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Convict of remote antiquity of the 654th chapter

Female cadaver is lithe and graceful be like celestial being, finger tip has swept Feng Chishi to clang, fly cleverly gently ten " that does not have head eccentric body however drama shake, the pretty animal that sit down is to give out a shout more, back down again and again, step to go up in offing " arouse 1000 heavy backwash immediately.

Seismic sea wave even more violent, in this one person a Lian Chong of the backside white of one animal went up Gao Tian, hoping to resemble far is a snow-white lofty wall general, billow of be astonished of it may be said is monstrous.

Brief contact, the woman is optional one stroke is like this mighty force, make a person deep shake.

But, that acephalous eccentric is a machine it seems that, do not have at all any the mood is fluctuant, tall soar of boring of phoenix wing stone rises, of sharp edge acute advocate blade and the Feng Chishuang blade of two side, inclined point to cadaver of Bai Yi daughter.

He launched assault afresh, backwash emerges at the same time move, sit down pretty animal is blusterous, quaky seawater again and again billowy, give out the noise of rumble, wear empty broken cloud, be like 1000 army ten thousand horses galloping ahead-going full steam ahead.

Got on for acme, a few in one instant, before what that pretty animal developed female cadaver is close, assume a manner of levity " the force of all sorts of law is spat in the gush in its mouth and go out, space immediately screwy, over there densely covered the cuss law before all sorts of remote antiquity.

Phoenix Jiu Shi Chuigeng is to be touched before the pharynx and larynx of white garment woman in acephalous eccentric hand, let over there snow-white tender flesh caved to go down immediately.

But, the beard that will insert Na Qianxiu in the boring needle of sharp edge acute when, time excessive colour, female cadaver is on the move the brilliance of Long giving a small of the back, her jade points to optional gently a batch, boring of phoenix wing stone immediately by by shake bounce high.

Late come first, breaking constant manage completely to resemble is be linked together ancient connect today, changed the history, affected future general, fine hand of the woman points to, optional dissolved deadly thunderbolt biff.

Meanwhile, all sorts of gods that that pretty animal of assume a manner of levity spits criterion also all is like Shui Bo then in the woman the body of small brilliance expresses tegument to be touched.

A light rays of morning or evening sunshine, held off all sorts of law swan force, dimensional collapse collapse, begin to break down after Ja " rumble grand "

White sea layer, have 1000 caboodle snow, surfy, white blast is just as goose feather heavy snow to fly violently, seven became white spacer world.

Without the pretty animal shout that head eccentric sits down, in the mouth ejective a sound wave, swept across! $ piece maritime space, shake here resembles is volcano erupted general.

All seawater flush went up Gao Tian, the Xiao Chen of the distant place that terrible sound wave shakes shakes one blast quiver, he recedes again and again.

The female cadaver in be in storm personally however imposing is not moved, resembling is one honour beautiful statuary and general, silent station is over there, binocular although beautiful, but do not have a god however look at pretty animal, appearance of a pair of apathetic.

She did not hit out actively, all natural place that are ** are controlled.

Rear, xiao Chen sucks air conditioning, arrived he does not have suspicion again to female cadaver now. This is the body of the character place bequeath that as same as gravelstone emperor Jing just admires absolutely necessarily, otherwise anything but may light draw talks write repel stone king! Just do not know how she preserves mec housing issueing the flesh, why don't have day of body spirit all.

And more those who make desolate morning surprised and bewildered errant is, the eccentric that do not have a head just now if language, need 3 emperor lens and 5 emperor tower to come in and go out just now it seems that here, is saying keepsake won'ts do? And is he to act under orders to stay behind here?

If all these is true, before that remote antiquity what can do to decorate after all greatly, seal cease thing, so called what is extremely evil source?

"He Ren? " without the Shi Yi of head eccentric backside extend leaves come, towering and case, attack after that kill to female cadaver " in the mouth although be in ask a question, but skill however more swift and fierce.

