Be in very long a long time ago, have a lot of not knowable land, in those not knowable ground, have a lot of not knowable people.



Crepuscular wasteland distance is hanging a bolide, it sends out the blaze with the red tremendous like posse bulk light that give, spread slow and sturdily gradually. Moss of the firstborn after the snows on open country melts, the scar after resembling burn is same of daub it is everywhere, all around quiet, can hear the voice when the eagle that upper part transmits cries and far Mongolian gazelle hops now and then only.

3 people appeared on the open country of hollowness, they collect the sapling that a wasteland does not see more to fall, greet sb without the mouth, have tacit agreement very much while lower one's head, there are a few very interesting things to be worth to study seriously and think below the tree it seems that.

Two broods of ant around move the beige tree root that shows cold native is undertaking contending for, because resemble cultivating a so ideal home to find the 2nd hard on this wasteland,be probably, what so this war undertakes is intense all the more, the body of thousands of ant remained after moment, it seems that very should bloody miserable intense, but also be a small macula nevertheless actually just.

Weather is very cold still, the dress that those 3 people below the tree wear is not much however, how be afraid of it seems that cold, look at so dedicatedly, had not known how long, among them one person murmurs path: "Earthly formic country, highway how about? Highway how about??

Green childish of eye of that person eyebrow, figure thin and small, still be a teenager, wearing a pale blue color to not have those who get is feeble light unlined upper garment, carrying a feeble Mu Jian that does not have scabbard on the back after one's death, pitch-black hair combs exquisitely a hair worn in a bun or coil, fork of wood having a root traverses among them -- Na Genmu fork looks be like at any time likelihood fall down, but resembling again is long cannot shake like the pine on hill.

"When first sermon, I ever had seen bath of countless flying ant smooth and case. I ever had seen bath of countless flying ant smooth and case..

Those who say this word is a young monk, he is wearing the ceiba robe of a suit junk, the hair stubble that the new student on the head gives Qing Heifeng benefit, the taste that in resembling his appearance and speech, gives fully affirms that kind firm and persistent.

"Volant ant still can fall down finally, they do not touch a sky forever. They do not touch a sky forever..

"If you hold to from beginning to end so thought, that you will forever cannot why is Ming Wu a heart. That you will forever cannot why is Ming Wu a heart..

Young monk entires slightly eye, those who looking at a foot to fall to shedding incomplete limb is formic group, say: "Hear your home is watched advocate received a last name newly recently old dot, you should understand, know to defend watch this cultivate land to just won't have your talent only forever. Know to defend watch this cultivate land to just won't have your talent only forever..

The teenager of backsword carries eyebrow small mock to respond to: "I do not understand all the time, resemble you cannot accomplishing the fellow of unruly body so, have what qualification acting impending temple walks the world. Have what qualification acting impending temple walks the world..

Young monk is provoked without what respond to him, looking at the ant say of wallop of Lv of crural the part of the body cavity below the umbilicus: "Ant can fly to also be met, but they more be good at climbing climb, be good at becoming a basis for the companion, not dread sacrifices, base of many a ant is accumulated rise, as long as the measure is adequate much, the ant that can pile an enough to touch the vault of heaven for certain so piles. The ant that can pile an enough to touch the vault of heaven for certain so piles..

The eagle that acuteness transmits in celestial dusk cries, appear very alarmed and scared, knowing is to be fear of these 3 strange people below the tree, other still what does the tremendous ant of the straight strong sky that still is fear of that not to exist pile.

"I very fear. "I very fear..

The teenager that carrying Mu Jian on the back starts to talk suddenly say, gaunt shoulder is gone to in shrink.

Young monk nods indicate approval, although the expression on his face calms as before firm and persistent.

They beside that lad body is strong, wrapping some resembling is the clothes like hide, pair of leg resembling rock of ** are general and hard, can see clearly below coarse skin accumulate indigestion boundless erupt the muscle of force. This boy is silent from beginning to end, silent as the grave, however the bit of the Li Qi on the skin still was exposed after all right now the heart is experienced truly.

