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Cage of world of the 447th chapter

Beautiful beautiful belles good-bye, my gold 300 million meetings come back! My gold 300 million meetings come back!!

This is gold 300 million before leaving a poetic name of China, leave a message finally, sound is between heaven and earth resound of for a long time.

Repair considering his for with safe problem, xiao Chen does not want to take him to enter dead world originally, but this fellow shows the day paints the land, pledge by every means with entreat, achieve what one wishes eventually.

Tell the truth Xiao Chen is right he very have a headache, just reach divine village before long, this fellow begins an extensive peach blossom, moved a small campstool to be chosen in the village designedly a favorable position, blowing whistle, watch those brilliant minds Li of a group of things with common features a bamboo basket and girl.

Do not cross gold the position with 300 million best discovery is held already, a Huang Zuan skeleton appears with him it is men of the same line, double eye brights commonly like the wolf put light.

"Are you in brother why on earth? "Are you in brother why on earth??

"I am seeking the good thing of the life. " Huang Zuan skeleton the appearance of a pair of be sanctimonious, did not answer even the head, blink what do not blink to staring at the beautiful girls inside the village, ask at the same time: "Are you in brother why on earth? "Are you in brother why on earth??

Gold the tongue-shy defect of 300 million appears the background became good, face not hearts does not jump, the mouth preach of rodomontade: "I am being dug ordinary medium beauty.

" if his eye bears a check mark general, as the god the girl puts a group of things with common features beauty on the ice orchid form and mobile, the head does not have roll, but two arc ray is fired however in the eye.

Huang Zuan skeleton is like encountered bosom friend general, do not nod saying is, path: "Be, there is too much beauty to need us to discover in reality. There is too much beauty to need us to discover in reality..

"Right. Any bonnily things need us to be brave in exploration and discovery. " gold 300 million feel self-identity. Appearance of a pair of serious and clinking ground.


Two people are share the same rotten tastes simply. Talk about a short while bell already call each other brothers. Finally is to tick off a shoulder to build a back more. One pair meets appearance of the ground that hate evening: "Hahaha... brotherly lot. "Hahaha... brotherly lot..

Gold 300 million with after killing broken wolf one time to chat. Be like,see. The ground in heating up ground of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy to communicating the life " beautiful " with " good " .

"Regrettablly ah in fact laic and too much. See us very hard so elegant person. Bosom friend is looked for hard. Alas be loneliness of ground of too high to be popular. Alas be loneliness of ground of too high to be popular..

"Common. Those people too common. Have an eye for without a bit appeal at all beautiful. Be not carried. Continue our ground asthetic mood. Hey. Look quickly. That girl returns really beautiful dazzle to look. That girl returns really beautiful dazzle to look..

"That is Hua Jiaobing of a pair of sisters Lan Yuxue dream. Nevertheless, you should know brother, although we are like brothers, but beauty also is impayable. But beauty also is impayable..

"Right, although we am elegant person, ripe return ripe who moves my beauty, my chop his brothers. My chop his brothers..

"Do we go to otherwise brother first compare notes compare notes? "Do we go to otherwise brother first compare notes compare notes??

"Good ah pursuit is beautiful, be about to prepare to give courage! Be about to prepare to give courage!!


What Xiao Chen looks by is complete without language do not know to say this two guy what became good.

Transient when here, kill broken wolf to still do not forget rebuke desolate morning two: "Eldest brother is not I say you, you should break away from that side laic, want to learn us, know discovery and appreciation beauty. Know discovery and appreciation beauty..

Gold the 300 million appearance that also are a pair of rodomontade, eye extensive peach blossom, hope the day sighs: "Life is loneliness is like snow really, alas, like me such elegant person is honest too little. Like me such elegant person is honest too little..

Desolate morning spank one, be taken two guy to fly completely.

Nearby, universal day and person alien show contamination of waste enamel, in a low voice talked about rise.

"Be him really? "Be him really??

"It is immortal really it seems that that child. "It is immortal really it seems that that child..

Only then after fighting broken wolf into divine village discovery, universal day and person alien begin darkling to observe him.

