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The small dance with sth in one's hands of heart-throb of the first chapter

"Son -- " small dance with sth in one's hands sleeps lightly from inside sleep abruptly, tear does not suffer pilot to flush and go out.

This has not known is her slept lightly how many times, sharp palpitation move is transmitted subsequently, make what she cannot breathe a little oppressive.

For the existence that slanders to god of an one class, such circumstance appears far from possibly, but she is to fall ill really however.

The god nots allow originally easy go to the bad, once fall ill,can be, very dangerous.

Divine extent from at the outset Tang San prophecy can have disaster to appear, the extent of divine dilate mind that destroys to later, cause weakness of divine extent defence. Flow to raid to spatio-temporal chaos again, golden dragon Wang Fusu is cruel have sneak attack, the divine long narrow flag that destroys finally wakes up to reality like that and divine him sacrifice of wife life reduces divine scope afresh, final mind extent is flowed to whirl by spatio-temporal chaos. Whole process happens inside brief time.

Because the son Tang Wulin of small dance with sth in one's hands and Tang San gets before on one's deathbed of golden the Dragon King oneself elite perfusion, must stay in fight Luo Daliu world, lest because absorb celestial being,be enraged cleverly too much make cream of the Dragon King that use gold cruel kill.

alleged Mu Zilian heart, after divine extent is whirled, small dance with sth in one's hands washs a face with the tear all the day, send eventually become seriously ill. Even if be the Tang San as generation god king, thinking way also can be to let her illness alleviate only cannot cure completely however. alleged heart form is mysterious.

And, fight collect mind extent to still be in spatio-temporal chaos to flow now in, as divine king, fight collect mind extent to be guarded, the gas that Tangsan and thearchy are moving celestial being spirit everyday consolidates divine extent, always also cannot accompany so beside small dance with sth in one's hands.

"Mom. " breathe out gently noisy, below momently, a form had gone from outside, the long hair hang down loosely of powdery blue is in after one's death, absolutely beautiful charming colour is anxiety-ridden however.

See her, the heart-throb of small dance with sth in one's hands is abate at long last a few minutes, open double arm, enter bearer cuddle the bosom in, kiss her cheek in person, soft track: "Dance tung, fortunately still you are in beside me. Fortunately still you are in beside me..

Gently the back of the human body that touching a mother, tang Wutong soft track: "Mom, you think a little brother again, the little brother can do not have a thing certainly. We can find the way that go back certainly. We can find the way that go back certainly..

"But, that does not know to want how long. His person there, I am not at ease really! " the tear of small dance with sth in one's hands can'ted help flowing again, "Lin Lin from was born to leave us, a milk that connects mom even had not eaten, I am not a good mom, I I am sorry him. I I am sorry him..

Tang Wutong holds firmly mother, "Mom, you are fastened so say. You also do not think such, and, fight Luo Daliu there, be to still have coordinate of grandfather, grandma? The little brother won't be occupied. The little brother won't be occupied..

The breath of small dance with sth in one's hands comes down gradually smoothly, sharp palpitation move went eventually, sigh gently, "Hope everything is good, want to go back at once very much really, return him at once beside. Return him at once beside..

Xi of Tang Wutong Xi laughs, "Mom, how do I feel you are more and more prejudicial. You also should love me. You also should love me..

Look at a daughter to laugh at the appearance of beautiful opportunely, small dance with sth in one's hands eventually by amusing, blew the nose of next daughters, " how old still contend for bestow favor on. " how old still contend for bestow favor on..

Tang Wutong leans close in maternal bosom, "How old the daughter that also is you. "How old the daughter that also is you..

"Good, good, help mom do up one's hair. " him switch of small dance with sth in one's hands long hair, get out of bed before sitting in dresser.

Tang Wutong stands in maternal back, for her sleek long hair, "Father also oh, do not come to your do up one's hair. Do not come to your do up one's hair..

Small dance with sth in one's hands shakes shake his head: "Can blame him how, his susceptive pressure is the biggest. Actually I know all the time, lin Lin is not beside, the anguish in his heart won't compare me absolutely little, but he even give attention to two or morethings the safety at whole mind extent, consolidate divine extent is unapt in spatio-temporal chaos the damaged in flowing. As divine king, he is bearing too much thing. If not be your father, be afraid divine extent is early had broken down. If not be him, even we do not have even the hope that looks for your little brother. Your father just is the most painstaking person. Your father just is the most painstaking person..

Tang Wutong nods, "Be! When having, true good hope father can have some of breathing space. True good hope father can have some of breathing space..


Divine group committee.

Tremendous photosphere is in the middle of audience hall sending out downy glorious. 6 people stand in one horn respectively, inward infuse is worn the energy of different brilliance.

In the middle of inside the position, tang San complexion is heavy coagulate, in both hands, releasing the brilliance of sky blue and wine respectively, the Nereus god that is him then slanders with the strength that builds collect mind spirit to slander.

In him position of left right-hand seat, it is a suit black clothes, sending out all over the evil divine female singer of light evil different is moved, another side, it is long skirt of a suit white, sending out all over auspicious halation, this auspicious halation gives a person the feeling with a kind of gentle body and mind, be the divine intense blaze of goodness.

In they are two, standing respectively a handsome lad of a golden hair and a figure are portly seemingly simple and honest youth.

Fair youth nature is the god of predecessor mood, the be in harmony that has prepared to leave divine extent to go to roam world originally reads aloud ice, and additionally one person, it is to come from Yu Tianzhu to change at the outset of the world energetically divine Zhou Weiqing.

When the god that destroys in Tang Sanhe at the outset confronts each other, final because week thinking is clear,be this piece of cards in one's hand, tang Sancai can break up finally dish, new control accuses divine group.

In the position that adjusts with Tang San photograph, it is the youth with a tall figure likewise, eye light is lucid, as if can set off universe is general. Fight Luo Daliu at the outset just about already the generation legend after Tang Sanzhi, the Ling Bing that established to send clever tower fights Luo Huoyu grand, also be successive the existence that be in harmony misses the spirit that puts a mood on the ice. In Tang Sansheng after carried bound, only he became one class god to slander.

Of course, he still has another capacity, and this identity also lets Tang San previously all the time not very needs the reason that sees him, so that fighting Luo Daliu to go up at the outset, huo Yuhao was to suffer many pain indeed. That is Tang Wutong's husband, tang San's son-in-law.

Any father, when marrying a daughter, the mood too won't good. Tang San nature also is such.

In 6 people, tang San, female singer is moved, intense blaze is divine king originally. And originally the god of the god of the life in king of 5 great minds and destruction is not flowed to destroy by spatio-temporal chaos for Palladium bound had sacrificed.

Be in harmony reads aloud ice, Zhou Weiqing, Huo Yuhao to join the force of 3 people, can replace them to help Tang San constrainedly 3 people will maintain divine group committee of this hub run.

Right now this tremendous photosphere place shows, it is current the circumstance of divine extent shield, where to have weakness, they pass divine extent centre with respect to need divine extent celestial being clever gas guides the past to have complement, cannot destroy divine extent in order to make sure spatio-temporal chaos flows.

Such practice, they had not known to undertake how many times. And the energy of divine extent is being wasted actually all the time, the god that if not be,destroys at the outset is final and penitent sacrificed to reduce divine scope afresh together with life goddess, be afraid divine extent is early had can'ted bear heavy burden.

Eventually, the ray of centre gradually convergent, in the position that regains one integrated mass. 6 people this ability slowly call in respective superhuman strength.

"Everybody worked hard. " a smile is shown on Tang San face.