The 1st begin newly after Zhang Dazhan (1)

The 1st begin newly after Zhang Dazhan 1)

Sky, full moon, rising and falling sheng xiao sound is deducing to leave die young, of the set off below night sky is endless hesitation however. Liu Xie is showing frozen cold light, roric down leaf small drop come down, mirror the shadow of huge city wall.

Tang San sits in Jia Ling to close on top of the city wall, if if sob ground is pouring out,the clarinet in the mouth cries, deducing, although big fight has won, ai Wan is thematic however. Tang San's look, look at the grove between the hill below on top of the city wall. Great Master, snow of 1000 an ancient measure of length equal to seven or eight chi, worship on bended knees is in Hu Liena frequently before the grave east, it is heavily guarded all round, at the moment, the lachrymal mark on their face has not worked fully.

Before Jia Ling closes, fall from the sky of god of collect Buddhist templeput on the brakes, angel god broken, silent air extensive does not remove a billows, as if everything is being worn as fluted become silent.

Put down the clarinet in the hand gently, tang San is faint chant path: "Search look for to look for, cold and cheerless, deplorable Qi Qi. Warm suddenly cold still moment, the most difficult rest. 3 cups of two small cup weak wine, how enemy he, come late is wind urgent? Wild goose passes also, sad, it is old times acquaintance however.

Full ground chrysanthemum piles up, gaunt caustic, whose can is picked nowadays? Defending a window, alone how unripe black! Chinese parasol more hold drizzle concurrently, to dusk, dribs and drabs. This one after another, how an anxious word Oh! How an anxious word Oh!!

Before of generation " in succession slow " , appearance at the moment the scene is again appropriate nevertheless.

Jia Ling closes sky of on top of the city wall faint, have two figure only.

Small dance with sth in one's hands walks over silently, sit to the side of Tang San's, looking attentively at Tang San, there is love in the eye, also have confused. Tang San is likewise reticent, just sighed at a heat, cuddle of will small dance with sth in one's hands was in in the bosom.

"Tang San, you how? " for a long time, small dance with sth in one's hands just speaks a word.

Kiss the bob of small dance with sth in one's hands gently, tang San heart became much a warmth, one is satisfied, "Do not have a thing, just return in the heart some do not calm. Just return in the heart some do not calm..

Look up the flickering star in looking up at a sky, his intention is complete by cram of tender feelings place, "Small dance with sth in one's hands, we were about very quickly to marry. We were about very quickly to marry..

"Be, we were about very quickly to marry. " small dance with sth in one's hands mutters.

Below momently, two people are embraced closely was in one case, each other can experience the heartbeat with violent the other side.

Oh, this is a what kind of picture!

Cool breeze bright moon places tip of the branch, flower countless, astral full building. Pretty youth lowers his head neck is worn the peerlessly beautiful girl in the bosom, what taking in the eyes is endless tender feelings...

Horizon a the whitish color of a fish's belly-grey dawn rises stealthily, the first sunshine is passed through between the woods. The cloud that orange red horizon is in mirrors, the rising sun rises slowly, immediately of golden light of lofty or bottomless pervades each corner, breaking up haze, breaking up cold; Enlighten, it is each the individual's heart.

At the moment, jia Ling shuts a city inside.

"Flourish, beg you, did not cry again, you cry again, my heart was about to break. Sword grandfather, the in the day spirit of ancient grandfather sees you such, regular also meeting is sad. Regular also meeting is sad..

In the room that gives them a pair of arrangement, the hand with asp Oscar is touching Ning Rongrong's cheek, it is the tear of her wipe canthus gently.

After big fight ends, everybody's spirit was loosened completely come down, the feeling that Ning Rongrong stretchs tight closely abreacted completely also to come out.

Ning Rongrong looks at Oscar a little piteously, do not talk, but tear still is like a line to drop commonly come down.

"Small abstruse say rightly, flourish, cheer up. " Rong Rong's father, ning Feng is sent pushed the door to go. These days, his hair already was completely whiten.

"Flourish, you will come can be 9 treasure a of coloured glaze an administrative unit in Xizang advocate, absolutely cannot because of the family member leave and cannot recover after a setback, affect a door major issue. Affect a door major issue..

"Father... " Ning Rongrong stands up, strong keep back a medium tear. She is clear, at the moment Ning Feng causes susceptive anguish and not as little as her, after all, the sword fights Luo He bone collect it is the associate that accompanied him a few years.

She, it is prospective suzerain, absolutely cannot such weakness, the person that die already went, sad it is otiose, exclusive can redound their, redouble his efforts namely the ground rebuilds a door, let 9 treasure coloured glaze an administrative unit in Xizang is new the summit summit of bound of division of stand erect Yu Hun.

Ning Feng is sent nod gently, what satisfaction shows in the eyes is smooth, he is clear, the daughter had known his instruction, light jog door went.

"Flourish, we were about to marry. " become silent for a long time, oscar path.

