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The 583rd chapter goes against day battle treasure to be born

Stone box does not cross one feet to grow, resembling it seems that is a common stone burnish and become above the design that carving a few faintness, years callosity, quarter graph has been effaced approximately. Do not look to give this stone box to have any special place, but heavy treasure of Wang Zhe is stone implement commonly, let a person so cannot small gaze.

"Hahaha. Old goat guffaw, a pair of appearance that be fully contented, path: "This always this are right, I look to know with respect to this stone box is the thing that the tycoon has used. I look to know with respect to this stone box is the thing that the tycoon has used..

Here, of his too impatient to wait go opening stone box, wanting to watch treasure of the so called battle that counter a day is after all why content.

Be lifted in stone box the instant of a lid, effluvial and tangy, old hill Yang Zhi receives buccal foam, show the whites of eyes, thud was in on the ground, limb tic, all over convulsion, with apoplectic general.

Nearby, xiao Chen shuts breath already, covered nose, it is with the god the graph is suppressed more advanced, hold back the sort of unthinkable effluvial, complete with over there isolated come.

"My ¥ % ... &* " old goat is fumed burst into tears, river body is asp, at the same time buccal foam, built what the box builds hardship at the same time rise.

"Whetstone stone animal of your grandfather, I was not over to you " old goat at the same time retch, admire a day to cry at the same time: "Father had never had so big deficient, will not absolutely refuse to to rest henceforth! Will not absolutely refuse to to rest henceforth!!

Between haste, xiao Chen is absentminded in seeing that stone case, have a pair of broken hoses it seems that, still have one Tuo...

Xiao Chen feels a bit dumbfounded, what person do this predict? ! Be day group tycoon really, at the moment this little old guy already of sex of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, and animal of that whetstone stone however more fade caustic, straight dispute ordinary person is not commonplace all right, the wind that how looks to do not have overmatch model.

"Vomit " old goat threw that stone case forcibly, bend over to go up retch, emphatic is pulling goat moustache, catch below one big beard.

"My a respectful form of address for an old person crosses a ship in first time ditch, early knowing whetstone stone animal is a thing least of all, did not think of so shade caustic, unexpectedly such humiliate I, do not absolutely refuse to rest in the future! " old goat first time is depressed and crazy because of eating shrivelled.

In the depth of diameter of palace of that sun star, in the Sukhavati with beautiful and picturesque scenery, a child child is turning over fall, breath out the yock that breath out. Outside person imagines very hard, passing the whetstone stone animal with fierce power of call the turn is appearance of child Tong Mo unexpectedly, look person cultivate is harmless.

But this is the surface is shown only just, if walk out of a hand, extremely terrible however, after childlike be laughing and playing passes, his pupil shoots two gloomy and cold crime look.

Of exterior district big in, old hill odd mood hard be pacified, the tooth makes sound in creak creak wish old molar of snap full mouth.

"Hahaha " " Xiao Chen guffaw, also did not sympathize with a heart, see this is old eventually what the thing maintains a clumsy to breath out hard became lubricious, coconut gem " you two tweedledum and tweedledee, solid it is men of the same line, I feel you should are close to well in the future, great communicating. Great communicating..

"Cross transaction hand, made them conscious arrive, this is extremely big error, that goes against day battle treasure to had not been born, lie in seal... " the sarcastic remarks that old goat pays no attention to Xiao Chen, oneself considered rise, path: "Need to use special method, ability is sought seize, otherwise these a few tycoons already somewhat alert, tiger's mouth-jaws of death of very difficult helper unplugs tooth. Tiger's mouth-jaws of death of very difficult helper unplugs tooth..

"Bang "

Be in at this moment, in beautiful Sukhavati, give out acuteness noise, celestial being hill dies one after another broken, the root of an earth resembles the back that is heaven and earth going out in the break ground in boom, in siding with a sky, tower aloft and rise.

People is blinked, in Sukhavati at a draught many many friar, everybody is in look at that to unplug the ground and the gigantic mountain that have, lotus king, stone cadaver, whetstone stone animal is shown change in different district, 3 big tycoons keep away from of purpose it seems that each other, do not think the front conflicts.