Below the tree 3 youths come from on this world 3 the most mysterious places, the life of the door that give division walks in the world, as if 3 traverse the stars at the world kind dazzing, but come to this wasteland today, even if be them,also felt the fear that resists hard.

Eagle won't be fear of ant, in it the ant in the eye is macula only. Ant won't be fear of eagle, because they become qualification of accipitral mouth alimental to also be done not have repeatedly, there is eagle at all even in their world this kind of powerful living things, cannot see also do not feel.

However between thousand all ages, believe ant group in always have so special a few when stand to go alone stem from some kind of abstruse reason to decide to break away from the look temporarily Xiang Zhan of corrupt leaf sodden carapace settle on of La Qing day so, next their world different.

Because see, so scared.



Below the tree 3 youths raise a head, look at a when go up to faces of tens of rice other place shallow channel. Shallow channel nature is not deep, whats are done not have besides black inside, appear clear all the more on mottled wasteland the earth's surface.

This channel appears suddenly before two hours, touch horizon continuously now unexpectedly, asing if is only aeriform gigantic ghost takes ax to break off those who come out, artisan draws a look as if! What kind of force can complete a such picture?

The teenager that carries Mu Jian on the back is staring at say of that black line: "Thinking not to move dark king all the time before me is a fokelore. "Thinking not to move dark king all the time before me is a fokelore..

"King of the dark in fokelore has 70 thousand children, perhaps this one is only now and then driftage world. Perhaps this one is only now and then driftage world..

"I do not believe. " the boy face that carries Mu Jian on the back does not have expressional say: "Just be fokelore stopped, still say each chiliad has a sage to go out in fokelore, but this a few chiliad come, who has seen a wise man really? Who has seen a wise man really??

"If you do not believe really, why dare have not you crossed that black line? Why dare have not you crossed that black line??

Do not have a person to dare have trodden that black line, that shallow channel, even if is proud and powerful they.

The teenager that carries Mu Jian on the back looks up to look to horizon, ask: "If that child exists really, so... where is he? So... where is he??

Right now setting sun has had one most the heavy bottom that enter the ground, the dim light of night is emerging from far and near, the temperature on wasteland is reduced quickly, the atmosphere of a heart-throb making a person begins to envelop whole world.

"The night arrives, it is everywhere, where can be you searched again? Where can be you searched again??

That boy that wears hide was broken all the time since silent, his sound is had what not agree with with the age is grave and coarse, with a buzz cry vibration resembles is river water is rolling ceaselessly, resembling again is became rusty Dao Jian is in and hard rock grinds ceaselessly.

Say this word, he left.

The way that hide teenager leaves is very special -- burst forth suddenly on two his hard and brawny naked legs flame, become the look of a crimson, the wind of wild howl lets the roll of clastic rock quickness of the ground, as if the neck firm firm that gutty and invisible force holds him mentions, his body skips to in ten meters tall sky, back-to-back howl broken sky falls, firm firm is bungled on the ground, skip again next case, skip with respect to ground of random like fine long hair of a stone law to distance, look unusual clumsiness however extremely swift and violent high speed.

"Know he is surnamed only the Tang Dynasty, what is the full name that does not know him. What is the full name that does not know him..

If the teenager that carrying Mu Jian on the back thinks of say somewhat: "If change a time to change the three unities to encounter, I and he has a person to be able to come down alive only for certain, prentice so fierce, do not know him that master arrives by force what degree... hear of his master these year be in all the time repair 23 years of cicada, do not know to be defeated in the future a heavy carapace can be carried on the back on the back of a person that involve. Do not know to be defeated in the future a heavy carapace can be carried on the back on the back of a person that involve..

Beside quiet, reply without the person, ground of his some doubt looks later.

See lock of double eye of that young monk only, eyelid is meteoric and vibratile, pondering over the problem of a certain worry making a person it seems that, after speaking that word about the night from that hide teenager oneself in fact, young monk is immersed in this kind of weird condition all the time in.

