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If the first chapter has a future life, accompany the dance below Jun Tian

If the first chapter has a future life, dance of the world that accompany gentleman " "

Ninefold day, between the sea of clouds, tempest stage, day of a gleam of!

Here, it is ninefold day mainland, on 3 days, one place absolutely, tempest stage!

Tempest can be received on, day of discrepancy a gleam of!

But at the moment, on tempest stage, it is miserable mist of wind of a raw meat or fish however!

"Chu Yang, hand over 9 disaster sword! Forgive you are not dead! Forgive you are not dead!!

"Chu Yang, you had died to befall, still hand over 9 disaster sword. My can leave a whole dead body for you! My can leave a whole dead body for you!!

"Chu Yang, 9 disaster sword the first wonder is in the world such as this on your hand, pure belong to waste, much teenager, you are without progress, it is other people of cruel collect day at all! Still hand over come. Still hand over come..

A blatant cry transmit from far and near.

In the center of tempest stage, slightly on a raised big stone, black clothes of Chu Yang a suit, all over bathed in blood, with hair dishevelled, but on the face, it is the inhospitality with long constant however. The expression in the eye, if huge rock coagulates calmly commonly,still decide! - body, still if javelin is general straightforward!

No less than the sword in his hand, was full of peace to lose unbowed interest!

Even if he already was endured deadly serious injury!

Below his foot, all around circumference in hundreds a unit of length, countless incomplete limb break system, blood dripping wet.

Look at all around one just exclaims, but the one numerous ace that does not rush however people, the laugh of a deride was shown on Hunan open face, proud and distain!

Face this to be like cloud ace, even if him already at the end of one's resources, still be air of arrogance however towering!

These people are hit well abacus. They know themselves to although had been oily,use up the lamp now withered, but wh whoever comes up, want to face the biff of own perish together, everybody is willing to pay a back when that. Look forward to somebody to be stupefied only of terrified terrified develop court death. But however who is not foolish also, they are so flat happen to coincide actually at this time stayed a hand.

Such person, such heart sex, repair for again tall, the number is again much; Even if can kill me 10 thousand times, also do not deserve to be with me enemy!

The laugh of Chu Yang deride is worn, slowly sat, on the face although remain the same,manner is not moved, in the mouth still silent as the grave. But in the heart, was full of doubt however.

9 disaster sword is in the thing in him hand, how is meeting discharge shown?

Oneself inspected ability 3 years to decide this goes up 3 days after bright a kind of green tea picked before Pure Brightness the body of one cut sword that tempest Taichun has sword of the 9th disaster, cost uses up an innumerable trials and hardships, the danger that just seeks an opportunity to risking escape from death eventually will go up 3 days, but why after oneself come to here, encountered such impetus huge however ambuscade?

Now, oneself enter on 3 days, just also do not pass the 5th day just! Just search tempest stage, encountered this ambush!

The bureau now, die purely bureau!

Oneself became famous with track secretive all along, who knows whose plan?

Oneself rushed ten times continuously, every time, was blocked come back! And these places that oneself choose, it is to attribute a spot as yet untouched by a political movement! Press constant manage for, oneself do not have the sense that develops not to go out absolutely!

The habit that who understands oneself so be? This in the dark the enemy, who be?

This problem, had perplexed Chu Yang very long.

The sword body with 9 disaster ablaze sword, mirror the sunlight that illuminating the sky, if be being drawn in the air,gave a long rainbow. All people that see this one act, it is mind fervent. Wish that wonder is grasped in him hand!

Antediluvian wonder! Ninefold day mainland the first wonder!

Who got 9 disaster sword, who can the world is inapproachable! In 9 disaster sword, have the big secret with this inapproachable the world! Say as it is said, the might of 9 disaster sword, more than still hereat.

9 disaster are ninefold day, one sword destroys worldly; Eternally of honour of a thousand years, ninefold and universal day!

This is worldly an about 9 disaster sword exclusive ballad that circulate. Will be in already cannot take an examination of. 9 disaster sword, it is a fokelore only all along, everybody cannot think of, one day 9 disaster sword appears before oneself really actually.

