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Pure Yang Wu is magical

author: 10 on foot

Last update:2020-03-31 12:29:57

Latest chapters: List of monthly ticket red bag, it is good that everybody has intention

It is the list of red Bao Shuyou of hair monthly ticket below, 10 paces cannot think of really, will be very...

Pure Yang Wu is magical List of latest chapters
Fist of the 168th chapter is not had companion, seal a town!
The 167th chapter is empyreal imprint, blend all paths!
The 166th chapter you also come over, beat dead you!
The 165th chapter came!
The heart of complete sincerity of the 164th chapter, fierce path fountainhead!
The 163rd chapter this, just just just began!
Empty of the 162nd chapter is empty 7 bounds hill, old friend comes!
Fragment of barren of pretty of the 161st chapter, argent Gu Shan!
The force with the 160th spatio-temporal chapter, do not go!
Pure Yang Wu is magical Catalog
List of monthly ticket red bag, it is good that everybody has intention
Hit in Feburary admire partial list (thank everybody)
Military of the first order comes when the prison van below hill
Paper of treasure of inheritance of the 2nd chapter
Result of snake of chelonian of the 3rd chapter
Furnace of line of the 4th order
The 5th Zhang Hanyang infanta
BMW of blood of sweat of the 6th chapter
The 7th order leaves divine front yard, a snap of the fingers is entered calm
The 8th Zhang Yiyang high above in the sky
Night of the 9th chapter reads, extract drug
Art of fetch of be awed of the 10th chapter, pure Yang Lu
Eleventh Zhang Toutian trades day
Dozenth chapter 8 eye, gentleman careful alone
Thirteenth chapter drills muscle is moved like bowstring, bend of satisfactory in rapid succession
Violet gas of the 14th chapter east come
The 15th Zhang Xin this world points to
The 16th Zhangsu beg
Hole of dark secret of the seventeenth chapter
Experienced bone of evil wind of the 18th chapter (beg recommend a bank note)
The dancing on paper of the 19th chapter
The 20th chapter is lichenous Cang Feng, knife light is like snow
Horse of blood of sweat of the 21st chapter, strong soft dark interest
Section of the 22nd section is introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad
Heart of ants and mole crickets of Taoism priest of cold door of the 23rd chapter
Pan Feng of the 24th chapter sits water, get pith absorbedly
Jing of the 25th chapter is retreated
Of gentleman of the 26th chapter hand in, yuan divine world
Unkennel of snake of the 27th chapter
The 28th chapter is astonished
Qing Yangfeng of the 29th chapter
Zhang Yuan god shows thirtieth, blue in relief high above in the sky
Thirtieth one Zhang Qingyang sword, cease life knife
Thirtieth 2 Zhang Ning swords imprint, empty of true person condition is empty
Thirtieth impress of 3 chapters inheritance, the sword locks up golden light
4 orders military becomes thirtieth palm door
5 orders leave thirtieth on asphyxial road
The first chapter sees my back
The 2nd chapter makes a bright the universe
Bones and muscles of the 3rd chapter changes Qiu Chan, pith blood makes starch fining jade
Mouth of gale of the 4th chapter, yin and yang is a dog
Years of at the height of power and splendour of the 5th chapter
Be apt to of evil raise of check of the 6th chapter, suitable day rests life
The 7th Zhang Guangming knife, zhu Xie avoids
Bewitching of behead of the 8th chapter makes
The knife at the beginning of the 9th chapter
Way of travel of the 10th chapter is hard
Eleventh order military brings country, wen Dingguo
Dozenth order stands fane, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad home has evil spirit
The dog of peak of cliff of thirteenth chapter emperor, the wine of bonze
Bewitching of the 14th chapter a group of things with common features
Courage and uprightness of the 15th chapter is like fire, divine front courtyard is moved
Finger tip of the 16th chapter is bright, energetically King Kong
The seventeenth chapter this is all corners of the country
Chorography of the 18th chapter, dao Guangsan a thousand li
The 19th chapter carries the chelonian that be like a god on the back, one knife rests life
The courtyard outside the 20th chapter, fierce is become atmosphere
The back before the 21st Zhang Xuanwu building
The 22nd chapter is not to rest life the first knife
Ming Yi of fire of ground of the 23rd chapter, gentleman moral integrity
Chelonian of god of the 24th chapter
The five internal organs of refine of the 25th chapter, cycle of the five elements
The direction of Chang'an of capital of the 26th chapter
Good and evil of the 27th chapter is broken hard, burning incense deities
The 28th chapter grows Dao Ming, li Qing river
Knife of the 29th chapter adds up to chelonian snake, billow of Jing billows behead
Thirtieth chapter asks gentleman to enter earthen jar
Thirtieth one chapter is propagandist, temple hall inside and outside
Thirtieth 2 chapters are along the body only in this hill
3 orders leave thirtieth Tian Dan, behead one knife
Thirtieth Jing Gu of 4 chapters teenager, fierce should have a settle or live in a strange place
The first Zhang Qian Tian Yijian
Chart of enginery of the 2nd chapter, sword of black sheep cut
The agreement of half an year of the 3rd rule, beg is helped big 7
Horse of day of the 4th chapter, ma Yunshan arteries and veins
Snake of chelonian of the 5th chapter swallows a month
Sex of the 6th chapter this evil, bewitching reads
Dangerous place of development of the 7th chapter
Common people of the 8th chapter is bitter, backup Long Wei
Sword of the 9th chapter blast
All directions of Jing of fist of the 10th chapter
Forge of eleventh chapter the five internal organs, bright kill bewitching
Hold a memorial ceremony for of dozenth Zhangling baby, stage of call back the spirit of the dead
Iron of great mind of thirteenth Zhang Jiu, behead of be awed fetch is resembled
The 14th chapter flexibly your iron, 5 kinds of forge
The deicide that walks in darkness of the 15th chapter
Rudiment of intendment of the 16th chapter, the emperor easy life
Car of dragon of Chi of the seventeenth chapter, infanta enters hill
Blood of bewitching of the 18th chapter raises furnace
Day of the 19th chapter goes be good at, gentleman is become self-improvement
The 20th chapter a line, invite your hand
Heart of the 21st medal has life of heaven and earth
Extraordinary is shown at the beginning of the 22nd chapter
Beg of the 23rd chapter is helped, border of wind and cloud is met
The emperor of emperor of the 24th chapter, long Hu gets together
The 25th Zhang Chujiu, go dragon is not used
The 26th chapter comes loose person Bei, chi dragon shows
The 27th chapter spans the look of two bounds
The 28th Zhang Yuan god 18
The 29th Zhang Zhen real world
Thirtieth chapter light is dark interweave, connect clever evolution
One chapter bumps into thirtieth hill! Hit mountain!
2 rules station is in thirtieth before you
Thirtieth the world between 3 regulations control (beg subscription)
Thirtieth hill of 4 chapters the five fingers, mental forge
Thirtieth dragon of 5 chapters convict
Thirtieth 6 Zhang Jianglong intendment, spatio-temporal endless flow
Thirtieth dragon of 7 chapters excessive not regret
8 orders military becomes thirtieth 3 mad, small Su Shaoxia
9 chapters do not cross thirtieth is come again from the beginning
The 40th chapter gives you the chance, you are lumpish also
The 41st chapter as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, depth is entered calm
Dark a key to do sth of the 42nd chapter, chelonian snake 9
The 43rd chapter thoroughly remould oneself
Rich of the 44th chapter is collected numerous long
Condition of line of the 45th order, confuse fetch ternary
The 46th chapter year hold a memorial ceremony for is compared greatly
The 47th chapter a Triton of the minnows
Qing Yangchu of the 48th chapter rises
Be like,sword of the 49th chapter points to smooth! (the New Year's Eve is happy)
Fiftieth Zhang Daolu 5 cry
Fiftieth the dew at the beginning of one chapter ability
Fiftieth 2 chapters 15 rounds indefectible
Fiftieth 3 chapters the Wu Lin of a person!
Fiftieth 4 chapters sweep anything away
Fiftieth 5 Zhang Yiyuan renew, blue in relief high above in the sky
Fiftieth mouth of 6 chapters gale, emperor cliff dog
Fiftieth 7 chapters give you all chances
Fiftieth 8 chapters mix vigour blood, muddleheaded Long Wen
Fiftieth 9 chapters hit nobody to dare be oppugned
Fierce of shake of name of the 60th chapter is become
In sound of cracker of the 61st chapter one year old is divided
The 62nd chapter presses down dragon picket
The 63rd chapter goes, stand continuously
The 64th chapter protects Long Lingzhi, backup Long Wei
Official of capital of the 65th chapter, the emperor looks at gas
The 66th chapter is taken an examination of school, ministerial decree for pardon
Jing Re handles the 67th order child, the fist is like Jin Tie
Body of freedom of Gao Shuiyuan of hill of the 68th chapter
The 69th chapter washs plumbic China
Snake of chelonian of the 70th chapter 10
Basis of the 71st chapter all originallies, confuse fetch fourfold
Interference of the 72nd chapter is disgraced, the ability becomes a knife
Layer of Long Jiu of Chi of the 73rd chapter, congenital 3 easy
The 74th chapter puts in Tibetan knife 's charge, congenital sword
The 75th Zhang Qing snake is helped, coagulate enrage Cheng Bing
Cold blood of all corners of the country of the 76th chapter, finger tip presses a sword
Spirit of the 77th chapter is like iron demigod celestial being
All corners of the country in dream of all corners of the country of the 78th chapter is broken
The 79th chapter gains fame
Day of life of long night of eternally of the 80th chapter
The 81st Zhang Jiu is deep and remote 3 kill, cease life 5 knives
The 82nd chapter does not have mark Bao Bing
Art of knife of drive of the 83rd chapter
The 84th chapter raises Dao Cuiyi
The 85th order is large in March Ming Chunyu
The 86th Zhang Jiu fist one furnace of be in harmony
Bright Wang Ni lays the 87th rule, cease life intendment
Victory or defeat of the 88th chapter, father-in-law dragon is defended
The 89th chapter receives person pay sword
The 90th chapter crosses Jiang Long
Of heaven and earth of the 91st chapter advocate, 6 metempsychosis
Of life of the 92nd chapter precious, do you understand!
The 93rd chapter photographs fetch behead bewitching
Battle of front courtyard of god of the 94th chapter, 7 kill broken lot
Dragon of the emperor of the 95th chapter is angry, bewitching arms road
The 96th chapter be prepared for danger in times of safety, continue ancient road
Division of bewitching of the 97th chapter, dead battle is not retreated
The 98th chapter is opposite alone 10 thousand bewitching!
