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Qiu Yu of autumn wind of the first chapter

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The Qiu Yu that a quiet reachs however had fallen 10 days full, pluvial power is not great, taking deep autumn chill, close beat is on boundless open country.

Pile those who pile deep gray to confuse the cloud small move is pressing the earth, had been deep autumn, woods are bald already, old tree of Qiu Yu general is abluent, but flintily autumn shucked however their beautiful clothes, make they are standing depressedly, what Brown moss masked their bark to go up is deep furrow.

This Yan Mian Qiu Yu of 10 days also makes the ground becomes muddy all the more, cloudy loblolly and slop also are everywhere on Lian Guandao, make the pedestrian cans not move a step, be in by right of reluctance of animal power ability only muddy official on the road lag.

Heibei of dynasty of big the Song Dynasty is here the soup shade county that administer of road photograph city leaves on the west, even if the government-owned path of a broad evenness as string of 1000 cash entire county, at ordinary times the official comes to north to go to south the pedestrian on the road, very lively, but fall in the joke of God, the official sees a pedestrian very hard again right now on the road.

Government-owned path the east is big cornfield of stretch to the horizon, qiu Mai is early had reaped, cornfield becomes bald, standing tall and upright everywhere the wheat lever battlements of person entity, again far place can see tremendous sprinkler, sprinkler has a river, shang Shui is in sprinkler lower part, flow eastwards silently drip, final infuse more broad wave light is crystalline always aid canal.

And in Guan Daoxi the face counts inside and outside, not quite not little village is enveloped in drizzly pluvial mist.

Deserted official appears eventually on the road a man, see him about 30 years old only, eyebrow eye grows very comelily however, a piece of gangling ill yellow face, if eat full meal on a few times,believe nevertheless, the color of skin on his face should fair-skinned in vain even than old girl, looking is not to move back and forth the cloddish crops of farm work Chinese, however the about of a scholar.

He did not open an umbrella, feeble and emaciated body is in of cold wind cold rain invade next aspic to with a rustle must quiver, he is obliged to hold both hands in the arms before the bosom, wrap closely with white cool unlined upper garment as far as possible tighten him the small body with general staff of broomcorn of that deputy just like, deep one base is low the village on one foot Xiang Guandao runs.

. . . . . . .

The village is called Li Wen village, 339 other peoples, person of the half in the village is surnamed plum, have move or far or close kin mostly.

The man just went village mouth, call up phonate surprizingly suddenly, what did he see below a tree, double leg ases if desertioned heavy plumbic bag, light and clinking ground runs over, from the weasel that cultivates next carrying to rise to be about to die only, weasel is sufficient two feet grow, fur brightness is complete.

"Ha, 20 money in one's hand! 20 money in one's hand!!

Man immediately be elated, excitement must be in place revolve.

"Plum ghostwrite, we discover that first, put down to me! " transmit a frosty sound suddenly after one's death.

The man does not cry of course plum ghostwrite, he calls Li Daqi, the word becomes a useful person, plum the byname that ghostwrite is him, also be a poisonous thorn that is inserted in his heart, was called by person rearward full 5 years.

Of course, do not have a person to be able to call him ghostwrite face to face, call him commonly big implement, but often Tong Yan does not have avoid, spoke out the comment of adult backside face to face.

Do not hang on Li Daqi face, angry face about, the child that the station wears 3 about 78 years old on him child, heading is the young fat person of the long look ugly and ferocious on a face, wearing short jacket of superior black damask cover, the foot wears deerskin shoe, valiantly, full of mettle, mimic fat small cockfighting, although hang full drip up and down all over, but there is sweat floodwater on low-lying land however on forehead, the seething on the head is risking steam.

"It is blessing brothers so, did not go to school today? Did not go to school today??

On the face that Li Daqi is hanging an angry look originally immediately pile smile, waist also instinctively stoop a few minutes, young fat person is majordomo of Liu Chenghong child, he can be displeased do not rise.

Two imp also are surnamed from the back plum, pressing position in the family hierarchy is his a group of things with common features brother's son, but where do they have in contemptuous eyes the least bit the due respect when seeing elder member of family.

"Do not go to school on father involve your fart issue, the thing that gets on your hand is put down, boil quickly! " young fat person takes off the countenance his father to show alive.

Li Daqi had been used to this kind of reproach, ground of his be reluctant to part with saw the weasel in the hand, intuition tells him, this weasel should be him the booty of a big black dog, be worth 20 article money! These dot can drop its botch certainly.

"Be merciful of blessing brothers travel, this weasel sends me! This weasel sends me!!

"Fart! "Fart!!

Young fat person cries greatly, "Hit to me! "Hit to me!!

3 evil child break the slimy group that gets ready already to him, li Daqi unawares, was splashed by mud one face a suit, an acerb stone was included actually in posse mud among them, his forehead in be bungled, immediately gurgle pours out of blood.

Pang of Li Daqi forehead, become aware only dizzy, he loses his balance, also hate to part with however put down weasel, cover with the hand forehead, flurried to escape in the village.

"Blamed, put down Huang Daxian! Put down Huang Daxian!!

3 evil child not comply not forgive, chasing after Li Daqi to be not put, grab simply the mud block on the ground is thrown suddenly rear to him be bungled suddenly.

Li Daqi's home is located in village southwest horn, surrounded circuit with branch and clay half person's high small courtyard fence, there are 3 cogongrass houses that walk unsteadily only in the courtyard.

