The first Zhang Lin is moved

"Hm. "Hm..

When forest when moving cost to use up all effort to open that a little heavy eyelid, pallet and neat room appears in the eye immediately, familiar one act lets so that he is stupefied, come back to turn at once namely first, it is to see as expected, in that room, one male one female two form are sitting beside the desk.

"Dad, woman... "

Visitting those two figure, forest move hasten refresh, in a low voice path.

"Move, did you wake? Did you wake??

Hear a cry, that woman takes the lead in turning the head comes, see open open one's eyes forest move, gladly immediately.

The woman is worn slightly some are simple, the age looks about 30 the left and right sides, its cheek is shown slightly elegant, give a person the sense that a kind of Wen Wanrou mixes, and she is forest the mother that change, liu Yan.

"Learn art not essence of life, with person combat, ask for trouble. Ask for trouble..

Sit in the woman beside, it is one looks about 339 right-and-left men, his body is a little frail, trifling swift and fierce is seen dimly between forehead, just he seems to have in the body, the face is shown slightly cadaverous, cloak of that swift and fierce largely, he is forest the father that move, lin Xiao.

To this father of always severity, forest moving is some are fear of apparently, shrink neck, come back to have again namely some ill-affected path: "Who lets those fellow scold dad before me is trash... "

When saying a word, forest move feel make pain wind as before, can't help hating the gnash one's teeth of hate, originally now is test of Lin Jiazhong, and he also is to go small measured below, because just begin Xiu Lian the cause between a long time of half an year, so success also can say only general, and to this, he also is done not have too go in past heart, give him the same time that repair refine and condition, he believes where he won't go to infirmly than others.

And end in the test, forest move when preparing to hit a your home, it is the guy with encountered a few ferial relations not good however, originally he is not to want to pay attention to, but cannot help however of the other side provoke intentionally, indignant, junior forest altering nature is the skill that cannot help, and the result is apparent also, he is direct by fat beat, still was hit in the past...

"Lin Shan, you remembered to me, do not hit you into pig head next time, I am not believed forest! I am not believed forest!!

Forest stir indulge in idle talk, na Linshan is the person make tomb figure of this matter, also be forest move the number one enemy with medium now heart, because of bilateral father each other concern very abominable cause, na Linshan also is often search forest use a labor, and this, also be among them one of.

The gnash one's teeth of firm firm, but close receiving move forest to move is abrupt crestfallen rise, although Na Linshan is abhorrent to extremely, but without giving thought to how, now that fellow has been oil system fourfold, this achievement, in Home Lin junior, before but comparative,leaning, compared with him for actual strength of duplicate of this oil system, it is strong really many.

Xiu Lian together, refine body is first, all initiative, it is to result from personal body, human body, it is heaven and earth originally most black the thing of abstruse Mo Ce.

Alleged oil system, simple for build refine body namely, the body that lets get oneself gradually aggrandizement, and finally by outside to inside, when marrow of the bones and muscles inside body aggrandizement arrives when certain arrangement of ideas, it is to be able to derive yuan of force seed, and have appear when human body nature yuan of force seed when, other places just can become a person that repair refine truly.

Oil system cent is heavy, ternary effect is not before very big, nothing more than it is to make fitness and constitution become a few stronger, repair refine to arrive when skin of fourfold refine when oil system only, meet just now gradually show Xiu Lian's gain come out, arrived this one administrative levels, human body skin, meeting slowly become like just like Mu Shi hard, no matter effort or speed, it is to be able to have not small promotion.

And Na Linshan, it is to be in this administrative levels, forest the oil system that use 2 heavy, won't be its adversary apparently.

Do not cross both age similar, can have so huge gap, be not is what endowment cause, oil system this one administrative levels, be not to alleged endowment is to be valued extremely, can say this administrative levels even, everybody can repair refine, but as to after all can refine arrives the a fewth heavy, have to see respective capital and lucky chance. ... ,

Oil system is ninefold, this one phase, very suffering is tired, because have the ceaseless limit that tries ** only, can let get the body just now gradually powerful.

Nevertheless, this kind tries the limit, also be potential of a kind of human body compress, this kind compresses to if cannot get,complement in after the event, so the body is to because strain is excessive,be met occurrence injury, affect Xiu Lian not only to moment, still doing his instead is an injury all over, the loss outweights the gain.

Accordingly, in the process of oil system, it is to need all sorts of build up one's health by rest and by taking nourishing food the medicine of big filling spirit of moist body, square ability continues to repair refine quite, but, these medicinal materials, it is mostly very costly, if family circumstances is not rich person, still be really cannot bear.

