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The 427th chapter is connected kill shock 5 groups!

Wu Ming this word, desolate sinks in morning heart, if part of a historical period of celestial being of white garment sword is quiet also his place is more dangerous.

"It is him! " in suspension of bell of eternal emperor deity is in Wu Ming the top of head in the sky, ray of Ling Jizhou body millions upon millions, the Yan Yan that is protected all over is solid.

Attendant king of a few different race all astounded, especially the get angry in earth king eye, one pair wishs the appearance of lacerate Wu Ming.

Face of Xiao Chen criterion shows a barpque scene, the person that Wu Ming indicates is earth king actually, must say Wu Ming this fellow is very serpentine, the all the time is in calculate, think make use of other person to get rid of an enemy actually, desire misdirect Xie Jing a few are repaired true, will get rid of earth king, the earthy travel mind in obtaining spirit of energy of the five elements thereby.

At the moment Xiao Chen directly blue, height also with ferial not quite same, keep away from for self-buried Gu Zhong before this different race king, he changed appearance intentionally, by battle king Mabaaonake is orthoptic after the magic power make out of source, he also is done not have immediately answer answer former appearance.

Amazingly quick of reaction of desolate morning it may be said, without any hesitation, special the speech that cooperates Wu Ming, long narrow flag of one lever bones of the dead appears in the hand, swing endless shade gas, let there is day of Wang Dou in the place blast a heart-throb, stick the head to earth king immediately, drink in the mouth at the same time: "Your pay lot comes Xiao Chen, in wanting to enter your refine emperor long narrow flag surely now! In wanting to enter your refine emperor long narrow flag surely now!!

Earth king enrages scamper immediately lung, if wanting to explain just now, just be bungled to the emperor long narrow flag before to give forced go back, the shade gas like a situation full of danger lets his heart Jing unceasingly.

"What, didn't Xiao Chen die actually? ! " woman of a on the side of Xie Jing red garment special astonish, disposition appears unusually hot, on the spot ejective sword of a celestial being, change behead of a blood awn to earth king.

Mabaaodu path of drink like a fish: "He is not Xiao Chen, then the individual just is! " his dot points to truly Xiao Chen.

"In those days desolate morning behead killed me one big reincarnate, I return archenemy of can acknowledge a mistake life and death to won't do. " the drink like a fish in Wu Ming mouth, it is more below the hand firm, urge after moving gold god bell to reach hideous day, attack the Nereus king of serious injury madly.

Former this locality of that hot red garment woman a misgive immediately expunction. Sword of halt ground celestial being changes color be equal to practice develops the behead in entering the arena to skull of earth king edge of a field.

And right now earth king is bearing desolate morning land is wild attack. A bit not careful sword be flyinged to keeps a not shallow cut in neck hand. Blood gushed madly immediately.

"You were used! " Mabaao cries. Go up together with king of attendant a few different race at the same time. Attack kill Xiang Xiaochen. More somebody attacks Xiang Nabing to fly sanguinely sword.

If light explains sentence of ground of not do a hand's turn. Earth king is dangerous. Mabaao moves at the same time at the same time character path: "Do not want the statement of only one of the parties of believe what one hears. It is such ground... "

"When... "

Leisurely bell noise rises. Zhong Bo is unparalleled. Carry out indiscriminate attack. Bright ground golden light explodes from bell of eternal emperor deity and go out. Flooded whole palace. Mabaaode speech nature was interrupted.

And in this harsh golden light, hideous Queen of heaven was retreated by shake several paces, wu Ming's left hand is high raise rise, little weight of one handle violet gold is changed in its left hand oneself form and piece, heavy down and below.

"Phut "

All-conquering of violet Jin Xiaochui, break act of with nothing left of water of the ground before Nereus king body into pieces at a draught, it is more after that what block that Nereus king the double boxing before the body to be bungled is badly mutilated.

" "

Hematic smooth spurt is splashed, of firm of firm of violet gold little weight hit the wind that is bungled in Nereus king, the voice with broken bone goes, then body of mind of Nereus king ground is dying instantly broke come.

This one setting shakes extremely, one achieves the day king to person state, was attacked to break thoroughly by little weight of one handle violet gold so actually!