"Phut "

What alarm enters a sky is medium 100 arteries and veins on ancestor root, a grandiose gigantic Gong Fu shows and go out, over there celestial being mist is wispy, muddleheaded brilliance is on the move, the vermeil gigantic door of lock gives out Zhi ah ah noise, crash when big open leaves greatly after that.

"When " rising and falling Zhong Ming rings, shake whole Sukhavati.

"Bang... " it is bosomy noise then, shake Zhu Tian.

The bell between the gigantic palace on ancestor root rouses 100 arteries and veins Lou Changming is ceaseless, clear is being accused in former days astral palace of Wang Zhe opens open the envelop to imprint thoroughly,

"Toot toots... "

Evil wind is fulminatory, cadaver enrages vivid day, endless black mirage breaks up emerge, be just as advent of curtain of night, stone cadaver developed that palace the first times in.

"Old cadaver does not want too impatient, may hold out cadaver here forever otherwise " although whetstone stone animal looks be like child child general, but speech Sen Han, shake 10, let a person have blast an asphyxial feeling, he did not go palace gate, immediate shock breaks one slants to the hall arrives and fall.

A houseleek blossoms, all round mirage is hazy, space of lotus king lacerate, she with clinking god China the section of second half section that enveloped heavenly palace.

Far, other overmatch calm view its change, tycoon of 3 days of big bounds comes on stage, they dare not be in this, go contending for on moment, can static wait for an opportunity, heavenly palace was set up a separatist regime by force of arms completely by 3 people.

Everybody cannot think of, be in at this moment, an old hand falls from the day suddenly, will whole heavenly palace is enclothed was in below, vigorously is caught, want such building to go whole a gigantic palace. Even, those who connect 3 big tycoons is reincarnate be in of huge hand envelop below, when 3 people manage, be atttacked.

"Rumble grand "

Sukhavati produced earth shake, 100 arteries and veins although ancestor root is solid, but also appeared at the moment crack, the gigantic palace above is like the float in angry billow, ceaseless and jolty.

"The person that the battle of the day is gone against millions upon millions years ago, true somebody returned " drink like a fish of whetstone stone animal, the first moves, a rainbow awn is hit wear heaven and earth, towards the sky medium huge hand rushs.


Houseleek is vibratile, resembling is to arms of ten million god issued clang news, shi Lian flutters piece pieces to rush towards the tremendous palm in the sky.

"Bang "

Cadaver enrages a day, endless dark light is towering and case, stone cadaver is timely move, hei Wu breaks up emerge, between heaven and earth black boundless and indistinct.

Far, all overmatch are all and regressive, absolutely did not think of not only day group tycoon came 3 people, it is the person go against day battle before coming to millions upon millions years more, this is the super big event that enough shocks day group absolutely.

Everybody look bright, backtrack of neither one person, silent watch fight beyond, treasure of the battle that counter a day has allure too really, everybody is conceivable.

Especially, a few big tycoons and the person that go against day battle, did not dispatch true body, do not miss appearance of true life and death it seems that to, this is the opportunity of everybody, if not be to scruple the identity of a few big tycoons, some people are enough and those in the center reincarnate dispute on any account.

Now, all rivers are in exercise restraint, be afraid when the Zhan Baofu that take seriously shows and going out, the hour that is everybody insanity arrived.

"Phut "

In the Jing day of 4 big overmatch collision falls, this Sukhavati begins violent and asp, after that the sun star palace of exterior district follows jolty rise.

In this momently, the sun is narrow blossom a blazing ray, together after that Jing deity rainbow is towering and case, astral palace of Wang Zhe and the ray that then Sukhavati erupts suddenly to bright.

Treasure of the battle that counter a day is born, enveloping a muddleheaded ray, mirage mist, mysterious Mo Ce, what is doing not have a person to be able to see that clear truly after all.

"Kill! "Kill!!

Be in at this moment, the eccentric of with hair dishevelled holds Shi Jian to be killed to respectful, this is the first dares to participate in tycoon and the go friar among the person that go against day battle.

Be the same as for a short while, know exactly about sth form rushs to bear down on directly the battle treasure that then muddleheaded brilliance diffuses, all begins to contend for grab rise.

Sukhavati shakes, astral palace shakes, sun star shakes quiver, the breath here diffuses to day group earth immediately, be gone to by induction of a lot of overmatch for a short while.