Bend of ninety-nine chapter day is pulled hard, knife be awed group bewitching
Sword of clouds of bare of the 100th chapter, behead stands definitely
Revive from death of appendages of the 101st chapter, 10 are peeped first
The 102nd chapter shakes Hai Ling
Decay of spirit of the 103rd chapter
A list of names posted up of bewitching of kill of the 104th chapter, pregnant of divine front courtyard is magical
The 105th chapter enrages carry dragon snake
The condition that chelonian of the 106th chapter ceases
The 107th Zhang Qianfu points to, dragon snake rudiment
You say the 108th order I say the reason fist
Heart of light of refine of the 109th chapter
The 110th Zhang Tiandao inexorable doom
The 111st chapter does not beg weather channel not to beg celestial being!
The 112nd chapter defeats disaster, mental base embryo
Demon of Jing of the 113rd chapter
The 114th chapter does obeisance to division, bodeful knife
Who says the 115th order Qing Yang is inferior to a person
The 116th chapter one knife, burning incense thought
The 117th chapter is shut close, black sheep seal a moutain pass
Wind and cloud of the 118th chapter rises, be filled wisdom
If,character of the 119th chapter goes out, the lion is downhill (one more
The 120th chapter enters hill, factotum puts in a heart 's charge (2 more)
Deities of the 121st chapter is born (3 more)
Snake of chelonian of the 122nd chapter gets together, xuan Wu shows (4 more)
National People's Congress of day of the 123rd chapter robs, violet clouds palace
The 124th Zhang Xiu life the 7th knife
The 125th chapter defeats disaster, long knife is born
The 126th Zhang Qun evil keep out of the way, rising palm peak
Arousal of the first chapter
Be raised to the skies of dog of chicken of the 2nd chapter, all directions will do obeisance to
Jing of ability of the 3rd chapter 4, infanta put in prison
Hold a memorial ceremony for of ceremony of the 4th chapter, official historian enters hill
Horse of dragon of the 5th chapter steps empty sky
The 6th Zhang Yuan god if really, casting Dao Kaifeng
A loyal heart of blood shed in a just cause of the 7th chapter, confuse fetch fivefold
The 8th chapter covets, read aloud refus enemy
Long Hu is peeped at the beginning of the 9th chapter
Demon of refine of the 10th chapter ancestor, clever vulture palace
Fierce of eleventh chapter the world Lin Julong pool
Dozenth Zhang Chuangwu, establish power behead random hemp
Thirteenth chapter all corners of the country has blood, the knife tries border area
Knife of the four seas of the 14th chapter, go with wine of bewitching blood poll
The North sea of the 15th chapter revive beg bright, drive out
The five elements of yin and yang of the 16th chapter, second-class condition
The seventeenth chapter 24 bridges, ingle refine base
The 18th Zhangzhu radical, chelonian snake the 10th fist (beg subscription)
Evil of behead of the 19th chapter, 7 leaves wirh fixed attention is careless (beg subscription)
Magic of spirit of the 20th chapter (beg subscription)
Embryo of god of the 21st chapter (beg subscription)
Old law of human society of reverse of the 22nd chapter (beg subscription)
Hill of the Yue Heng austral the 23rd chapter, achieve fierce pole condition (beg subscription)
Boundary tablet of the 24th chapter (beg subscription)
Wind and cloud of the 25th chapter gets together, long Hu sends a person (the first more)
Unwilling to give up of ant of the 26th chapter (the 2nd more)
The 27th chapter 2000 the first (beg subscription)
The 28th chapter 100 change sword of 1000 unreal cloud and mist (the first more)
The situation that military of the 29th order (the 2nd more)
The force of thirtieth Zhang Tiandao, return hill to fight way (beg subscription)
One chapter mixes thirtieth yuan of stretch bag
Thirtieth one boiler carries 2 orders, divine Tie Zhiwei (beg subscription)
3 chapters enter thirtieth Beijing
Thirtieth one knife confuses 4 orders yuan
Thirtieth the emperor of 5 chapters big fellow
Thirtieth 6 chapters small monk is mendicant be short of a bowl
Thirtieth 7 Zhangbei plum Na Tang, the month issues harships
8 chapters enter thirtieth Beijing road, home Li is become
9 chapters enter thirtieth a city, see a person
The courtyard holds the post of below the 40th chapter advocate
Jewel of destiny of the 41st chapter
The 42nd chapter the path that this is me
The 43rd Zhang Laxing whip, difficult Mian is like night
The 44th Zhang Ru path is passed really, press down bewitching king
Wu Lin of the world of the 45th chapter
The 46th chapter presses down demon gun
The 47th Zhang Xiu life the 8th knife (beg subscription)
Rush below month of the 48th order close
The 49th chapter presses down dragon, the knife is like day net
Fiftieth Zhang Jianglong! Fall dragon!
Fiftieth one chapter one battle becomes famous Chang'an knows
Fiftieth place of 2 chapters long knife to (beg subscription)
Fiftieth body of 3 chapters deities produces (beg subscription)
Fiftieth behead of 4 Zhang Xiu life yuan god (beg subscription)
Fiftieth 5 chapters Gu Jin is exclusive, indefectible person king!
Fiftieth bastard of 6 chapters person imprints, one palm overturn the heavens
Fiftieth Wang Ru is stationed in 7 chapter people, cease life knife robs
Fiftieth grand ceremony of 8 chapters succession, sky is prelusive
Fiftieth 9 orders general trends, inapproachable belief
The 60th chapter asks small monk to drink, the canal is enough!
The road of decay of the 61st chapter
The 62nd Zhang Nv comes honour, days of Long Hu is small division
The 63rd Zhang Yuan god drive knife
The 64th chapter has rough, come in marquis government office!
The 65th chapter laughs rough, lend a dot light!
The 66th chapter rests life source! (beg subscription)
Fire of coloured glaze of light of the 67th chapter!
Fist of big light of the 68th chapter, 9 clouds bring Lei Jian
The 69th chapter spans spatio-temporal one battle
Name of the 70th chapter moves all directions
Grave of dragon of the 71st chapter, home Li has
The 72nd chapter asks demigod celestial being to enter government office! (the first more)
Double arrogant of peerless of the 73rd chapter! (the 2nd more)
The fist with mobile instant of the 74th chapter! (the 3rd more)
Domain of time of the 75th chapter
Fist of dragon of twinkling of the 76th chapter, light takes empty air
Jing Wu of the 77th chapter, in July wind and cloud
The 78th Zhang Guangming forge
Arteries and veins of blood of destiny of the 79th chapter
The 80th Zhang Qixie wirh fixed attention, cabinet walks
The 81st chapter is eternal sun root!
The 82nd chapter is oppugned!
The 83rd chapter needs Mi Baolu! (the first more)
Furnace of treasure of the 84th chapter is pressed down enemy (the 2nd more)
Merits and virtues of the 85th chapter is satisfactory! (the 3rd more)
The 86th chapter is shut finally close
A Jin Dan swallows the 87th chapter abdomen
Region of confused look of the 88th chapter, large bright arrow!
Royal of the 89th chapter, true dragon boat
Sonic barrier of the 90th chapter, hole empty world
Billows of Jing of the North sea of the 91st chapter, empty sky is bright
Light of the 92nd chapter is perpetual
Acknowledgment of 6 years! (the activity informs)
The 93rd chapter presses down Long Suo
Astronomical phenomena of the 94th chapter, light presses down bewitching
The 95th chapter is bright the first arrow!
Character of contraindication of the 96th chapter
The 97th chapter is pure dragon arteries and veins, size flexibly
Stone of the 98th chapter resembles, true Long Chuancheng! (the first more)
ninety-nine chapter pesters dragon coffin, green wing roc! (the 2nd more)
Gold of the 100th chapter is simian, the Long Ma that disappear! (the 3rd more)
Fist of emperor of sun of the 101st chapter, cease life 10 knives!
Essence of the 102nd chapter enrages divine arrow! (the first more)
Long Zhu of the 103rd chapter! (the 2nd more)
The 104th chapter arrives to did not come from in the past! (the 3rd more)
The 105th chapter cracks yuan of god implement! (the first more)
The 106th chapter is spatio-temporal a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes of endless flow! (the 2nd more)
The 107th Zhangsan shedding is become greatly, dragon enters great river!
The 108th chapter is detered!
The 109th section is broken blast!
On road of Acheron of the 110th chapter not alone
The 111st chapter destroys source!
Slap of control of the 112nd regulation!
The 113rd chapter folds golden wing roc of the ala!
The 114th chapter changes the arteries and veins that wash blood, degenerate enchanter!
Emperor of roc of the 115th chapter child!
Roc of the 116th chapter is volant, long Ma steps empty!
True Long Xuanwu of the 117th chapter, lunar god sword!
The 118th chapter breaks a sword, jing is retreated! (the first more)
Han Yangzhi of the 119th chapter power!
The 120th chapter mantis of 8 arms day a group of things with common features!
Endless flow of Gang of knife of the 121st chapter! (the first more)
The 122nd chapter half pace is no-no!
Arms of god of the 123rd chapter confronts each other!
Body of future of the 124th chapter, altar anabiosises!
The 125th chapter passes through spatio-temporal, person emperor die in the last ditch!
Dragon of massacre of the 126th chapter, dark years!
The 127th chapter is destined, go in a direction not allowed by traffic regulations
Palace of sparrow of dragon of the 128th chapter, emperor mother!
The 129th Zhang Zhenlong horn, too Hang Jianxiu! (one more
The 130th Zhang Daozu, person a group of things with common features 3 emperor! (the 2nd more)
Celestial being of sword of the 131st chapter, the ability is reincarnate! (the 3rd more
Wood of the 132nd chapter becomes a sword, bright and enchanted!
The 133rd Zhang Xiu life 11 knives, the battle of day group!
On behead of the 134th chapter different animal!
Awe of the 135th chapter, world road fruit!
The 136th chapter links cut, arrow injury
Amitayus is not had south the 137th chapter!
Embryo of true dragon of the 138th chapter ceases, demon ancestor!
The 139th chapter steals Tian Gong, change day of arrow!
Grave of aperture of the 140th chapter, measure day foot!
Manage state affairs of cultivate one's morality of the 141st chapter makes the same score bewitching chaos!
Battle of emperor of the 142nd chapter, hole empty blast stage!
The 143rd Zhang Zhenlong mew, intercept!
Dragon of twinkling of the 144th chapter crosses empty sky, no-no door!
The 145th chapter gives birth to dead hold a memorial ceremony for, cease the life anabiosises!
The 146th chapter is lofty knife, evil evil spirit comes!
The 147th chapter misses yuan of spirit, point to find this world!
Inheritance of contraindication of the 148th chapter!
Decay of the 149th chapter, a priori is peeped first! (one more)
Tartarean is you below the 150th chapter! (2 more)
The 151st chapter is cracked head, lure enemy! (3 more)
Emperor of kill of the 152nd chapter child!
Dread of Jing of the 153rd chapter!
The 154th chapter presses down dragon peep, contraindication all dies!
The 155th chapter is returned to, emperor father's younger brother shakes!
Heaven and earth sees before Forbidden City of the 156th chapter! (one more)
Heart of king of person of the 157th chapter, chang'an shake! (2 more)
The first chapter is rising, hair on the temples is like snow! (3 more)
The 2nd chapter gets point out to, human society imprints!