Also be in in Hunan in relief heart doubt. 9 disaster sword, pretty good, oneself were to get 9 disaster sword, and of one pace searched body of 5 cut sword. But his disappointed however discovery, the might of 9 disaster sword is not an imagination in big! And, between oneself and 9 disaster sword, have the estrangement that makes clear together from beginning to end. No matter oneself irrigate with blood, still use oneself sincere desire to comprehend, do not have a bit effect. Is this why?

Why? Why? !

Extremely at affection, extremely Yu Jian! Oneself destroy affection enters a sword, enter fierce talk with sword path, with Wu Daoqiu the day, it is cost with lifelong loneliness, with everywhere kill is balsa of the treasure that spend a life, still cannot drill after all regrettablly 9 disaster sword, lian Chengjiu weighs deity result! !

Be him choice mistake? Or is this road a mistake at all? Perhaps say... oneself callosity, still fail to accord with Yu Jiujie sword?

Swordsman of merciless swordsman callosity, if swordsman has feeling, what swordsman to still calculate? Sword path Wu Daotian, be callosity after all... but life and death during now, why to shake so however?

9 disaster sword ah 9 disaster sword, your secret, what be after all? !

Look at all around the look that devouringly is staring at 9 disaster sword, the forced smile in Hunan in relief heart. You know to get sword of this 9 disaster only can the world is inapproachable, but you can know, I for sword of this 9 disaster, how much to pay?

Whats were done not have.

A gules lithe and graceful people, it is it seems that in brain flash, it is clear more and more, slowly red sleeve light raise, dim in, it seems that wispy music rings, and that is lithe and graceful form, it is in a purely imaginary slowly have dance...

Eye wave of Chu Yang becomes suddenly a long time ago disappointed, sentimental...

Blood is flowing, the life to oneself is in induction of ground of Chu Yangqing clear to elapse quickly, he seeks fierce way all one's life, into affection, broken affection, give affection to destroy to callosity hind affection, be close to death momently, he thinks only regret should be to have year of unripe supreme state that did not reach him to go after lifetime originally, but those who let him did not think of is, at the moment, appear actually in brain come to, the form that he thinks to be forgotten already originally.

Na Gongyi waves wave Feng Zi's absolutely beautiful form ah, that time eye, twist body... it is zenithal amorous feelings, it is lithe and graceful in light spirit in him heart festively singing and dancing, every time answers eye to look at his, bringing the deep feeling that is like the sea...

Not small dance with sth in one's hands, chu Yang defeats the woman of affection into affection!

"Original, I do not have real broken passion... " Chu Yang corners of the mouth shows a smile from ridicule, mutter path.

Meaning of a regret, spread in his heart sadly, as aerosol kind, swept across his whole soul instantly.

In this momently, his heart also does not get control again, also do not want to control...

Small dance with sth in one's hands! Sealed I go to Acheron this, may get together with you?

Small dance with sth in one's hands, you are knowable at the outset for Xiu Lian 3 disaster destroy behead leaves feeling you, I have how to regret...

A disappointed in Hunan in relief heart is acerb...

"Everybody goes up together! Flat chop he! As to 9 disaster sword, we slowly consultative not late! " one person raves aloud: "If otherwise, wait for him to reply a few, be turn for us to expend hands or feet greatly! Be turn for us to expend hands or feet greatly!!

All around everybody with a loud crash one Nuo, immediately Dao Jian is lifted together, crowd around towards Chu Yang.

Chu Yang still is sitting abstractedly, motionless, the eyes is staring ahead somewhere, as if the bleak that extend Gu Heng decides, the hair silk that paints blood hikes up before his forehead...

The person in brain jump over dance the more intense, had formed posse red film, wispy without calm, but red however became red Xiao of all over the sky, at the same time a singing of lithe and graceful dreariness from red shadow in faint come out...

"Lifetime is not light dance, one dance lifetime is bitter; This life is Jun Wu, even if suffer from dance lifetime! " ...