And this, it is so called capital!

Linshanzhi can be surmounted so forest move double, it is more than him Xiu Lian not only half an year, and the mainest, it is he is having an administer to wear father of Home Lin financial, and watch him instead forest move, was to do not have the good luck such as this however, alimentary without those clever medicine body, that trims the rate of refine, nature is far not as good as former. . .

In the room, listen forest the whisper that move, lin Xiao is put in the palm on the desk, grasped suddenly, complexion also is to sink, aside Liu Yan sees state, at once to forest move made a hint given with the eyes, latter this ability shuts up at once.

"Not need and person go the benefit of show off talking around, repair refine well, the mouth nature of others can be closed. The mouth nature of others can be closed..

Lin Xiao brandish wave, path: "Liu Yan, go taking ginseng of bare of that individual plant move, had bare ginseng, his Xiu Lian should can a few faster, from a group of things with common features than having time of half an year only, if or else clutchs,repair refine, went also can losing face only. Went also can losing face only..

"Howl elder brother, but your cure injury is used,that bare joins... " Wen Yan, liu Yan is stupefied immediately, come back to at once namely.

"I already was a disabled person, again how is cure injury also at job of no help, after, I can enter hill more in, give as far as possible move seek a few clever drug. " Lin Xiao shakes his head, laugh from ridicule, path.

"Dad is not disabled person, dad once can be Lin Jiazhong besides the grandfather most overmatch! " listen Lin Xiao this word, forest be being moved is to go up red facial path, dot, in the heart most the after all of Wei bank is father.

"Most overmatch... "

Lin Xiao fist can'ts help grasp, the anguish like marrow of thrill through deep to the marrow is however on the face is lubricious, after moment, he stands up, a little tired out to go outside the room.

"Liu Yan, boil medicine to the child, my injury does not have a thing, so old, can bare ginseng have one individual plant why to be used? Can bare ginseng have one individual plant why to be used??

Looking at that to carrying the back of trifling dejected breath, the Liu Yan in the room is an eye however one red, who can think of, in those days whole green Yang Zhenzhong most the man of high-spirited and vigorous, nowadays is to meet however so abjection.

"Woman, do not cry, move the Xiu Lian that meets hard certainly, think to moment method cures father's injury. " forest change the garment role that playing Liu Yan, in a low voice.

"Move, do not blame you dad is severe to you, he is only all painstaking effort pour into was in on your body, you know, this also is his only expectation. This also is his only expectation..

Liu Yan lowers his head, hope move forest moves Na Zhi the serious color on tender little face, wiped an eye gently, feel next forest the cerebella bag that use, murmur path.

"Woman, I hear of this a group of things with common features before comparing 3, can get a kind the name is cruor Zhu Guo 3 taste clever medicine, I ever listened to uncle to say, that hurts very effective fruit to cure, if can get, be sure to dad body the injury inside is helped somewhat. " forest move be like was what to remember suddenly, raise a head, the look looks at Liu Yan brightly, path.

"Cruor Zhu Guo... " Wen Yan, liu Yan also is one terrified, come back namely some shake some head helplessly: "A group of things with common features before comparing 3, can not allow to be entered easily, it is good that you have this heart, the woman helped you boil bare ginseng first. The woman helped you boil bare ginseng first..

Say, liu Yan is face about to the room dilettante go, home Lin in the junior of this generation, have several success not small, forest move before wanting to enter 3 obtain that cruor Zhu Guo, difficulty but not small, accordingly she falls and do not have too go in past heart. ... ,

Looking at the back that Liu Yan leaves, forest the mouth that touch also is closely close lightly rise, small fist grasps: "Woman, be at ease, I want to get that cruor Zhu Guo a little while, can treat the injury inside dad body in that way! Can treat the injury inside dad body in that way!!

Think of Lin Xiao's the condition of an injury, forest rancor of a kind of profound is revealed suddenly in moving a key point, father can be in Home Lin by many people fleer, it is the cause because of that individual!

Forest Home Lin that uses a seat, just quite small familial, even if is to be in this black in relief town, it is not to calculate go up tip, but, this looks ordinary Home Lin, it is the background that having stare tongue-tied making a person however, that is Lin familial.

Great phlogistic dynasty 4 big clannish one of Lin is familial!

Home Lin that Qing Yang presses down, cong Mou is planted for angle, can be a people not of the same clan with Lin familial, nevertheless to all along have not leaves Guo Qingyang to press down a hunderd li in forest move for, this Lin that having the actual strength like Song of Jing making a person in great phlogistic dynasty is familial too too distant with unfamiliar.

