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Direct seeding of the first chapter passes through

"Systematic energy complement ends, in activation of system of direct seeding of Zhu Tianmo bound, be record in data, 1% . . . . .42% . . . .100% , activation is successful, congratulation advocate sow Jiang Feng to make this direct seeding system the two billion one hundred and thirty-five million six hundred and twenty-eight thousand eight hundredth Zhu Tianmo bound advocate sow, open of system of direct seeding of Zhu Tianmo bound. Open of system of direct seeding of Zhu Tianmo bound..

"Drop -- systematic job make known to lower levels. "Drop -- systematic job make known to lower levels..

"The system is unique masterstroke task: Become a list of names posted up of a list of names posted up of direct seeding of Zhu Tianmo bound head. Become a list of names posted up of a list of names posted up of direct seeding of Zhu Tianmo bound head..

"A list of names posted up of a list of names posted up of direct seeding of Zhu Tianmo bound head: Namely Zhu Tianmo group is the most powerful advocate sow, the grade that repair refine achieves grand Meng Zhizun, or 10 thousand bounds only I can.

"Task of systematic branch line one open: Obtain on source star 30 million people to enrage a dot. Note: An user stays at least between direct seeding 3 hours ability produces a bit person to enrage a dot, every user can produce gas of a bit person one day only, settle accounts of daily before dawn. Settle accounts of daily before dawn..

"Task award: Obtain a system to approbate, extend newlywed person of Zhu Tianmo group advocate the bag that sow a ceremony. Extend newlywed person of Zhu Tianmo group advocate the bag that sow a ceremony..

"The task fails: Obliterate. Obliterate..

"Time limitation: A month. A month..

"Task of systematic branch line 2 will finish in task of systematic branch line later open, please advocate sow an attention to hint. Please advocate sow an attention to hint..

Side side transmits familiar electronic sound, the experience that ases if these days is a dream in general, the clutch of firm firm oneself ham, the mind on banquet of a keenly feel, just now arousal, this is not a dream, this is true, I passed through really different bound, time did not go.

The tide of direct seeding passes 21 centuries ferment, arrived 22 centuries had developed a kind of the whole people to move, national president arrives on, available spare time wants only to civilian below between metropolis open direct seeding, interact with the audience, jiang Feng is a among spring tide of this direct seeding.

What do not live his living broadcast is a bit special, that is direct seeding reads a novel, did not think of firm firm direct seeding sees very when light novel of fire lives from 0 igneous different worlds, feel at the moment one black, whats did not remember, subsequently ineffable and wonderful passed through.

Combed this to have the memory of the body, discover just now, this is infestation of barren of a pretty, the old age with monstrous overmatch, between heaven and earth bewitching animal indulge in wilful persecution, deities go on a punitive expedition, person a group of things with common features takes advantage of a favorable situation rise abruptly, between this heaven and earth, one pace is killed, fight the way that gave an exceeding lofty or great, brought up present bright old age.

The place that Jiang Feng is in now, it is grand like that the factotum peak of sword an administrative unit in Xizang, factotum peak, just as its name implies, it is a few counterjumper that chare, endowment is low, hardship of cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, enter this peak, have any opportunities that come forward hardly, even if also have a lot of people so,come round.

In factotum the peak can get job of a few factotum, little can be obtained to contribute a point after finishing these factotum services, in order to is changed a few low rank red medicine, even if be only a few low rank red medicine, also be Everyman gets hard, the ground of pretty barren, bewitching animal is numerous, reduce attack endless, red medicine is used up great.

And division of make pills of immortality is exiguous, high-ranking red division is more rare, yield is low, demand is big, natural price tall.

Each red medicine is invaluable, even if be the one medicine tasting red of minimum price, also be can compares 100 gold.

This body before Jiang Feng is one of ordinary pupil of factotum peak, after contributing a hall to get contribution to nod, expended total contribution dot to change an one medicine that taste red, the plan lends the person that this breaks through fierce condition of barren of pretty of the first condition, however unexpectedly halfway is betrayed by the good friend, the person loot that the tiger that be broken helps, risk one's life not from below, be beaten dead by while still alive, what kind Bei is cool.

Preexistence river wind is silk of a ** , not any competence, all the day blame everyone and everything but not oneself, it is curtilage in the home, gnawing the legacy that parents leaves, passed through nowadays different group believes originally still is salty fish lifetime, cannot think of, the day is not had absolutely the person's road, salty fish also has when turning over, pass through to take golden finger oneself, be not Xu Yan as expected, it is the ancients really sincere not bully I ah.

Nevertheless, I know direct seeding, but special! Who can tell me, separate side of the room when wearing, without signal how direct seeding! ?