"Be... day thunder hammer! " there is reputation of woman Jing expiration in foliaceous home one party: "That is refine implement ancestor ground town sends most valuable treasure. "That is refine implement ancestor ground town sends most valuable treasure..

All these is born between electric flint flower, who hold the post of to also did not think of Wu Ming still has an aggressiveness actually half ancestor most valuable treasure, already refine changes leftward in, destroy in with one action of the moment of truth killed Nereus day king.


Vigorously of bell of eternal emperor deity buckles the ground on Wu Ming the top of head below, the mind of water blue ground that that drifts and goes out was received instantly.

Be furious of attendant king of a few different race is clinking, hideous Queen of heaven attacks Wu Ming madly, 10 thousand laws do not approach bell of god of magic power hard shake, sword fire burns deity ability is undone empty sky more, violent and clinking.

Other king of a few different race already a surge of great fury, among them some people are very irratable, far without Mabaao kind sober, fury come down in torrents to what have a hand in female repair true.

"Clang "

King of two different race moves at the same time, stimulate the redness of skin that shoot and comes to fly the sword was in by confine in sky, after that " crack " be attacked to break.

" "

Female friar of that red garment on the spot buccal gush blood, this life a magic weapon is destroyed, her experience is weighed.

"Division younger sister! "Division younger sister!!

A few rear women all Jing, develop 3 people quickly, hit clever treasure severally, a Mo Yulian, one handle is green flexibly, the hatchet that still has a red, condensing powerful energy wave motion, developed foremost square Na Minggong before the body of garment woman, help what he held off king of two different race kill make a joint attack on absolutely.

Mabaao cries bad, still do not have an explanation, now almost contract enmity. Rear name is white garment woman of Xie Jing, also frown, very apparent she becomes aware already incorrect, drink at the same time with Mabaao almost: "Stop! "Stop!!

But, the make a joint attack on of king of two different race is killed absolutely repair clever really treasure to had encountered with 3 name daughter, cannot collect a hand at all, if have,put momently in this, be taken the chance to attack killed sentence by adversary, consequence is unimaginable.

Although heard Mabaao and leaf to drink sound staticly, but stay a hand without the person, urge instead use extraordinary power, mo Yulian, green flexibly, ray of blood red hatchet 10 thousand, whole palace with three shade beamed awn a brightly lit.

And king of two different race is more promoted the limit superhuman strength, ray millions upon millions, collapse shows and go out, billowy and forward square.

"Bang "

Deafening acoustical sound rises, shake acutenessly let old palace be in violent shake quiver, if not be the force seal of day tablet this cereal, divine palace already melt into is windy.

Haematemesis of 3 female friar is regressive, ray of this their life a magic weapon is bleak, achieve apparently not light, and then the name loses a magic weapon, establish a body to be in foremost square woman is experience more inflict heavy losses on, groggy retrogression.

And the condition of an injury of king of two different race is more serious, 4 arms smash approximately, badly mutilated one.

From Wu Ming accuse falsely points to earth king to be Xiao Chen, be born to such occasion, all all these are born between moment, jing of instant of it may be said changes, have not enough time to prevent at all.

Here ground is intense energy wave motion, and rising and falling ding alarmed the ace in other palace, king of other different rate of nation rushs quickly, the brother that also has Xie Jia naturally and ground of door of Wu Ming division are strong.

Extensive of Wu Ming corners of the mouth removes to sneer, the split second that reach rushs in these people, the friend secret that he is acquainted to a few is passed sound, after that those people are crying to bear down on greatly immediately earth king.

"Then the individual is Xiao Chen, die unexpectedly and revived, really mysterious! Destroy 20 years ago kill me to repair true extent not little Ying Jie, the elder brother that I include in the center... " have agitative speech very much, drink like a fish of that a few people: "Everybody goes up together killed him! "Everybody goes up together killed him!!

They are attacked together kill to earth king, and those who come from door of Wu Ming division is strong also got passing sound is newer the fastest prep close behind is built ever since situation.

