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Extent of mind of an added ingredient! Tang San

Couldn't help, send an added ingredient first. Our eye wears sheet of each a list of names posted up to want to go up a list of names posted up. Always cannot allow authority an isolated force fights bravely! As Tangmenmen advocate, for us unique Tang Men can ascend taller summit summit, send one order first, give authority. Hey, although be an added ingredient only, but information content is very big.

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The hand of mother of downy halation just like, gently the exquisite skin that feeling cloud and mist, visional space is having unusually moving essence feeling. Faint in, be in nearby, having the palace of a lofty it seems that, stroke in this downy halation touch below visional and true.

A form is so silent stand still between cloud and mist, looking at endless distance, do not know to be being worn some of what.

He is having the è of water blue S like chute of a just like long hair, hang down to fall to the foot all the time, if not be the body form of bank of his that Wei and broad shoulder, go from the back merely, be afraid can think he is a woman.

Overflow of heave having water ases if on aba of showily blue S è , if go carefully, eyes instant can be attracted by that deep azure place, whole even soul is met by inspiratory in that abstruse like commensurate sea, endless blue S è .

There are a pair of abstruse eye eyes however on the brilliant countenance that has not gone up more than 20 years old, his eye is alike in spirit and empty, but resembling again however is all-embracing, now and then thrill through a violet meaning, it is moving heart soul more. Can have a kind of split second fragrant China, the simple sense that lonely of instantaneous life and death destroys.

"Hey -- " man gently heave a sigh, between forehead much a light sadness, binocular small close, be in it seems that comprehending heaven and earth to manage.

"3 elder brother. " gently call noisy case. A form so from visional in cross piece, come to the side of that blue garment man, pulled his arm gently however oneself, the movement that this ases if to had been done 100 thousand times goes up is so round be in harmony flexibly.

That is a woman that wears powdery S è to grow skirt, sleek of a long hair grows long scorpion plait gently lop, from side rear can to her that Jing extends slender Bai Xi beautiful neck, place of long skirt stays is filled with be filled with grasp, her that appealing figure is perfect draw the outline of.

There is a light smile on absolutely beautiful appearance, cuddle is worn the arm of that blue garment man, gently on the shoulder that sticks the head in him, complaisant scorpion plait also subsequently rock, over the long hair of blue S è that falls in man back sadly curly, twine long hair of the man rise.

Blue garment man reveals an a little helpless smile that bestow favor on be addicted to on brilliant face, "Become mother so piquant still. "Become mother so piquant still..

Powdery skirt woman's a little malcontent toot removes the mouth to: "When mom how? Cannot act like a spoiled child? After you become the person that divine extent executes the law, Nereus, still do not call Tang San? Still be my 3 elder brother. Still be my 3 elder brother..

In bosom of invade of woman of skirt of pink of Tang San general, smile: "Can act like a spoiled child of course, whatever moment, you are the small dance that I love most. Want you not to make daughter of your that baby sees good only. Otherwise, she can want and you are contended for bestowed favor on. She can want and you are contended for bestowed favor on..

Small dance with sth in one's hands listens Tang San mentions daughter, the S è of tenderness is full of immediately in the eye, "Small 7 this girl too stick a person, we just can spend the time that taking the advantage of her to sleep a little while bound of 2 the world. 3 elder brother, a moment ago è of S of my your god not cheerful, be because fight Luo Daliu's thing,? Be because fight Luo Daliu's thing,??

Tang San nods, sigh gently, path: "Divine extent a day, between every a year. Any the face all is such. At the outset, I want to fighting Luo Daliu to stay more originally a few when Ri, however because of goodness and evil of two gods king bet make an appointment with and must return to divine extent to manage overall situation. Do not think however, in divine extent more than 20 years past, after fighting Luo Daliu all ages, tang Men however already withered. Tang Men however already withered..

Small dance with sth in one's hands does not have very angry path: "Goodness and evil those two fellow are too tricky really. It is a name in order to bet about, oneself are nether go playing, really too not responsible. They search to replace a god that is too pitiful to the experience before young husband and wife, or, let them manage overall situation, you also can be nodded easily. You also can be nodded easily..

Tang Sandao: "Divine king and god stand high above the masses on the person that the bound executes the law, but not be everybody is willing to assume however! Fight Luo Daliu to pass changes of this all ages, appear a little involute. Especially that diastrophism draws mainland more than 4000 years ago collides, not only make fought Luo Daliu area to increase more than one times, also took a lot of variable at the same time. Also took a lot of variable at the same time..

Small dance with sth in one's hands: "Tang Men namely thenceforth awaits those who begin decline! 3 elder brother, also do not think too much, actually, come from some kind of meaning say, because,Tang Men's withered also is times and the progress of the face. Because,Tang Men's withered also is times and the progress of the face..

Tang San nods, "You say rightly, but Tang Men is I creat single-handed after all, hate to part with really at this point die out. And the person that I execute the law as divine extent, cannot interfere a change of a face more. Nevertheless, fight Luo Daliu to have arise at the historic moment of a nova it seems that recently, can have the concern of countless ties with door of my the Tang Dynasty more, I try clear his destiny, but however anything that misleads people is heavy. Hope everything is the directional development that has faced. Hope everything is the directional development that has faced..

Eye of small dance with sth in one's hands shines, path: "Connecting you to say is nova, that affirmation is pretty good person selected. If later the god that he can replace you, are we to time played everywhere? Are we to time played everywhere??

Tang San carries the hand bestows favor on be addicted to blow on her nose, "You ah! Know to play. Know to play..

Talk in them when, in nearby cloud and mist, smell bag of a cerebella, go up 11, appearance of 2 years old, beautiful big eye is blinked, her kind has 7 split phase to resemble with Tang San at least on appearance, but line wants again many downy, eye more resemble small dance with sth in one's hands a few.

"Always listen to father, mom to speak of to fight Luo Daliu, it seems that very amused! Xi Xi. " saying at the same time, her Na Jiao's small body did not disappear in the concealed in cloud and mist stealthily.