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World of root of celestial being of the 1st chapter

World of root of celestial being of the first chapter

World of a poetic name of China, dance state city.

Be a swallow swings at the moment cut end to be in dark green gem points out on general lake face the early spring early morning of dimple, everythings on earth anabiosises, small grass spits bud, the scorching sun that just rises is illuminated in a dew on green grass needle, blurred the dim light that gives 7 kinds.

Ding Hao stands in beautiful arris window, look at outdoor spring scenery, lower his head to see the sackcloth long gown that oneself are wearing again, believed firmly eventually a bit.

"Father passed through actually! "Father passed through actually!!

His preexistence life calls constellation the place of the sea in earthly an ancient name for China, without what proper profession, ignorant and incompetent, only interest repairs refine wushu namely. He also does not repair gest of refine others home, love those who repair refine oneself to suck astral old law only.

Pretty good, the 42nd generation that he spends fourth year of result old magic namely grandson.

Ding Chunqiu will change result old law to weigh refine to become suck astral old law, what can regret is, the earth is world of science and technology, never mention it Ling Lixian is angry, it is military accomplishment internal force to do not have a few people to have. Practice met pitiful Ding Hao to suck astral old law, it is not to have a star to be able to be sucked however.

Saying also is bizarre, be in he N second the rock of a black that leaves year playing man when, he passed through mysteriously actually.

Average person encounters this kind of trouble is panic-stricken, him feeling of fourth nevertheless grand is like very calm. Had taken the bronze mirror on the desk to see his, he himself also feels strange, "Also call Ding Hao, grow so that still have 78 minutes to resemble... I lived more than 20 years in the earth, waiting to had passed through to come namely? Waiting to had passed through to come namely??

Without the obstacle with too much what, ding Hao is very fast digest all this memory of 15 years old of teenagers clean, to this new world, he had probably understanding.

"This! It is offspring of a celestial being actually those who form is microcosmic! It is offspring of a celestial being actually those who form is microcosmic!!

World of a poetic name of China, can be called a poetic name of China again microcosmic, it is descendants of a celestial being those who form is elementary a face. In other words, all this world people, have arteries and veins of celestial being blood entirely! Have celestial being root! Can repair celestial being!

"Too magical, actually everybody has celestial being root! Never mention it Xiu Lingxiu ghost writes those Wu Xiu skill, it is the craftsman of the shoemaking that cut the garment into parts, the farmer of cultivated even cultivate land, have celestial being root entirely actually! Have celestial being root entirely actually!!

This discovery overturned the to celestial being impression in fourth grand memory.

The inheritance of celestial being root with microcosmic a poetic name of China 1000000, system of root of whole celestial being is exceedingly complex. Can say 360, have celestial being root all right all right, various celestial being roots, have thousands of kinds!

Of course, the differ choose a site for the capital that has celestial being root goes repairing refine to become celestial being, have root of hammer celestial being for instance, he namely forge iron get twice the result with half the effort, become smithy master worker finally; Still have root of kitchen knife celestial being, this person is engaged in hutch art, sure amaze the people with a single brilliant feat.

"Such before, celestial being root is some respect aptitude actually admirable! And only those having is mixed formidably root of special battle celestial being or root of magic arts celestial being, final ability makes division of a celestial being, enter macrocosm of celestial being refine to enter faction! Enter macrocosm of celestial being refine to enter faction!!

Discover root of this world celestial being is like a dog more, ding Hao can'ts help cannot help laughing, "The farmer of farm also is the celestial being offspring of root having celestial being, root of this celestial being can be not costly really!

Do not cross fourth grand postmortem oneself, laughed suddenly however not to rise.

"What, root having celestial being even arousal! Root having celestial being even arousal!!

Arousal is a very serious problem, everybody has celestial being root, great majority is OK also arousal. Nevertheless... it is to have however so a few people cannot arousal, that is to say, a poetic name of China is microcosmic also have laic!

If other world, laic and OK pursue a few hangdog trades, everyday spend lifetime. But this world is different, of the forge iron that dig mine was done by root of hammer celestial being; Cultivate land is cultivated was done by root of hoe celestial being; Patchy was grabbed by root of scissors celestial being again.

What can Na Fan's person still do?

