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The 1st chapter witnesses him to be cremated

"I am sorry, we had endeavored, prepare funeral affairs. Prepare funeral affairs..

The voice of the doctor outside ward is very small, but the Lin Yu on sickbed listens as clear as dayly however.

The likelihood meets even hearing before the person is dead become acute all the more, especially maternal cry, especially acerb.

Because be ready to help others for a just cause,give life, lin Yu is not the first, to this he does not regret, just feel to I am sorry mother.

What father dies is early, maternal skill goes to his drag, did not know to take how many pain, he takes an examination of hospital of people of clear sea city with outstanding achievement nowadays, wanting to rise brightly with maternal life, did not think of to give this kind of accident however.

"Blamed old day. "Blamed old day..

Good person if really without good newspaper, lin Yu was cursed in a low voice, eyelid also is not maintained again, close slowly.

"My ah! "My ah!!

Sad and shrill cry sleeps lightly Lin Yu suddenly, he is goggle look, him discovery stands in bed end actually right now, and the mother is attacking to cry loudly on the bed.

"Mom, you cry what, I of this bad end end in this? I of this bad end end in this??

Lin Yu great rejoicing, think oneself are magical heal, stretch his hand to shoot a mother, the hand that discovers oneself wore the past from inside maternal body actually.

The mother does not have the reaction of a bit, attack to go up in the bed as before cry bitterly.

Lin Yu expression changes, look up see there still is one each actually on the bed oneself, complexion is shrivelled and paly, had done not have life apparently.

Am I dead?

Lin Yu lowered his head to see an eye stand in bed end oneself, discover a body some empty are white, and slightly some are transparent.

Lin Yu big Jing, there is soul really after original person is dead!

No matter what he says, what to do, the mother is not experienced.

Below the nurse's help, the mother put on cerements to Lin Yu very reluctantly, protected the labor body movement him to get on car of funeral and interment subsequently.

The mother follows got on a car, sit beside his body, closely the hand that holding him, the tear in red eye socket keeps emerging outside, "Feather, you are at ease, mom does the business here, go down to accompany you immediately. Go down to accompany you immediately..

To her, the son is her is all, the son died, her work on earth, also do not have any meanings.

Listen to a mother to want take one, lin Yu immediately urgent, the setting that learning the revive from death in the film lies to the body, but without any action, every time of sit up, have oneself soul only.

The car arrived very quickly crematory, after capture is expended, the staff member made up simply to Lin Yu, hand Lin Yu mother card of a number, the body that catchs cremate personnel to pushing Lin Yu went cremate hall.

"Not! "Not!!

Push his body the instant of incinerator when cremate personnel, lin Yu breaks down for an instant.

As the combustion of fleshy body, the consciousness that Lin Yu feels him is in slacken, there are countless light spots on the body to all around flow to come loose and go, soul also is in slowly become weak.

Meanwhile, lighten out begins before his another world, place of pleasant to see is reached is endless darkness, be mingled with is worn bright red blaze and sad and shrill miserable cry.

Be Tartarean!

This is the first thought of the thrill through in Lin Yu consciousness, powerful scared feeling instant his embezzle.

His soul is subliminal in sky rampage chaos bumps, spot still keeps from the trail in his fetch body, and rate is rapidder and rapidder.

The Tartarean world in his eye is clearer and clearer also, can hear below a mysterious and hoarse voice is calling him.

Right now the body of the Lin Yu inside incinerator is lighted approximately, cindery in the condole of color of a jasper drops to be abrupt in blaze coruscate gives dazzling ray.

When Lin Yu grandfather dies, this leaves him, arrive from Xiaodai now, when wearing shroud, the mother was not picked designedly.

Condole dropping ray more and more fill, subsequently bang burst, the smooth film of a aquamarine produces from the change in condole dropping suddenly, adhered to on Lin Yu's soul.

Back-to-back move transmits an aged sound in his brain, "I am your ancestors sage, since now, you are I send a person, get way of art of my medical knowledge, imagine crock aid world, cross a person oneself... "

Sound is subsequently abreaction, giant information content unexpectedly flood the mind that takes Lin Yu, a few itinerary experience of part of law of medical knowledge occult, cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine and ancestors in the swarmed into Lin Yu brain of a head.

Reading the news in brain, lin Yu feels very excited, as if the entrance door that opened one new world.

But this excited strong written in water, get art inheritance has secret why to be used again, oneself had been a the dead that wants case of go to the fields immediately.

This thought thrill through, the memory of art of a concerned revive from death jumps out suddenly in Lin Yu brain.

Memory shows, adopt method of revive from death, gone hind the person that soul did not come loose can add body renascence.

But fleshy body of Lin Yu has been in conflagration melt into is cindery, the method of revive from death that damages about fleshy body fortunately nevertheless also has a record, "Fleshy body meets his death, change spirit, seek vivid form, add after. Add after..

Lin Yu sucked an air conditioning, means says him flesh body damages, if wanting to revive, can carry spirit of melt into of art of revive from death only, look for the fleshy body appendages of others.

