Call of the 1st chapter

Celestial being clever mainland, over battlefield of pretty a group of things with common features.

Day of yellow sanded block, was full of in air salty acerbity flavour.

Blast cry kill sound, shake the sky.

Under the Shuai Qi besides battlefield, eminent of a beautiful image stands however, jin Fengjia of the fine gold on the body is in of sunshine according to mirror below, twinkling dazzling ray, appear heroic bearing valiant.

The Huang Sha of block day, do not mask her handsome appearance.

Woman, be allied forces of this person a group of things with common features advocate the person of the thing, clever division the wife of a prince.

Also be the big princess of day feather dynasty.

It is door of Xiulian an administrative unit in Xizang more, of lunar corona an administrative unit in Xizang inside door child.

And the lower part in clever division the wife of a prince, it is to depend on each greater part of dynasty of adherent Tian Yu to fall.

It is come from all directions call up.

But right now, of lower part patriarchal people it is nervous and clinking however.

After all, this is battlefield of pretty a group of things with common features, but unlike other, one does not take care, whole tribe has the possibility that complete collapse.

And in battlefield, the bold of day feather dynasty will, scud general, with pretty a group of things with common features is fighting.

Nevertheless, right now everybody looks piece.

Scud general, had fallen in ahull.

The control of everybody, it is to be worried.

Nevertheless, this has one person among them, it is to appear however one face is open-eyed.

Liu Zheng absolutely cannot think of, oneself passed through, and still passed through in battlefield.

Nevertheless, go up generation, as of the king of mercenary him, was used to already bloody.

It is however in the instant, sober come down.

Digesting the memory in brain.

Original, oneself passed through a world that can build refine.

And, the host of former itself body, still be phlogistic fire tribe is patriarchal, the name also calls Liu Zheng.

Phlogistic fire is tribal, it is one depends on the little interest in general of Tian Yu dynasty, actual strength and other and tribal photograph are compared, it is some are inferior to.

More important is, his dad Mom disappeared.

Oneself are by big presbyterial hard introduce to suzerain position.

Besides the body husky besides, it is to cannot repair refine almost.

Look in someone else, it is a proper waste material.

Except because, grow greatly often the word of his grandfather, this is patriarchal, cannot be him at all.

Look at all around, everybody is patriarchal the look that distains then, he knows, oneself are sure not very suffers a person to wait for see.

"Early know I do not accept this job that enters Bermuda to seek a person, now but good, look for oneself passed through! Look for oneself passed through!!

Liu Zheng not by complain.

"Phut! "Phut!!

And be in right now, that scud general in battlefield.

It is however by pretty a group of things with common features Trojan, knock directly broke head.

Blood is beautiful 4 splash, soldier of at hand taxi, morale is right now devoid, all over the face terrified, it is to side with rear flee and come.

See such circumstances, liu Zheng all around other and patriarchal, it is pupil shrinks.

And that stands in the clever division under Shuai Qi the wife of a prince, it is complexion not by a dim.

Also do not know pretty a group of things with common features, where to come out, so fierce ace.

Connecting the scud general with refine ternary blood is not adversary.

But reinforcements has not arrived, look make these patriarchal only, supported first.

Accordingly, it is the mouth is drunk momently below.

"Which are patriarchal be willing to give fight, the station comes out! The station comes out!!

The acoustical sound of clever division the wife of a prince rises, but dare move without the person however.

Just of Trojan of that pretty a group of things with common features fierce, but they look in the eye.

The battlefield on now, have blind lane only.

"If if be in,coming out without the person, then this palace was about to call-over! Then this palace was about to call-over!!

All patriarchal, right now complexion not by one suffering.

Fall nevertheless momently, it is right however inspect, thought of what is general it seems that.

Unexpectedly neat neat drop back one pace.

And be in, muddled force the Liu Zheng of condition, it is to stand in place as before however.

Appear abrupt and clinking.

Back-to-back, by the side of his ear, it is the sound that transmitted a chilly.

"Good, since phlogistic fire is patriarchal,be willing, that gives fight with respect to immediateness! That gives fight with respect to immediateness!!

