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The first chapter is affection {of place be puzzled is begged collect, beg} of red bank note

Angry, the source of all life.

Qigong, it is the cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine of life source.

The crest that repair refine, have a variety of other can.

Qigong overmatch, can " the hand breaks rock wall " " hear of is formic fight " " sufficient step a face " " the mouth says green jade fire " " Achillean " " gas receives rosy clouds " " cereal of the monarch that swallow gas " " do not eat cooked food " " read aloud ground of exceeding lofty or great " " a thousand li is chased after.

Yang Ji is Nazarite of such a qigong.

Cornucopian mainland, swallow capital.

This city is the city of the rich and popular on the mainland, it is night, heavy traffic, lights is brilliant.

Now is midsummer weather, in inky night cloudy, far has depressing thunder to had boiled, ripple in air rise wet hydrosphere, it is it seems that at any time thunderstorm wants advent to come down.


City wall corner manages unfrequented area, be opened suddenly by shake, appeared deep burrow.

A lad whole body of 8 years old seventeen is cheating black clothes, there is an exquisite case in the hand, swoosh, if leopard cat is ordinary,do an individual, jump in wherefrom burrow.

This teenager, it is Yang Ji.

Swallow capital, old and well-known family of rich and powerful family, young young son of Yang Jia, in whole swallow capital, also be the qigong ace of little famous energy of life. Although the age is not big, type of build or figure is not strong also large, but raise one's hand is cast sufficient, there is an ineffable air current to be in it seems that inside body in operation, be about to explode and go out.

Violent one motion, of the grand of air current rumble of systemic interior make sound, impetus is violent, seize popular feeling fetch.

"Look I am about very quickly to repair refine to arrive at qigong 5 paragraphs, cruel smell situation. To moment, put outside true energy of life, also be an ace, have a skyrocketing rise! Have a skyrocketing rise!!

See high city wall, yang Ji is satisfactory very, body shines, entered suburban and inky woods in, special fast, it is the panther of a black simply, showed impersonal physical ability.

His qigong, already cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine arrived at 4 paragraphs " refine is angry " state.

On cornucopian mainland, ace repairs refine qigong, qigong repairs refine, cent is 9 paragraphs.

One paragraph is " raise spirit " .

2 paragraphs " luck " , carry the vigour inside body, wander main and collateral channels.

3 paragraphs " get together gas " , collect vigour rise Tibet is in gas of great capacity.

4 paragraphs " refine is enraged " , gather rise after vigour, undertake abstracting, be tempered into a steel.

5 paragraphs, "Cruel gas " . Put outside qigong, separate empty injury person.

General person cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, qigong cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine goes to 4 paragraphs one paragraph, "Raise, carry, get together, refine " , it is air current is carried inside body, can improve the health only, but arrived at 5 paragraphs " cruel gas " state, with respect to thoroughly remould oneself, can qigong erupts, put outside, separate empty injury person.

5 paragraphs " cruel gas " , just be true ace.

Alleged " cruel gas " , it is the grade in qigong cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, also be a watershed.

This kind of state, can put to good use fist of 100 paces god, 100 paces above, one fist is lain between empty, rupture arboreous. Absolute battle power is extraordinary, with one enemy 100.

As to from the back 6 paragraphs " arms is angry " can coagulate enrage Cheng Bing.

7 paragraphs " the elephant is enraged " , like, it is every phenomenon, pictographic meaning. Qigong condenses dragon tiger beast of prey, even assistant all sorts of appearance, glide of be high up in the air, empty crosses horizontal sky.

Still have 8 paragraphs " spend energy of life " by superb, condense protection to enrage a cover all over, achillean.

9 paragraphs " gas an administrative unit in Xizang " qigong masters of great learning and integrity, the Yang Ji that is now then cannot of enough extravagant hopes.

In the hearsay, broke through 9 paragraphs " gas an administrative unit in Xizang " ace, can seize a life to the day more, enter " the condition that seize a life " , thoroughly remould oneself, life grows multiple state than common ace, nevertheless Yang Ji can have not seen.

Body twinkles, entered grove, yang Ji saw one wears azure blue color to grow skirt, figure graceful, temperamental nobility gets a woman that makes a person asphyxial, back to oneself.

"Haze, I brought Fu Longdan. I am good the capacity that uses oneself not easily, from what come out secretly in castellan mansion treasury. From what come out secretly in castellan mansion treasury..

Yang Ji saw this woman, mind is excited, cited the case in the hand immediately rise.

"Oh? Yang Ji, you do this business eventually succeeded. " the woman that temperament of blue of that crystal clear is like the sea had turned eventually body comes, cheek is elegant unsurpassed, she extends came the jade hand with ordinary ivory: "Fu Longdan, take let me look. Take let me look..

"Good. " Yang Ji is none hesitant be called the box to this " haze " woman.