Desolate morning expression easily, ask: "Do two elder know him? "Do two elder know him??

"It is it seems that what I was missing that thousands of years is prentice. " universal the day is stroking smooth the lower jaw, show whimsical look.

"... " Xiao Chen feels it doesn't matter can say, really what master gives prentice, universal day a row half ancestor state, but be like a bad boy however general, kill broken wolf to have its color as expected, be worthy of according to legend of one arteries and veins.

"Does he cry immortal? " person alien is not at ease ask.

"Right, say to cry before him immortal, but say later not Mu Changsheng, incognito make fight broken wolf. " here, desolate morning frown, path: "Regrettablly, he forgot preexistence it seems that a variety of, have a few fragmentary memory only. Have a few fragmentary memory only..

According to the meaning of person alien, the point wakes kill broken wolf preexistence to remember, but universal the day magnanimouses exceedingly however, path: "The past already, immortal already died, let him make fight broken wolf. Nevertheless after all with my division apprentice, I cannot treat unfairly he, aid him to moment photograph. Aid him to moment photograph..

Apparent, universal although the day is wanton, one pair mixes the appearance of the world, but prentice to this still value quite, or angel emperor god is tongue-lashed in also won't be being blocked up in heaven at the outset.

Xiao Chen and two half ancestor the plan is in divine village rest and reorganization a few days, after that to dead mainland in set out.

During, universal the cadaver bug that the day discovered to that has drawn emperor blood, asked for the past forcibly, refine changed its elite to accomplish fight broken wolf.

At the outset Xiao Chen is achieved to person state, the haemal work of emperor cannot be done not have. And that cadaver bug guards emperor long narrow flag all the year round, absorption hematic fine is same many, natural accumulate embodied endless essence, how may have the actual strength to person state with bug of a cadaver otherwise.

Of course, ancient and vestigial in seal up for keeping the hematic pool that has emperor long narrow flag, major elite is in of years elapse dropped off in the process, the effect will be otherwise bigger.

Number day comes, kill broken wolf to command the kindling biology of exterior district makes visit ceaselessly, be informed underground those gigantic bone that surmount emperor still are in, did not recombine, boat of Ju Jun king is buried greatly also in that earth under. But the least bit information that did not provide cadaver of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease then from beginning to end, he resembles is without foundation evaporated general.

There is Xiao Chen, person only when start off alien, universal day, as to gold 300 million with kill broken wolf to was lost to be in divine village, do not cross these two fellow however also readily take the opportunity to stays free, have the risk that is played by the belle of divine village at any time of course.

A jade-like stone a jade-like stone to also be left in here, two half ancestor photograph is followed, not was necessary

. And, bub stays really in dead world be bored with, here: ? Fat Qian of arrogant of an ancient nationality in China of Mi Na hoarse?

Universal day and person alien want to know dead world in detail, a 3 people did not fly, go on foot in vain on the way. Of course, even if is such, many their rate is rapidder than common person also.

When the zone that enters girl emperor to dominate, see cheap again quite when, had been the thing after half an year.

The emperor city with lofty lofty is like erst, grand and majestic the kindling live thing inside is not strange to Xiao Chen, took them very quickly cheap quite mansion.

"With a ha breath out... met again. " look reach cheap quite the humor is good, the whole body 7 colour skeleton is glittering and translucent and ablaze.

Xiao Chen from to the message female emperor is returned over there him did not come back, enter dead mainland in old, disappeared at this point it seems that. Of course his emperor also did not send the least bit message.

If not be every emperor left powerful battle emperor to be stationed in base camp, the district that is afraid place is regnant is already old random.

"Can have ever you discovered the cadaver that have unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease? " Xiao Chen cares this problem very much, he feels that arrives formidably the existence with scared feeling letting a person still is in dead world certainly.

Cheap nods quite: "Had discovered a few times. "Had discovered a few times..

"What, discover count second, where has he gone out? Where has he gone out??

"In us this city has gone out, black clouds rolls at that time pressure fall to the ground, scene is extremely horrible. Nevertheless, that powerful god reads aloud to sweep and pass in Chengzhongyi merely, disappeared thoroughly. I hear city of additionally a few emperor also produced same thing. I hear city of additionally a few emperor also produced same thing..

