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The 521st chapter withdraws this world

Zu Jun warship opens system pitch-black sparkle, do not have soundlessly in the sky appear in a poetic name of China between breath this colossus is ~ the Zu Jun with dead world and different bound are clinking the refine of hold a memorial ceremony for of bone body elite of ancestor god and into, was to condense the light that always dawns more in the center, solid it is enginery of a super war.

"Toot toots " ... "

Sound of Zu Jun warship moves vast sky, had delimited the horizon of a poetic name of China, had developed a few battlefield quickly, the tremendous hull of person of imposing manner approach, the part that spends can keep out two place battlefield to go up without the person, different extent main forces was developed on the spot a scattered here and there, a lot of people did not understand how to return a responsibility, was smashed by this super warship.

Xiao Chen controls Zu Jun warship bore down on quickly Tian Jian, over there the big fight of ancestor god had arrived to turn white-hot, millions upon millions stars is shaking quiver.

Bloodcurdling superhuman strength lets popular feeling quiver, even if be like present Xiao Chen by force, also have a feeling of a Jing Song.

Rumble " drama shake ten million is narrow day is forever dismal go down, changed flying ash thoroughly, of the biff that is ancestor god then power.

It is under mighty force of day of this kind of Jing, even if be powerful half ancestor, also can helpless deep sigh, have hard as 2 " when, a bulky battle lance horizontal stroke is empty and over- , unbroken and endless, also do not know 10 thousand lis how to many have, see clearly sky, raise an ancestor spirit was in on lance sharp edge.

The blood of ancestor god, splatter in Xing Yuzhong, be just as the ocean of redness of skin, flooded sky.

Apparent, at the moment universal in battlefield, phlogistic yellow, old Zu Long just was held windward, although the number is little, but battle force is powerful.

Brush extremely the ray with sodden be buried alive with the dead, had swept big sky, instant flooded the Zu Jun warship in the flight. Discrepant bound ancestor god discovered unusual, carried out annihilative attack to Xiao Chen.

"Toot does " " sky of sonic boom of Zu Jun warship, it is refine of for the war hold a memorial ceremony for to go out too kill implement, connect body black smooth bright, connected immediately dead world, hold the post of ten million to weigh divine light to bear down on entirely windy, in be being swept without a bit superhuman strength it 2 meanwhile, xiao Chen controls warship developed the past quickly.

"Bang "

Zu Jun warship is general like the blade that is all-conquering, the group of in defeating sky ancestor god cement of firm firm, developed that different group at a draught of ancestor god close before.

Phut "

Pitch-black warship that different group ancestor god strikes heavily flew, this result beyond everybody's anticipation, that ancestor god is more stunned and clinking, appear to dare not believe a little.

Xiao Chen has an impulse now, think very much immediately a picture that hold a memorial ceremony for gives broken, but he kept back, because he is not ancestor god after all, be afraid inflict heavy losses on very hard truly ahead overmatch of that different bound.

He needs to await an opportunity, do not move criterion with, skill is like thunderbolt, shake day uses the land, broken ancestor god!

Different bound ancestor god rash Lupeisi has been avoided phlogistic the yellow one fist that write down dragon, cold track: "Well good, you if really preparation is adequate, although overmatch of ancestor god class is very few, but the resort is not little, made even this kind of warship come out. Made even this kind of warship come out..

By the La Yufeng that old farmer sees clearly, retreat a thousand li, after recombining divine body, also be to sneer again and again, path: "Even if your preparation is sufficient, in the end also changes predeterminate outcome hard. In the end also changes predeterminate outcome hard..

The different group that is stricken to fly by Zu Jun warship just now ancestor god, the tremendous black warship before understanding a key point eventually at the moment why content, the Xiao Chen on fling hull, sound inhospitality is merciless, path: "Ants and mole crickets, I am preferential your life! I am preferential your life!!

