiao Chen was blown gently at a heat, it changed flying ash actually!

This result is concrete too shook, morning allowing a surname feels mysterious.

Tree of palmar small emperor counters a day approximately!

"Oh oh, come into leaf... " a jade-like stone a jade-like stone jubilate cried, resemble a mischievous child general, holding treasure tree in the arms to boil again on fragrant grass ground.

Xiao Chen discovers surprisingly, small emperor tree spat a purple tender bud actually, although do not spend the bulk like grain of rice, but was full of however exuberant opportunity of survival, rudiment of ground of leaf of the 6th violet jade is shown and go out.

"This... be afraid long narrow flag of emperor of more ancient than Pausteur lance, bones of the dead is even strong. "This... be afraid long narrow flag of emperor of more ancient than Pausteur lance, bones of the dead is even strong..

Xiao Chen took small emperor tree afresh, catch in the hand, brandish gently, colour of a path luck is on the move and go out from time to tome suddenly. Nevertheless he discovers, regard as the weapon is used, it seems that a bit improper.

A jade-like stone a jade-like stone resembling was what to remember, to beck of divine garden deep ~ , vacate the Zhan Jianfei of of primitive simplicity and come.

"To you... " little beast hands Zhan Jian Xiao Chen.

"24 battle sword, add female land of green lotus day 4 swords, plus this, had been born at present 29. " Xiao Chen strokes Zhan Jian gently, to additionally 20 Zhan Jian and that " escape goes one " , if say him,doing not have idea is impossibly then. Nevertheless this kind of thing pays attention to lot, even if expend force of with one one's heart,collect not certain also part complete.

Talked for a long time in breaking Eden, after that Xiao Chen is right happy little beast, path: "We go out to look. "We go out to look..

"Hum " dot blinks the large small hole that fills clever air, the appearance of a pair of furtive, it comes for make a profit in troubled situation originally, want to be harvested somewhat in this ground palace.

In ground palace, slaughter sonic boom day, still go out to win the home truly without contend apparently, penetrate inside piece blast a bloodcurdling is fluctuant, do not know be ground palace to ban paroxysm to go out, the terrible energy that still is all king is fluctuant.

Xiao Chen packed up Zhan Jian, path: "We are apart, want to pretend to be not known a little while, now still is not when revealing my identity... "

Little beast nods, express to understand.

"After going in, do not contend for grab, beyond wait-and-see, static wait for an opportunity. Static wait for an opportunity..

"Hum, I am clear. " the inclination with little serious beast, path: "I collect clever pure of heaven and earth so namely previously, do not move to at the last gasp. Do not move to at the last gasp..

The bub with this eccentric genius lets Xiao Chen find both funny and annoying.

Part in them, when to the ground Gong Shen place flies, entry point transmits an intense energy wave motion. Youth of a golden hair, lie all over in gold god fire, the world of look at sb disdainfully, sending exalted battle meaning fully, to the palace that take the land, be king of that gold lion.

Very apparent he discovered a jade-like stone, binocular in the beam of light that gives out rice of two number of channels to grow fully, staring little beast, be opposite in fairness definitely circumstance, he has two to be defeated only all one's life, all is to a jade-like stone a jade-like stone those who bring him, little beast ases if a priori restrains him.

"Do you think yellow Mao Mao again dozen? I am not afraid of you. " a jade-like stone a jade-like stone puerile sound is transmitted.

Gold lion king has to stress mad feeling, but kept back finally again, now is not with little beast hassle when. He is cold hum, towards the ground Gong Shen place flies.

Xiao Chen wants to laugh, if gold lion king is resided,be to fizzle out by bub appellation like that formidably Mao Mao, it is certainly those who comparative is depressed without language.

Palace copy is like the ground to become a space oneself, capacious and clinking.

All king contend for the ground bones of the dead of battle to spread all over, evil spirit gas is towering, far people amples, zhu Wangquan is in battle royal. Here still is not the ground of the seal of emperor long narrow flag, but everybody had begun big fight of life and death. Repair Luo Wang a person alone battle is digital different race king, actual strength is abysmal. The Wang Que that fight a god did not see sign.

During drawing near, xiao Chen is rushing to a jade-like stone a jade-like stone than delimiting a gesticulation, make it careful be concealed.

"Be at ease, we cooperate, certain hand arrives capture come. " the toot of bub not worry at all is worn, a pair of very self-confident appearance.

Be in at this moment, the Yan Ying that already left originally and swallow bend city are strong in entering ground palace, divide beside their however outside gold and alula dragon Lei Na, much still king of a multicoloured peacock.

Light of 5 kinds of gods is glaring, a sneak attack their different race king was swept to fly on the spot by peacock king, strong take in everything in a glance.

" "

"Rumble grand "

In ground palace, the noise with vibratile iron chain is given out, the god of ten pail degree of finish alls alone vigorously of the Luowang that be repaired shakes rise, fly to shake of king of a few a few different race not only, the gate shake that is the ground seal more is broken, his in the van rushed.