"Haze " had accepted a case, open the red drug that saw a fiery look immediately, be like a blaze to be in bouncing, drug is popular 4 excessive, shine so that the cheek Dou Gong of this peerlessly beautiful belle attacks those who attack, do not have lasting appeal one time.

"Haze, you say to helped you take this Fu Longdan, can we be off to distant parts together? We go now. " Yang Ji hastily path.

"Feel sorry, yang Ji. Yang Ji..

"Haze " accepted a case silently, a kind of sober look appeared on the face: "I still have a thing now, cannot be off to distant parts with you quite, this thing, say again later. Say again later..

Pedal pedal.

A thunder from the clear sky!

Hear this word, yang Ji in succession backed down 3 paces, complexion must be without redness of skin palely: "Haze, I am risking heavy danger, from castellan mansion in, came out secretly this Fu Longdan, you promise to cross me, want to be off to distant parts together, do you change a mind now? Why? Why to meet such? Why to meet such??

"Let me tell you why! "Let me tell you why!!

A sound, deliver from inside inky woods come out, walk out of the young man that came to to wear armor, this man is extremely handsome, the figure is carried high, one face air of arrogance, with a kind of commanding look, look at Yang Ji.

"Haze the princess that is city of formidable sea of clouds, meet settle on you the boy of this one Yang Jia? Never mention it your Yang Jia just is swallow capital a little rich and powerful family, it is swallow the childe of castellan, also won't put in haze in the eye, she just is to use you just, it is you were taken seriously unluckily, toad wants to eat swan meat. Toad wants to eat swan meat..

"Haze, tell me, is this true? " of Yang Ji black in face, nevertheless he still is awaiting last hope.

But, last hope as " haze " conversation is undone.

"Haze " extremely calm way: "Pretty good, yang Ji, I just am to use you to get Fu Longdan just, nevertheless I do not want to harm you, you can go now. You can go now..

"You! "You!!

Yang Ji is trembling all over, hands or feet is icy: "Haze, cannot thinking of you is such person! Go, where do I walk along? Stole Fu Longdan, the home also cannot be answered, swallow capital is being chased after for certain kill me, hope you can give me Fu Longdan, we from now on later, owe with respect to neither photograph. Owe with respect to neither photograph..

"Give you? Did not daydream, boy, to buccal fat, everybody won't be spat come. " Leng Leng laughs at that youth that wears armor, "Boil to me, pester again, impolite to you! Impolite to you!!

"You! "You!!

Abrupt between, yang Ji erupted, whole person is like a fierce tiger, body form is like a snake, the fierce young man change that wears armor toward this in the past, the hand is like big axe, firm firm is broken off below.

"Bai Hu holds dead body! "Bai Hu holds dead body!!

He is enrolled between, hit Yang Jia's strongest qigong to kill action, "Bai Hu holds dead body " . If this one action repairs refine to reach highest state, all over qigong is OK the giant Bai Hu that concise becomes a materiality, fierce day of evil spirit cover, one action can turn the enemy into the body.

Alleged " Bai Hu holds dead body " : Right hill situation crouchs, hold a head high to inspect hole, if be about to hold the dead body in bite grave also.

"Court death! " see Yang Ji attacked, in the eyes of this youth that wears armor, twinkle came out a scorn, lie between suddenly empty one shake.


Indistinct see, with him oneself is a center, a transparent blast, agitated diffuse.

Yang Jigang firm bring into contact with this blast, bai Hu holds the one action of cadaver not to come out with respect to put to good use, the person is developed so that flew, flop, drop in the ground, in season of a blood come out.

There is the look of gasping with astonishment in his eyes: "Qigong 5 paragraphs, the state of cruel gas! The state of cruel gas!!

"Pretty good, I reached the state of 5 paragraphs of cruel gas via Xiu Lian already, you are in my before, ants and mole crickets is general. " young armor man takes clap one's hand: "Bai Hu holds dead body this one action, it is killer mace, it is regrettablly in your hand, dot play house is inferior to. Dot play house is inferior to..

"What do you call the name! " Yang Ji wanted hardly to climb, the look is full of animosity.

"Song Haishan, it is haze cousin, haze be about a few days to become cornucopian old onshore the biggest school too, day of an institute enter room child, of identity what kind exalted? Be you can covet is close to? You ask my name even, looking is to want to revenge later, since such, cut is rough not dig up the roots, spring breeze is blown be born again, I cannot let off you quite. I cannot let off you quite..

Between conversation, the feral air current like a tornado, from Song Haishan's body, rise and rise.

"So you are city of sea of clouds Cai Jun of the first youth. " Yang Ji's hard line: "I can kill you! Haze of sea of clouds, you cheat me today, sooner or later one day, my meeting get sth back those who come back. My meeting get sth back those who come back..

"That cannot leave you more! " Song Haishan is about to move.

"Good, cousin, somebody came. Do not kill him, leave him one life, we go! " haze frown head, stretch one's hand one column, wang Xiangyuan handles swallow capital, body shines, disappear in this night, kept a word: "Yang Ji, wait for me to become day of disciple of an institute, I can compensate you. I can compensate you..