This is the night that decides affection, not a when place of small dance with sth in one's hands makes small poem. Still remember, at that time not in eye of small dance with sth in one's hands tearful, the eyes is dreary and hidden bitterness, she... early knowing his is to use her affection to practise one's skill, but she still flies however moth attacks fire is general in attacking to be conceived into oneself, allow to burn to the top of one's bent by oneself!

The woman of that Lan Zhihui heart is breathed out... of Chu Yang distracted thinking, in the heart acerb ban hard, life arrived at, what just know the real situation is commendable... but oneself, had not turned round...

Still remember, that not small dance with sth in one's hands is rejected by oneself for the last time, heart injury fetch is broken under, one's mind is somewhat unhinged, one's way home is encountered piece, generation beauty, eventually disappear of sweet die jade.

After oneself hear the news, hurry to instantly, it is late after all however one pace. Although harm that after oneself not all of everybody of old and well-known family of small dance with sth in one's hands kills all involve others in a criminal 9 a group of things with common features ruthless mass slaughter, dan Jia's person after all cannot resurgent!

That peerless beauty, in on one's deathbed during, soft lie softly in him bosom, say to oneself: "Chu Yang, if have a future life... if I still can encounter you, hope you can well... see me. I am more good-looking than the sword! I am more good-looking than the sword!!

"Chu Yang, can die in your bosom, I am very contented... " this is not a word with small last dance with sth in one's hands...

Small dance with sth in one's hands, you are not contented, you have a regret, otherwise, can your canthus have a tear how? On the beautiful woman face that had done not have breath, however those two clear tears with lop suddenly... during matching her on one's deathbed over the to be afraid that oneself are sad smile that puts on forcibly, be in that way chilly is colourful...

Two clear tears, however the heart oneself, smash in what be bungled momently then! From now on, this heart is dusty!

Lightsome the dream that be like a dream also waves,

Dance of hill of bone of a sea of blood enchantings;

Battle gentleman of sword a thousand li not asks,

Photograph of life and death follows 9 clouds!

This is at the outset the world tear of snow of the first talent is cold have the deep feeling with small in relief to Hunan dance with sth in one's hands of feeling Yu Mo, a poetry that makes designedly.

And now, small dance with sth in one's hands, you arrived 9 clouds, I still am however in the world... but, I can be followed with photograph of your life and death instantly... generation after generation!

Chu Yang is thinking abstractedly, all along cold strong corners of the mouth, hang out a tender and miserable smile. The long hair that catchs blood hikes up in wind...

Small dance with sth in one's hands, wait for me!

Small dance with sth in one's hands, you are knowable, if have a future life, I would rather not repair refine what sword path, would rather not want what summit summit, would rather not revenge, also want to be together with you! This is worldly, what can be touched go up to laugh are you contentedly then? Without!

The lithe and graceful singing and dancing in brain goes gradually gradually far, not the sound of small dance with sth in one's hands also is wispy more and more it seems that: "This life is Jun Wu... the unripe unripe dance that it is gentleman... 1000 break a heart changeless... die ten thousand deaths still is not sufferred from... not bitter... "

Brushed Jin Ren breaks off wind encounter and come, hunan open state of mind is absentminded, one sword case blocks conveniently, his idea, still listening attentively to dim in not the sound of small dance with sth in one's hands... this is unripe already, small dance with sth in one's hands, before on one's deathbed, the sound that makes me much listen to you...

Do not suffer from... small dance with sth in one's hands, you are bitter, do not feel to suffer from however, nowadays... I am very bitter! Good regret!

Sword adds a body increasing, blood flies off every time, aching little from the whole body everywhere focusing, interrupt the singing and dancing in brain eventually!

Chu Yang grows howl furiously! Stand abruptly, black long hair is intense fly upwards and rise! Collapse broke hair ribbon! His exhaust this the fury in the bottom rises!

The last hour of life, you also disturb we get together! Be blamed!

Bang, one sword thorn is in Chu Yang wind. Hunan open mind one painful, lower his head to look, one of the bang of that jade admire that is hanged on neck smash at the moment in oneself. Among Yupei, " dance " word sadly every piece disintegrate...

Chu Yang stretchs his hand to be felt absently, skill is drossy. In a twinkling angries stare be about to crack!