Boring of phoenix wing stone interweaves give a concentrated aureate filament, that is the force of highway source, it is the order rule below his place cloth! Straight on the head builds a top, inclined behead of boring of phoenix wing stone and below.

This, endangered the fleshy case of female cadaver really, the highway source of stone king is by no means trifling matter, can kill and wound everything, what even if be gravelstone emperor second birth,also cannot hold the post of is optional break off kill, even if be powerful demon image,also had been effaced a few times by ten such force.

True swift and fierce is killed meaning is exciting the instinct of female cadaver, her Pian is like Jing grand, wave and go up, look be like effeminate Luan clever, but do not defeat without content however, all-conquering.

Jade of 5 fine fine points to be just as the movement with beautiful achieve of be in custody, "Bite bite bite " , all barnyard grass is on Feng Chishi boring, rupture awfully if drop,noise lets a person ice house.

Boring of phoenix wing stone shows in her 5 grain jade annihilate is attacked below, appear to together point to a hole, be like,she points to finally knife, gently one behead, boring of phoenix wing stone breaks off immediately.

That interweaves those who go out together aureate order filament, break down entirely, rumble blare, boring of phoenix wing stone changed Shi Sha, was destroyed forcibly by her.

Acephalous eccentric is given out blast a growl, whole person represented highway of heaven and earth, bump and fall, both hands tears off the beard to female cadaver, and if two sharp day knives are general,be more to Shi Wangyi behead the bosom to female cadaver is abdominal.

Brush Qing Li to give the female dead body of dirt, the pitch-black vigorously that send silk is swung, 3000 show send a root to be like a sword, immediately will piercing a pair of Shi Wangyi, will the nucleus was broken come down.

And the both hands that one of jade palms of Shuang Qianxiu captured the eccentric that do not have a head directly, exert oneself to do sth. a little, immediately twist off, give out Beng twice afterbirth is noisy.

"Phut "

Her Ling Bo and row, sleeve of brandish behead gown, will not have the body puncture of head eccentric at a draught, let provide stone system then disintegrate, fall in boundless.

Female dead body is powerful unusual, this flesh body also does not know accumulate contained how bloodcurdling force, the can want to seal her with ** of cadaver of make a present of greatly pulp case before pardonable remote antiquity, this is growl of animal of dead and eternal pretty simply, gallop and come, boundless blue sea boiled, backwash wides paragraph female cadaver.

But, essential no use, when Shi Zhiman animal rushs close before when, its exhaust the order rule that can make, be broken by female cadaver take everything into one's own hands completely, aureate divine net smashs, resembling finally is Huang Sha " E Yongxiang barks flutter.

"Phut "

She is stand aloof of time and space manacle, late come first, change everything, stand on the body of pretty animal, exert oneself to do sth. gently one shake, this powerful stone animal disintegrate.

It is negligible that all these resembles to her general, ended all these without force of useless much air.

Again powerful figure also cannot stop time elapse, xiao Chen is faint Lu is measured, no matter be that eccentric or that concubine animal, not be real stone king.

They should be the existence like dummy of stone person king, think of feeling was stripped clean approximately, be just as a the dead, but even if such, be shot dead by female cadaver, still let person sense shake.

Maritime gradually calm, blue waves 10 thousand just, resembling is the blue treasure lens with tremendous one side. Do not have any force to be able to stop the pace of female cadaver, she one pace goes towards gigantic island.

The forest on island is densely covered, after coming to here, the sound that presses down Miao emptily chops our I to rise again.

"Go out... kill go out... " first when a sound, after that ten million weighs sound syncretic.

Before female cadaver strolls, go, drive light of one laminar flow naturally, as her arrival, all sound immediately convergent, it is to dread somewhat it seems that.

Ahead, have water of a chaotic, circumference 56 lis, form an evil tide, dirty and clinking, muddy chaos can'ts bear.

In lake water, floating unexpectedly limb of a few incomplete, all is the limbs of stone person king, did not sink lake bottom, however float is on muddy water, but already back up corrodes do not become model, it seems that will melt.

