Committee of group of mind of the first chapter

Cloud and mist is Protean, now.. as great waves billow, now.. as quiet beauty, every time changes and do not have regulation, but bring person more aesthetic feeling and shock however.

Strong scope of operation yuan force wanders in cloud and mist, if be common,the mankind can come to here, even if just breathe, also can prolong life 10 years. Of course, with the constitution of Everyman, if this heaven and earth yuan what force absorbs is much, also won't be meddlesome absolutely. Because, this is superhuman strength.

Can Everyman come to here? The answer, it is negative of course. Because, here is, divine extent!

The palace of lofty is in next beamed twinkle of divine extent halation a light aureate glorious, here, it is the commanding elevation of whole mind extent, also be the palm accuses divine group all place.

Divine group committee, have the responsibility that tries thearchy, also have administer god group, maintain regular job.

Palace main hall, respectfully present for octagon, each wall does not have adornment all round, but having countless picture irregular change to twinkle however. Those each smooth act, the delegate is worn even if the world differs an a world of the heavenly body, picture. Here, also be monitoring of divine group committee region of this one star the place of each heavenly bodies.

There is one Zhang Yuan desk in the center of main hall, be made character with what material and round-table surface does not know is become, look carefully, can see cloud and mist is wispy actually, be like again endless and abstruse.

Right now, round-table all round, surround sitting 5 people.

Sit in advocate go up, it is one wears blue the man of luxuriant aba, hang down loosely of same blue long hair is in after one's death, overflow of heave having water ases if on showily blue aba, if go carefully looking, eyes instant can be attracted by that deep azure place, whole even soul is met by inspiratory in that abstruse like commensurate sea, endless blue.

Sit in his left two people, wear black and white robe respectively, those who wear black robe is a youth, bingle of a black, appear very spirit, in eye eye, as if however blaze beats, corners of the mouth manages the smile that bringing an evil unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease.

Those who wear white robe is a woman, long hair hang down loosely is in fiery color after one's death, countenance is absolutely beautiful, downy, have kind of unapproachable pure feeling more.

Sit opposite them, also be right hand side of that blue garment person, also be one male one female, that man cannot see look, there is a purple big mantle on the body, head cover among them, can faint see, there are two round gules rays to beat in that cape, look however not clear his facial, inside that cape, as if have endless and deep horrible breath.

And the woman that he plays the first place just is mixed he is contrary, color of a suit light green grows skirt to be full of the breath of life, there is light smile from beginning to end on the face, appearance is not as peerlessly beautiful as that woman opposite side, but cheating however light aureate, that vibrant flavour, make a person indeed hard dismiss from one's mind. It is to let a person feel more be close to especially.

"Nereus, each are nether and latter more the mankind is repaired to achieve perfection, need a god to slander just can join my god group. Was to arrive to should continue extent of open up mind when. " grave sound wherefrom purple comes out in big cape, rays of that pair of jumpy redness of skin, the target points to the blue hair youth that is in the first place continuously.

Frown of blue hair youth, "Ruined god, divine extent regulation is in early in those days in order to conclude, does small talk change He Neng? More what is more,the rather that, extent of open up mind can shake probably my god group is radical. Not desirable. Although all circles has the mankind to reach peak peak, but in my mind extent, also all gods wish to abandon a look, the galaxy with more distant dug, allow their freedom change can. Allow their freedom change can..

The god of the destruction of violet gown coldly: "Free alternate? What kind of divine slandering alternate is hard, a few have the person of aptitude originally, namely because of divine slandering inheritance cannot pass, thereby fall from the sky. And if divine extent has more mind, it is rising only, be about to be gotten easily much. Extent of open up mind, have why cannot? With divine extent the saving of old superhuman strength, progressively open up, comply with naturally providential, ability lets divine extent have greater progress. Ability lets divine extent have greater progress..

Nereus brows is small knit, path: "Extent of open up mind, of great importance, can make whole mind extent does it queasy, can affect our place monitoring even the change of whole universe, to the world can how many influence cannot be estimated more, this thing can is anything but, ruined god need not be carried again. Ruined god need not be carried again..

His tone is very firm, this character, other the look of 4 people happens to coincide cast to him, the eyes each different.

Divine Leng Sheng of destruction: "Your person can not decide this issue. After reincarnation of two gods king, the palm accuses our everyone one ticket, I apply for to decide by ballot. I agree with outspread mind extent. I agree with outspread mind extent..

Nereus heavy track: "This thing, it is want to vote, also want enlarged meeting of divine group committee to undertake, be not us definitely 5 people can vote finish. Look hind says again. " he uses the speech that nots allow to oppugn, gave birth to the unripe magical aggressive that will destroy forcedly to squelch.

The purple aba calm on divine body of destruction is automatic, gules eye smooth ray shines, in a flash was attributed to calm again.

The green skirt woman of the divine right-hand seat that takes in destruction: "This thing is to should give the matter further thought really, destruction, you also did not act too hastily. You also did not act too hastily..

She starts to talk conversation, magical eyes of destruction becomes downy immediately a few minutes, whole person also is attributed to become silent in.

Green skirt woman sees Xiang Hai look, the face leads riant way: "Nereus, feel you came recently healthy and vigorous of opportunity of survival, can be to want a have a baby born into the family to increase an opening in the home.

"Hum? " Nereus is stupefied, look at her to: "Life goddess, is what you say? Is what you say??

Life goddess laughs mysteriously, path: "Go back ask your home that, knew naturally. Knew naturally.. --------------------------------------Early promise authority, should write this book, and this story early had had in my brain before. This outside pass, will show broad book friend with completely free means, the plan writes left and right sides of 200 thousand words, because write highway of day internal heat at the same time even, so, can replace one regulation only everyday, but assure to have everyday. Fight Luo Daliu this series, it is book friend people in the heart cannot of give up, I as much such. So, I am willing to perfect it with more time, even if be sent short and freely because of length, I want such doing, had made this series, it is the dream in my heart. Before long in the future, our film will meet with everybody gradually, and this is passed outside the ministry, future also can make the movie alone certainly. A lot of fighting the thing that everybody thinks to be perfected not quite inside collect Ii, actually I am to wear tail, this outside pass, can tell everybody a few. For example, why no matter how cannot fetch animal become a spirit formidably, shi Lai overcomes generation 7 guide next entering in Tang San quite meet again after divine extent how, have comedy, have tragedy as much. Are they what kind of? Still have, we fight future who is the hero of Luo Daliu Iii, what is Wu Hun? And in stars old forest, who is the super fetch animal that that bury that wants even day of animal god emperor prostrate is in by the ground in after all? These, in this the metropolis in divine extent fokelore tells everybody. This book, after can saying be a bottle of collect Ii, pass, also can saying is to fight collect of Iii before pass, it is a hope only, everybody can like. Troublesome authority is great collect, also cast a dot to recommend a ticket to come. The word of monthly ticket, still ask everybody to cast highway of day internal heat. Keep two work at the same time, first time still is on this creation history in me. Will control in May, the offprint of this book, also be exclusive, should be met and everybody meets.