Xie Jiagang just came ground ace as it happens sees this one act, this one old Zu Sanying too gentleman dies because of Xiao Chen namely, yan can not envy and hate. The person here never sees Guo Xiaochen, had not entered terrestrial group, heard obedient language to develop the past together.

And come those different race king see the ground two batches are repaired do not divide Qing Gong black and write really, kill wait for a person to earth king, Mabaao,

The hand is greeted enemy strike back.

The Mabaao that explaining with Xie Jing feels the mouth does glossal dry, what all these is born is too fast, from " misunderstanding " begin now, in only moment, a got-up affair upgrades to extremely serious condition.

Xie Jing of white garment woman also sees the thing is wrong already, with Mabaao a drink like a fish stays a hand, but battle royal already exploded, two roughhouse, who agrees to be in photograph of life and death to in take the lead in yielding?

Must say, wu Ming gently a batch, xiao Chen cooperates properly, the instant let a thing lay dramatic change.

A flock of those who repair true extent is strong as big as different race king fight, was born very quickly to bleed incident, the battle is more intense, photograph of everybody life and death to.

What Mabaao enrages is red perpendicular, it is his plan others at ordinary times, can say to go up simply now the ship crosses in the ditch, explain fair thing very easily originally, the result is troubled by gave so big disturbance, really unexpected.

Wu Ming corners of the mouth is hanging a light ground to sneer, he got the energy spirit of Nereus king, nature of mind of earth king ground won't be let off. There had been plan in his heart, the decision goes no longer the energy spirit of clever root of common the five elements, search a body to provide ground of mind of the five elements to come only however person day king, since have Nereus king, earth king, certainly igneous god king waits, if volume is total mind of such the five elements, shirt-sleeve in personal body, so his ground actual strength will promote inconceivable state.

to it the hideous Queen of heaven of hassle is very indignant, although she is one peerlessly beautiful woman, but even stronger than the man, wu Ming does not have the wretch that is a blackness in her eye, sword fire burns a day to bump bell of eternal emperor deity ceaselessly, ding is deafening.

And across, desolate morning firm stabilized voltage makes earth king, long narrow flag of the emperor in the hand keeps cut of a path bloodcurdling on the body of earth king. Shade gas is monstrous, demon cloud rolls, ghost cries the sound of divine wail lets person soul want tremble, also stop only nevertheless hereat.

In remote antiquity vestigial when getting emperor long narrow flag, xiao Chen has become aware cannot urge use an annihilative power, arrived now still such, he was not what reason now, can treat its as only at present Zhan Jian that kind, regard as a weapon that cannot destroy, most valuable treasure of and rather than.

Earth king is already mad, khaki ray blots out the sky and cover up the earth, and when the ultimate state that promotes force when its, pitch-black length also turned color of loess into color.

When Xie Jing stands, drink: "Xie Jiaren gives me drop back! "Xie Jiaren gives me drop back!!

After Xie Jia's ace sees earth king displays the law photograph that change, rehear goes to such drinking to cry, know immediately in the center have big problem.

"Go up to me killed him, I need his mind! " Wu Ming to refine implement ancestor ace drink like a fish, command they are attacked kill earth king, went to what can conceal without what now.

Most the ace of that leaf home that moves first enrages scamper immediately lung, red garment female friar understands how to answer after the event, body is trembling, be about to attack kill Xiang Wuming.

"Drop back! " Xie Jing white garment gets the better of snow, do not eat terrestrial cooked food it seems that, but go out when her there also is an aeriform majesty however when language.

A few indignant Xie Jianv friar immediately strong kept back fury.

In field, refine implement ancestor ace attacks kill to earth king, nature of king of other different rate of nation wants to keep out, big fight is very intense.

Apparent, wu Ming is in to power of earthy travel mind must, for refine body attain to perfect state, to in former days archenemy desolate morning not care a nut.

Foliaceous home ace is temporary outside place oneself thing, in the center detest of nature of a lot of people unceasingly.

"Regrettablly foliaceous laugh aunt is repaired in those days for big damage, shut close to did not go out up to now, otherwise this most valuable treasure can let refine how implement ancestor master in the hand. Wu Ming dare carry treasure to give mountain unexpectedly, must recapture divine bell this, to refine implement ancestor a bit color looks. To refine implement ancestor a bit color looks..