This is small dance with sth in one's hands leaves him exclusive commemoration day!

"Kill! " Chu Yang suddenly looks up, machine insanity is killed to flush in the eye, drink madly, sword of the 9 disaster in the hand swings light of 10 thousand swords suddenly, became light of a stays suddenly to take repeatedly like empyreal lightning!

To bang of phut phut to bang rings one blast, around all enginery beside him, orderly be broken by behead one cut!

Everybody hasty is regressive, look at the orderly circuit below Chu Yang foot terrifiedly half enginery, the cold sweat on the vest drippings flow. Cannot think of biff of 9 disaster sword power, actually horror if this!

They think Chu Yang is already oily originally all the lamp is withered, be at ease just about bold hour, planning in the heart of everybody, after Chu Yang died, should 9 disaster sword manage like where? How loot? If fall in him hand, how extricate oneself? each is urgent consider countermeasure, chu Yang is cruel however remove one sword! And power is such big!

Big unexpected!

Bathed in blood of Hunan Yang Hun body, battle sword and stand, the before looking attentively at a face crowd of eye iciness, view the past one by one. His eyes falls to the face of where individual, then the individual trembles all over with respect to what can't help.

Feel only in this pair of eyes, infinite bitterness, infinite despair, infinite anger, still have... kill indefinitely machine!

Chu Yang saw circuit, ask gently suddenly: "Do you want 9 disaster sword? "Do you want 9 disaster sword??

Differ anybody replies, his laugh with respect to Leng Li rise, slowly path: "Be good! I let you see 9 disaster sword! I let you see 9 disaster sword!!

He is abrupt abruptly capriole!

He already was endured originally countless deadly serious injury, jumped actually! In sky, all over cut at the same time violent wind blood, but he is apathetic however, complexion heavy respectful, leng Leng drinks:

"9 disaster sword, awn of cold smooth lofty or bottomless! Awn of cold smooth lofty or bottomless!!

9 disaster sword one brandish, a shape shoots an experienced Cheng Hu! Shoot as curve, cold awn of ten million path flushs and go out! Cold awn of path of this ten million, taking the oldest bleak between heaven and earth it seems that...

9 disaster sword! Law of ninefold day sword! One sword!

Ninefold day, it is the name of this mainland. All through the ages all sword laws, dare not name with these 3 words, but law of sword of this 9 disaster, use namely directly however " ninefold day " this name!

Of all ages, this one!

Although Chu Yang can not produce the real power of law of 9 disaster sword, but he comprehends this a few swords already very long. The might of this a few swords, in although be inferior to,imagining big, but far also exceed lay sword standard.

All around tens of ace, affection knows this one sword of great importance, all without exception took out the original story that presses one's store of valuables, do one's utmost resisting this attack! The body of everybody is shaking, experiencing the enginery in him hand, take quickly flabby.

"9 disaster sword, below Tu Jintian might as well! Below Tu Jintian might as well!!

Unfinished of the first action, the advent with the 2nd already combative action! Flushed light, be like sea flood, immensity is killed machine blot out the sky and cover up the earth cruel shoot and go out! Frightening cry noise rises, ten ace of one party of enough dominate exclusively, do his utmost to keep out at the same time, still be to splash blood all over however, helter-skelter and regressive!

This momently, everybody has a kind of illusion: Present Hunan is in relief, did not get hurt absolutely! It is complete condition absolutely!

They do not know however, they interrupted Chu Yang's memory, interrupted not the singing and dancing of small dance with sth in one's hands, this world letting Hunan is complete violent rage, developed all latent capacity of the body thoroughly! This is the force of life, incorporeal violent rage! This force, want to surmount his flourishing period far even!

"9 disaster sword, get together wind and cloud is emperor! Get together wind and cloud is emperor!!

The yock of Chu Yang miserable severe, 9 disaster sword brandishs between, seemed to appear actually a tremendous imperial crown! The coercion of that brilliant brilliant, blot out the sky and cover up the earth! Sword light indicates, frightening cry sound is continuous, arrow of a path blood flies, each poll rolls from neck come down, wan Re overturn the sodden watermelon of one car...

