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The Tang Jiasan that an added ingredient passes through is little

Ba Shu, the beauty that all through the ages has the land of plenty praise, among them, tang Men of the famousest school nothing is more... than.

Tang Men is in the place that is a mystery, a lot of people know only, that is a half half way up the mountain, and the name that Tang Men is in the summit of this hill to have a tremble with fear making a person, -- ghost sees anxious.

See a stone is thrown away on anxious cliff from ghost, should count ability on 19 times to be able to hear stone to set fully the echo of the bottom, its are tall it is thus clear that, because,also be this 19 seconds, shang Chao crosses 18 hell to prepare, get a name so.

A young person that wears grey clothes is standing in ghost to see anxious summit, the body that brisk hill wind cannot make him has a bit shift, from him wind place fights big Tang Zi to be able to admit then, he comes from Tang Men, grey garment represents, it is child of Tang Men external door.

He this year 29 years old, because be born to enter Tang Men before long, rank in the position in the family hierarchy of external door child the 3rd, because child of this external door weighs him 3 little. Of course, arrived inside in door child mouth, became Tang San.

Tang Men begins two to be inside and outside with respect to cent from build, external door is not of the same surname or be awarded the Tang Dynasty the child of the surname, and inside the door, it is lineal place belongs to Tang Men, familial inheritance.

Right now, the expression on Tang San face is very rich, laugh of from time to time, from time to time cries, but anyhow, that hair that cannot mask him the excitement from the heart.

29 years, since 29 years before he by external door presbyterial Tang La too when aing form of a address for an official or rich man to collect a Tang Men when swaddle, begin, tang Men is his home, and of Tang Men dark implement everything be him.

Abrupt, tang San complexion changes abruptly, but felt relieved very quickly again, a little agonized solilo-quize: "Should come still came after all. "Should come still came after all..

Seventeen form, the form of color of seventeen spoken parts in an opera, leap of bolus of just like star handles face summit way from half way up the mountain commonly and come, the host of these seventeen form, age is the smallest also exceeded 5 a period of ten days, each expression dignified, what the white robe that they wear represents is inside the door, and that aureate Tang Zi before the bosom is Tang Men symbolize presbyterially.

Presbyterial hall includes Tangmenneimen palm door Tang Daxian is born inside, altogether has seventeen presbyterial, mountaineer right now, also be seventeen. It is fierce forest congress to alarm impossibly also Tang Men grows to often dispatch at the same time entirely, want to know, this Tang Men is presbyterial in, age is the oldest had exceeded two a cycle of sixty years.

These Tang Men is repaired presbyterially for, notting have is not already attain sublimity, just in an instant time, they had come to the summit.

External door child sees inside the door is presbyterial, have the share that grovel receives only, but right now, tang San was not moved however, what he just looks at these complexion dignified silently is presbyterial come to oneself before, held off all outlet, and in his backside, it is ghost sees anxious.

Put down 3 Buddha angry Tang Lian, tang San is overhand and final of that be reluctant to part with, place of corners of the mouth reveals a gratified smile, he succeeded after all, tried hard 20 years, he finished this Home Tang external door eventually dark implement of summit summit make, the sort of contented achievement, cannot be described with utterance.

At the moment, tang Sanjiao must is opposite for oneself, everything already not important, violate door compasses it may not be a bad idea, life and death lives or die, these 3 bloom Tang Lian before following have sth in mind it seems that and come to an end, buddha angry Tang Lian, this is worldly the most overbearing dark implement in be born in him hand, what to still have is than making this dip excessive in dark implement on is the Tang San of lifetime more excited?

"I know, enter secretly inside the door, learn this door to learn a blame absolutely secretly cannot excuse me, door plan institute nots allow. But Tang San can pledge to the day, did not learn a bit any doors that acquire secretly to divulge absolutely absolutely with the outside. I say these, not be to hope to get presbyterial people good-tempered, just want to tell presbyterial people, tang San never forget one's origin. Do not have before, also do not have later. Also do not have later..

Tang San right now mood is very dispassionate, probably, this is him in lifetime the soberest when. Look at half way up the mountain to be in Tangmenna is big Gu Xianggu's lubricious compound, experiencing this to belong to Tang Men's air, tang San's eye is wet. Since him sensible rose that day, can say, be born for Tang Men namely, and right now, for oneself the pursuit in lifetime is Tang Men again and also should go.