A few youth are beautiful beautiful ground woman, it seems that very furious.

In the middle of, then the name calls Xie Jing's Bai Yi the woman, appearance is elegant, taking light the temperament that gives this world, hearing a few female comment, she slightly frown, path: "Bell of eternal emperor deity is most valuable treasure of the ground in fokelore, never had belonged to some truly familial, xie Tian can hold a bell in the arms and lay the lot that is him then, regrettablly his ability too fill, die young in grow. Nowadays, be afraid call in very hard bell of eternal emperor deity, not long ago I once as big as Wu Ming fight, bell showing a spirit has closed with him it seems that. Bell showing a spirit has closed with him it seems that..

"How is this likely... Wu Ming did that serpentine fellow agree with divine bell unexpectedly? But, divine bell once was in our leaf home two years after all, how can such easily submissively lets a person! " other woman in succession rough.

Xie Jing sighed at a heat, path: "Most valuable treasure is most valuable treasure, that is the idea that it has itself, not be dead other people, OK and free choose advocate. OK and free choose advocate..

Xie Jia's person is very anxious, they had seen, wu Ming is in refine implement ancestor very be in sb's good graces, lei Chuidou is bestowed even day of the most valuable treasure that press down a clique he, defence has handleless cup of eternal emperor deity, attack one day thunder hammer, plus Wu Ming itself already promoted to a high office to person state, actually force lets anybody want to abstain from.

"Stop, such casualties no point! " battle king Ma Ba abstruse drink like a fish, path: "You repair true extent a lot of sectarian archenemy desolate morning here, do not understand you are putting the enemy to disregard really, atttack us however, is this why? Is this why??

Although he has known how to return a responsibility, but intended however and such big growl, drew more repairing immediately true.

"Xiao Chen... is he already did die fall? "Xiao Chen... is he already did die fall??

"That person 20 years ago already melt into withered bone. "That person 20 years ago already melt into withered bone..


Many people are just afflux in this gigantic palace, wen Yan is eristic in succession.

Equestrian Ba Aoshuang nots hesitate expend energy yuan, binocular in shoot light of two bright god, xiang Xiaochen that direction sweep off.

"Real key point? "Real key point??

"Source look look! "Source look look!!

Somebody exclamations, recognized this magic power.

Actual figure is in desolate morning ground immediately divine at present shows source to change and go out, numerous repair true in an uproar. Some people have been to terrestrial group in the center, more a few people see Guo Xiaochen, cried to rise greatly immediately.

"It is him, it is Xiao Chen! It is Xiao Chen!!

Murderous look breaks through a gigantic palace immediately, air temperature is urgent drop suddenly!

Wu Ming is passed hastily sound, let refine implement ancestor strong drop back, now but cannot move again, in case somebody is provocative, aroused numerous anger to be bothered then.

Xiao Chen is by numerous ace besiege in the center of audience hall, everybody's look arrived centrally on his body.

Mobile noise gives condyle, in the center of field of desolate morning independence, form appearance changes greatly appearance, restoring former appearance instantly, alarmed without, bringing a smile even, very calm way: "You met again. "You met again..

"Killed him! "Killed him!!

"Smoke his soul, accuse comfort in day spirit of a martyr! Accuse comfort in day spirit of a martyr!!


A lot of people are in big growl.

Till everybody sound abate, xiao Chen just laughs to Wu Ming: " elder brother just now do we cooperate to still calculate tacit understanding? " elder brother just now do we cooperate to still calculate tacit understanding??

"It is you actually, cannot think of really. " Wu Ming the appearance of a pair of astounded, but even if act in a play, can be you cast aside clear how again? A lot of people in field are very indignant.

Desolate morning turn rounds to Xie Jing again: "Expensive door loss is not big, different race king people skill although firm intense, but killed ten people only just. But killed ten people only just..

Xie Jing hears character to do not have any expression, exceedingly quiet. But Xie Jiaren however fury is billowy, all these is Wu Ming accuse falsely points to be caused by, look at Xiang Lian implement ancestor when kill meaning it is to be not added conceal, also hate at the same time went up attendant different race king.