After sound falls, all around patriarchal, it is to side with Liu Zheng to look.

Was full of in the look mock, with the color that take pleasure in other's misfortune.

Phlogistic fire a group of things with common features original puny.

Should go up only battlefield, liu Zheng is affirmative cannot living come back.

So they just dare such dally the other side.

Still differ Liu Zheng wants to explain.

Of a dynasty supervise operation general, was to walk over.

The face is taken not the say of shame.

"Without actual strength, still dare charge big head.

How, regretted now!

If regretting, military law deals with! Military law deals with!!

Sound iciness, look at Liu Zheng, fang Buddha is seeing a bug.

This is however irritated thoroughly Liu Zheng.

Go up generation, did not burn the gas of hematic brave, how dare become mercenary army.

By the person such affront, where can be not angry.

It is the mouth is drunk at once.

"Phlogistic fire a group of things with common features Trojan people, give fight along with me! Give fight along with me!!

One's voice in speech falls, it is in the van is guiding crestfallen tribal soldier, in siding with battlefield, go.

Just, his form just leaves.

A sneer laugh is to come out.

"Sneer, have phlogistic fire a group of things with common features these useless material, still can hold to a little while more! Still can hold to a little while more!!

Patriarchal laugh a say.

Right now, in his heart, having rememberinging with concern even, after Liu Zheng is dead, how the domain of capturing the other side.

"Ha, a trash, namely by the makings of person hole.

Nevertheless, what I worry is, this trash, can insist to come to reinforcements.

If incapable word, but with respect to flooey! But with respect to flooey!!

Eristic noise rises, the clever division the wife of a prince of standing upper part, not by shake shake one's head.

Although she is very angry, other and patriarchal practice.

But, to phlogistic fire a group of things with common features also did not hold too big hope.

After all, depend on in 36 tribe of Tian Yuzong.

Phlogistic fire is patriarchal the name of useless material, but connect her,know.

And right now Liu Zheng, just step the instant into battlefield.

In his brain, rang actually a sound.

"Bite, congratulation host, cockpit is entered first, acquire system of oppressor of celestial being fierce.

Excuse me host, whether to activation! Whether to activation!!

After hearing voice, liu Zheng not by one happy event.

Then, it is none hesitant mouth path.

"Activation! "Activation!!

He cannot think of, oneself one day, also can obtain, pass through the personage's necessary system.

Where can have hesitation.

"Bite, congratulation host activation system, task of the system that finish, become tribe advocate.

See Feng Zhaoxian house successfully, gain the opportunity of free call.

Excuse me host, whether call! Whether call!!

"Call! "Call!!

Systematic sound, just fall, liu Zheng is say.

Look at far, trojan of that sinister in appearance pretty a group of things with common features.

He right now, had considered must not other.

"Bite, congratulation host call is successful, obtain one of 4 old evil person, nanhai alligator god is partisan.

Actual strength, refine blood is fourfold.

Constitution, system of gigantic alligator warfare, issue one class, hematic alligator effective system.

Bing Ren, alligator mouth is cut, alligator end flogs.

Attribute, fierce and cruel.

When comparing Wu Zhi with the person, can squelch actual strength of the other side! Can squelch actual strength of the other side!!

"Unexpectedly call gave Nanhai alligator look! "Unexpectedly call gave Nanhai alligator look!!

Liu Zheng's surprizing say.

After all, it seems that very arrogant the appearance that force.

Let this a brave and strong person of pretty a group of things with common features, see knowledge and experience is known, the actual strength of 4 old evil person is saying.

And it is in the meantime, be just as the figure with black average tower together, before the appears in him body that is suddenly.

The tousle that sees full head of the other side only is just as withered and yellow, grow a suit is blackly the flesh.

Be just as hard rock casting general, sending out metallic ray.

On the face of ferocious, be enclothed by Brown Qiu beard, compared steel shot is even solid.

In bloodsucking pupil, write full violent.

Lofty body form, although have some of a Triton of the minnows.

But, because had come in battlefield, that is far in the everybody all round Shuai Qi, it is peculiar without discovery however.