"Be afraid you cannot are like wish. " the lance of big undone fight in old farmer hand, when the habit that supports La Yufeng, also this ancestor god enveloped renown different bound to go in, path: "You and blue eaves peak are destined to want to nurse a grievance below lance of big undone fight be defeated die!

Old amaranthine wants less madcap, this generation your there is no escape. " that ancestor god answers a body, attack at the same time again with La Yufeng kill old farmer.

But be in at this moment, xiao Chen controls again Zu Jun warship bumped to come over, old farmer should invite that different group intentionally it seems that ancestor spirit takes shrivelled, lance of big undone fight sees clearly heaven and earth, suppress him was in below lance sharp edge.

Hold the post of La Yufeng to come to help, fraction of lance of big without shake also undone fight, just shook what old farmer attacks a few shake just.

"Phut, light of dark of Zu Jun warship is towering, smash stars, split second is strong to close before, bump heavily in that different bound again on the body of ancestor god.


This, be pressed by lance of big undone fight subjacent different bound ancestor god bore endless pressure, be bumped at the moment, defend without surplus power at all. The mouth that is bumped into on the spot vomits blood, chest place caved to go down, sufferred apparently inflict heavy losses on.

"Insignificant, ants and mole crickets, you hurt me unexpectedly... , the split second that ancestor mind body crosses this different boundary, sinister in appearance, murderous look is towering, facial features was out of shape approximately.

Like him this is planted progressional overmatch, half ancestor essential mobile phone reads quickly: Literal edition head rise in revolt in order to hurt him, adversary can be overmatch of ancestor god class only, be in an unfavorable situation in desolate morning at hand at the moment haematemesis, honest to him it is a kind of disgrace.

"I should let all of your body spirit destroy! "I should let all of your body spirit destroy!!

His instant rushed, sky of approach of block of its right hand, blot out the sky and cover up the earth and fall, the dance morning that wants to get on Zu Jun warship grabs and pulverize.

Invincible might shakes ten million in, cosmic stars dog is queasy, in this mad billows below, the galaxy all round changed flying ash entirely.

Zu Jun warship is acuteness and jolty, but do not have any broken evidence however, of hull exceed stably want " your adversary is me, not frivolous! " old farmer iron the heart wants this different group ancestor god is good-looking, horizontal stroke of lance of big undone fight is empty, blocked him again, aeriform kill meaning nearly that that only huge hand is seen clearly smash.

Meanwhile, old farmer also stays in stop of blue eaves summit, new war is together.

Phut "

When Xiao Chen the 7th horizontal stroke is empty and outdated, that different bound ancestor look is thoroughly wild, be squelched intentionally 7 times by old farmer, be controlled by Xiao Chen Zu Jun warship bumps fly, even if be clay figurine,also want angry 2 " ants and mole crickets, humble reptile, you make me angry, do not kill you today, oath is not a person! Oath is not a person!!

Ancestor god sends different bound poisonous oath, ceaseless concussion, want to leave the battle group of old farmer, his fury by aroused thoroughly.

Xiao Chen establishs a body to be on Zu Jun warship, exceedingly quiet mouth " insect is not dry cry, have ability you kill me. Have ability you kill me..

Be despised so by the ants and mole crickets in his eye, and say for insect, different bound the eye light of ancestor god is compared immediately cold winter of the twelfth month of the lunar year is even freezing.

Escape gives world outside, no longer in the five elements! No longer in the five elements!!

Be in at this moment, different bound ancestor god put to good use ban some kind hair, drink growl so, all over a unit of length of ray ten million, the stars all round was flooded entirely.

Be in this one instantly, he eventually the escape in the battlefield from old farmer dominant go out, attack directly kill Xiang Jianchen 2 " phut, tremendous palm is patted fall and fall, smash sky, invincible might matchless, cannot keep out!

Old farmer is binocular in with nothing left shines, but did not come to help however, resembling is to unaware kind breathe out greatly:

"Good, you leave, my as it happens destroys kill La Yufeng. My as it happens destroys kill La Yufeng..