Xiao Chen face about human body, face different race king, laugh: "We fought this to be hit unexpectedly repair true extent, you is really painstaking, with repair true extent Zhu Jiang to give birth to miserable intense to conflict. The companion is mind is not protected more, became another person advance rank is taller the cordial of the state. Became another person advance rank is taller the cordial of the state..

Different race Wang Zi

Clinking, when seeing Xiang Wuming, eye light is frozen and clinking, be also in at the same time Leng Leng: ? Ye Nashu?

Mabaao sneers, path: "No matter you say what is trashy, you should die necessarily now! You should die necessarily now!!

Xie Jing also gives the news of sounds of nature, path: "Since had decided you are Xiao Chen, what don't have to be able to say so, kill without condone! Kill without condone!!

Extensive of Wu Ming corners of the mouth removes a smile, path: "Xiao Chen you are provocative useless also, you are the enemy of our everybody, do not get rid of now you, old day is met grouchy. Old day is met grouchy..

"I am truth fact says only, you had gotten the soul of Nereus day king nowadays, nature also won't let off the mind of earth day king. Get rid of to moment my hind, won't want to lend Xie Jiazhi force homicide again? " mood of desolate morning ground is very insipid, but tick off however had the internal heat between tripartite popular feeling.

At the moment, although be in personally absolutely, xiao Chen is alarmed not at all, wait for different race Wang Chuanyin secretly towards earth king, Mabaao, path: "Arrived now, I think we should put down enemy to complain, be opposite together enemy. Get rid of otherwise my hind, wu Ming one party can move to you immediately, you although actual strength is powerful, but forgetting here is to repair true extent, their aid can arrive at any time. Their aid can arrive at any time..

Instantly, xiao Chen is passed secretly to Wu Ming again sound, path: "I feel we special be necessary to continue to cooperate... "

Before long he is passed in the dark to Xie Jing again sound, path: "At present Wu Ming has handleless cup of eternal emperor deity not only, still have most valuable treasure of hammer of violet gold god, attack prevent an organic whole, I think by expensive door attendant the word that all people think to call in is very difficult. I can break divine bell to defend, if we cooperate... "

Phonic ground is passed in Xiao Chen at the same time, different race king also is passing the person secret such as sound and Xie Jing to communicate, after all their body is in long inside true sphere of influence, must take care.

And Wu Ming is more with a few are being passed sound communicate, after dropping Xiao Chen with prevent and kill off, refine implement ancestor besiege.

"Killed Xiao Chen! "Killed Xiao Chen!!

"Are you in hesitant what? ! !!

Attendant but not only have Xie Jiayu temper with fire merely implement ancestor person, still have other each ace of large faction, these people see foremost honest person does not act, immediately very rusty.

Final, communicate end, the refine behind Wu Ming implement many ace locks up the different race king such as Zong Jiang, Mabaao, Xie Jiazhong at the same time decided Xiao Chen, they reach consensus, the decision gets rid of first morning of desolate of common ground enemy.

In this gigantic palace, xiu Yueju is more, very fast, the person that enters self-buried cereal knows the news of Xiao Chen rise again almost.

"Have with Xiao Chen complain greatly, and actual strength is superior stay please, yu Tui goes out, guard good outcome. Guard good outcome..

Have strong begin direct, will whole palace is sealed stranded.

Final, gigantic palace is all exit by seal, everybody knows Xiao Chen has 8 looks extremely fast, for fear that he escapes here.

In although still have more person,cannot entering this palace, but attendant on 1000 strong it is each elite that large faction enters philtrum of part of self-buried Gu Na.

Gigantic palace by seal, became a cage, can leave without the person inside short time!

"Xiao Chen your this start off... " a mock smile since extensive of corners of the mouth.

King of all different race and numerous Xiu Zhenquan are gazing at Xiao Chen, they believe to be in palace of this seal ground, xiao Chen cannot flee for his life absolutely, so much person destroys kill him to should resemble grinding dead ants and mole crickets that kind is simple.