Be in at this moment, break up suddenly in evil lake upsurge blast a spoondrift, after that cleanse billows is billowy, lake bank bursts apart.

Inside the big mussel that so called evil lake is a broken unexpectedly accumulate sewage, in banging boom, big mussel retroflexioned a few times, monstrous sea rushs, two huge mussel case close quickly, place female cadaver inside at a draught.

Old mussel of so huge case, make a person amazed really, clam shell gives out a Zhen Guanghua, carrion Hao is moved inside, rush blast blast effluvial, want to change female cadaver temper with fire.

In that old mussel is carrion, xiao Chen sees leg of person of a stone was fused, can be imagined of old mussel corrode force.

Before thinking of this, floating in evil lake limb of incomplete of person of a few stone, around associates, must let a person suck air conditioning, the world inside this stone canister is really terrible.

This old mussel is not demon shadow puts in absolutely come in, should be to exist already at this evil content.

The eye with defeating absurd can see Xiao Chen clearly, female cadaver is sealed to be in huge mussel case, the whole body circulates automatically a brilliance, held off erode carrionly, still if be gotten by the pearl of go through the mill general.

"Bang "

When rays of morning or evening sunshine of female cadaver the whole body blossoms, old mussel dies suddenly broke, carrion 4 splash, clam shell smashs, aerification of essence of source of its place agglomerate becomes cloud and mist, be condensed towards female cadaver and go.

While desolate is startled in morning heart, make reappraisal to the natural actual strength of female cadaver, even if do not have sober consciousness, but also invincible ahead, dian Yucheng piece, stand to go up at bluff, form an infrequent palace community. "Go out, kill go out... " the sound of such dimly discernible is given out again.

This the induction went to Xiao Chen, sound comes from in those palace, resembling is somebody was in by captivity inside.

Female cadaver directly forward, flying body comes to a cliff, enter a palace inside.

Immediately, the growl of shake day was given out over there, younger brother the sound of Miao also becomes swift and fierce rise.

"Bang "

Soot is towering, that palace collapsed, be cracked by the gown sleeve shake of female cadaver, a dismal empty picture developed audience hall, close to duty mad go at lady, that is a mad fetch clearly.



However, he attacks like flying moth however like fire, instant annihilate, the system that changes female dead body of mergence of spirit of every bits of bit energy leaves that cliff when female cadaver, when going ahead, shi Dian recovers from an illness automatically, new and erect and desolate morning is pursy brows, in saying every audience hall is captivity worn does a fetch shadow won't do? "Bang "

Female cadaver walks along the 2nd palace, bai Yi waves, beautiful hair flies upwards, carry collapse of the palace between the hand is broken, another fetch shadow rushs, but in attack kill forward when also change essence of life to enrage by sponge.

·This... " Xiao Chen is astonied.

Female cadaver looks appear a not needing the slightest effort undone hold back, but Xiao Chen knows because she is too powerful,that is however, everything what here need not destroy between be careful so.

Because Xiao Chen once also tried, the feeling breaks a palace into pieces to need to cost extremely enormous superhuman strength talent to accomplish.

Demon shadow knows here has endless prisoner certainly, it wants female cadaver to come this is gobbled up, xiao Chen had such guessing.

"Before remote antiquity, I do not have a serious offence, went millions upon millions years, I was stranded this pieces... " be in at this moment, an aged sound is in crying. Compare just now those empty are weak shadow mark regains consciousness it seems that many, do not have insanity be goinged to by captivity.

Xiao Chen is astonied, alleged and extremely evil source, be a prisoner's cage? Captivity does the repeat before remote antiquity won't do?

And this is periphery merely just, what kind of presence will that central tremendous stone have in the prison? That jolty iron chain noise, adumbrative huge is bodeful, captivity is worn a super remote antiquity is big can but, the meaning of extremely evil source, unlike is a remote antiquity before big can can represent entirely quite one by one one by one one by one fast at 12 o'clock, everybody must not wait below one chapter, rise tomorrow morning look, I am afraid of when to write the 3rd rule, be asleep really...