La Yufeng sneers: "Even if you calculate held a dominant position temporarily, also cannot how I.

Bang, far, tremendous palm is patted fall and fall, light of dark of Zu Jun warship is towering, smash galaxy, held off biff of this Jing day actually.

Xiao Chen still is in bear, rely on warship to defend, did not show a broken blast graph.

"Ants and mole crickets is ruined! " different bound the huge hand of ancestor god is broken space, inside warship of direct explore Xiang Zujun, catch Xiang Xiaochen.

But, be in this momently, connected the warship with pitch-black body to blur suddenly to rise, millions upon millions stars appears all round, profess a space, as if was attributed to lasting and sealed place.

The palm of ancestor god extends different scope indefinitely, but lying between a sky with warship from beginning to end, cannot true lay a finger on arrives.

With a ha breath out " old farmer laughs, the ants and mole crickets in the mouth cannot destroy even you kill, you still have what face to become different bound ancestor god, the lance of big undone fight in his hand more swift and fierce, should take the advantage of this opportunity to destroy it seems that kill La Yufeng.

Need cover accept Yu Jiezi! " different bound Sen Han of ancestor god speech, old hand enclothes sky, become Zu Jun warship of a world oneself, the sky all round its is fast and contractible, will be received namely.

When a period of ten days is pressing, he employed ** force, want fast battle quick decision, avoid nearby La Yufeng to be attacked to kill by old farmer.

When concentration atttacks Zu Jun warship with all one's strength, also be him alarm the hour with be awed the laxest sex. Abrupt, endless kill desire is strong to, lance condensed the big undone fight of old farmer to be killed indefinitely meaning, had annihilative charge to him.

Although battle lance is not strong to, but that is killed meaning it is however old farmer erupts since battle most bloodcurdling idea, swear to destroy kill him!

Killing La Yufeng is false, attack killing him just is true, everything before is paralytic nevertheless him.

"Phut, this different bound the chest of ancestor god dies immediately broken man, meanwhile, the head also is seen clearly, the soul is to suffer more inflict heavy losses on, he is struggling to want to recombine the body 2 but old farmer is iron to death the heart should kill him, bear endless superhuman strength atttacks La Yufeng, spelling oneself to vomit a few big blood, undone battle lance is developing the dog ceaselessly ancestor god shocks this different group.

Can see clearly the universe, the battle lance of undone temporal, erupted most terrible kill meaning, as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, this different bound the body of ancestor god and soul see clearly do not become model.

"Bang " eventually will smash.

, old farmer is successive gush blood, he does not know to invite that different group all of spirit of ancestor mind body destroys, but must have turned round to defy La Yufeng, go down so again he also cannot be propped up.

"Make you disappointed, I am done not have ruined " system of that broken ancestor god warfare and soul side with gather together one case quickly and go, want to recombine a body.

His sound enmity is clinking, although do not have,be destroyed this kill, but that is killed endlessly meaning make his vigour big hurt, sufferred inflict heavy losses on adv unimaginablily.

His superhuman strength declines cereal bottom, be afraid of a ninefold day half ancestor may cause particular menace to him at the moment.

"Won't make you disappointed! " be in at this moment, the Xiao Chen on ancestor house warship couldn't help moving eventually, horizontal stroke of 30 battle sword is empty, broken blast the graph emerges and go out, misty, slowly rotate a 2 broken graphs look be like gently, but the ancestor god that should recombine warfare system towards that with the imposing manner of press forward with indomitable will however is ground press and go!

Whole sky is vibrating, the ray of millions upon millions stars is condensed and come, in changing endless sword light to blend in a graph of broken.

Have earthshaking mighty force!

A graph of broken rotate and crime instant, that different bound ancestor god immediately big growl rise: "Not! " but everything is late, vigour is hurt greatly, he what still recombine the soul without there's still time, be ground to press by Mo Ce of a vast's unthinkable horrible force and pass, broke with respect to collapse at a draught.