Wang Zhe arrives, the world common people, hold the post of me to slaughter! Follow one's inclinations, grant to take grant break!

"9 disaster sword! Behead breaks human society amorous guest! Behead breaks human society amorous guest!!

"9 disaster sword! Gu Xiang of extend of cadaver hill a sea of blood! Gu Xiang of extend of cadaver hill a sea of blood!!

3 action go out together, this is caught by blood red ground, became again repair Luo Tuchang! All besiege tens of people that come up this, without one exception, all count!

Chu Yang falls, a stagger! Eyes look at sb disdainfully distains look at all round. All round scan widely tens of a unit of length, already the person that neither one is standing! Once ace, once brilliant He Rongyao, it is under the force with unparalleled heaven and earth of 9 disaster sword, used up number to change one ground body!

Want 9 disaster sword? You... also match? !

Dan Chuyang erupts through this, already complete also oil uses up the lamp withered!

"Small dance with sth in one's hands, no matter be ethereal world, who can hold back our photograph to get together? ! " he is stationed in a sword and stand, breathing, closed an eye gently however. He is looking forward to, the emersion of singing and dancing in that brain. But, do not have however!

Chu Yang quickly open an eye, low growl: "Why? Why to meet? Small dance with sth in one's hands... "

Distance, 3 direction, 3 kinds of rays rise at the same time, in sky unreal turns 3 aureate sign! In a state of anxiety is dazzling, those who taking consider oneself unexcelled in the world is savage.

Illusive golden light, it is delimitingly king!

This is being represented, 3 Wang Jiwu person came on the stage!

Hunan in relief pupil is contractive, forced smile one, look at a sky feebly 3 aureate shadow, in the heart icy. Want to be less than the other side to be killed truly action, go out till this quarter ability!

Oneself are Wu Zun only, although distance king class needs one level only, but this one class, however the difference of as good as at heaven and earth!

3 king class! Whacker literary work!

"Bilbo law, be worthy of is poisonous sword Wu Zun! Nevertheless this goes up 3 days, not be your trifling however the place that Wu Zunneng of a poisonous sword acts wildly quite! " one person and the path of delay: "Regrettablly I cannot as fair as you one battle, very regret! Very regret!!

As word sound, two people show the rest together personally. 3 people, it is wide gown big sleeve, the garment sleeves wave, drive wind and come. Attitude is cheesy, complexion is easy.

Chu Yang's eyes has had some of faintness: "You 3 Wang Zhe... also want 9 disaster sword? "You 3 Wang Zhe... also want 9 disaster sword??

"Wrong, we do not want 9 disaster sword. Want to make you dead however! " 3 people smile at the same time, demeanour is peremptory: "Take over 9 disaster sword incidentally nevertheless, also calculate so that an accident harvests. Big gains! Big gains!!

Hunan Yang Lengao laughs, erect the back of the human body, loftily: "Regrettablly you do not understand 9 disaster sword! You cannot get forever! You cannot get forever!!

His eyes becomes definitely, absolutely like that!

He is already faint now again battle!

But still can give out final biff however! Destruction!

Destroy oneself, destroy 9 disaster sword! Destroy the enemy!

Sword light shines, chu Yang's fierce contrary to reason or one's expectation 9 disaster sword, insert suddenly into him heart! Double eye does not take the least bit emotive to look at the 3 people in sky, drink: "With my painstaking effort, collapse destroys 10 thousand disaster! 9 disaster sword advocate, conversed heaven and earth! Conversed heaven and earth!!

This is exclusive the one sword that he can produce complete power, see sword tricks of the trade at the outset, he knows this one him sword can put to good use. But such one sword, the life that needs to use oneself however will urge move!

Such sword law, who dare be used?

This one sword goes out, the person dies namely!

9 disaster sword is abrupt and acuteness ablaze rise, appear like without foundation of a sun, the sword gas of swift and fierce erupts violently suddenly, mad fierce force, urge whole body of Chu Yang actually went up half sky!