White hair of teenager of the 3rd chapter, return fierce is become!
Behead of the 4th chapter is top-ranking, cease does life knife rob?
The 5th Zhang Jiu is deep and remote 7 kill, loose cotton building!
The 6th Zhang Rangyu absolutely will see me!
Celestial being of demigod of the 7th chapter, revive beg year!
The 8th chapter refuses to obey, come battle! (one more)
Immortal of the 9th chapter is angry! (2 more)
Military of the 10th order should boil! (3 more)
Eleventh order stands Qing Yangfeng again!
Bid farewell of dozenth chapter intention, fierce is become shake!
Thirteenth order stands hill door on true fierce stage!
The 14th chapter insults movement, condense general trends!
True Wu Qijie of the 15th chapter, you go up together!
A snap of the fingers of the 16th chapter is broken without mark!
The seventeenth chapter v/arc upon its promulgation the law shall be enforced to the letter!
The 18th Zhangsu beg a forefinger!
The 19th Zhang Yigen forefinger is not blocked!
True Wu Liujie of the 20th chapter, mix yuan move!
The 21st chapter wicks sweet, you want to prop up!
Contraindication of the 22nd chapter is august! (one more)
The 23rd chapter rests life behead 7 disaster! (2 more)
Peak of black sheep of the 24th chapter advocate, revive beg year! (3 more)
Human society of the 25th chapter is so medium that human society of the 25th chapter human society imprints!
All directions of the 26th chapter wind and cloud, 10 worlds metempsychosis!
Wu Lin of the meeting below Qing Yangfeng of the 27th chapter!
The Five Mountains of the 28th chapter comes together, 9 absolutely sword!
The 29th chapter alone 9 swords of Gu! (one more)
Thirtieth chapter was defeated the world, cannot defeat my revive beg year (2 more
One chapter solves thirtieth that knife after sword stone! (3 more)
2 Zhang Yuan gods invite thirtieth battle!
3 Zhang Ning gas become thirtieth arms, bright peep!
Thirtieth 4 Zhang Xiu lives 12 knives!
5 chapters burn thirtieth sweet hold a memorial ceremony for ancestor, bai Sufeng advocate!
Thirtieth 6 chapters pure Yang Taiji, true fierce 7 cut!
Thirtieth 7 chapters 3 mad a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest, demon a group of things with common features is born!
Thirtieth of door of 8 chapters demon invite! (one more)
Thirtieth a letter written in one's blood of 9 chapters the North sea! (2 more)
The 40th chapter you are OK predecease! (3 more)
Town of the 41st chapter is killed! Su Feng advocate!
Battalion of cannon fodder of bury of hill of bisection of the 42nd chapter!
Battle of front courtyard of god of the 43rd chapter, confused look bid farewell!
Cornstalk of the 44th Home Zhang Su, not weak at the person!
Blueness of the 45th chapter hangs a sword advocate, iron bone clanks!
Banner of hold a memorial ceremony for of the 46th chapter, war news wirh fixed attention!
Er of the 47th chapter dare!
The 48th chapter you! Hurt my brother!
Blueness of town of fist of the 49th chapter is dangerous!
Grow below fiftieth Zhang Yue talk, confuse fetch 6 heavy!
Fiftieth one chapter 6 doors, eye cracks vacuum! (one more)
Fiftieth 2 Zhang Jifeng, show you one knife!
Fiftieth 3 chapters spirit is ground pressure, give a knife please!
Fiftieth 4 chapters are propagandist, be filled with Shui Jian!
Fiftieth the billow in billow of 5 chapters all corners of the country cleans out sand, much you are broken bits!
Fiftieth 6 chapters your identity is worthless!
Fiftieth 7 rules are arbitrary, good and evil on purpose!
Fiftieth tiger of 8 chapters dragon the 6th, be proud cold 9 bid farewell! (2 syncretic)
Fiftieth 9 chapters are contended for no-noly! (2 syncretic)
The 60th Zhang Qingpeng king, arms of 3 great minds!
Pure this world of the 61st chapter is entered cease life, years behead thes word of mortals!
Eye of weather of the 62nd chapter, fleshy body is become king!
A person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of the 63rd chapter makes!
The 64th chapter 10 absolutely island advocate, black and white and fugacious!
The 65th chapter guides a boat, li Jiafei knife!
The 66th chapter is surmounted, 10 close absolutely! (one more)
The 67th Zhang Diyang knife, cease of the life change!
The 68th Zhang Xiu life 13 knives!
The 69th chapter exceeds cross the boundary illegally, jin Yang source!
The road of light of the 70th chapter, 5 countries are assembled in!
The 71st chapter beats dead you!
Hassle of the 72nd chapter!
Town of the 73rd chapter is killed, the heart reads aloud consistent!
Hold a memorial ceremony for of god of sword of the 74th chapter, cease dragon of life cut down!
Ask for leave and boast gut!
The 75th chapter presses down divine sword, rice porridge with nuts and dried fruit eaten on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month!
Building of clam of highway of the 76th chapter, source sea wind!
Ginseng of the 77th chapter realizes the five elements, bright dragon blood!
Mind of the 78th chapter is banned, emersion of a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes!
Fetch of dragon of the 79th chapter!
King of teenager of white hair of the 80th chapter!
The 81st chapter is more than drift along, have blood and back!
The 82nd chapter does not have the condition of dirty, kind of 9 Nie!
The 83rd chapter answers hill, year hold a memorial ceremony for is compared greatly! (one more)
Ants and mole crickets of cold door of the 84th chapter laughs at all corners of the country! (2 more)
The 85th Zhang Bo cloud sees day, peak advocate to!
The 86th chapter rides multiply dragon head, creat fabulous!
The king with the 87th no-no chapter, jin Suo is moved!
The 88th chapter the 3rd person, 9 deep and remote the 8th kill!
Does emperor of bewitching of the 89th chapter return? 9 kill hang a top!
The 90th Zhang Xiu life 14 knives, sincere at the heart person sincere Yu Jian!
Apotheosis of the 91st chapter is big!
The 92nd chapter you are too innocent!
The 93rd Zhang Xiu life volt head!
The 94th chapter king of 9 deep and remote swords, kill hole empty!
The 95th Zhang Xiu life 15 knives, of prospective body change!
Emersion of eye of weather of the 96th chapter, lei Jie imprints!
Human society of the 97th chapter disputes an order, inexorable doom escapes hard! (one more)
Heavy model of the 98th chapter base, regain summit summit!
Xuan Huangding of ninety-nine Zhang Daxia, 6 kinds of Xuan Ao!
The 100th chapter stops with killing corrupt, half pace is connected clever!
Magic arts of endowment of the 101st chapter, cease life 16 knives!
Behead of the 102nd chapter is connected clever, gun king cliff is dauntless!
Gun of blood shed in a just cause of the 103rd chapter, yuan divine spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else!
Sword of the five elements of the 104th chapter is angry, sword mark borrows!
Body of past of the 105th chapter, bright the 7th Xuan Ao!
The 106th Zhang Xiu life seventeen behead spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else!
Body of future of the 107th chapter, now personally, cease life onrush!
The 108th chapter 8 barren imprint, person king situation!
Emperor of demon of the 109th chapter, yuan divine embryo is become!
The 110th chapter is shabby see the New Year in, preparation is broken close!
The 111st chapter invites tiger of dragon of battle the world!
The 112nd chapter is inapproachable situation, water of short for Weihe River is met group flower!
Of vessel of change of the 113rd rule change, door of old clear the way!
The 114th Zhang Zhu contraindication, you go up together!
A snap of the fingers of the 115th chapter is defeated enemy!
The 116th chapter is not blocked!
Fist of dragon of day of the 117th chapter, the horizontal stroke pushs all contraindication! (one more)
The 118th Zhang Xiu fate ever failed, gas blood changes dragon! (2 more)
Source of the 119th chapter is misshapen, new myth! (3 more)
The 120th chapter is no-no and disgraced, hole empty one battle!
Fist of the 121st chapter is like a black hole, one knife lousy place!
The 122nd chapter mixes yuan of ancestor embryo!
Body of flesh of the 123rd chapter is become king, general trends already was become!
Source of path of knife of the 124th chapter!
The 125th chapter is propagandist, demon footprint shows!
The 126th chapter rests life blade enters system!
The 127th chapter cuts disaster way, cease life 18 knives!
Jing of ability of the 128th chapter opens a mind, 8 great minds will!
Behead of the 129th chapter 8 gods will, late majordomo!
Body of the 130th chapter is like ancient god, crack yuan of god arms!
The 131st chapter rests life behead yuan god!
The 132nd chapter puts to death yuan of god, behead demon knife!
Demon of battle of big summer of the 133rd chapter, yuan divine macrocosm!
Lei Jiemu of the 134th chapter, confused look bid farewell!
The people of way of thunder of the 135th chapter, bury life old person!
Lei Jiemu of pilfer of the 136th chapter, fall ninefold!
The Wu Lin with the 137th young chapter, lock up bewitching tower!
The 138th chapter forces the king or emperor to abdicate!
The 139th chapter v/arc upon its promulgation the law shall be enforced to the letter!
The period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. of tomorrow of the 140th chapter, consult on Jin Suofeng!
The 141st chapter throws you building of violet gold brilliance!
The 142nd chapter is inapproachable situation, do not bar!
Sword of true fire of sun of the 143rd chapter, palm Dao Shenfeng!
Half pace emperor stands the 144th rule!
Put oneself in another's position of king of teenager of the 145th chapter!
The 146th chapter is bare-handed shake god sword!
Shake fierce becomes the 147th Zhang Xiu order!
Black sheep of the 148th chapter one arteries and veins, not weak at the person!
Cycle of the five elements of the 149th chapter, emperor bans mural barrier!
Door of sword of the 150th chapter shuts, congenital sword is clever!
The 151st chapter receives sentence, wudangsu beg year!
Cabinet of sword of the 152nd chapter 100 condition, the mouth swallows sword light!
True immortal of the 153rd chapter!
The 154th Zhang Benxin feel no regret, sword spirit admits advocate!
Sword of claw of the 155th chapter is clever, sichuan hill is presbyterial!
Leading authority of teenager of the 156th chapter, sichuan hill!
Cambridge of the 157th chapter, king of a yuan of sword!
Autumn scenery of the 158th Zhang Ping cent, dawn sword emperor!
Demon of sword of hill of Sichuan of the 159th chapter, wu Dangqing feather
The 160th chapter thes word of mortals topsy-turvy, complicated and confusing!
The 161st Zhang Yishen be in harmony sword, desire behead the world group demon!
The 162nd chapter changes door front courtyard, behead all thes past!
Emperor of sword of the 163rd chapter is passed in person, old friend is disgraced!
The 164th chapter answers Beijing, article of imperial edict dragon
The 165th Zhang Dayuan diplomatic corps, drive history doctor!
Eagle of day of the 166th chapter sends a person, forbidden City world!