Be in this world, laic it is trash, true trash! Can cadge only make a living!

The most crucial is, ding Hao arrived 15 years old to still do not have arousal.

"Begin arousal of celestial being root with respect to somebody from 67 years old commonly, the person of 8 years old of arousal is most! Begin to decrease successively next, arrived 923 years old, less and less, after arriving 14 years old more exiguous, arrived 15 years old to return not arousal can have prepared bowl of beg for food, arrived 16 years old after manhood, do not have a hope forever, lock of celestial being a key to do sth, solidify of passages through which vital energy circulates, always do not have arousal opportunity! Always do not have arousal opportunity!!

"Day! How can father pass through to go up in a such person! How can father pass through to go up in a such person!!

Ding Hao is dumbfounded immediately, crash almost fall down not to wake when a fall, "Does father pass through go back to be no good all right? "Does father pass through go back to be no good all right??

Lock of celestial being a key to do sth, passages through which vital energy circulates is illogical, it is a disabled person! Trash! Abandon material!

Anyhow is abandoned namely!

Engraving here, door Zhi ah be opened, walk along to taking the middleaged man of character 8 beard. Although he is wearing domestic Ding Yi to take, but face is a pair of thrusting appearance however.

This is evil chamberlain of Ding Jia, ding Laosi!

Ding Hao remembers probably, former before this Ding Hao once begged Ding Laosi, go searching a few ancient codes and records about root of arousal celestial being.

There is a book in Ding Laosi hand as expected, after going, of bang throw on the desk, evil sound evil vital energy, "This one book, 12 silver! In your Ding Fu, which have money? These are me Ding Laosi is paid back, do your Ding Jia to steward, I am the hematic mildew that poured 8 worlds really! Do not take Feng Lu not to say, still pay back all the day! Still pay back all the day!!

What emerge in fourth grand heart is this Ding Laosi for quite a long time by every means create difficulties for sb, laugh at acid setting, instantly restrains the fury in the heart, cold hum path, "Chamberlain you are painstaking, if you do not wish really, that is not loath also, you put down Ding Jiasuo to have the key now, taking your wife son, roll a Ding Jia! Roll a Ding Jia!!

"You! " Ding Laosi is to be stupefied first, did not think of the Ding Hao of obsequious changed actually today former days a person is same.

He saw Ding Hao, discovery is familiar with this or that cannot again ripe teenager, did not grow a three heads and six arms-superhuman. Instantly path of his mouth deride, "Oh, lips of present little waste material is fierce ah, have kind of book that you do not want to call me to look for arousal! 15 years old still do not have root of arousal celestial being, fourth person of outstanding talent of my eldest son 11 years old with respect to arousal, do you want shameless? I persuade you to save bit of strength, the identity that this fourth home celestial being plants should be seized to plant by my son Ding Junjie sooner or later! The identity that this fourth home celestial being plants should be seized to plant by my son Ding Junjie sooner or later!!

"What, seize kind! " a blaze is shot in fourth grand eye.

Custom of world of a poetic name of China, the somebody in the home is division of upper bound celestial being, blessing shade the Five Dynasties, the identity that descendent celestial being plants every acting cornstalk son's eldest son! Enjoy all sorts of give special treatment! Cornstalk does not have arousal, the identity is passed second child, with this analogize. If Dingjia is unborn descendants is unmanned and successive, can from inside family offspring, choose actors or actress just, adopt a young relative is seized kind!

Celestial being is planted the identity, it is emperor and castellan the give special treatment to posterity of all overmatch that repair celestial being, not only the 3 red drug that can get the 52 silver that send to the country and castellan your home every months, and OK still and preferential recommend enter institution of higher learning of a poetic name of China to write law of refine foundation achievement! Prepare to go to world of celestial being refine!

Ding Jia arrived Ding Hao this generation, have him only this alone seedling! If he not arousal, so of chamberlain Ding Laosi child meet adopt a young relative of follow a rational line to do some work well enters Ding Jiazheng room, make fourth door advocate, get celestial being is planted the identity!

This makes seize kind!

"Be no good! I do not allow this matter happening absolutely! Absolutely not! Absolutely not!!

"Do not allow to also be no good, with respect to you this kind abandons material blockhead, how are you likely arousal? " Ding Laosi disdainfully.