Want to know to be in human consciousness, but ghost is evil reincarnate, him besides if went up the body of others, be equivalent to coverting stripped the life of others?

Hesitant kongfu, lin Yu's soul already weaker and weaker, remained a only illusive, what the sound of side side also sends more is clear.

Lin Yu bites gnash one's teeth, look at be advanced one after another the body of cremate hall, came suddenly idea, the the dead is no good, is vivid the dead then OK?

After several minutes, lin Yu came to clear sea city the oldest plant person is held in the palm raise a center.

Person of a lot of plants does not have consciousness, wake to come nevertheless all one's life, they are living have the body only, lin Yu thinks, choose this kind of person to add a body, do not calculate homicide.

At first Lin Yu returns a ward of a ward look for the past, search appropriate body.

But the consciousness that discovers oneself is thinner and thinner, very fast will put an end to dangers, that comes from call sound Tartareanly more and more hurried also.

Lin Yu has not enough time to be done more think, look at allow 20 come year old male plant person, study a method of revive from death, unexpectedly melt into a Bai Yan, dash ahead without thinking one's safety got.

"Your inescapable! "Your inescapable!!

Meanwhile, of side side call sound to become sad and shrill frightening cry unexpectedly, subsequently Lin Yu lost all consciousness.

When waiting for Lin Yu to wake again, feel strong smooth offending to the eye only, crossed a short while ability to suit come over, lower his head to look, oneself are lying in ward.


Lin Yu's excited within an inch of cries, suddenly sit up, saw oneself new body, the needle on the rip off hand of too impatient to wait is in charge of, jumped down a bed then, but foot one be born, body a stagger fell on the ground.

The reason that because lie for long,wears possibly, the muscle of this youth has some of slight atrophy.

Stagger wears Lin Yu climb, look up the calendar that saw eye wall go up, discovery has been the following day, feeling bed and wall, experiencing a hand to upload the frozen temperature that come, the feeling follows like daydreaming, oneself just died yesterday, did not think of to revive again today.

A little below the activity, got used to this to have new body, catch him of too impatient to wait developed a hospital, he has a thing only in the heart now, go seeing oneself mother namely.

The person was swarmed in inn of steamed stuffed bun right now, ten small mix mix clamour to wear let Lin Yu mother return money.

Become an operation to give Lin Yu, lin Yu mother was forced to borrow of ten usurious, was informed Lin Yu to die, small mix mix people cannot be able to bear or endure urgently will demand repayment.

"You are at ease, I sold store these days, take money to return you, beg you to leave first. Beg you to leave first..

Lin Yu mother is red double eye is entreated, the hope dismisses them at once, the son just went, the uneasiness that she does not hope he goes is peaceful.

"Careless, you defeat inn this to just be worth a few money, your son died, we go, if you ran who are we in charge of to want money to go? " leading Huang Mao is mixed mix be foul-mouthed to.

"You are at ease, I won't run for certain, my collect enough money, return you immediately. Return you immediately..

"Be no good, what to say today we also should take money! " Huang Mao nots comply not forgive.

"But I do not have money really now, you also know, treat a disease to give me the son, money spends light... "

Feel as if a knife were piercing one's heart of Lin Yu mother, hoarse sound inner tube wears to entreat.

"Do not have money to also go, such, you give us transfer ownership of broken house of your home Na Dong, become repay a debt. " drop of yellow wool eye sneaks away to turn, spoke oneself real purpose.

Lin Yu mother slightly one terrified, lin Yu grandfather leaves the room, although some are old old, but a sector of an area is very good, according to clear sea present house price, at least can sell two 3 million, they this is to be in simply bright grab.

But the son is dead now, the home also was done not have, leaving a house to still have what sense, pay off debt, oneself also went with respect to what can set oneself mind at.

Think of here, lin Yu mother is utterly disheartened nod, just wanted to agree, fulminate is transmitted suddenly outside the door at this moment.

"Be no good! At least of our home building is worth millions of, you this is to rob! You this is to rob!!

Back-to-back Lin Yu is controlling of fire of his fire of wind of new body wind rushed.

"Those who hold your Mom, the wild whelp that which come to, involve your fart issue! " yellow wool gas is not hit come out, the patient that looks at Lin Yu to go up personally is taken, where is still thinking those who run is neuropathic, developing raise hand is spank.

Lin Yu is subliminal hide, stretch his hand to be pushed, huang Mao rectified individual instant to fly, flew to have 56 fully Mi Yuan, had delimited in sky arrive curve, of phut fell on the table inside.

"Give father put to death him! "Give father put to death him!!

Huang Mao is covering wind screamed twice, subsequently make fall, other ten are mixed mix rushed immediately, round Lin Yu it is cuff and kick, lin Yu carries at once hand backstroke.

Then the noise in inn of steamed stuffed bun had reputation of a sad wail, small mix mix people frightening cry again and again.

Ten their people go up together, connect garment horn of Lin Yu to was not come up against actually, and boxing foot of Lin Yu is hit on their body, as was being bumped into by the car general.