The emperor of true order of the 167th order!
The 168th chapter and close, xiang Sufeng advocate ask for advice!
The 169th chapter points to yuan of god shake!
Rod of god of hill of the 170th chapter, bright fist!
The 171st chapter steps emperor to ban!
The 172nd Zhang Xiu life 19 knives!
Light of celestial being of the 173rd chapter is realized, reverse a verdict!
Master library of arsenal of the 174th chapter, ji Feng is defended inside!
Seal of sigil of emperor of the 175th chapter, chi Xiaojian!
The 176th chapter my knife is lonely be like blood!
The 177th chapter is reincarnate for dragon!
Over or across of the 178th chapter 10 thousand lis, the instant is mobile!
Unrighted wrong of the 179th chapter gets snow!
Long Ying of flood dragon of the 180th chapter is driven, hit a your home!
The 181st chapter is bright the 8th Xuan Ao!
King of person of the 182nd chapter leaves capital, the immortal puts in hill 's charge!
The 183rd chapter 3 mad mortal, holy bound 9 turn!
Tibet of god of the 184th chapter monarchs again, destiny afterwards!
Old friend of the 185th chapter meets, revisit rub the cloud!
The 186th chapter I am a person, firewood fire inheritance never destroys!
The 187th Zhang Wulin congress!
The 188th chapter is young flourishing age!
The 189th chapter you this start off!
The world of vessel of change of the 190th rule, courage all the time very big!
The 191st chapter is gutty kill me, if what you wish!
Agitate of the 192nd chapter water of one pool muddy, whose vessel decides heaven and earth!
The 193rd chapter does not say justice, say fist only now!
The 194th chapter does not have inborn destiny, have conscience of heaven and earth!
Name of the 195th chapter passes hole front yard, dark boy!
The 196th Zhang Zhen ghost imprints, bright boast is empty!
Inexorable doom of darkness of the 197th chapter, the immortal's fist!
The 198th chapter 5 kinds of knives, hole empty concealed!
Fierce of brand of the 199th chapter, cease life 20!
Knife of the 200th chapter has quality of black and white cent!
Fierce of dragon of the 201st chapter -- cease life 21 knives!
Fierce of dragon of the 202nd chapter -- fleshy body is ninefold, the name moves Jun Shan!
Fierce of dragon of the 203rd chapter -- 10 heavy microcosmic, well day bite is empty blast!
Fierce of dragon of the 204th chapter -- emperor of 4 big bewitching, emperor person road!
Fierce of dragon of the 205th chapter -- break tablet, the heart of days!
Fierce of dragon of the 206th chapter -- divine iron, bewitching king also wants genuflect!
Fierce of dragon of the 207th chapter -- bondage all king!
Fierce of dragon of the 208th chapter -- the town kills bewitching king!
A group of things with common features emperor bans bewitching of the 209th chapter, inapproachable heart!
The 210th chapter is ground press emperor to ban, the 3rd person!
Royal of the 211st chapter sits ride!
The 212nd chapter insufficient, you go up together!
The 213rd Zhang Rufeng tablet is immortal!
The 214th chapter is banned yuan a king, dao Suo is become greatly!
The 215th chapter borrows force to rush close, dao Jielin!
Windy disaster points to the 216th chapter, the old king that become evil spirit is a knife!
The 217th chapter is bright the 9th, cease life 22!
The emperor of the 218th chapter looks at gas, little youthful garment!
Seal a moutain pass of tiger of dragon of the 219th chapter, ascend yuan of god a list of names posted up!
The 220th chapter housekeep!
The island in lake of the first chapter, have immortal story!
Palace of black sheep of the 2nd chapter, small bright classics!
Old and well-known family of artisan of god of the 3rd chapter, flying leaf is like a knife!
Troubled times of the 4th order robs implement!
Chiliad of pool of military of the 5th order, few of the person that hold a sword!
Artisan of god of the 6th chapter opens furnace, the immortal sits close!
The 7th chapter not battle and Qu Renzhi arms!
King Kong of bend over of the 8th chapter, divine iron is moved!
Dragon boat of the 9th chapter!
Nemesis of the 10th chapter faces a life, size flexibly!
King of eleventh chapter person imprints, tian Dijian!
Dozenth chapter lives in seclusion, group flower chase the deer-fight for the throne!
Thirteenth rule is black ovine head apprentice, cease life inheritance!
The 14th chapter rests differently life knife!
The 15th have a knife in Zhangxin, bright road!
Acting division of the 16th stamp gives palace!
Immortal of the seventeenth chapter sends a person, numerous emperor is chased king!
The 18th chapter explores, bright peep!
Sword of celestial being of bury of the 19th chapter, weigh sword teenager!
The 20th chapter 7 evil spirit swords, bury sword chant!
Girl of the name of the last ruler of the Xia Dynasty of the 21st chapter aing good horse, dragon is not resided with the snake!
Hill of sea of shake of name of the 22nd chapter, war of press of bury celestial being!
The 23rd chapter is muddleheaded bury celestial being, world of day knife monarch!
Shake of the world of the 24th chapter, blame path is not demon!
The 25th chapter night of 14 bright moons, 15 behead demon!
An ancient type of spoon sees the 26th Zhang Tu end, 3 mad death!
Gold of the 27th chapter locks up refine world, dragon boat arrives!
The 28th Zhang Liutian 3 mad, the king of clever stone!
Furnace of feng4huang2 of refine of the 29th chapter, change rainbow flexibly!
Thirtieth order military is become dragon chelonian!
Thirtieth one chapter 3 mad return, life high above in the sky!
Thirtieth 2 chapters light is satisfactory!
Thirtieth 3 chapters desire demon destroys, gold locks up convict!
4 chapters Mount Hua talks thirtieth sword!
Thirtieth limit of king of 5 chapters emperor, demon of two acting swords!
Thirtieth 6 chapters behead alone Gu, emperor of Mount Hua sword!
7 chapters talk thirtieth sword choose apprentice, good-bye flying knife!
8 chapters mix thirtieth yuan before 10, fall Long Qi gets together!
9 chapters face thirtieth a breakthrough, 9 Shengbuna!
The 40th chapter the eye of your master, remain to rise!
Name of person of the 41st chapter cultivates an image, indefectible legend!
Behead of the 42nd chapter decides wise man way!
The 43rd chapter is reincarnate for the sword, emperor is banned move together!
Line of the 44th order points to, the king that emperor bans!
The 45th Zhang Jiu lubricious axe, ask grant instruction of demigod celestial being!
The 46th order stands on summit summit!
The 47th Zhang Xiu life 23!
The world of the 48th chapter the first, time theory is empty!
Time of the 49th chapter is like a knife, life absolutely!
Stone of fiftieth chapter comforter, swallow accept curse!
Fiftieth one chapter is bungled one bowl cross yuan of mind!
Fiftieth ground of king of 2 chapters clever stone, empty sky enters dragon boat!
Fiftieth 3 chapters see clearly divine furnace!
Fiftieth proceed with of 4 chapters clever stone, nie renascence!
Fiftieth 5 chapters light is big satisfactory, divine Tibet is fourfold!
Fiftieth the king that 6 chapters surmount emperor to ban!
Fiftieth palace of 7 chapters black sheep advocate arrive!
Fiftieth emersion of furnace of 8 chapters light!
Fiftieth 9 chapters be ashamed into anger, zhan Guangming furnace!
Furnace of the 60th chapter presses down Qing Bo!
Limit of force of the 61st section, ghost child shows! (one more)
Ghost of Jing of the 62nd chapter! Mysterious eddy! (the 2nd more)
The king that 10 mahatma stand the 63rd rule! (3 more)
The battle of fate of the 64th chapter, lonely destroys Lei Chi! (one more)
The 65th Zhang Zujin! (2 more)
The 66th Zhang Xiu life 24 knives! (3 more)
The 67th chapter crosses disaster eve!
Rich of the 68th chapter weichis!
Destiny of all directions of the 69th chapter, the cloud moves all directions!
Demon of the 70th chapter is moved, bar river one battle!
Time of the 71st chapter shows popular feeling like the arrow!
The 72nd Zhang Sanhua gets together very, 5 gas face yuan!
Life of the 73rd chapter is developmental, catenary of path criterion god!
End of the 74th Zhang Jiuji path!
The 75th Zhang Xiu life 25, path fruit is like a knife!
The 76th chapter borrows destiny, of dragon boat Nie!
The 77th chapter robs partly implement, the carry of destiny!
The people of sea of thunder of the 78th chapter, yuan divine spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else!
Blood of fight of the 79th order develops clouds!
The 80th chapter confuses fetch 13 heavy!
The 81st chapter presses down double demon!
Wu Lin of the 82nd chapter is mythological!
The world of Jing of the 83rd chapter, sword emperor homing!
Fivefold god hides the 84th rule!
Emperor of the 85th chapter faces the North sea! (one more)
Emperor of bewitching of the 86th chapter enters capital! (2 more)
Boldness of vision of big fellow of the 87th chapter, the Dragon King sends a letter! (3 more)
The 88th chapter asks, square steel courage and uprightness is in!
The 89th chapter is talked, change day bear life!
Inheritance of light of the 90th chapter person!
Awe of the 91st chapter, point to divine arms!
Arteries and veins of Niu Du of Kui of the 92nd chapter, kill absolutely post!
The 93rd Zhang Guizu does not grow memory!
Lance of god of disaster of thunder of the 94th chapter, emperor person appearance!
The 95th chapter is disgraced, time is no-no!
The 96th chapter emperor of 4 big bewitching, enrage machine god column! (one more)
Channel of weather of the 97th chapter is not worth dread, popular feeling compares Gao Tian! (2 more)
The 98th Zhang Sixiang presses down celestial being, surmount fourfold! (3 more)
Knife of ninety-nine chapter years, surmount the Wang Shang that emperor bans!
The path of destiny of the 100th chapter!
The person that the 101st chapter makes Tian Wei of my big fellow!
The 102nd chapter casts again cup, wine is like dragon!
The 103rd chapter grows the Qing Yu that hate a sword! (one more)
Thor of the 104th chapter, bid farewell of common people sword!
Emperor of bewitching of roc of the 105th chapter, home Su has dragon!
Years of the 106th chapter is fugacious, cease life 27!
Law of dragon of bend over of the 107th chapter, cease life 28!
Ancient battlefield of sky of the 108th chapter, chase bright!
Body of future of the 109th chapter, screwy destiny!
The people of meaning of sword of the 110th chapter, force is used up!
Black clothes of teenager of the 111st chapter, this is my prey!
The 112nd chapter is spatio-temporal ten force!
Homing of emperor of sword of the 113rd chapter!
The 114th Zhang Guangming the Dragon King!
The 115th chapter searchs this world to point to classics, paragraph domestic have the groom move into one's house after the marriage!
Shadow of ghost of the 116th chapter, one meaning sword!
The 117th chapter heart of refine of 7 big develop, paragraph the home is old ancestor!
An ancient type of spoon sees the 118th Zhang Tu end, idiocy!