Present Ding Hao can not be that cowardly teenager, he what come from the earth knows flunky of pair of this kind of dog need not polite, instantly strike the table and path removing growl, "Ding Laosi, you take care to father conversation a bit! Although I still do not have root of arousal celestial being, but celestial being is planted 16 years old before,the identity is me! See castellan repeatedly, father need not fall on his knees kowtow! You are what thing, the servent of a Ding Jia, earthy chicken made of baked clay dog, you are gutty go with me now castellan government office, the come again that you a moment ago said! the come again that you a moment ago said!!

"You! " Ding Laosi is berated by this, immediately utterly discomfited, rush to carry the hand wants to hit Ding Hao.

Want to know, ding Laosi also arousal celestial being root, although be root of not Orphean the 9 celestial being that taste rat, but want to beat Ding Hao this kind of dot, that also is easy to do.

Ding Hao knows to had not hit him, stand to be not moved then simply, mouth path, "Then you are hit even if! Play father sure go castellan government office accuses you, I if forever cannot arousal, it is you place of this one a slap on the face is granted, treat next blames to come to moment castellan government office, your Ding Laosi is afraid of is to want get killed! Your Ding Laosi is afraid of is to want get killed!!

"Be abhorrent! " Ding Laosi listens this says, this spank also hits no less than going to again.

Maul celestial being to plant, cause its cannot arousal, this fault can not be general big! His Ding Laosi but be unable to stand!

"Little waste material, still have time of half an year! To moment you are returned is not root of arousal celestial being, I see you how say! " Ding Laosi says, throw the door and go. Walk out of Ding Hao's door, think suddenly, oneself fight what air with this little waste material, he still has half an year, how likely arousal?

Think of here, burst out laughing, later evil-minded scold, "Little waste material, knowing to moment is who evicts Ding Jia, bright tell you, bowl of your beg for food, I had helped you ready! Small beggar! Small beggar!!


Ding Laosi went, ding Hao was spat at a heat, hold back bent ten years, went out today at long last at a heat!

Nevertheless this goes out at a heat, the knowing that Ding Hao is clear about again, current condition is very austere!

"Still have half an year, if cannot root of arousal celestial being, this celestial being is planted identity morning and evening should let others! This celestial being is planted identity morning and evening should let others!!

Think of here, ding Hao begins to leaf through the ancient codes and records that Ding Laosi a moment ago delivered.

"10 kinds of methods of arousal of celestial being root, this is right I just useful. This is right I just useful..

Ding Hao sees ability feeling open horizon greatly, the method of arousal of root of former celestial being is varied really. Some person shut-eye wake up, feel have one's ideas straightened out suddenly, root of arousal celestial being; Return somebody to be in the dream, one dream sleeps lightly, celestial being a key to do sth rushs, arousal of celestial being root; Return somebody even, walk well, threw a fall suddenly, from now on arousal of celestial being root.

Of course, these are not quite regular arousal methods.

Actually truly most namely the normallest, it is two kinds of methods, the first kind cries static, the 2nd kind makes watch want, OK also of course these two kinds of union rise, into static add view want.

Into static make decide again, it is sit in meditation of cross one's legs, the thought that lets oneself is quiet, idea concentration, and achieve certain status! No less than is said in this book " quiet place one room, screen goes controlling, clear mind static Lv, altruistic without battalion. " achieve finally " content is not had in the heart, thought is out of fashion " highest state.

Join static mass the more tall, open celestial being hole easily the more, root of arousal celestial being!

It is high school into static general component low 3 kinds of level, still one is plant perfect into static, it is very few somebody is achieved.

Allegedly, achieve perfect into static, even if have a second only, arousal of possible also instant!

Another kind is watched namely thought, see e.g. somebody a flying dragon is passed by day, in the evening can the celestial being root that arousal sweeps past Tian Feilong; Somebody works in Tian Li all the day, with respect to the celestial being root of rice of meeting arousal paddy.

Anyhow, celestial being root has 9 to taste, go out to which are tasted and observe the object that want very relative, because this a lot of people are the picture that carries overmatch wise man, or the picture of renown sword beast of prey, hope can the celestial being root with arousal higher class.