The person that moves innocently originally, also be unable to bear or endure at the moment alluring, many powerful divine knowledge explore come to sun star.

"Bang "

The day group ancient battlefield millions upon millions years ago, in this it is strong more momently an a blood light, enlightened whole day group, shake the alternate that met time.

Many people give out Jing cry.

"The person go against day battle before another hundred million all ages "

"Fabulous as expected truly, total meeting has so two 3 people can return in safety! Total meeting has so two 3 people can return in safety!!

Hematic smooth horizontal stroke is empty, from that day group ancient battlefield direct be well versed in arrived inside sun star palace, let complex and seize treasure big fight intensely more turn white-hot.

"Dong Dong war drum is long cry, the gigantic island that far sky floats, from the day rush quickly in the bound, fly to sun star palace.

On day group earth, many friar are startled again.

"Last day group big fight, disastrous defeat of impending island Zhu Jiang, use up years from Lin Mo, was born eventually now, is their first ancestor done not have in those days ruined? Still say them not plan consequence is lifted a group of things with common features go out completely, one war comes risk one's life contention goes against day battle treasure.

Treasure of the battle that counter a day is born, be in very short when inside a period of ten days, day group a lot of places calm no longer, sun star focusing Zhu Jiang's look, in this momently everybody is in Yangtian is wait-and-see, paying close attention to this to be different from the battle of the husband that seize treasure of common.

"Phut "

On day group earth, mist of the water in marsh of a death diffuses, into gyroidal towering and case, rush towards fiery sun star, agglomeration of endless water mist arrived in sun star, blazing sun is dim come down.

"Who is this person? "Who is this person??

Again overmatch is shown change in sun star, day group each district gives out many Jing cry.

With time, a lot of medicinal powder repair towering also and case, they resist temptation hard, also want to go try one's luck.

In this momently; , sun star greeted throughout history one day most lively, also be most dangerous at the same time a day with dreariness, have the possibility that break down at any time.

Day group different sends important place, pass collogue one time, they are unwilling also lonely a very short time, a huge divine city slowly float rises, bear down on sun star palace, this is what Wang Zhe bequeath issues that Shi Ren that is attacked to kill by Pan Gu is magical in former years city.

Sun star gets together all directions wind and cloud, if not be Zhu Jiang was entered,in former days that Wang Zhe initiates the Sukhavati world that give inside, be afraid sun star is dissident collapse broke.

In this momently, the day inside Sukhavati is cracked dyingly, all powerful battle, contention goes against day battle treasure.

Battle treasure is mixed billows the ray is glaring, be surrounded to force by everybody centrally, do not have a person to be able to be taken alone.

And of Sukhavati city big in, old buck is fast stamp his foot continuously, the thing exceeded his anticipation, his place is prideful big even if ran to rise, but also come in arrest of that battle treasure hard, do not have any reaction at all.

"Waste feeling, are you no good to last line? " Xiao Chen is very helpless, by him present repair for, in this day the bound cannot come forward really, go far from possibly contending for sharp edge.

"This comer is too much, outside before dozen exploded, tycoon, the person that go against day battle, still those daredevil come loose long, all was participated in came in to affect me badly this is unique big movement, essential play does not go out absolutely blast might, still that goes against day of Zhan Baoke to be able to be different from general, itself is extremely silent difficult imprison. Itself is extremely silent difficult imprison..

Old goat makes a round trip pace, anxiety-ridden, unusual angst, ceaseless wash one's hands with invisible soap and imperceptible water, path: "Be no good, need thinks extraordinary measure just goes. Need thinks extraordinary measure just goes..

Abrupt, his stanch footstep, see Xiang Xiaochen, path " ... boy dare you take a risk? Path " ... boy dare you take a risk??

"How to take a risk? . Desolate morning shoot a glance at he is one, this old thing had not given good idea, he is very alarm hate.

"I with this unique big mighty force adds all is in on your body, you and divine graph syncretic, that arrest of treasure of the battle that counter a day comes " "

"Your this native place partner do not have good idea as expected, you think vivid hold a memorial ceremony for I, still be yourself comes. " Xiao Chen refuses directly.