The induction arrives of the look look attentively at, young monk slowly open double eye, grin laughs, in smile former the firm and persistent calm first has become do not know from why and the compassionate meaning that come, inside patulous lip badly mutilated, it is the tongue after chew.

Backsword teenager frown.

Young monk is slow pick the beads between next wrist, earnest hang on him neck, carry next the situation gones, his walking is heavy and stable, look be like extremely slow, but do not cross split second already form faintness will disappear beyond.

The tree falls to do not have other person again, all sentiments on backsword boy face are overall weak go, remain absolutely calm only, perhaps say absolutely inhospitality, he looks at northwardly dust in that resembles ceaseless start breaks the vague impression below like stone, low drink: "Demon. "Demon..

He looks to the west the young monk back of the travel before that low head is silent, say: "Outside. "Outside..

"Unimportance also. "Unimportance also..

Unimportance of the path outside demon also. Say this word, the feeble Mu Jian that bears behind the teenager nots be in a position to do sth and brace up, give out buzzing different to cry, be high up in the air of sneer and case, spend a time, made cut of that sapling on wasteland fifty-three thousand three hundred and thirty-three, do not separate branch truncal all be powder, swirl over the ant that Fu is in those forgetting that be born to forget dead.

"Dummy mouth talks, some of salt is put on cake. Some of salt is put on cake..

The teenager is singing a song to move toward east, in the sky that feeble small backsword in suspension counts meter of part in back quiet and breathed follow.



The first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of big Tang Tianqi, wasteland sky falls different elephant, walk below Zong Tian each gather together hereat, do not get a sense.

From its day impending temple sends a person 7 read aloud repair the buddhist that close a mouth, open a conversation no longer, demon Zong Tang surnames the concealed that send a person to enter big desert, do not know a footprint, know to defend watch collate of the Xie Su that send a person to be defeated dead close, errant all countries, 3 people have income each.

However 3 their people do not know, in that they dare not span the Hei He of one pace that, the way that approachs capital edge of some small pond, sitting all the time a student, sandals of a dress breaks the student of coat.

What this student ases if not to feel delegate of place of that black big pool at all is powerful with forbidding, there is hank book in left hand, there is gourd ladle of a wood in the right hand, when having a thing, read, when tired rest less, thirsty contain water of water of one gourd ladle, dirt of all over the body, one face peace and happiness.

Leave till 3 people, be accumulated to make the same score by sand blown by wind gradually till that shallow Hei He on wasteland, the student just stood, the dirt on whisk whisk body, wooden gourd ladle the department arrives between the waist, scroll careful Tibet enters coat inside, saw eye capital way finally, leave just now.



Capital Chang'an has a long alley, the east is a mansion that discusses a doctor, the mansion of Xuan Wei's general is west, although not be top ascendancy the rank of nobility, dan Guanwei is very grave, ferial long alley peaceful, already peaceful however now be absent.

Discuss doctor mansion be pregnant, the midwife is busy enter busy piece, arrive from lord however girl, the everybody inside government office it is impure that the happy look on the face always feels to resemble certain and other mood, neither one person dare laugh at phonate, those are holding birdbath in the arms to had walked along the fall forward Fu of the corner hurriedly, now and then the sound that outside listening to a wall, transmits, it is scene that shows fear more.

That with the Lin Guangyuan of Xuan Wei's general with celebrated brave, because displeased an empire,summer of general of the first brave is awaited, and be reported to be interlinked with enemy state, interrogate a few months personally through infante highness, there was a result eventually nowadays.

The result is very clear, punishment is very simple, with respect to 4 words -- the whole family copies behead.

Discuss lock of gate of doctor government office, chamberlain is sticking insecurity of a crack between a door and its frame to visitting the general government office of same gate lock, hearing the often transmits a clog to chop fleshy piece voice opposite side, hearing the voice that those roll busy watermelon roll, the body cannot help trembling rise.