Eyes of peaceful flourish flourish is much some mediumer what, face about looks at Oscar, abrupt, on closely kiss his lip...

Day clever mountain range, 3 form had stridden another mountain peak, as illusive and general.

"Wear the old, you say us this goes, over there 3 elder brother won't occupied? " ringent is a body wraps around the man of violet aureate blaze, the glaring 9 annulus on the body are revealing his powerful actual strength.

This 3 people, the Bai Hu that drives country of the Luo Di that go to a star to come to help namely fights Luo Daimu white, phoenix fights Roman Gong Jun, and the nether world fights Luo Zhuzhu Qing Dynasty. In 3 people and their Hao Tianzong assist below, astral collect empire gets the better of military spirit empire greatly.

More delectable is, the attribute of a fire in military spirit hall seals date to fight collect bone of a fetch was contributed after dying, suit Ma Gongjun very, after Ma Gongjun is absorbed, fetch force broke through 94 class.

"Even that angel god snow of 1000 an ancient measure of length equal to seven or eight chi by small become 3 dozens in that way, what to still need to be afraid of? What to still need to be afraid of??

"Did not say more, we still hurried back at once go and 3 elder brother their assemble. " Zhu Zhuqing is smiling to say.

After a time, 3 people hurried to Jia Ling to pass ground, 7 strange reunion.

Jia Ling closes on top of the city wall.

"The story wants from after you go 3 days ago, speak of... " Tang Sanyang head is visitting a day, sky as before azure. Living feeling always is good, these days, 7 experienced life and death again quite parting, hard to avoid can be in everybody in the heart below bake in a pan a few shadows.

Listen to Tang San to tell about the job that produce, 3 people are a filled with apprehension. They are to regret really, if Bai Hu still is in the nether world of divine class at that time, so two seal date to fight collect... the heart that the feeling sufferring a pain that ashamed remorses is pounding them.

"Did not regret, we also did not think of they come back so suddenly at that time. " Tang San sighed at a heat.

Dai Mu looks at Oscar in vain, force phonic thread to Oscar: "Small abstruse, must be opposite later Rong Rong well, I what become eldest brother otherwise follow you urgent. I what become eldest brother otherwise follow you urgent..

Oscar did not talk, just looked to wear Mu Bai, taking deep determined.

"Do you want not to think redo of force of the fetch inside short time promotes? " Tang San asks suddenly.

Everybody was stupefied, look at each other in speechless despair.

"Small 3 what do you say? " Dai Mu asks questioningly in vain, suspect the ear that is oneself gave an issue.

Tang Sanlou gives a smiles: "I have a gift to want to send you, one can let the gift that you break through in the redo inside short time. One can let the gift that you break through in the redo inside short time..

Nereus superhuman strength of Tang San is started, the right hand one brandish, a space appeared, "Go in. "Go in..

"Small 3, won't be those celestial being medicinal herbs this? " Dai Mu cannot help asking in vain. Honest in his heart bake in a pan issued chrysanthemum of exceeding lofty or great of strange fine and soft of that individual plant too deep impression, if do not have chrysanthemum of exceeding lofty or great of strange fine and soft of that individual plant, he how impossible also so young reach such state.

Tangsan laugh breathes out breathe out a tunnel: "Celestial being medicinal herbs affirms meeting some later, but this gift can be returned than celestial being medicinal herbs precious. But this gift can be returned than celestial being medicinal herbs precious..

Everybody look at each other in speechless despair, want where to still have more more precious than celestial being medicinal herbs present in the heart.

Tang San flexibly one horizontal stroke of 100 treasure bursa, fall, more than 30 glistening things were dropped, it is actually... fetch bone!

"Tang San, the so much that your where comes to? " eye of small dance with sth in one's hands is straight, although she knows Tang San won't carry her on the back to go,hunt kills fetch animal, but one paroxysm still is on the face white.

"This all is the hangover of military spirit hall. " the idea that Tang Sanfang Buddha saw through small dance with sth in one's hands is general.

Numerous talented person is reasonable, after passing big fight a few times, 6 big consecrate died 4, what the overmatch of the others is attacked to kill is countless more, everybody busies at that time fight the enemy, where time runs these things? Excited secretly the idea careful of Tang San of gasp in admiration.

"Oneself are carried. "Tangsan laughs, early with respect to expect the reaction of everybody.

But other 6 still be foolish quite be stupefied be stupefied ground station does not say to give a word to come over. They are clear, tang San brings them, it is a superexcellent good luck, collective breaks through the good luck of 95 class.

"What to see? " Tang San can'ted help laughing, " don't you think on original level redo is broken through? " don't you think on original level redo is broken through??

"I read aloud by the god can the induction arrives, share here 3 100000 fetch bone, the rest is the fetch bone that controlled 50000 almost, quality of a material is good. Small abstruse, flourish, of fetch force disappear temporarily do not affect you to absorb fetch bone, you find the attribute that suits your to go. "