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Renascence of world of different of the first chapter

Shi Yan awakes suddenly, become aware only headache be about to crack, head copy is like fill lead, heavy and clinking. w W w . 23 u S. c o M

This is a dim stone hole, stone hole has volume of field of a basketball, there is bones of the dead of again and again on stone ground, 10 will provide the new dead body that wears bizarre dress to scatter by him, the dress on body body is very bright still, look and did not die too long.

Where is this? The Bahamas archipelago that still is Caribbean?


Shi Yan is a fanaticism to approximately infatuated ultimate sports fan, 27 years old, the mother dies early, his father accumulated lifetime wealth, die because of cancer in prime of life however, he acceded all one's life early prodigal the fortune that does not drop.

Others pursued the thing of lifetime hard, he is hands-down, had at the beginning.

Of auspicious youth place over, cannot find a cause tardy however, this kind is full of but the feeling that does not have direction, let him all the time sullen.

Till a years that seventeen years old, limit of his bring into contact with moves, just feel life hits upon gout, because there is the fortune of a huge sum in the hand, he is not able to be the campaign that common common people can enlist this in wantonly absurd is.

Bare-handed Pan Yan, crocodile skips extremely, the limit that waits insanity a moment ice-skatings to move by diving of low altitude parachute, volcanic slide, cliff, car, became his greatest pleasure.

He enjoys the sort of life and death arteries and veins of your person blood is boiling between a gleam of to asphyxial alarmingly dangerous!

Come 10 years, all the maddest most the limit of in a extremely dangerous state moves, he tries one by one, where danger drives sb. to his death he runs toward where.

Limit of 10 years moves, ling Shiyan fitness is very outstanding, be close to dead experience hundreds times, make his nerval tough degree is extremely abnormal, he from him ridicule it is the closest from Azrael person.

The blue hole of archipelago of Caribbean the Bahamas is expeditionary, it is his ultimate challenge finally, deepness of these blue hole some can amount to hundreds meters, some still are like labyrinthian like complex, and movement a little a bit bigger, of hole bottom silty rise with respect to meeting extensive, the floodlight that adorns without giving thought to has many to shine, you see not clear way completely also.

It is competence without giving thought to so how the phreatic water ace of excel in, jump into La Dongqian to must fasten a steel wire. This is the lifeline of blue hole explorer, steel wire pulls in the end to mean the end that reached to dive. If continue to swim forth even, that means the suicide, because of who also have to steel wire of have the aid of swims " labyrinthian " . According to the Bahamas maritime branch statistic, average and annual have blue hole of get killed of ace of 20 limits dive, it is dead because of inner ear for the most part.

In this whole world the most dangerous limit is expeditionary in, shi Yan desertioned actively the steel wire of the lifeline that be called, undertook suicidal insanity takes a risk is equal, lose finally in mysterious blue hole.

And in blue hole, loss means death...


Stone cliff wead and limp is on frozen rock ground, what have the aid of twinkles on rock wall is barpque and crepuscular look a week up and down to meet with setting, become aware to appear not to belong to oneself fragmentary memory much a few more suddenly in brain only.

The memory that is another stone cliff then...

That guy name and he is same, also have seventeen years old only, it is an enthusiastic archaeology member, reached the degree that be obsessed with to all sorts of ancient involuntary discharge of urine make an on-the-spot investigation slashly, because of a pair of shabby ancient map, the cross that taking half an year of some of classics of bodyguard all previous inside the home just comes here.

Shi Yan is knitting brows, slowly stand up, become aware only all-overish, body delicate in health.

Below momently, shi Yan realizes this one body is not him, however another stone cliff, it is that Shi Yan that has seventeen years old only.

He is agitated become angry, the abrupt and open-eyed slow-witted chicken that be like wood.

I had died in blue hole as expected, incorrect, I am returned obviously living, or the means with a kind of unimaginably queer is living!