Two are in an alley child in lived a lot of years, general government office arrives from chamberlain the door child mix his acquaintanceship, hearing those bloodcurdling voice, he ases if see those is familiar with countless sharp a sword with a long blade and a short hilt wielded with both hands dissection the neck of people, the head that sees those are having familiar face keeps rolling on green flag, bump into a doorway next, gradually overlay extruding became a rise...

Blood falls from door of general government office dripped to come out, some are pitch-black some are ropy, resembling is the size of polished glutinous rice that mixed Zhu Sha, return inside some resemble the fleshy muscle like violet potato garrulous, the chamberlain with cadaverous complexion is staring at that place, again uncontrollable also live oneself mood, begin to vomit desperately.

Hurried clop is transmitted outside back-to-back door, denounce drinks sound, next the gate is beaten desperately, it is someone of general government office succeeds in escaping it seems that, the home of an infante government office drinks horseback in a stern voice: "Cannot little! "Cannot little!!

Connect after discussing doctor government office curtilage on garden somewhere wall, have a few nick and bloodstain.

"Childe you are obedient, you cannot go out, let Xiaochu go, let him go... "

From here inside nearby bavin room, a general government office that is blood all over managers, before looking at a body two boys of 45 years old of size, withered lip closes and open slightly, husky very offensive, write on the face that is furrow black mud completely full despair and struggle, struggle to old tear to squeeze a canthus all the time, cloudy fierce.

Rush into discuss a Lin Jun of doctor government office to did not spend how long, found this bavin room. Those who see the drop dead inside bavin room is old little 2 bodies, after undertaking probation, that school Wei stills have lingering fear ground to report aloud: "Many, died. Died..



Outside the world tall person these 4 words are the simplest unscrambling means is tall person general and alive outside, alive outside easy it is tall person, actually concealed is worn in gibberish certain sense, of their place fear is laic cannot contact, of their place joyance is laic cannot understand.

Then earthly never witting and earthly outside what to produce, the person outside the world also won't be paid attention to earthly in performing one act act part for ever or new student joyance, the balance that won't care butcher more became little weight, the cellar in drinker home was given by mice bite slimy hole, the imperial court died a Xuan Wei's general, some is civilian gave birth to a daughter.

The joys and sorrows of two worlds is not interlinked.

If can be interlinked, it is sages and men of virtue.

Capital Chang'an outskirts has a high mountain, in Yuyun of concealed of mountain peak half the number, hind mountain range between the cliff on the west, have a people meantime is slow go up, the back of this man is very lofty, there is the overall of a black besides unlined garment, there is hamper in the hand.

Outside shaking to arrive to be in cave all right with the wind, tall man sat, open hamper, take out a chopstick, place a Jiang Pian to send into the lip to chew carefully, pick up again two hotpot ate, contented groan praises.

The capital Chang'an below the setting sun, will be enveloped by the night gradually, far is faint the dark clouds that accumulate rain waves.

Tall man is looking capital somewhere, deep feeling say: "I as if see in those days you. "I as if see in those days you..

Next he looks up at a day, the right hand holds chopsticks to point to a day, say: "As to you, is those who fly again tall what is used again? Is those who fly again tall what is used again??

Apparent, the object of these two words is two different people. Slightly one silent, tall man end removes the rice wine quaff of at hand, lifting empty wine bowl to visitting scope of operation all around capital controls Jing Song to: "The rain since wind falls night will come. "The rain since wind falls night will come..

When saying wind rises, have wind from hill ab extra, the one or two pieces making up the front of a Chinese jacket that blow breathes out breathe out make sound, old tree is quick between cliff shake, hill stone rustle falls continuously, rain falls when 2 words give his opening, far waves to capital the nimbus in the sky abruptly one dark, melt into of countless rain silk one column, fall from basin of the bend between final dusk, when he says this word, the night just holds half the vault of heaven, inky the pupil that is like dark gentleman.

Tall man puts down wine bowl heavily, rusty grumble: "True fuck is black. "