According to forest move now and then be informed from inside father mouth, they are one this, once also was Lin is familial actually inside a group of things with common features, just in those days forest the grandfather that move fails because of task, bring about a group of things with common features in the loss is great, so by expulsive inside a group of things with common features, hair matched this black in relief town.

Here, he built this small Home Lin, and tens of in year, go all lengths want to return Home Lin once more inside a group of things with common features, this desire, it is his effort tens of year ultimate goal.

Do not spend this kind of his effort, did not obtain too big effect, what he does these, familial to giant and clinking Lin for, not worth to be carried at all, so, he can make the decision other place only, and this, it is 10 Lin is familial years of a group of things with common features meetings!

This is Lin familial most significant mass rally, in whole great phlogistic dynasty very famous, 10 years, every time congress, it is a group of things with common features inside young one generation stand out, the optimal opportunity of renown raise the world, and a lot of award of the contest, nature is so rich and generous that let person be envious, nevertheless, among them most attract forest the place that changes a grandfather, it is however before wanting to be able to rush into congress only 10, even if the person that you are people not of the same clan, also be to meet by rise without let or hindrance for inside a group of things with common features person, honorable and infinite.

Accordingly, a group of things with common features meeting, became forest move a grandfather be about to the new first sight of morning in despair, but the cause as a result of the age, he already was to cannot attend, so, he all expectation, it is pour into was in on 5 half-blooded son bodies, natural, from what show itself among them forest move father, was to become grandfather and whole the dawn of Home Lin.

And the difficult task that facing this shoulder to go up, forest the father that move, also be not negative expectation really, in 5 brother, system of oil of the earliest breakthrough is ninefold, advance enters the ground yuan condition, and in after this weak point 4 years of time, break through the ground once more yuan administrative levels, the 2nd besides day of grandfather forest shake day in becoming Lin Jiazhi yuan ace.

The sort of speed that repair refine, let Depingrili all along not the grandfather of Yan Gou laugh, when every time sees father, it is to be able to show the smile with gratified kindly on aged face, the grandfather that awaits in those days, it is allegedly tens of in year, when laughing at most.

10 years of a group of things with common features meetings, expecting in and come, however, final result, it is to let Home Lin holder however, if be in abyss.

One action!

It is one action only merely, that is regarded as the father of the hope, it is miserable be defeated however!

And, this still is the first race that a group of things with common features meeting begins!

Old wish, breed for years, between that short number breath, melt into bubble.

The loser's ending, nature is countless peculiar eye, and carrying that on the head to together sarcastic sneer, one pedestrian returned Qing Yang commonly to press down as stray cur.

That day at night, father is to move left the area inside Home Lin, live to Home Lin in on a most devious hill, the thing of any Home Lin homes, evermore, employ no longer, he says, he has done not have the sort of qualification. ... ,

And blessing not double to, misfortunes never come singly.

After that failure, bring Lin Xiao, it is decadent only not just, in after the event, he is the discovery of saddened more, that day that person with its fight hand to hand, not only one palm beats him, and return have not to a bit takes a hand, close to theroid violent yuan of force, its inside body, destroy so that be in a complete mess.

Below the serious injury such as this, lin Xiao day yuan the actual strength of level declines directly, fall yuan of class, and, hurt deposit again, the passages through which vital energy circulates inside body was blocked up ten, no matter how he repairs refine again, it is hard inch into.

Familial in, those awe-stricken looks former days, also be gradually develop becomes groan, disappointed...

Facing this heavy disaster, lin Xiao, it is acedia eventually, every time when drunk wine, the hammer that is meeting insanity is worn chest, that is grave the noise like muffled thunder, let aside mother, feel distressed so that wipe a tear only, and although forest move junior, but see this one act, still wring as the knife in the heart, in the meantime, in little heart, maul father to that so the person of about, also be derive rancor of a silk stealthily!

He, destroyed father, also destroyed his home!

As to that only then the person that make tomb figure, later, forest move in accidental, listen to the person such as uncle to taking resentment and weak tone to had mentioned.

Refine of 10 annual repairs, ninefold advance enters system of oil of 12 years old of breakthroughs yuan of condition, 15 years old of Jin Tianyuan conditions, 20 years old, yin and yang of the vigour inside body reachs extreme, ultimate success changes red, the carp jumps dragon door, with one action becomes can be counted on one's fingers of great phlogistic dynasty in 30 years old before the overmatch that forms Yuan Dan!

His lifetime, it is a variety of legend place casting simply.

His name, call Lin Lang the day.

In the room, forest move fist to grasp, in the eye, having full-bodied rancor to blink.

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