Carry the fragmentary memory of another Shi Yan, he knows here calls divine favour the mainland, here is civilized without science and technology, chaos caused by war is perpetual, fierce person infestation!

Here, report of a lot of person endowment different, be born how to long to show the natural gift that gave mystery, somebody is born the power that there is thunder and lightning inside body, somebody can be held control a plant, somebody can move back and forth at will in the earth, inherent house has someone magical feeling stress, can communicate with bewitching animal heart, also have the power that icy water contains inside human body...

A variety of endowment all kinds of strange things, mysterious and unusual, the person that endow with different report these days, the person that can make a surname almost, and the endowment on their body, it is to be called " Wu Hun " .

"Wu Hun " it is inherent almost, only extremely minority can pass some kind of adventure to must come, this kind of probability is small arrive negligible not plan, also be such, this mainland calls divine favour the mainland, because of fierce person think " Wu Hun " it is deity bestows their.

Not all fierce person can have " Wu Hun " , contrary, the fierce of great majority person it is to do not have " Wu Hun " , everyman can pass the person that acquired Xiu Lian makes a surname, cannot have through Xiu Lian however " Wu Hun " , and special " Wu Hun " can make however refine speed accelerates Wu Zhexiu, the fighting capacity of the person that can allow a surname rises substantially, the person that can allow a surname has special capacity...

Accordingly, the fierce of coequal state person, have " Wu Hun " person often want fierce and too much, the achievement in the future also can be compared not " Wu Hun " person Gaoshangyi is big cut, these having " Wu Hun " person advantaged on Xiu Lian's road, took petty gain.

"Wu Hun " can accede through hematic arteries and veins, and machine rate is very old.

Generally speaking, if there is one person to have in parents " Wu Hun " , so unripe the child that come down has very large possibility also can be had same " Wu Hun " , if parental both sides has " Wu Hun " , the child that is born has older machine rate to be able to accede a kind " Wu Hun " , or is father, or is a mother, but can accede only almost a kind.

Below this kind of circumstance, the case that also has extremely small probability happens, one kind is to be delivered of the child that come to connect a of parental both sides " Wu Hun " cannot accede, became Everyman, this kind of probability is very small, 100 people happen possibly to the ability in this kind of couple so probability.

100 times smaller than this machine rate, it is additionally one kind of circumstance -- the child that is born can parental both sides " Wu Hun " accede entirely! This kind of Wu Hun is become " binate Wu Hun " , and this kind of advantaged person also is called " magical cosset " !

Rate of this kind of machine is minorrer, in 10 thousand pairs both sides is had different " Wu Hun " in the couple, just appear likely so a special case comes out.


Shi Yan is stupefied over, the fragmentary memory in continueing to arrange brain...

He the former host of this one body, come from the stone home at business alliance, stone home is had " petrifaction " Wu Hun, can make in the battle body petrifaction, be like,make the body hard huge rock, can resist partial essence yuan invade, as the promotion of the state, "Petrifaction " Wu Hun will be more fierce, almost OK Achillean.

Regrettablly, this fellow did not accede however " petrifaction " Wu Hun, be being maintained to be by stone home is not the material that Xiu Lianwu, this fellow itself does not have a bit interest to Wu Daoye, arrive to was not studied in this respect mostly as a child, just use energy in exploration vestigial went up.

This time because,be a pair of shabby ancient map, gift calendar comes via 10 thousand danger here, if it were not for has a map in this fellow hand how-to, he is impossible in the wrap up from leaf of layer upon layer bush, find this by the severe tight of block of hole of solid ancient stone inscription.

" toot... breathe out breathe out breathe out... "

Cacodaemon cries like sound, transmit suddenly inside stone hole, shi Yan is crawly one Jing, look suddenly to sounded hematic pool.

Hematic pool is in stone hole midpoint, have volume of 10 square metre only, chi Zhongman is raw meat or fish red the fearsome liquid that is like blood, inside hematic pool " gurgle " risking bleb, after bleb burst, give out the horrible howling of set up wild shrieks and howls, weird and clinking.