Need one fist only, they ache cannot have a body.

Him Lin Yu is astonished extremely also, say muscularity of ghost the upper part of the body is boundless, thinking of is true actually, and the movement of these people appears very slow in his eye, very good avoid.

"Call the police! Call the police! Call the police!!

Huang Mao by at the moment this one act was psyched out, he has seen what can hit, but had not seen what can hit so, be not the mankind simply.

Listen should call the police, lin Yu mother rushs to hold Lin Yu's hand rapidly, fast track: "Boy, they should call the police, you go quickly, I am handled here. I am handled here..

"Mom, the what word that you say, my where can abandon you. My where can abandon you..

Lin Yu is glad that ground tear wanted to come out, still can living see old Mom, be too good really.

Hear his name, mother slightly one terrified, one face looks at him absently.

Look at maternal eyes, lin Yu woke up to reality to come over for an instant, oneself are to come over alive, but changed a pair of body however, the mother knows him far from.

"Feel embarrassed aunt, see you I remembered my Mom, cannot refrain from so blurt out, you do not mind. You do not mind..

Lin Yu is afraid of the true identity that speaks his to psych out a mother, made up a flapdoodle hastily.

"Irrespective, boy, you go quickly, the thing of our home cannot complicity you. " Lin Yu mother says at the same time, push him outside at the same time.

Lin Yu does not have answer, feel the chopstick on the desk to be thrown, the chopstick is shot at full speed to Huang Mao, bang, will yellow Mao Gang arrived by the mobile phone hammer of on 110 on the wall.

Huang Mao is frightened the face is in vain, the chopstick on the wall is leaving him auditive also a centimeter, if give bit of error a little, that nails the can be that head on the wall.

"Help! Committed murder! Help! " Huang Mao is frightened so that screamed to rise immediately, the inarticulate in sound is subdued, it is them obviously owe him money first ah.

"Fasten shout, this money I am returned for aunt of the Qin Dynasty! This money I am returned for aunt of the Qin Dynasty!!

Say of Lin Yu cold sound, since oneself revived, then these debt behooves are returned by oneself.

"Boy, how can this go, we see for the first time, how can you let you return money for me? " Lin Yu mother is a little interrogative look at Lin Yu, do not know why, this boy is like the feeling that ever was acquainted one kind to her.

Know her surname this a little bit to Lin Yu, she is not amazed, the son is ready to help others for a just cause a lot of netizen knows the thing that gives life, her full name and connection means also were gathered up, person of a lot of good intention should come to son see sb off, she declined.

"Good, can you say this, then you give us money. " yellow Mao Ke no matter why does Lin Yu return money for others, want to be able to take money only, his task calculates finished.

"Give me 3 days time. " Lin Yu say.

"... " some do not have Huang Mao language, those who say is so arrogant force, still think to be able to take money immediately.

"How? Don't you believe me? Don't you believe me??

See Huang Mao does not have conversation, head of Lin Yu frown, mood is a little frozen.

"Believe, believe, do nevertheless you get eldest brother to say next your names with me? " the eyes that looks at Lin Yu iciness, huang Mao is unable to bear or endure hit cold quiver.


Right, what go in the morning is urgent, did not come to even the name of this person reach look.

"You are at ease, I promise your regular meeting to accomplish, such, after 3 days, still be here, you come over simply, I return you together both the principal and the interest to moment. I return you together both the principal and the interest to moment..

Lin Yu so know how things stand and feel confident of handling them is angry, bilk oneself completely this body.

Since can live,his heart wants to be being held in the palm raise a center, in this young other people again common, at least also can be taken ten come out, want to use first, waited for oneself to earn money, still go back again.

Experience crosses Lin Yu's skill, what dare yellow Mao Ye say more, strong point head agrees, of terrified of abrupt eyes terrified look to inn outside, seem was attracted by what general.

Lin Yu it may not be a bad idea follows strangely to look outside, see the doorway did not know when to come only a gules BMW X5, door one, stride one cut Bai Xi's slender beautiful leg, a figure comes down to be carried high on the car subsequently, wear white the belle that Boximiya grows skirt.

Long skirt belle dialed next pitch-black long hair, pick next sunglasses, bai Xi's skin and delicate appearance simply Jing is day person, huang Mao and at hand of his a gang look stayed.

Lin Yu can'ted help also be being attracted, this belle appearance and temperament belong to highest grade really.

Long skirt belle looks up visited shop of eye steamed stuffed bun, slightly frown head, catch double come in.

"Belle, buy steamed stuffed bun, what stuffing to want? What stuffing to want??

Lin Yu not by blurt out, mother of old before gang sells steamed stuffed bun, see a person so one antrum, had become a kind of condition to reflex.

"What do you call me? " long skirt belle swept him coldly, mood is vinegary.

"Belle. "Belle..

Lin Yu feels his appellation is no problem, can't help having some of doubt, the head sees call a belle to still have what not be willing to listen.

Long skirt belle looks him up and down, leng Sheng: "Travel, he Jiarong, insensible two months, wife did not know even oneself. "