Xiao Chen, universal alien of day, person all astounded, cadaver wants what to do after all, appear in emperor city talk to want to search emperor ace to won't do only?

Now, the assurance that everybody has 9 to become can conclude that evil cadaver to dead mainland in set out.

Those on the way emperor are afraid unfavorable situation is bad.

Die nevertheless what is there after all in the mainland?

According to foregone message, it seems that a lot of emperor think to inside set out and cadaver of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease also was participated in come in, very difficult anticipation can have what kind of result.

Xiao Chen thought of the ancestor god such as another problem Wa appears to also be in this world again second birth of flesh and blood, she disappeared so old, entered innermost zone already?

Be stationed in in this emperor city stayed a few days, xiao Chen they again start off.

This is go on a long journey, will enter Xiao Chen previously never the region that ascertain crosses.

Still go before the choice is pedestrian, this goes even if full two years, during transient two emperor city, in emperor the person such as the Xiao Chen inside regnant district does not think ask for trouble, did not make more stay. Understand however in the dark nevertheless, cadaver of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease once patronage crosses city of those two emperor, will among them an emperor was hit die partly.

Xiao Chen they for this thing, fully darkling checks explore a few months is superabundant, know fine feeling eventually, the emperor that that nearly is destroyed kill by cadaver of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, the armour bone that there is one horn broken it seems that in the hand pursues.

Cadaver of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease reaved armour bone graph!

This is the message of a shock letting a person really, they were informed Xiao Chen accidentally cadaver of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease arrives the reason of each emperor city.

What kind of secret is armour bone graph having after all? Be mastered in the hand by emperor secret, having uncommon place necessarily.

And the cadaver of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease of class of an ancestor god is valued so nowadays, more appear not general.

And the one horn that still is broken only then just, imagine whole armour character pursues very hard, meet after all how-to to He Fang, can open what kind of secret.

"We go to otherwise look for that emperor to talk, asking him after all is how to return a responsibility " universal day range shows perverse trend, look into the distance is worn the emperor wall that is thrown in back already. The emperor that is beaten dead by nearly of cadaver of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease is in that huge city.

Person alien shakes his head, path: "Calculated, here is the dead world that we still do not know, in case his call comes a few powerful emperor are aided blast, full world is chased after kill us bad. Full world is chased after kill us bad..

They again start off, continue to side with dead mainland in set out, universal day and person alien are in watch explore everywhere, want what to decide it seems that, and Xiao Chen goes on a long journey this regarded as all previous of cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine is experienced, 3 people hurry on with his journey without rapid move.

"You not wondering? " universal the day starts to talk: "In this death world, unexpectedly know exactly about sth 10 thousand lis Great Wall is vestigial. Unexpectedly know exactly about sth 10 thousand lis Great Wall is vestigial..

"Help fellow doing then really? " the scene that person alien also showed dignified.

"Do two elder conclude what to give? " Xiao Chen asks.

"Discovered cage. "Discovered cage..

"What cage? " Xiao Chen some indissoluble.

"With the trap that the world builds. " universal weather channel: "Go, continue to advance, can discover somewhat certainly. Can discover somewhat certainly..

The 3rd year, they walked into Xiao Chen more the region with vast vast, occurrence kindling biology even more powerful.

And, still appear via regular meeting occasionally the brutal and unreasonable biology of see what one has never seen before of a few never heard of before. If do not have half ancestor the actual strength of the state, cannot carry these dangerous district at all.

"What sound? " universal the day stopped alertly suddenly.

Person alien also place induction, show the scene of dignified, path: "Exceeding and dangerous. "Exceeding and dangerous..

Not morning of desolate of a long time also the induction arrived.

Dead Campagna, boundless.

Ahead, transmit blast a noise, although sound is not big, but however accumulate containing the power like an as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood!

Distant ahead, have the thing with extremely terrible what it seems that.

"Rumble "

On Campagna of redness of skin, grey flying smoke destroys between instantly of 3 only big hill.

"What is that? ! " person alien cried amazedly.