He knows beside those die newly not to convoy for a long time, because,be the howling in hematic pool ability is abrupt and mad, then cannibalism, inside stone hole in succession funeral of fall from the sky, and another stone cliff, because suffer the effect of those bloodcurdling howling,also be, just can faint suddenly fall down not to rise.

Because,be hematic pool!

Shi Yan is staring at that blood pool, expression is heavy, that one in succession howl sound, stimulating his nerve, let him have the desire of one share kill from inmost extensive, make him unripe give a kind of impulse that fights all body other people!

Shi Yan headaches as before be about to crack, the howl sound that comes from hematic pool is tormenting him, make him center energy to think hard.

Hematic pool certainly has eccentric!

Shi Yan is ad cool-headed face, stand fast the heart, will giving birth to the tough nerve that comes out with dead education to produce effect for years, although he headaches as before clinking, still be however sober, and one step by step forward hematic pool goes.

"Ka Ca! Ka Ca! Ka Ca!!

The withered bone of hoar of one cut cut is in next he is plantar break breaking, dignified of stone cliff expression, from the point of the pure white bones of the dead inside stone hole, before they were not entered, many people ought to have died inside burrow, that blood pool is the source of injustice, he wants to seek hematic pool secret, be bring about one's own destruction?

Stand by hematic pool the more, the howl tone of that swift and fierce is more serious, if one pricks ground of dagger firm firm in his brain, the kill insanity breath that the contain in howling wears a few be about to destroy him all reason and sober, he comes to if it were not for often challenge the limit for years, the allergy with tough nerve is clinking, be afraid of is early do not bear.

On the side of hematic pool, the skeleton of one ground, in the center of hematic pool, also have ivory skeleton faint emerge, if not large hematic pool copy repairs Luo Xiehai, did not know to gobble up the people of how many.

Shi Yan is faint feel oneself are met the soul comes to here, with this weird and clinking blood pool is having greatest concern, he feels he still can go back through hematic pool probably, return that familiar world, return the blue hole on the Bahamas archipelago.

Pool leaving blood is closer and closer, abrupt, shi Yan discovers a peculiar phenomenon, the hematic water blood-red in that blood pool is thick stiff, but he did not smell however bloody flavour.

Contrary, the air here is returned actually very pure and fresh, faint even the different sweet smell that a disagreement often manages, experience carefully, he discovers flavour of that extraordinary fragrance still comes from Yu Xiechi actually!

Shi Yan has one's heart filled with curiosity, more be certain to have surely inside hematic pool eccentric.

Took a few steps again, abrupt, float reveals idolum of immensity a sea of blood in his brain, the endless skeleton accumulation in a sea of blood becomes islands, some skeleton are saved complete, be like the dinosaurian remains of the Cretaceous age, rise is average size, appear in a sea of blood a sound is repeating ceaselessly: "Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!!

Shi Yan stands fast this heart, can throb not to suffer pilot to quicken however, asphyxial the horrible pressure blow on the face like and come, he felt familiar death tastes, he feels he never leaves death so close to pass.

He knows, next, the likelihood dies namely!

However, the death that comes for years is expeditionary, not only did not make him awe-stricken, still make him special enjoy this momently! The front dies, seek to live on in death, be the essence that the limit moves!

One pace, one pace, it is one pace!

Below the pressure that blots out the sky and cover up the earth in hematic pool, shi Yan goes to hematic pool edge eventually, look at not big blood pool, the mad one side in stone cliff disposition is aroused, growl: "I should see you this one small blood pool, what having after all eccentric! What having after all eccentric!!

The word falls, shi Yan is sneering jump plunges hematic pool.

Ps: ? Rate mast Qiong of duckweed of forge of sneer of leaf of moth of the  that wash  protects  Suo Zhan an ancient type of spoon. ?^__^*