Xiao Chen laughs, path: "You is really those who look remove me, attendant achieve the day king to person state sufficient have ten people! " he appears very quiet, it is unhurried on emperor long narrow flag a bit, seal a in this treasure pitch-black skeleton skull was taken.

Hide ground of ancestor god ptomaine just about that skull, be in remote antiquity vestigial in Huang Zuan is grabbed in skeleton king hand those who come, he all the time lay up in lavender wears this to go against heaven and earth to be killed greatly implement, dare not put in dimensional ring, however seal was in inside emperor long narrow flag, lest pass through,return dead universal time by finish.

"So is saying attendant you to must kill me cannot person? "So is saying attendant you to must kill me cannot person??

"Of course, should destroy surely now kill you! Should destroy surely now kill you!!

"Good. " Xiao Chen nods.

Pitch-black skull, twinkling deep and remote dark ray, there is Hei Wu to be in inside emerge move, do not cross everybody and did not realize risk, even if be half ancestor most valuable treasure how, so much person here, destroy kill archenemy easy to do.

"Phut "

Instant of skull ground seal is opened, xiao Chen's will pitch-black skull fling at Wu Ming and different race king that general orientation, hei Wu breaks up emerge, rush quickly.

Xiao Chen turns a light produced by electricity, bear down on contrary and retrorse, 8 photographs world emerges and go out, protect oneself was in inside, stop the attack of everybody, also be to be on guard at the same time ancestor god ptomaine.

"Ah... "

Be in one instantly, frightening cry as one falls, numerous repair piece into piece flat. Only very short time, with respect to enough more than 200 people die an unnatural death, the body turned cadaver water. These are actual strength is repaired formidably, but the resistance that faces ancestor god ptomaine to do not have a tiny bit however.

Xiao Chen also was frightened jump greatly, according to the news that knows, this poison is very few, this thinking cannot be hurt how many person, the result did not think of so overbearing.

Cadaver gas does not come loose, hei Wufei breaks up quickly emerge, the part that spends, long be in a sudden death.

His saw with one's own eyes sees temper with fire implement ancestor two to person state often turned cadaver water on the spot, ancestor god ptomaine is too overbearing.

Almost very short time, there is most strong die an unnatural death in gigantic palace, and ptomaine still is in diffuse quickly.

Come repeatedly person day king is OK poison, this makes a person terrified really, everybody begins to pound seal wildly, want to escape a here.

Seal is to hold back Xiao Chen and those who bring to bear on, solid and clinking, result not only did not defeat seal, locomotive extraordinary power instead more the death that quickened those people.

The woman of half old Xu that renown charm still puts Xie Jiayi, achieve already to person state old, the result runs a little superhuman strength, be in instantly body spirit all destroyed.

Shut light of gas, god to protect the neither canal such as body to use, ancestor god ptomaine corrodes everything!

Even if be desolate morning,protect put oneself in another's position with magic power of 8 photographs world, hide in most the corner of the brim, did not touch first a bit black mist, but also feel giddy.

The horror of ancestor god ptomaine exceeds imagination!

Incessant Yu Er of the frightening cry, outside strong eventually what perception arrived inside is unusual, defeat solution seal quickly.

"Bang "

When the seal of audience hall front door is banged, turn cadaver water on the spot to incoming three people.

Outside repair aghast and clinking, 5 people are left merely inside whole gigantic palace, on 1000 long disappear entirely, water of full ground cadaver.

Wu Ming the top of head is eternal emperor deity bell, those who change head of a golden light to also be not answered is strong piece, the palace that escape Xiang Yuan is in. Hideous Queen of heaven does not invade magic power to protect put oneself in another's position with 10 thousand laws, also be instant flying escape and piece. Battle king Mabaao, complexion is a little black, a word also does not say, rushed out immediately afterwards. It is earth king then, shaking a body to fly off gigantic palace.

Very apparent, even if they escaped, the body also was not raised approximately.

Finally is Xiao Chen with 8 photographs extremely fast escaped.

Repair on true one party 1000 elite strong, include a few large faction ten ace to person state, all of all body spirit destroys.

And king of nearly 20 different race, escape merely 3 people, complete collapse thoroughly approximately likewise.

Be without ask, this is sure is the major event that shocks 5 groups!