Rescue of the 119th chapter, eternal sword body!
The 120th Zhang Chuanyi's favour!
Time of the 121st chapter is eternal knife!
Ghost of behead of the 122nd chapter child! 6 Tuo Buddha!
Every phenomenon of human society of the 123rd chapter, day emperor!
King of person of emperor of day of the 124th chapter!
Infanta of the 125th chapter says, boil! (one more)
The 126th chapter presses down bewitching king, bare this world presses down bewitching tower! (2 more)
Wen Xiang of the 127th chapter enters a bosom, the ground of empty sky!
Reincarnation of metempsychosis of the 128th chapter!
The 129th chapter is parting, will return eventually!
The 130th chapter is really angry!
Region of military of the 131st order becomes a fist!
Of emperor of person of the 132nd chapter!
The 133rd chapter is killed meaning the sky that enter empty!
Graph of bone of the 134th chapter gathers together!
Troubled times of the 135th order is chased, the light between the palm!
Boldness of vision of the Dragon King of the 136th chapter!
The 137th chapter is not blocked!
Meaning of fight of the 138th order is like fire, 5 yuan of big gods! (one more)
Time of the 139th chapter is eternal 30 knives!
Shake of knife of the 140th chapter is become greatly, pure this world shows! (one more)
The courage of Su Mou of the 141st chapter, all the time very big!
Region of empty emperor of empty of the 142nd chapter, all ages inheritance!
The 143rd shock that Zhang Heiyu Yours Excellency!
The 144th section is broken cease life knife!
Line of the 145th order is short of, partly pace ancestor is banned!
Inheritance of the 146th chapter, the light of monarch world!
The 147th chapter you, aptitude is insufficient!
The 148th chapter presses down pure this world, revisit fierce is become! (three-in-one)
The 149th Zhang Wulin public enemy!
Taoist priest of the 150th chapter 3 mad, respectful greet drive greatly!
The 151st chapter goes like behead really, vast sky of feng4huang2 of scene the Tang Dynasty!
The 152nd chapter 4 old God's will, big fellow Pan Sheng!
The 153rd Zhang Taiji song, fierce is become 3 mad! (6500 words)
True military of the 154th order 7 cut sword blast, muddleheaded axe! (5500 words)
Su Mou of the 155th chapter is become, send you start off!
The 156th chapter is muddleheaded forge dragon boat!
The 157th Zhang Guangming highway, simple in relief keep out of the way! (6000 words)
Pure this world of kill of the 158th chapter, time flows backwards!
The 159th chapter becomes general trends, power shake 5 countries!
Dragon boat of the 160th chapter decides a vessel, suppress accurate emperor group!
The 161st chapter faces lock group really, divine feng4huang2 plume feather!
Violet gas of the 162nd chapter east come, the sword gives day emperor!
Destiny of the 163rd chapter is redemptive!
Name of the 164th chapter travels the world!
Bloodshed of teenager of the 170th chapter!
The 171st chapter is bright holy daughter, pace of the five elements! (5000)
A loyal heart of blood shed in a just cause of the 172nd chapter, light is no-no! (large order of 10 thousand words)
Road of time of the 173rd chapter, the appearance of day daughter!
Town of the 174th chapter is killed, the Dragon King comes!
The 165th chapter settles down and get on with his pursuit, destiny sends treasure!
Ancient star of the moon of the 166th chapter, coagulate refine fierce region!
Time of the 167th chapter is microcosmic!
Different of the 168th chapter is counted, weigh Yang Zhi to contend for!
Beach of redness of skin of the 169th chapter, weigh heroic of in relief hold a memorial ceremony for! (8000 much words)
Time of the 175th chapter flows backwards!
The battle with the 176th zenithal chapter!
Sky of shake of meaning of fist of the 177th chapter!
Time of the 178th chapter is eternal 33 knives!
The 179th Zhang Sanhai paints blood, 8 bewitching invade a country!
The 180th chapter bank of 3 boundary river, send 8 start off!
Slap of control of the 181st regulation!
Flood dragon of bend over of true dragon of the 182nd chapter!
The 183rd chapter presses down 7 king, cease the life has metempsychosis!
Bewitching of behead of the 184th chapter, sky protects a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest!
The 185th Zhang Ren a group of things with common features is young the first person!
Palace of black sheep of the 186th chapter, revive beg year!
The 187th chapter puts in native land 's charge again, forest the disaster of government office!
The 188th chapter contradict oneself, cottage hill press on the border!
The 189th Zhang Jingdu's situation, go out to meet of the Dragon King! (9000)
Child of the 190th chapter is saved drive come late! (12000 words)
Vessel of change of the 191st rule goes alone, strand Long Dazhen!
The 192nd chapter seals town Xuan Ao, pure in relief bow one's head! (13000)
Knife of the 193rd chapter points to Long Hu, young season division! (7000)
The 194th section is broken blast, long Hu is fought!
Region of confused look of the 195th chapter, dragon sees true celestial being on tiger stage!
The 196th chapter the ground of 3 feet, date from source!
Celestial being of the 197th chapter and person are enemy!
Law of celestial being of the 198th chapter, time is eternal 34 knives!
The 199th chapter locks up a day, kill celestial being! (one more)
The 200th chapter rests the first times life knife! (2 more)
Gens of Buddha of the 201st chapter, enrage the path of carry!
Feng4huang2 of god of the 202nd chapter, grandparent and grandchild enters Jing Tang!
Demon of emperor of the 203rd chapter, words of the deceased is too much!
Battle of feng4huang2 of dragon of the 204th chapter, jing Tang shakes!
Time of the 205th chapter is eternal 35 knives!
Knife of god of the 206th chapter is paddle, half breath did not come!
The 207th chapter 4 old God's will, female Wu Huang!
Star of life of cut of eye of weather of the 208th chapter!
Day of lock of the 209th chapter rests life!
Day of fall from the sky of emperor of the 210th chapter cries, zhu Sheng is horrified!
The 211st Zhang Xiu destiny, path be short of good luck!
Sparrow of dragon of big summer of the 212nd chapter, demon of celestial being Buddha!
Heart of line of the 213rd order, five trade region!
Everything, from sky Gu Lu begins!
The first chapter compares the warm blood with more blazing sunshine!
The 2nd Zhang Daru is born, 6 sound!
The 3rd chapter photograph of 8 heavy fierce, buddha of A cover Tuo is not had south!
Body of the 4th Zhang Ming Wangjin, enrage carry pillar!
The 5th chapter enrages carry spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else, metempsychosis is no-no!
Sword of the emperor of the 6th chapter, cease carry of life behead Buddha!
The 7th chapter does not beg celestial being, not ceremony Buddha!
Ancient road of sky of the 8th chapter, lock up source kill demon!
The 9th Zhang Sanhuang bend over head!
Door of demon of the 10th chapter changes emperor, emperor of the North sea is faced!
Eleventh rule is sacred the highway enters the North sea!
Emperor of bewitching of dozenth chapter behead!
Thirteenth chapter person banner of a group of things with common features battle!
Press on the border of division of bewitching of the 14th chapter, one person natural moat!
Emperor of bewitching of the four seas of the 15th chapter, establish standard of 8 lever battle!
Buy of gold of behead of the 16th chapter, double emperor flag!
Fight of the seventeenth order 7 emperor, time is eternal!
The 18th Zhang Jiudi flag!
Country of god of enormous legendary fish of the 19th chapter advocate, person emperor shadow!
Emperor of fight of the 20th order, knife path is dauntless!
Star of life of roc of behead of the 21st chapter!
Destiny of the 22nd chapter shakes!
The 23rd chapter locks up day source, approach enters Gu Lu!
Blind alley of sky of the 24th chapter, contribution of the Dragon King!
Person of the 25th chapter is moonish, take leave of has alcoholic drink!
The 26th chapter sets foot on sky!
God of the 27th chapter a group of things with common features Gu Xing, light has not!
Battle enrages the 28th Zhang Ren a group of things with common features, no-no name!
Animal of barren of the 29th chapter, hang down deity cane!
Thirtieth chapter person troops of a group of things with common features warfare, show a body!
Thirtieth one chapter 8 extremely battle blast, furnace of palm broken god!
Thirtieth 2 chapters fall on his knees entirely!
3 chapters Su Mou sends thirtieth your start off!
Thirtieth body of 4 chapters mind, xuan Huang thes Creator!
Thirtieth the arrow of 5 chapters heaven, open blood of troops from heaven-an invincible army!
Thirtieth 6 chapters put to death 6 alas, the fist moves all directions!
Thirtieth boat of 7 chapters star, quick look king!
Thirtieth 8 orders line spreads out, press down clever cane!
Thirtieth 9 chapters make a the universe to you!
The 40th chapter defeats a god to close, do not block!
Fokelore of the 41st chapter is no-no, place of boxing sharp edge to!
Route of time of the 42nd chapter goes, divine day drops empty!
Sky of the 43rd chapter falls rain of a god!
Ground of monarch of behead of the 44th chapter, cease life Zhan Xing is empty! (large order)
Sky of group of person of the 45th chapter, burn on bright top old me!
Contraindication of the 46th chapter falls, the light of monarch world!
Blood of fight of the 47th order anabiosises, tian Mailei sound!
Road of exceeding lofty or great of the 48th chapter, zhou Tian enrages the sea!
Blood of refine of the 49th chapter is big satisfactory, cease life pregnant troops from heaven-an invincible army!
Fiftieth Zhang Wangjie hematic red, you are what thing!
Fiftieth one chapter all is pressed down, phlogistic cloud harships!
Fiftieth 2 orders filling line is short of, view want change!
Fiftieth 3 Zhang Xiantian volitions!
Fiftieth 4 chapters lend body renascence, lei Jiemu anabiosises!
Fiftieth horse of 5 chapters day, wood of thunder disaster god!
Fiftieth 6 chapters because he is revive beg year!
Fiftieth 7 chapters one fist, a list of names posted up of ground of person a group of things with common features!
Fiftieth dragon of day of 8 chapters remote antiquity, battle enrages to the marrow!
Fiftieth 9 chapters 55 thousand your, barren animal drops sky!
The growl of dragon of day of remote antiquity of the 60th chapter!
The 61st chapter lends force temper by dipping in water bone, 81 thousand your!
The 62nd chapter is hit explode, on time road 10 reincarnate!
Xiaocheng of bone of temper by dipping in water of the 63rd chapter, qualification of ground a list of names posted up!
The 64th chapter is compared go all out extremely fast!
In group of person of the 65th chapter, all be battle blood!
The 66th rule is arbitrary!
The 67th chapter gives cloud general department, ground a list of names posted up tries refine!
Overmatch of limit of bone of temper by dipping in water of the 68th chapter!
The 69th chapter is expiratory be like dragon, battle fetch spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else!
Fist of the 70th chapter presses down contraindication, sky float cadaver!
The 71st chapter is akin, keep the back!
Fight of the 72nd order opens a season, downfallen emperor is banned!