Be utterly destitute was deduced racily in the room this phrasal meaning, the room does not have even the window, with tattered straw mat keeps out wind and rain, nevertheless anyhow has a shabby wooden door, there are two furnitures only in whole room, house part is putting to drop light the camphorwood box of lacquer, it is the small table that on heatable adobe sleeping platform one Zhang Yong rope made of hemp binds a leg next.

Sitting in leg of hanging wall of heatable adobe sleeping platform right now a child child, ground of systemic be absorbed in reads a book, see him about 56 years old year only, wear the old sheep fur-lined jacket with a yellow hair.

Child child comb as child's hair twisted in a knot, brow is thick black, grow so that grow a hand to grow a foot, although there are 56 years old only between eyebrow eye, but the figure grows very high however strong, the child that ases if 78 years old.

A magnificent big black dog is crouching beside him, shedding dribble, small eye of Hei Liang is staring at the half dish steamed bun in a broken bowl.

It takes the advantage of small host unprepared, extend a head to go to explore of dish steamed bun secretly, dog mouth just arrived by the side of the bowl, however by child child one is pressed, "Had eaten half to you, return unwilling to give up! " child Tong Yongshu knocked deride and taunt of one the head that write down a dog to.

Big black dog is low first, in a low voice sob is worn, small eye or anxiously ground are staring at half dish steamed bun.

"Good! Good! Distribute your in part again. Distribute your in part again..

Child child puts the book on the desk, rip dish steamed bun two half, conveniently is thrown, big black dog jumps down the ground immediately, can search a long time to also did not see dish steamed bread, it looks questioningly later.

Child child laughs at hand of lay open of chant chant ground, so steamed bun of two half dish is on his hand, black dog is enraged so that admire a bark to cry continuously, pop-up heatable adobe sleeping platform, will small host attacks, lick madly on his face.

Little boy chuckle laughs, "Did not lick! Did not lick! Give you the in part. Give you the in part..

Big black dog eats off half dish steamed bun eventually, ground of be perfectly satisfied jumps down kang, run courtyard amuse oneself.

Little boy is called Li Yanqing, be in another world, he also calls Li Yanqing, live in distant south rural area as a child, family circumstances and same now poor, that year he goes up with saving first achievement to take an examination of completely northward a famous institution of higher learning, old father borrows whole village to just give him assemble enough tuition.

He reads in university work energetically, achievement is annual the first, but for the life, to give father repay a debt, be in big that years 3, his a momentary slip did an inglorious thing, the outstanding dominant position that uses oneself attended the university entrance exam for the person.

But he was not sure good, the rich home children that lets won't make even maths of junior high school checked whole area the first, come to the light, he was retreated by the school learn, still went up news, he sees old father without Yan Qu.

Compunction accompanies each other, be mentally and physically exhausted, li Yanqing lies in hospital take to one's bed and never leave it again, be sent into the ICU of tumor division before long.

Awake when him one day when, he discovers he is scooped from inside the well however, turned a Song Chao of 6 years old into little boy actually.

Come to Song Chao already a many month, there is one from beginning to end between eyebrow eye of Li Yanqing silk is disconsolate, he is not the poor in disrelishing the home, however he has been familiar with this village, was familiar with the right adjacent all round right abandon, but he does not understand this his located period however, know to have Qidan pretty only child country having distant, should be Northen Song Dynasty, which phase of Northen Song Dynasty can you be after all?

Father tells him now is politics with the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, can politics with the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor which be a year? He still is water of a mist.

Till 10 days before, be asked by him irritated father spoke the important information that he knows eventually, 11 years ago first the Supreme Being draws shoot, temple howl does sagacious an administrative unit in Xizang, so present emperor should be the Song Hui on the history ancestor.

It is last years of a dynasty or reign of Northen Song Dynasty actually, let him how rise with joy.

More those who make him vexed is, father everywhere ask for help borrowed one pile book to give him, engraft to him every day of imperial examinations important, the biggest setback in his lifetime ases if to happen in yesterday talent, he pledges this all one's life won't touch what exam again, won't attend what imperial examinations again, unluckily father of face of this the Song Dynasty seeing imperial examinations seeing imperial examinations however is more important than the day.

"This is reality, you do not read, do not attend imperial examinations, you do not have the opportunity of stand out forever! You do not have the opportunity of stand out forever!!

Today early in the morning their father and son had stick to one's position because of imperial examinations again, father general his severity rebuke hind, dropped this word to go, make his mood abominable one day.

Li Yanqing a piece of Song Chao that he has arranged note of a way of counting the years is cautious had folded, he has a minor gains today, he tells before father first the Supreme Being draws shoot before 11 years, he is mixed from the time of Jing Kangzhi shame v/arc be on the throne of Song Hui an administrative unit in Xizang 25 years, push cipher out instead this year should be 1111, be apart from Jingkang the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor to still have 15 years, hey! Be about to national broken home dies, father forces he attends imperial examinations even.

"Bark! Bark! Bark! " the courtyard transmits a yip suddenly, the cry is very hurried, it is strange to there is a place in Li Yanqing heart, jump down kang to come in the courtyard.

"Big black, how? " Li Yanqing crouchs in big black dog beside, the neck hair that touching him gently asks.

Big black can not be the dog that makes in disorder casually, already sensible clever, extremely be good at catching field mice and house mouse, the cat that lets Li Wen village is unemployed.

It this advantage won village person love, make it eats went up meal of a hunderd schools, also leave out the trouble that Li Yanqing feeds it.

Today it how, those who have bit of abnormality is manic, li Yanqing sees big black station is before a crack between a door and its frame desperately to the door outside cry madly, stand up to look outwards down a crack between a door and its frame, he stretchs tight at a draught straight the body, saw unexpectedly make him the one act of bristle with anger.
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