"My through the ages is eternal! " the different bound that the soul smashs ancestor god, still gave out howl so, but a picture of broken is successive shake 9 times, obliterate its fetch power one most every time 2 bang, different bound ancestor god broke down thoroughly eventually, incorporeal consciousness by complete break up.

A grim picture, different bound ancestor god was effaced!

The person all round dare believe all these scarcely, absolutely did not think of bound of a different ancestor god is so ruined.

Zhan Jian, it condensed a graph actually! " rash Lupeisi cries, it seems that special astonish.

"How likely, condensed a graph really unexpectedly! " La Yufeng is amazed also unceasingly.

Clearly, gone bound of a different ancestor god, do not have broken far blast the occurrence of the graph is big to their concussion 2 " bang " be in at this moment, transmit in sky blast a horrible wave motion. A poetic name of China, ancestor dragon village in the sky, ancestor god walks out of 4 different bound, they one pace was stridden universal in sky, come towards this battlefield.

At the moment, old Zu Long of phlogistic Huang Yu and old farmer almost cost went the superhuman strength of most, the arrival of this fresh troops, the condition that allows them immediately nots allow hopeful.

And dance morning is to know more, he current still cannot be contended for with ancestor god sharp edge blast the figure is really powerful, but his oneself is far still however did not reach that state.

Blast the graph can wound ancestor god, but ancestor god can destroy likewise the assemble body that kills him, if fight recklessly, it is him certainly first body spirit all destroys.

"Toot toots... ... ... " sky of sonic boom of Zu Jun warship, old Zulong of phlogistic Huang Yu is strong Mo Xiao forgets with old farmer and Wuzhi impress is passed sound, a few people developed warship quickly what need not 2 desolate morning explain more, everything what old Zu Long of phlogistic Huang Yu knows Zu Jun warship naturally 2 because, the Zu Jun of dead world once kept a spirit brand, when Xiao Chen returns to a poetic name of China, then Duan Shenguang has borne down on universal, was received by old Zu Long of phlogistic Huang Yu.

Wood! " phlogistic yellow drink like a fish.

Vast sky of lacerate of Zu Jun warship, bore down on quickly in sky.

All these is despair letting a person before, different bound does not know how to many ancestor god is in at present in this sky had shown 12 people.

How to go battle?

"Go to dead world! " the sound of old Zu Long is grave, fall exceedingly dustpan.

Abandon a poetic name of China and all directions world, so mean admit to fail, put up with of this civilized times this is terminative!

, , zu Jun warship shakes Xing Yu, more and more ambiguous, more and more distant, disappear eventually disappear.

Recall the different group that does not abandon closely after ancestor god, all attack all comes to nothing 2 " hum, escape temporarily, escape generation? ! " at the moment, of self-buried Gu Qian strong ancestor god, did not know when to had come universal battlefield, looking at the direction that Zu Jun warship disappears, his pupil is put on the ice dark clinking, cold close to bewitching evil and horror.

Father, that warship has the flavor that I found you your bone body elite! " this extremely strong ancestor god, it is numerous it seems that the head of ancestor god is gotten, the right hand is patted heavily was in in sky, whole sky rumbles blare, also do not know how to many stars changed flying ash, all round change thoroughly in ten million for dark district, a bit ray has no longer.

At the moment he was full of endless enmity and detest.

"Where did they go to? " ancestor god asks group of a different cautiously.

From this strong ancestor god that self-buried cereal comes, eye Guang Senhan, was full of endless rancor, cold track: "Dead world! " dead world? " dead world??

Pretty good, my father is clinking ancestor god, be missing at self-buried Gu Qian in former days, he left main message to us over " say to collect so, we should enter dead world, does ability obliterate them thoroughly? " pretty good, true battle open, we perhaps should are opposite go up in former days old friend