"Hum! Boy, consider your life long, haze do not want to kill you, be infected with bloody, I also listen to her, do not cross the castellan of swallow capital, won't let off you, you do not live anyway. You do not live anyway..

Song Haishan laughs serpentinely also, following haze disappeared at the back of.

"Haze of sea of clouds... " Yang Ji looks at them to leave, speed is splitting, qigong state is far tall give oneself, know oneself are not their adversary, be in in his mouth haematemesis, in the heart more in drop blood!

He considered the past event, go out in in all previous practice, the help is familial do the business, encountered haze of sea of clouds, jing is day person, gave birth to love immediately, haze of sea of clouds also appears to oneself exuding tenderness and love through eyes, grew period of time, put forward conceivable Fu Longdan to ask, oneself considered very long, promise to come down eventually, fall to such end however now.

The qigong inside his body, in be on the move rapidly, a consciousness tells him! Want to run! Otherwise the bodyguard of swallow capital was chased after, oneself not only for familial unconscious be ashamed, get even deplorable pay.

But, ran a little while in him qigong, just restore action ability, shua Shua Shua! Successive a few sound were delivered come over, subsequently a few are full of the people of explosive breath, those who appear in him before.

Among them a man, wear at least to have about a hundred jins cold iron armor, but act however freely, as one honour steely beast of prey. Yang Ji looks, the heart is immediately medium acedia.

This is the guard in mansion of swallow capital castellan, luo Hun. Qigong repaired refine to transcend boundary of 5 paragraphs of cruel gas far, devils.

"Yang Ji, you stole Fu Longdan come out, hand over come, avoid you to die! Avoid you to die!!

Double eye of Luo Hun, without the feeling of the least bit mankind, the respectful murderous look that taking cold iron armor ceases, walked along Yang Ji before, stretch his hand suddenly to be patted! In the of great capacity of gas of alvine the pubic region that aiming Yang Ji.

! Yang Ji again gush came out a blood, feel all over force is like discharge angry rubber ball, drop off outwards, from the qigong that refine of 5 annual repairs arrives at 18 years old, was abandoned entirely.

"You... the qigong that abandoned me! " on Yang Ji's face, showed the expression with dead general ash, acedia. Qigong is abandoned, the pubic region enrages sea burst, also cannot get together quite again gas, from now on later can law-abiding do an Everyman.

"Red of dragon of your purloin bend over, the qigong that abandoned you just is to reduce sin to you just. " collect spirit cold way: "Look in you it is Childe Yang Jia, on the share that still has your father's sister, not you on the spot case is killed, be lenient. You, bind him rise, bind go up in the tree. I answer a city, report to this thing castellan, his deal with an offender after listening, the spot does not want to move, want to had been protected, the person that lets Home Yang comes over to look. The person that lets Home Yang comes over to look..

"Yes! "Yes!!

A few guard, hands or feet is deft bind Yang Ji on the tree, patrol on four sides next guard.

And the Luo Hun that wears armor of about a hundred jins of cold iron, one hops, if be like curassow in sky glide, sweep past Xiang Yan capital.


Be in at this moment, in the sky, countless thunder, mad shake is ringing, brewed long thunderstorm storm, come eventually, this is summer in the evening, climate is burning hot, much thunderstorm.

The silver-colored snake that together, tore inky canopy, heavy rain, the come down in torrents with general fall comes down.

"This rain is very big! Thunder also is too much really. " the guard with a guard strange poplar, look at the heavy rain that celestial advent comes down, still have the silver-colored snake lightning of mad frantic dance, another thunder, all over Dou Duo Suo.


Abrupt, a lightning falls in far woods, ancient tree of one individual plant is broken off by thunder in, it is immediately in cloudburst upblaze is ablaze conflagration, in hydrosphere silver-colored snake wallop, make a person shocking.

"Hide below the tree to meet with thunder, we leave this woods to say again first. " a guard was frightened jump greatly, the path of palpitation: "Today's thunder appears some not common, I had not seen so big. We fall in the tree, in case was broken off by thunder bring a lawsuit against without the place to death, the hearsay is the ace that surmounted gas an administrative unit in Xizang to cannot resist quite Tian Lei. The hearsay is the ace that surmounted gas an administrative unit in Xizang to cannot resist quite Tian Lei..

"How does this boy do then? "How does this boy do then??

"Be at ease, this boy was abandoned military accomplishment, the person is bound again, can you still fly? Can you still fly??

A few guard, fly at once swept past this woods.

The bang in Pi!

Just walk out of the woods in them, a extremely ablaze thunder, descended suddenly to come down toward this woods, fallen position, as it happens is Yang Ji on that tree that is bound.

Immediately between, yang Ji all over electric current, twinkling in disorder. Do an individual, sent the flavour of an anxious paste.


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