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Village of home of the Qin Dynasty of the first chapter

"Small 3 child, small 3 child, enter hill today, fast rise. Fast rise..

A simple and honest sound cries in the courtyard, those who broke early morning is halcyon.

A belt in house wears on the west since babyish acoustical sound: "Hum, this rises. This rises..

This is the one village that is located in boundless and indistinct big foot of a hill to fall, village has 30 to come to a family only, such village, in the crossbeam country that spreads all over big hill, again common nevertheless.

Village surnames the Qin Dynasty mostly, according to legend counts hundred years before one the Qin Dynasty to surname large family to avoid disaster removes so far.

Time passes and the situation has changed, large family of surname of the Qin Dynasty is already downfallen, leave its clansman for generations to make a living in order to hunt only. Though Qing Dynasty is sufferred from, also can get dress warmly and ear one's fill.

Qin Hong, 40 years old fluctuate, grow haly big and tall. The family is on the position after village the eastpart part leans, its father already more than 60 years old, the person in hill often climbs, the body also healthy.

Below genu child have 3 people, eldest son the year before last year is asked for to take military service; 2 sons are in distance village 30 inside and outside, the smithy on Teng Long Zhen is become apprentice; Only children accompanies parents in the home.

Feng Ming of the Qin Dynasty of young son name. But so decent name has reason greatly.

When allegedly Qin Fengming is born, the twitter in hill called midnight, day break when, qin Fengming falls smoothly unripe, patriarchal give a name then call Feng Ming, affirmation can be make a meteoric rise after saying.

Feng Ming this year just 10 years old, although face S è is duskily, also grow features is rightly. From petty trick bright, do not have the S è of the Mu Ne of village child.

Domestic child early husband of the poor, feng Ming begins 67 years old, hunt into hill along with father.

One person lives small Feng Ming in on the west house. Hear a cry, knead with the hand knead sleep faintly eye, climb mistily get up. Climb mistily get up..

Get dressed come out. Because yesterday evening issued a spit, air appears clear all the more bright, can the flavour of rainwater of nose greenery be mingled with, outside Lin Zhong, all sorts of hill birds chirp, call ceaseless.

Breakfast is same as usual, there are 4 pannikins on the desk, a dish of wild dawdle, a dish of salty fish, a dish of green vegetables, dishful pickles.

These dish are fed do not need to spend any money, it is hill in all. Small Feng Ming is not carried feed, wear vegetable eats meal of two bowls of small wild taro.

Had eaten breakfast, grandfather and father bring solid food, take good appliance to go out to go to the middle of hill.

Small Feng Ming an one feet how long the penknife is not between the waist, take fork of a little steel, followed to go out.

Small Feng Ming of yesterday R ì and grandfather, in be apart from a village cloth of 20 lis of place left cotton padding and animal mix, today R ì has namely without results.

All the way, grandfather and father should judge direction constantly, notice all around circumstance, have nonpoisonous snake, poisonous insect alertly.

Scamper about of small Feng Ming, collect fungus of a few plant from time to time, pick a few wild fruit, also do not become aware doleful.

All the way tramp over hill and dale, after nearly two time, 3 people hurry to destination eventually, harvest this quite abundant, nab two wild pheasant, hare of a hill and ermine of a hill.

Clear away prey end, 3 people rest on hill stone, take out solid food, searched some of clear water, the edge eats an edge to chat.

Hill ermine, in numerous small prey, it is precious very, can change many silver. Reason 3 people are glad very, the decision takes the advantage of a day early, walk along 3 lis two ahead again, whether come up against elk, Zhang Zi.

Hide prey in cultivating a hole, had sealed with clastic rock, rise to go all right ahead next.

This takes rare already person, better place, already did not have a road to be able to be searched. Need to chop the cirrus in front with Chai Dao, ability can be passed.

Just when 3 people search prey when, be apart from its transmit suddenly outside ten a unit of length " creak, creak " sound.

Nimble mounts Qin Hongmin in front hill piles, strip off bush, see 200 come jin hill pig, be in ten meters outside the root that gnaw a tree.

Hill pig two great have fiendish features, pointed tip is forward, it is fearsome very.

The ear of hill pig is unusually acute, when Qin Hong discovers it, it also discovered Qin Hong at the same time.

Hong Jian of the Qin Dynasty cannot hide, strong from the back 2 people cry urgently: "It is pig of a hill, you are fast to time run, I bar it is one. I bar it is one..

Consider must not other, qin Hong takes steel fork, make good defence.

Hill pig sees somebody disturbs him to take food, indignant and special, wail cries, xiang Qinhong dashs.

Pig seeing hill rushs close before, steel fork is inserted to its eye abruptly. In the meantime, the body is jumped at the same time.

As a result of alarmed, this one fork fails the prey in inserting. Hill pig " Ceng " cross Qin Hong, rush below past hill.

Right now, 2 people return small Feng Ming to did not run much further. The grandfather sees hill pig rushs, hold steel fork to plan its intercept, tell small Feng Ming at the same time, do not stop, continue to run.

Hill pig because Ng of ì of X of be used to, atttack Qin Hong without face about. Develop a grandfather directly however before.

The grandfather takes steel fork to be inserted to boar side door, steel fork inserts Zhongshan pig head, but fail to hit its eye, ' Peng ' , steel is forked by the skin flick with hill hard pig.

Hill pig stands charge twice, although did not hurt its crucial point, but aching also and special.

Right now, hill pig is unusually indignant already, double eye is showing fierce light, wail is crying, bear down on nearby small Feng Ming.

Small Feng Ming twists a head to see hill the pig goes straight towards him and come, immediately big Jing. Throw little steel fork, rapid run backward.

Because other people is young, behavioral delicacy, when hill pig attacks to its, with respect to Ng of machine J ǐ to on the side jump after large tree. Always can can can escapes hill pig long and sharp teeth.

Just endured two fork, hill pig has been in indignant condition, sole aim is before the small Feng Ming of bare-handed.

Via 3 years hunt, climb dozen of bavin, small Feng Ming compared with city Li Tongling's child, should get greatly on physical strength much. But dodge via a few, also already asthma wheezingly.

right now, hill pig rushs to small Feng Ming again, because physical strength drops, small Feng Ming fails this to sheer hill pig long and sharp teeth, in be being carried by long and sharp teeth, immediately flies off. Bump on a large tree, boil downward down the hillside... ...

- - - - - - - -

This is a Xiu Xianwen, just in front matting is some more, hope reader patience goes down.