This is 9 disaster sword culminating one action! The mind blood that uses oneself is sacrificial oneself soul, invoke sword spirit then! Be absolutely die with enemy in the company of action type! This is enrolled, can jump over behead of a few class to kill even than oneself excel in gets much match!

It is fetch of 9 disaster sword to commit murder independently, destroy everything!

"Retreat! " big Jing of 3 Wang Zhe ace, flying outside change goes! When coming with them the sort of easy, differ 10 thousand lis! Na Yongrong's cheesy bearing, already a bit not remnant!

Their absolutely cannot think of, wu Zun of this poisonous sword, can explode this one device actually!

Slam-bang, the sword awn with bright ablaze rises and rise together, mirrorred whole sky became silvery white! 3 Wang Zhe, ward off blows to have not enough time repeatedly almost, scream repeatedly not there's still time is given out, grey flying smoke destroys!

Even, unreal of their king class force changes the Jin Ying that go out to still be in sky flash, but their life, had returned however for windy!

Biff of fetch of sword of 9 disaster sword, inside force limits, connect heaven and earth to also can be destroyed directly, be 3 Wang Jiwu only what is more,the rather that more person?

Chu Yang feels some are comical suddenly, not by forced smile. is the secret with inapproachable the world of sword of this 9 disaster this? So, does the first wonder still have this mainland what value?

But he is faint feel, should more than such. But the real secret of 9 disaster sword, oneself had been to do not have an opportunity to was dug...

Chu Yang heaves a sigh, be in personally half sky, the eye is cast aside at will, discovered a person that oneself think to should not go out to be here now absolutely however.

Beyond, person of a white garment is looked at agape here, was full of on the face cannot believe.

"Mo Tian machine! ? " Chu Yang eyes all the time, understand eventually. Why oneself so secret operation is ambuscaded actually, why oneself all attack were calculated to allow to intercept!

It is him so, god dish ghost calculates Mo Tian machine.

Him no wonder is such suffering a crushing defeat!

Chu Yang wants a wan smile, want from ridicule, want... but he still is whats were done after all, he had lost all power, he also has not enough time to think...

Chu Yang's body slowly fall from empty decline, slowly fell to go down, be like the withered leaf of late autumn adrift, fall in dust, there is light warm however laugh on the face, muttering path: "Small dance with sth in one's hands, if have a future life, accompany the dance below Jun Tian! Accompany the dance below Jun Tian!!

Since absolutely refuse to to be able to be avoided, that is mixed with the oldest flame the most powerful longing, the hug dies! Because over there, have oneself lover!

Dim in, be in it seems that boundless and indistinct go up without the ground of pure white snow of border, vast sky snow falls fly violently, the earth is silver-coated, a lithe and graceful gules form is in this among them lightsome have dance, receiving him it seems that, be in it seems that again this world that it is Hunan is anxious, look not clear her face, but that tenderness is tender without complain the affectionate eyes that does not have regret, it is clear in that way however... that dance appearance is lithe and graceful, more and more intense, of straight dance empyreal 9 ground, it is the dreary Leng Yan with general blood unexpectedly...

The heart is in Chu Yang, the sword needle of 9 disaster sword gives out dazzling brightness suddenly, actually eye of eye of person of brilliant brilliant boast!

The Chu Yang that had closed an eye is heard it seems that dim in a wispy sound, taking tired with joyance, awaited chiliad it seems that the sort of 10 thousand as if relieved of a heavy load that carry, low say: "... 9 disaster already voidance, life and death is still quiet; Blue sky is still all right fill, treat a future life why... alas, eventually when... "

In this sound, 20 short words, experienced countless time brings a great change to the worlds it seems that actually, in that way insignificant cannot be reached...

Then a dazzling brightness is shot from his heart place, unpluggingly and case, shine in sky, come loose suddenly all over the sky is harsh long rainbow, will whole world enlightens together! Let all people that see, open eye to be like blind!

But just so shine, go up continuously with respect to be high up in the air 9 clouds, disappear for an instant next into thin air...

On tempest stage, rumour sob, plaintive, still be in it seems that repeating Chu Yang that one word: If have a future life... if have a future life... companion, gentleman, day, fall, dance...