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Different of the first chapter can be magical old father

One stays in the home to be pleasant to the eye all the day " fight Luo Daliu " curtilage female Lan Xuezheng is plainting: "Others of the horse that it is a god can pass through to fight Luo Daliu, and am I no good hold? Is this to be divine horse to hold? 555... human relations home also should pass through to fight Luo Daliu to go... " one grade Loli is growing this junior high school one piece confuses a the dead not the cheek of pay with life, because summer vacation life is bored, look in the home curtilage every day " fight Luo Daliu " .

"Grow grow grow -- " computer is abrupt Hei Bing. "Hum? Swollen return a responsibility? Does plug have a problem? " " grow of grow of bang, grow -- " Lan Xue by corona in the past.

The following day, press: "Yesterday, skill first because one schoolgirl feels plug and by electrocution, here, this stage warns middle and primary school to be born, do not outlet of power source of optional lay a finger on, need parent is accompanied protect. Need parent is accompanied protect..

Lan Xue remembers only at the moment one black, whats are unable to call to mind.

"Hey, wake, sleep one day hey! " Lan Xue feels a finger the face in him jab, open an eye to see a handsome younger brother of one's father: "Where is this, who is still having you? How am I here? " the muscle that that handsome uncle showed one private parts to go up: "Ha, I can be you old father, but the issue that I do not consider to run divine group, think a mind pass you, send a bottle of Luo Daliu to repair refine you incidentally, different can be magical an inheritance hind, I look for a few old acquaintance to play golf, oh growl! Oh growl!!

Below a few black lines hang on Lan Xue head: "Good, I go, but, hey hey hey... " the disposition with Lan Xue black abdomen is shown came out, "I should make a few wishes, do not let you play golf otherwise! Do not let you play golf otherwise!!

"Good good, a few? A few??

"Countless! "Countless!!

"This... say... " different can be magical all the time by Lan Xue this 13 years old of Loli are whole, into the god as before such.

"The first, I want the world to go up the most beautiful the most beautiful most the appearance of bud and perfect gold are broken up sending out all over than the figure 100 beautiful fragrance, kick small dance with sth in one's hands additionally;

The 2nd, I want bud of arctic fox of two 9 end to bestow favor on, one fair one mother, the other that has call the soul of a deceased person can, can protect me, OK still and contractible;

The 3rd, my Wu Hun is be puzzled having evil spirit, bowstring, dash forward of clever Leng Huo of thorn, bone " glacial yulan magnolia spends emperor " , can change an all alimental " 100 change feed a mind " , days acts and can have " dark night concerto " medium, peace conference " steal a bit in September day " in all different can " different can be magical " , inherent force of 30 class fetch;

The 4th, I have pupil of one light of god of Shuang Zi pole, can thing rein in, can see the grade of others and individual information, the skill of OK and permanent duplicate others and fetch ability, can read a heart, see very far, magic of meeting put to good use reconciles except magic, still can judge the seat that gives others and oneself, can the line of sight and mentality have charge;

The 5th, I have exceed powerful body, super- fight pressure, not dead body, 100 poison are not invaded, won't explode body and die, exceed reply body, god of superhuman strength of fetch force mentality reads aloud won't overdraw, shift of OK and optional instant and concealed body;

The 6th, I should be had " plant field " control plant, "Hematic monster field " sense organ of free control other, absorb blood and vitality, "Windy domain " in the domain I am dictate, can written guarantee below cloth bound, conceal;

The 7th, I want store content bracelet, there are 24 tiny spots above store between content, I want what to can take out, even one changes outfit bracelet, recombine a technology to change with the element piece close-fitting and appropriate comfortable and beautiful dress, have 24 moons;

The 8th, my bloodsucker and different can be magical need not buy fetch ring, the violet aureate look that additionally two Wu Hun want millions upon millions years gives fetch link, can conceal fetch annulus to change color and quantity, give me again with me 100% agrees incorporate one the character of fetch of hundred million all ages that fit and treasure of ground of a lot of days of material, with money of silver-colored the lofty spirit of a nation of currency of fetch of a lot of gold, put in store in content bracelet;

The 9th, emperor of my orchid glacial jade can be mixed blue garment grass of Tang San and generation of blue silver-colored emperor exceed ability of Jiang Wuhun confluence, it is 100% agrees close and handsome bully gas is divine and beautiful oh;

The 10th, you are called with idea when I still want to promise.

I say! When to go? " Lan Xue said all desires at a heat, the different that looks at complexion to be spat one time with respect to ground of poor firm firm palely can be magical.

Different can be magical had answered a god to come, firm firm is staring at Lan Xue, see Delanxue wool of the one paroxysm in the heart: "Slave girl to death, md is made so the desire of bully gas, still let do not make a person vivid! " different can be magical the cold sweat that brushs a head to go up, "Went, you go, not fight Luo Daliu to play break up to go. Look, the god of angel 1000 cold came! " " where? " " go down you! " " go down you!!

Beautiful beautiful black shadow falls from the sky: "Ah -- , you miss old father let me frighten a heart disease -- "