Saber of the 73rd chapter rests life, eternal time!
Decay of dragon boat of the 74th chapter, point to shake troops from heaven-an invincible army!
Armour of dragon of day of the 75th chapter, behead is killed!
The 76th Zhang Liufang the Ministry of War in feudal China, return!
The 77th chapter is strong!
The road of decay of the 78th chapter!
Descendant of blood of military of the 79th order, strong close!
Prisoner's cage of Xuan Huang of the 80th chapter, bone of temper by dipping in water is become greatly!
The 81st chapter lays life overstep the boundary, heaven and earth is trenchant!
Palace of broken ice of the 82nd chapter, step glacial peak!
The 83rd chapter you, can Nai my why
The 84th chapter is mixed 10 times extremely, warfare system limits!
The 85th chapter 49 wife's father system of a group of things with common features warfare!
The 86th chapter gives you half tea!
The 87th chapter gives you the face!
The 88th Zhang Wei shake gives the cloud!
The 89th chapter not battle and get the better of, clever star!
The 90th chapter steps one pace, behead one sufficient!
Defect of the 91st chapter!
The 92nd chapter takes personal course, china bowl transaction!
Iron of king of the 93rd chapter!
The 94th chapter I am very strong!
The 95th chapter presses down monarch ground, I am very strong really!
You ask the 96th section it is one, dare!
Tian Longwei of the 97th chapter, arms blood!
The 98th chapter 100 bounds fragment, battle name! (one more)
Roundlet of bone of ninety-nine chapter temper by dipping in water is full, young generation!
The 100th Zhang Shi a group of things with common features, capturing gas carries! (one more)
The 101st chapter delays Shou Ling medicine, courage is not small!
The person that light of the 102nd chapter goes, enrage carry eddy! (4000 words large order)
The 103rd chapter surmounts Zhou Tian, xuan Huang's mother is angry!
World of the 104th chapter pursues, fetch of day dragon be awed!
Xuan Huang of the 105th chapter's mother is enraged, one fist is suppressed!
Canister of stone of the 106th chapter, lock up day of Fu Shengzi!
Go-between of canister of the 107th chapter, world of 3 battle Jing!
The 108th chapter is killed machine, 3 mahatma are banned!
Running water of time of the 109th chapter steps emperor to ban!
The 110th chapter is pulling him, belong to you!
The 111st chapter is ongoing, pulling a flock of stone a group of things with common features!
The 112nd chapter hematic season arrogant, extremely fast contend for sharp edge!
Storm of heart of the 113rd medal, lend strength!
Bone of temper by dipping in water of the 114th chapter is big satisfactory!
The 115th chapter kills emperor to ban, 4 battle mark!
One fist ash flies to the 116th chapter smoke destroys!
The 117th chapter has battle blood, jump purposely! (two chapters syncretic)
The 118th chapter abandons life and death, su Mou is not believed!
Mark of fight of the 119th order 18, be illogical without the road on the world!
Boil of blood of Jing of fist of the 120th chapter, battle mark the limit! (two chapters syncretic)
Meaning of fight of the 121st order is immortal, I is gods!
The teenager of god of the 122nd chapter, broken time!
The 123rd chapter arms of 3 great minds, the situation the book!
Doctrine of fight of the 124th order is carried, sage blood!
The 125th chapter locks up day of one arteries and veins!
The 126th chapter did not come satisfactorily greatly personally! (two chapters syncretic)
Furnace of dark look of light of the 127th chapter, reincarnate for the knife!
Zhu Tian of the 128th chapter, everythings on earth is unripe!
Fragment of the 129th chapter puts in a heart 's charge, battle mark 50!
Emperor of behead of the 130th chapter is princely, regression!
The 131st chapter is clinking Wang Zhe, the name moves magpie hill!
The person that light of the 132nd chapter goes, reopen of ground a list of names posted up!
Blame of the 133rd chapter child, give life fruit!
System of warfare of the 134th order opens a season!
Millions of people of the 135th chapter is fixed eyes upon!
Card article and a few words
A list of names posted up of ground of the 136th chapter is contended for sharp edge!
The 137th chapter seals the source that press down a lock, jin Yang is not bad body!
The 138th chapter that, ask your start off!
Day of punishment of the 139th chapter imprints, bogus emperor An Gan! (one more)
My sky of light of knife of the 140th chapter mirrors Zhu Xing! (2 more)
The 141st chapter the 9th Xuan Ao, time is eternal thirtieth 7 knives!
Light illumes in sky of the 142nd chapter!
Zhu Tian of the 143rd chapter!
The 144th section is broken imprint, break holy talk!
The 145th chapter rests life knife, ground a list of names posted up leaves behind a good reputation!
The 146th chapter is clinking battle name!
The 147th chapter is talked, sage go out for a battle!
Person of star of herd of the 148th chapter, cross path of group heavenly body!
God of the 149th chapter robs!
Zhutian of the 150th chapter seals emperor to!
Emperor of battle of sky of the 151st chapter!
Emperor of massacre of the 152nd chapter, bronze battle name! (7000)
The 153rd order leaves day of disaster, partly pace ancestor is banned! (2 syncretic)
The 154th chapter is the strongest battle fetch!
Old and well-known family of dragon of person of the 155th chapter, 9 vessels sky! (6000)
The 156th chapter is clinking king ministry, be strong!
The 157th chapter is dark emerge, say person word!
The 158th chapter 3 king ministry, 4 earths a list of names posted up!
Jing of the 159th chapter is colourful, time spirit is beautiful!
The 160th chapter is strong, battle of Ao of the East China Sea!
The road of extradite of the 161st chapter, reentry wind vessel!
The 162nd chapter steps a the Son of God!
Arrow of time of the 163rd chapter, ministry of Dao Ling king!
Careless stone of barren of the 164th chapter resembles realizing chiliad!
The 165th chapter you are what thing, dare disgrace my division!
Match well of double knife of the 166th chapter, spatio-temporal and no-no!
Sage of the 167th chapter, contend for sharp edge opposite!
Female blueness of emperor of the 168th chapter is searched, go against emperor!
The 169th chapter is spatio-temporal shed Qing Lian in disorder!
The 170th chapter 300 million accord with, broken metempsychosis!
Emperor of person of the 171st chapter faces a life, establish the ground to become emperor!
Emperor of Fu of the 172nd chapter, ancient Qing Lian!
The 173rd chapter realizes a knife, bring move metempsychosis!
The 174th chapter one pace metempsychosis, battle fetch spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else!
The 175th have a knife below Zhang Yue, send you start off!
World of Jing of spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else of the 176th chapter!
Body of mind of emperor of person of the 177th chapter, bronze battle name!
The 178th Zhang Sansheng keep out of the way!
Clinking inheritance reachs the 179th order!
The 180th chapter kills astronomical phenomena, send you one case start off!
King of behead of the 181st chapter descendantses, home of dragon blood barren! (2 syncretic)
Broken star of dragon of barren of the 182nd chapter, day dragon is disgraced! (2 syncretic)
High above in the sky of life of the 183rd chapter, battle fetch leaves divine front yard! (2 syncretic)
Great emperor of the 184th chapter, seal town contraindication! (2 syncretic)
The 185th chapter partly pace ancestor is banned, emperor of day desire behead child!
Cereal of dragon of bury of the 186th chapter, di Zicheng emperor!
Emperor of convict of the 187th chapter pursues, 10 shake!
Spare time from one's main work to attend to sth else of the 188th chapter returns one, enter monarch ground personally! (2 syncretic)
The 189th stamp shows a body, face emperor is met!
The 190th chapter is undone and no-no, convict emperor one battle! (three-in-one)
The battle with the 191st no-no chapter!
Dragon of massacre of name of fight of the 192nd order, dragon claw enters system!
Dragon of bury of the 193rd chapter is ungual, tian Longnu!
The 194th chapter is missed now, again behead!
Dirt of the 195th chapter is decided, astral day ancient road!
The grave of epoch of the 196th chapter, region shakes in!
The 197th chapter breaks life division, years white hair!
The 198th chapter decides astral picket, 5 barren overmatch!
Accurate king of the 199th chapter, day daughter disobeys an order! (2 syncretic)
The 200th chapter dragon of 5 barren hunt!
The 201st chapter is spatio-temporal emersion, allow Wang Bing!
The 202nd chapter allows king military spirit!
The 203rd chapter is anonymous dog!
The 204th chapter is spatio-temporal eddy!
The 205th order leaves now, too urgent!
The 206th chapter kills accurate king, my bodies are saved before epoch grave! (2 syncretic)
The 207th chapter locks up a day! Lock day!
The 208th chapter who dare conviction! (one more)
The 209th chapter allows king die young, dare go the world thing! (2 more)
Photograph of line of the 210th order, 9 days of king! (3 more)
King of fight of the 211st order, I say is namely! (4 more)
The 212nd chapter breaks a gun, how should earn a living!
The 213rd chapter one gun, smooth at that time lacerate is lasting!
Law of contraindication of the 214th chapter, king fall from the sky!
The 215th chapter you, went!
Young junior fellow apprentice of the 216th chapter, behead he!
Dragon of day of the 217th chapter, lock up day ancestor ground!
Hei Yu of the first chapter, see eventually!
The 2nd Zhang Xiu life but good, the Supreme Being is faced!
Fist of the 3rd Zhang Zhu day! Lousy place!
Storm of the 4th chapter, all body contend for hegemony!
Brightly lit of meaning of military of the 5th order, evil spirit of remote antiquity mind! (2 syncretic)
Body of emperor of fight of the 6th order!
The 7th chapter dies young, emperor tomb!
Acheron of the other shore of the 8th chapter, 10 path lotus!
On road of Acheron of the 9th chapter!
Clear field of the 10th chapter, allow Wang Tianbing!
Lotus of eleventh order line enters a priori!
Some has dozenth Zhang Su why not dare!
Nether bridge of government office of ground of thirteenth chapter Acheron!
The 14th chapter your word, too much!
The 15th chapter locks up day name!
The 16th chapter is perforative, yama hall, avoid dead gold!
Emperor of fight of the seventeenth order! (two chapters syncretic)
Emperor of behead of the 18th chapter!
The 19th chapter is inapproachable situation!
Empty time of empty of the 20th chapter, to strong fight!
The 21st Zhang Ren a group of things with common features epoch!
The 22nd chapter is spatio-temporal confine, avoid dead change!
The 23rd chapter not Azrael embryo!
The 24th chapter an emperor you a god!
The 25th chapter he is living still!
The 26th Zhang Zhu king arrives!
The 27th order leaves yuan of 3 emperor!
The 28th chapter enrages movement violet spirit, silver light!
Name of emperor of fight of the 29th order, hit entirely explode!
Thirtieth Zhang Shi defeats day Jing, calculate what thing!
Thirtieth one chapter arrived personally in the past!
Thirtieth shake of 2 chapters name 5 barren!
Thirtieth 3 chapters not battle and bend!