Presbyterial people did not talk, they still fail right now from Buddha angry Tang Lian in appearing, regain consciousness come over. 200 years, full 200 years, lotus of anger the Tang Dynasty is in Buddha actually appear in hand of child of an external door, what do this mean? This bully absolutely the world, what people on one's own side keeps out even Tang Men impossibly also is unique dark implement of the delegate is Tang Men absolutely the advent of another summit summit.

Look at presbyterial people lower one's head not language, tang Sancan laughs like that, "Everything Tang San's is Tang Men give, it is life or have capacity no matter, it is what Tang Men gifts, no matter when, tang Sansheng is Tang Men's person, it is Tang Men's ghost to death, I know, presbyterial people it is to won't allow me one offends the body of external door child of door compasses stays in Tang Men, since such, let my ossification at this in Ba Shu nature. Let my ossification at this in Ba Shu nature..

The voice that Tang San has some of excitement even calmly then eventually will presbyterial people sleep lightly, when presbyterial people raise a head to look to him when, see an ivory air current instant spreads from his body only.

"Xuan Tianbao is recorded, do you connect this door in black Tian Baolu actually did highest exercise to benefit the internal organs also learn? " Tang Daxian gives birth to aphonia say.

Slam-bang blast cries, in public presbyterial back down at the same time in case accident when, what they see is the Tang San of systemic ** however.

Tangsan laugh, his smile is very bright, "** and come, ** and go, buddha angry Tang Lian is Tang San to leave the gift of this door finally. Now, besides my this individual, I did not take away Tang Men any again, secret book is in inside my room door below the first brick. Tang San returns everything Tang Men now. Tang San returns everything Tang Men now..

"Hahahahahahaha... " guffaw of Tang Sanyang day, step a pace backward suddenly, at the moment, numerous a Tang Men is presbyterial and abrupt discovery, actually there's still time of neither one person prevents him, he envelops medium body in Bai Guang then, the square ghost before the go at like lightning sees anxious, lofty and high-spirited body rise high into the air and case, stride toward the cloud and mist between that hill.

"Wait. " Tang Daxian was born to react eventually, but, right now he says what is already late again.

Cloud and mist is very thick, taking blast a damp, took away sunshine, also took away that to give lifetime tribute Tang Men and dark implement Tang San.

Time appears already backwater, tang Daxian gives birth to what both hands trembles to hold in both hands case before those 3 Tang Lian, his eye is wet, "Tang San ah Tang San, you is this why bother? What you bring us is open-eyed and honest too much and too much... "

"Eldest brother. " 2 presbyterial before going up one pace, "Be injury of this traitor god why? "Be injury of this traitor god why??

Tang Daxian's unripe look instant becomes cold, systemic algidity is filled greatly, glaring 2 presbyterial, "Do you say who is a traitor? Had you seen a traitor is in get this door can not escape after top secret book? Had you seen a traitor is met in order to die bright annals? Had you seen one has enough to destroy Tang Men of any ace unique dark implement send Tang Men him as ultimate present however? Tang San is not a traitor, he is come 200 years, the talent with this the most outstanding door. The talent with this the most outstanding door..

2 presbyterial stay, "But, he learned this door secretly... "

Tang Daxian is born to be interrupted abruptly, "If you also can make Buddha angry Tang Lian, what do you steal I also need not am in charge of. You are wrong, I am wrong also, advanced momently, we actually helplessly look at Tang Men again brilliant opportunity from escape at the moment. We actually helplessly look at Tang Men again brilliant opportunity from escape at the moment..

Numerous presbyterial surrounded come up, their expression is very complex, have bewilderment, have sadness, have groan, more returning is regretful.

"Your whats need not say, pass me to make instruct, life this door child collectivity dispatchs, ghost sees anxious issues look for Tang San, lay inquire for person, cadaver of dead inquire for. In the meantime, begin momently from this, tang Sanjin rises for child of the door inside this door, if he is living still, an exclusive successive person selected that is door of my this palm. an exclusive successive person selected that is door of my this palm..

"Yes, palm door. " numerous presbyterial at the same time bend forward body obey your command.

If Tang San still is right now over this cliff, return the word that can hear Tang Daxian to be born, even if dead, he also is met certainly very gratified, his effort did not waste after all. But, what all these comes is too a few later.

Ghost sees anxious, that abandons a stone to also want to count on 19 seconds, surmount 18 Tartarean existence it seems that, allow a work how possibly to is the person released by cloud and mist and return again? Tang San went, his forever departure this world, but another his destiny just begins however.