Old goat gets straight wash one's hands with invisible soap and imperceptible water urgently, path: "How the meeting is vivid hold a memorial ceremony for you, although took a risk a bit, but be only way however, it is good to if have a person that go against day battle,be here "

"Gibberish, the person that go against day of station still needs to cooperate with you, oneself moved to go. " here, xiao Chen recalled the highway brand inside body, at the moment whether use go up, especially the clinking highway of that different bound.

Be in at this moment, old goat is abrupt eye extensive thief is smooth, path: "Had, there still are many farfetched things inside your body, OK and reasonable use! OK and reasonable use!!

"You are in nonsense what " Xiao Chen alarm of be awed looking at him, this old stuff bad water is honest many, must let model of people's air defense.

"I feel to have inside your body not. The thing like, you exhibit Gan Tao to come out now entirely, let me look, perhaps I can think out good idea. Perhaps I can think out good idea..

"You are whole it is an inept adviser, have what good idea, all is caustic idea. " Xiao Chen can not plan old to this guy not of fortify open wide a secret.

Nevertheless, this is old weapon is too secret, in this momently binocular in with nothing left 4 shoot, two bizarre glorious are screwy space, can understand thoroughly it seems that worldly everything is secret, look at Xiang Xiaochen's instant, jing path: "Day, your this boy takes use of what blank look, there is clinking highway brand inside your body, how is this likely? ! !!

Desolate is astonished immediately in morning heart, but however complexion is insipid, path: "If I built clinking highway, agglomeration becomes brand, contend for treasure of the battle that counter a day early with respect to oneself, can you still go together with you? Can you still go together with you??

"Incorrect, have absolutely inside your body eccentric, my induction arrived special breath. " Laoshan... a pair of pupil of the sheep become very empty, it seems that the ** of OK and clairvoyant Xiao Chen, path: "Boy is not hiding compounding, show quickly come out, we hit out together, can carry off absolutely treasure of the battle that counter a day. Can carry off absolutely treasure of the battle that counter a day..

Xiao Chen hesitates a little, release brand of highway of that different bound after that and go out, a shadowy figure is ugly stand in big in the center of.

"Very powerful brand, it is clinking highway really if really, this person in former days awful, the character with absolutely inapproachable matchless! " old goat shows Jing scene, ceaseless exclaim.

"Regrettablly this highway brand has eccentric, only his descendants ability accedes, I considered a long time also does not get its way. " Xiao Chen is such say.

"Hey hey just as well, have my a respectful form of address for an old person here, absolutely and OK brief have the aid of its source law. " the float in the pupil of old goat reveals mysterious glorious, resembling is renascent with the new student general, in this momently his high-spirited and vigorous, show faint the bearing of the world of look at sb disdainfully, path: "We together if, wait for the person that be like a battle that counter a day! Wait for the person that be like a battle that counter a day!!

"Are you the person that say you go against day battle namely originally, still need to follow me together

"Went out to select small issue, now only we together, ability shows the actual strength of the person that give the fight that counter a day. " old goat rodomontade, the appearance with a pair of full self-confidence, path: "Inside highway brand accumulate inside my body, inside me accumulate inside divine graph, inside divine graph accumulate inside your body, we are such syncretic, have the aid of this of all ages the first matchless absolutely blast offerred clinking mighty force, wait for the person that be like a battle that counter a day temporarily! Wait for the person that be like a battle that counter a day temporarily!!

"You this old stuff all along does not rely on chart, ... ,

"What I say is true, if my body did not walk out of a problem, why to need so trival, do not believe us to tried you to know. " old goat is god-given honest rise, path: Divine plan accuses completely in your palm inside, what need not you worry about. What need not you worry about..

"Good, I believe you, if appear accident, do not blame me to want to pursue with the god pulverize you! " Xiao Chen is warned, he is afraid that chaos of this old stuff comes, because this old guy lets a person really,not be at ease.

"Bang "

After mere and a short while bell, region of brim of the Sukhavati in sun star erupts a breath that lets heart-throb of all friar all, the divine blaze of a vivid day shakes ** 8 barren!

"Another person that go against day battle, how is this likely? ! !!

"The person go against day battle millions upon millions years ago, how can return so much, be impossible! Be impossible!!

In this momently, it is Sukhavati no matter, still be day group earth, a lot of overmatch show astonished expression.