4 chapters time defeats thirtieth blast, exuviate of young cattle involuntary discharge of urine!
5 orders leave thirtieth after the day, ask increase to fokelore!
Thirtieth region of knife of 6 chapters time, what doing not have is destined!
Thirtieth station of battle of 7 chapters sky, great Wall 10 thousand lis of dragon!
Thirtieth 8 chapters are eternal dragon boat, sword emperor, bewitching tower!
Thirtieth hall of clouds of 9 chapters approach, battle station rises!
God of gold of the 40th chapter a group of things with common features, stop dagger follows battle!
The 41st chapter is hit explode, not dead body, too extremely cycle!
The 42nd chapter one battle, get the better of gens!
The 43rd Zhang Zaizhan opens a season, break gun momentum, the sword makes!
Doctrine of war of contraindication of the 44th chapter, empyreal imprint!
The 45th chapter is eternal time arrow, one battle 7 a group of things with common features!
Hassle of the 46th chapter, the destiny is no-no!
Region of knife of time of the 47th chapter, destiny stone mill!
Fall from the sky of body of the 48th chapter, brilliance sky, ambiguous contrail!
The 49th chapter dare rest personal life, dare change destiny!
Fiftieth chapter god hides reopen, contend for clinkingly!
Fiftieth oar of one chapter violet gas fining jade, gold battle name, divine disaster!
Fiftieth name of battle of 2 chapters violet gold, since the beginning of the history!
Fiftieth lens of 3 chapters stone, zhu Huang, spatio-temporal road!
Fiftieth 4 chapters return, ancient dragon hole, ultimate fierce!
Fiftieth fierce of 5 chapters limit person, 23 years of cloud and month!
Fiftieth 6 Zhang Pingfan's hearts, su Baibai is good! (fierce alliance New Year is good! )
Fiftieth 7 chapters look for, give directions, you think you are radar!
Fiftieth Great Master of 8 chapters wushu, 10 stay thirdly, 3 can incessant! (one more)
Fiftieth 9 chapters changeover! Master degree? (2 more)
Decay of the 60th chapter, the anger of the commoners, bleed 5 paces! (one more)
Order of old age of change of the 61st rule, you, wanted to die! (2 more)
Between a snap of the fingers of the 63rd chapter, look down at with look up at! (2 more)
The 64th Zhang Santian, I give you the chance! (one more)
23 years when the 65th chapter disappears, do not be afraid of read Zhang Chi has degree! (2 more)
Youth of the 66th chapter, who teachs your fist! (one more)
The 67th chapter masters of great learning and integrity, need not, I came! (2 more)
Astronomical phenomena of the 68th chapter, wu Yu, give you 3 court! (one more)
Lonely of line of the 69th order, horrified, is King Kong not bad? (2 more)
The 70th Mr Zhangsu pardons the offense, guest instructor! (one more)
Of short duration of the 71st chapter is fastened, time slot, unidentified the person that all falls by! (2 more)
Megalosaurus of the 72nd chapter buries bone, the Great Wall that rupture! (one more)
Month of blood of the 73rd chapter, read aloud move ash! (2 more)
The 74th Zhang Ren a group of things with common features is become world, fall on his knees entirely!
Town of the 75th chapter is killed, title fierce emperor? (one more)
Emperor of the 76th chapter is banned, solution path is tired! (2 more)
The 77th chapter is strong, clear absolutely battlefield!
The 78th chapter shakes, the New Year's Eve, hit what defeats a fist!
The 79th chapter from ligature hands or feet, is this special be fist of 8 paces collapse? (one more)
The 80th Zhangxian fish turns over, life is like paper, memory is like a knife! (2 more)
The 81st Zhang Daofa essence is entered, open year of enter a school!
Violet gas of the 82nd chapter east come government office, 8 old instructor! (one more)
Shake of Gan of the 83rd chapter! Lake medium shot! Be about to become emperor! (2 more)
The 84th chapter defeats absurd, thoroughly remould oneself! (one more)
Call at sb's house of the 85th chapter, descendant of big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty, person emperor is fabulous! (2 more)
The 86th Mr Zhangsu is nice, do not exceed one fist? (2 syncretic)
The 87th chapter King Kong of fist of 8 paces collapse! Exchange is unripe! (one more)
Palm of aegis of god of the 88th chapter, blood is like glow, backbone is like dragon! (2 more)
Shadow of empty of angel of the 89th chapter, let you advocate will look for me!
The 90th chapter I am kill god person! The person should save oneself! (2 more)
You also dare check the 91st order I move! Suzerain teachs! (3 more)
Palm of cross of the 92nd chapter, angel crosier, the hand is suppressed!
Disclose of the 93rd chapter breaks a day, golden hill shake, li Daxing is empty! (2 more)
Shake of all directions of the 94th chapter, rely on both hands, do not rely on celestial being god and Buddha! (3 more)
Shave one's head to be a monk or nun of the 95th chapter locks up a body, I raises grand to be enraged like that, very close can measure a nature! (one more)
The 96th chapter supports a spirit with both hands, holy light overflows Jin Ling! (2 more)
Head of the 97th chapter " when self-improvement " , boil! (one more)
Knife of day of black hair of the 98th chapter, do not beg disengagement from Buddha of celestial being god! (2 more)
ninety-nine section is broken crossed, king Kong the world of one genuflect Jing! (one more)
God of the 100th chapter is slash, the day takes big drive look, bogus god should put to death! (2 more)
God of act on one's behalf of the 101st chapter is punished, here, it is the den of true dragon!
Barrier of wall of god of the 102nd chapter, lie between seize a knife for nothing! (one more)
God of bogus of grovel of the 103rd chapter takes the sea-voyage eastward, knock at an admit one's error and ask for punishment! (2 more)
Bewitching of the 104th chapter is magical, blood of battle of person a group of things with common features, not weak at the person! (one more)
The 105th chapter this knife rests life, the god venerates advent! (2 more)
Altar of fetch down of the 106th chapter, deities also wants genuflect! (one more)
Civilization of the 107th chapter is viewed and admire, nie Jiaxie arteries and veins! (2 more)
Old and well-known family of King Kong of the 108th chapter, break up not undulatory! (one more)
Lofty of the 109th chapter is not moved, hit into broken bits! (2 more)
The 110th chapter the hand is suppressed, genuflect arrives die! (one more)
Dirt of every of fetch down of the 111st chapter, the peak of the father-in-law, day emperor!
The 112nd chapter is endless and spatio-temporal, sword celestial being! (one more)
The 113rd Zhang Zailin fierce is become, cease life knife situation! (2 more)
Incredible connecting with the boxing skill of animal of emperor of the 114th chapter, without head demon body! (one more)
Emperor of fight of the 115th order! Battle emperor! (2 more)
The road of the 116th Zhang Xiu life, ancient course, troops from heaven-an invincible army! (one more)
Ask for leave
The middle of forhead of the 117th chapter, 1 million troops from heaven-an invincible army, the day will help coffin up!
Kunlun of the 118th chapter anabiosises, all gods fall world!
The 119th chapter treads day line, join day group, all laws enter a bosom!
Jing of god of the 120th chapter, xuan Wu is disgraced!
Ask for leave!
The 121st Zhang Zhu god is assembled in, with the devil in all dance!
Hunt of the 122nd chapter is magical!
The 123rd chapter rises one day this, person a group of things with common features believes him only!
The 124th chapter sits close, day road opens a mind, over Wusheng!
Everybody Happy New Year!
The 125th chapter is invited about, angel is changed long collect!
Battle of angel of the 126th chapter blast, troops from heaven-an invincible army of person a group of things with common features!
Hill of god of light of the 127th chapter imprints, troops from heaven-an invincible army is castiron!
The 128th Zhang Luwei, all a group of things with common features now!
The 129th chapter 4 big zenithal, furnace is broken, healthy atmosphere is put!
Pleasant to see of the 130th chapter person, blue sky and sky!
The 131st Zhang Ren a group of things with common features battle emperor, too on be indifferent! (two chapters syncretic)
The 132nd Zhang Guangming armour, years knife! (one more)
The 133rd chapter puts to death absolutely, revulsion, the earth anabiosises! (2 more)
The 134th Zhang Ren a group of things with common features, battle blood inheritance is incessant! (3 more)
Ancient boat of moon of the 135th chapter, pluto is moved!
Emperor of day of the 136th chapter is fabulous, you should die!
The 137th chapter half pace is stand aloof holy body!
Su Mou of the 138th chapter should commit murder, you do not bar!
Ants and mole crickets of the 139th chapter multiplies dragon head, name of violet gold battle!
Hassle of the 140th chapter, spirit a group of things with common features, 108 time are reincarnate!
The 141st chapter is young emperor person!
Decay of the 142nd chapter, dark king arrives!
The 143rd chapter is quiet do not defend do-nothing meaning, delimit the circle leaves close therefore too extremely!
Back of the 144th chapter does not have a turn, still hold out so that live!
Big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty of the 145th chapter! Big the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty!
The 146th chapter anabiosises, xuan Wu! Xuan Wu!
The 147th chapter exceeds the system that take off, holy fall from the sky!
The 148th chapter is suppressed, immaculate warfare system!
Egg of demon of the 149th chapter, 10 thousand laws are not invaded!
Growl of demon of the 150th chapter, seal town contraindication!
The 151st chapter allows celestial being king, getting may not is true celestial being!
The force with the 152nd spatio-temporal chapter, the day points to surely, celestial being vessel!
Body of future of the 153rd chapter, step down the inverted image of bluff!
The 154th chapter borrows a body to perform behead rub collect!
God of sword of the 155th chapter, sky is horrified!
Fall from the sky of king of celestial being of the 156th chapter, day emperor face about!
Clouds of broken approach of the 157th chapter, fierce of the world cloth!
The 158th chapter does not change purposely, which run seas change into mulberry field and mulberry fields in seas-time brings great changes to the world!
The 159th chapter is spatio-temporal corridor, boundless star sea!
The 160th chapter masters heaven and earth, read aloud ash!
Be born in control of the 161st regulation destroy, 100 a group of things with common features blend!
The 162nd chapter into ash!
You want the 163rd regulation dead!
The 164th order is large can grey flying smoke destroys!
The 165th chapter points to crack emperor!
The name of the person that the 166th chapter goes! Comforter stone!
Emperor of hole of the 167th chapter! Holy baby!
Baby of god of the 168th chapter!
Invincible might of the 169th chapter!
Lance of god of Zhu Tian of the 170th chapter, emperor of battle of person a group of things with common features!
The 171st chapter returns to person group, group flower chase the deer-fight for the throne!
King Kong of the 172nd chapter is not bad! The Supreme Being child emersion!
The 173rd chapter the limit that this is you?
The 174th chapter kills the Supreme Being child!
Di Wei of the 175th chapter, master, I saw!
The 176th on Zhang Shi body of emperor of the strongest fight?
Great Master of the 177th Zhang Zhen path?
Hole of day of the 178th chapter, ministry of green in relief king!
Old stuff of the 179th chapter, do you think dead!
Young junior fellow apprentice of the 180th chapter, not be disgrace you, it is to kill you!
The 181st Zhang Xiantian relief, divine feng4huang2 falls mew!
The 182nd chapter decides astral picket, pick astral hand, cadaver of feng4huang2 mew bend over!
Classics of fetch of the 183rd chapter, eternal time arrow!
Broken iron of the 184th chapter piece, divine feng4huang2 egg!
Next all directions on the 185th chapter say eaves, of all ages says time!
Disaster of thunder of the 186th chapter enters mew, secret laborious, the day goes!
The 187th Zhang Qingyang king, you have an opinion, hold back is worn!
The 188th chapter is strong!
Arms of emperor of the 189th chapter, clinking sword makes!
The 190th chapter this return, decide vessel the world!
The first Zhang Tiandao volition!
Xuanhuang shakes the 2nd chapter!
The 3rd chapter is no-no, fierce forest years!
Emperor of bewitching of the 4th chapter, inherent Shi Ren?
Your claw extends the 5th order too longly!
The condition of pure this world of a priori of the 6th chapter!
Of destiny of the 7th chapter child!
On the 8th Zhang Dengfeng city, come south one arrow!
The 9th chapter shakes, the palm is medium yuan of god!
Courage and uprightness of the 10th chapter anabiosises, adieu 6!
Correct path of eleventh chapter world has vicissitudes of life!
Dozenth chapter you are too weak, good luck mystery!
City of thirteenth chapter emperor overlooks the lake, the emperor does not have word tablet!
The 14th chapter sends you start off first!
Be born in control of the 15th regulation destroy, spatio-temporal endless flow is crossed hard!
Black Huang Jiezhen of the 16th chapter, emperor of the 2nd person!
Military of the seventeenth order is become the foot of a hill, before Jie Jianshi!
Emperor of dragon of light of the 18th chapter!
Congress of the 19th Zhang Wuguo Wu Lin!
Pure this world of a priori of the 20th chapter, peep first immortal!
Opportunity of the 21st chapter once!
The 22nd chapter v/arc upon its promulgation the law shall be enforced to the letter!
10 thousand laws do not approach the 23rd order, the emperor dragon instructs!
The 24th chapter holds incomplete fill a vacancy in the arms, camel bell locks up hill!
Front courtyard of celestial being of Buddhism of the 25th chapter, change day wants bear life!
Bang of the 26th chapter!
The 27th Zhangyi palm one sword, wu Lin is mythological!
The 28th chapter rises dragon boat, 800 yuan of gods enter the North sea!
Below hill of spirit of evil of the 29th chapter, 5 dragon salvo!
Thirtieth chapter a snap of the fingers cracks holy arms!
Emperor of one order fight faces thirtieth world
On the ground of day of 2 orders fight enters thirtieth sky!
Thirtieth the body of pure this world of 3 chapters a priori, sky falls despair!
Meaning of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is eternal, all corners of the country is not dead!
Emperor of 4 chapters day has thirtieth sword, long Huang has a fist!
Thirtieth condition of 5 chapters emperor absolutely the despair of bump!
Thirtieth shake of 6 chapters sky, holy heart breaks down!
Thirtieth an approach cancels 7 orders, art of hematic life resonance!
Thirtieth emperor of bewitching of 8 chapters roc, destiny rainbow bridge one battle!
Thirtieth of 9 orders rule implement, immortal volition!
Hassle of the 40th chapter, no-no engage in a battle!
Time of the 41st chapter is eternal, system of warfare of person a group of things with common features!
World of shake of the 42nd chapter, stop bridge incomplete blood!
Sparrow of dragon of big summer of the 43rd chapter, the world shakes!
Master of the 44th chapter helps!
Go to court of the 45th regulation, dragon emperor your arrival!
Graveyard field of sun of the 46th chapter!
He came to the 47th chapter!
The 48th chapter I, came!
The ala of the 49th Zhang Zhu god, contraindication does not add a body!
Fiftieth Zhang Zhu is magical, cease life!
Fiftieth god of kill of name of one order fight!
Fiftieth 2 chapters are broken point to, black sheep banquet!
Fiftieth 3 Zhang Shangyuan, enrage the fire of carry!
Fiftieth 4 chapters time is reincarnate, white gown paints blood!
New Year is good!
Fiftieth law of of 5 chapters Nie, immortal emersion!
Fiftieth 6 chapters one billion four hundred and seventy-five million four hundred and forty-seven thousand four hundred and twenty-four accord with!
Fiftieth door of stone of of great capacity of 7 orders line, do not block!
Fiftieth 8 chapters become base, together!
Fiftieth portal of group of 9 chapters day, country of god of the other shore!
Qing Dynasty of the 60th chapter enrages refine body, abyss of misery flushs dirt!
The 61st chapter reachs the other shore, life essence!
Sea of fetch of bad luck of the 62nd chapter, true god descendant!
Tablet of day of the 63rd chapter!
The 64th chapter seals a town the 4th Xuan Ao!
Group of day of past of the 65th chapter, inexorable doom emersion!
The world of the 66th chapter is decided rather, person emperor classics!
The 67th chapter is full of sap!
The 68th chapter is foremost square form!
The 69th chapter captures dragon!
The king of mercenary of the 70th chapter!
The 71st chapter is spatio-temporal and no-no! Past body!
Homing of emperor of person of the 72nd chapter!
Emperor of person of the 73rd chapter, revive!
The 74th Zhang Wunian! Revisit star road!
The 75th chapter crosses disaster, ground of two bounds involuntary discharge of urine!
The 76th chapter tastes battle fetch absolutely, the tear of empty sky!
Ministry of king of reddish black of the 77th chapter, wood of 4 great minds!
The 78th because Zhangcheng is gotten if really!
The 79th chapter you are too weak, do not suit me
Arms of lock of catenary of stone of the 80th chapter!
Clear cicada of the 81st chapter, beat dead they
Lock of the 82nd chapter bans emperor personally, ancestor ban!
Xu Kongji of the 83rd chapter
The person that light of the 84th chapter goes!
Barren of north of revisit of the 85th chapter, the sage comes!
The 86th chapter is sealed year big, behead is not broken!
All directions of the 87th chapter is horrified!
Accurate king of the 88th chapter, ancestor ground!
The 89th chapter passes a law, harships removes greenish yellow!
Cadaver of bend over of dragon of barren of the 90th chapter, brother meets!
The 91st chapter you, too weak!
The world in control of the 92nd regulation!
The 93rd chapter is faint, do not bar!
Little palace of the 94th chapter advocate, you still are differred far
A list of names posted up of king of emperor of the 95th chapter!
The 96th chapter is invisible, invisible...
Bound of emperor of darkness of the 97th chapter, accidentally drop!
Times of the 98th order is inverse, muddleheaded and no-no!
ninety-nine chapter replaces your cut all enemy!
Day of punishment of the 100th chapter, want to be hit so that cross me first!
The 101st chapter the hand beats 2 saint!
5 barren shake the 102nd chapter!
The 103rd Zhang Daoyou is miscellaneous, show divine mark!
The road with the 104th clinking chapter, ternary natural moat!
The 105th Zhang Dayu descendant, of sky only then!
The 106th chapter arrives, vacuum behead!
Knife of velocity of sound of the 107th section, profession 7 rank?
World of path of knife of the 108th chapter!
The 109th chapter crasher! He, wanted to be defeated!
Yin and yang of the 110th chapter divides day cut, be inferior to asking me! (beg subscription)
Essence of the 111st chapter enrages a god, cease the life is moved! (beg subscription)
The 112nd Zhang Zhongzheng, dauntless, pregnant ability! (beg subscription)
The 113rd chapter gives directions, wen Dao has! (beg subscription)
Emperor of knife of the 114th chapter, jing is heard! (beg subscription)
The 115th order leaves now, still have creditable (beg subscription)
The 116th chapter is offended do not rise, thoroughly remould oneself! (beg subscription)
The 117th order is actual, the world is more than! (beg subscription)
If weight lifting of the 118th chapter is light, does achievement cancel? (beg subscription)
Empty of be high up in the air of the 119th chapter is photographed, is the profession high-ranking? (beg subscription)
The 120th chapter has light and world! (beg subscription! )
The 121st chapter is not had can hold back! (beg subscription)
The 122nd section is not broken not bad, besides heart! (beg subscription)
Time of the 123rd chapter is eternal, exposure! (beg subscription)
Millions of people of the 124th chapter is fixed eyes upon! Bright moon night! (beg subscription)
Confused look of the 125th chapter enters time! (beg subscription! )
The 126th chapter is reincarnate for the knife, 10 thousand Dao Guizong! (beg subscription)
Lousy place of the 127th chapter, knife path decay! (beg subscription)
Heat of the 128th chapter, along with the Long Cheng on me! (beg subscription)
The 129th chapter be seized by a whim! (beg subscription)
The 130th chapter is young... Dao Sheng! (beg subscription)
The 131st chapter 13 too protect!
The 132nd order leaves to here, with me one battle!
The 133rd chapter drives straight in!
The 134th chapter asks grant instruction
The 135th chapter is immortal! Be immortal!
Dragon of Jing of the 136th chapter, baptism!
Murderer of the 137th chapter! Do not have divine a group of things with common features!
The 138th Zhang Dalong knife, true Long Weicun!
Behead of the 139th chapter does not fall, replace you to keep 3 years!
Germ of order of the 140th order, pure gold ability!
The 141st chapter walks, severe ghost anabiosises!
The 142nd chapter is smooth!
The 143rd Zhang Guangming furnace!
The 144th chapter one fist explodes!
The 145th chapter is young overlord, random elephant!
The 146th chapter is confused, he is the person that darkness goes!
The 147th Zhang Zhufeng's peak, the knife regards the world! (beg subscription)
Battle of emperor of the 148th chapter, then you were valued!
The 149th Zhangwei beyond emperor, also have one knife!
Knife of the 150th chapter changes endless flow, the fist is like dragon, weird piece!
Slap of control of the 151st regulation, anabiosis in the round!
The 152nd chapter is hit explode, misshapen accurate Wang Bing!
Dragon of day of entity of person of the 153rd chapter!
You also come to the 154th chapter!
Circle of the 155th chapter is banned, decay!
The force rudiment of order of the 156th order!
The 157th chapter is no-no, the person that amount to is first!
The 158th chapter passes through the heartbeat of empty sky!
The 159th chapter breaks empty sky, spatio-temporal beefeater!
The force with the 160th spatio-temporal chapter, do not go!
Fragment of barren of pretty of the 161st chapter, argent Gu Shan!
Empty of the 162nd chapter is empty 7 bounds hill, old friend comes!
The 163rd chapter this, just just just began!
The heart of complete sincerity of the 164th chapter, fierce path fountainhead!
The 165th chapter came!
The 166th chapter you also come over, beat dead you!
The 167th chapter is empyreal imprint, blend all paths!
Fist of the 168th chapter is not had companion, seal a town!