Below momently, the electronic clew sound that the system rings again in brain --

"Host acquires direct seeding facility. "Host acquires direct seeding facility..

"Exceed appearance of spatio-temporal direct seeding, appearance of this direct seeding can exceed spatio-temporal direct seeding, ignore an aspect, spatio-temporal, a lot of limitation, take oneself invisible, 365 degrees do not have blind angle, hit mosaic automatically, picture of high-definition 3D effect, be personally on the scene letting a person. . . . . Wait a lot of function a moment, open is shut, all direct seeding heart reads aloud control, the operation is convenient and quick, be the direct seeding that cross a boundary not two anthology. Be the direct seeding that cross a boundary not two anthology..

"Note: This equipment can be used at direct seeding only, if have,violate compasses, direct seeding qualification cancels. Direct seeding qualification cancels..

"Add: Advocate sow cannot be in of standard face aboriginal leak any informations about direct seeding of system of Zhu Tianmo group, the person that violate is obliterated. The person that violate is obliterated..

Meanwhile, appeared before Jiang Feng thin small lens area, suspension is among half sky, float reveals each to fight old style, and of blood-red obliterate a word.

"Is this a system instrument of manufacturing overtime empty direct seeding? As expected magical. As expected magical..

All of lens look familiar in hand of Jiang Feng general rises, checked one time etc about the particular function of this lens face, send and receive by the heart, change not is measured, can compares treasure of strategics of a few gods, end is fierce and extraordinary, the horror with high science and technology, between in a twinkle, fetch of life and death is worn, take a system oneself, the pay of novel leading role of appropriate appropriate, it is life really if really fugacious ah. To such life favourable or unfavourable turns in life, not by plaint unceasingly.

Instrument of will overtime empty direct seeding closed, the clew sound of the system of side side rings again-------

"Instrument of overtime empty direct seeding reachs the designated position, open of direct seeding of Zhu Tianmo bound, search source in the face, source face search is finished, ask host to choose direct seeding platform, found direct seeding room, begin direct seeding. Begin direct seeding..

"System, what does the direct seeding platform that searchs have? What does the direct seeding platform that searchs have??

Jiang Feng looks at face of direct seeding lens, to way of systematic silent tongue.

"The direct seeding platform that can choose currently has starting point, amuse a fish, cat, etc. Ask host proper motion to choose to examine. Ask host proper motion to choose to examine..

As expected the systematic clew sound of side side falls, the range of direct seeding lens in the hand produced a few change, the name of platform of each direct seeding emerged come out, look at each then familiar name, jiang Feng thought one time, finger the dot was in on platform of start direct seeding, after all preexistence he is the direct seeding that leaves in start, advocate course of study is one attacks the street keeps a hand, the novel of 22 centuries has been absent be confined to a character, however at direct seeding mutual confluence, the content of direct seeding can pass a few special software, compile directly make a novel, call direct seeding novel again, otherwise Jiang Feng also won't read a novel in start direct seeding.

"Choice platform is successful, ask host to found work as soon as possible, open direct seeding. Open direct seeding..

Jiang Feng thinks, of do something one knows well bring idea into play, begin to land an author order, enter tiring-room, begin to found a novel.

Make word of the name of an article: The death of start direct seeding is magical

Author: Hate Gu Dadi

Work category: Black unreal - east black unreal

Accredit grade: Exclusive a hair

Work condition: Build

Work label: Callous, orphan, hong Huang flows, face

Work introduction: Direct seeding passes through, zhu Tianmo bound, lasting immensity, bound of one sanded generation, mercury is too small, zhu Tiantai is big, I want to look, let please advocate sow take you to walk into, ancient have divine, press remote antiquity, one blood presses down stars, arms of furry behead god, have today advocate sow, 9519 cast, invite sincerely each path friend to cross disaster together, accomplish lasting boundless.

"Work of start direct seeding establishs a success, this system has control of Zhu Tianmo group to control right, can prevent all force, the screen of nonviolent method, and attack, ask host to be at ease direct seeding, main control program begins to take-over. Main control program begins to take-over..

"Author tiring-room hints, your work examine and verify is passed, direct seeding begins. Direct seeding begins..

Jiang Feng looks at the clew of start tiring-room, laugh gently, between the direct seeding that came back to nod him namely.

Person energy of life is worth direct seeding that day: 0

Direct seeding total person enrages a value: 0

Look at that one 0 eggs, jiang Feng's toothache, also understand in river wind heart nevertheless, between direct seeding just open, have this data no wonder also, his direct seeding is met certainly fire, and meeting conflagration is special fire, direct seeding passes through, the ox that this is what kind forces lie groove, from of old, pass through civil, renascence article countless, he Ren sees the person passed through really, now he passed through not only, still opening direct seeding, want not fire is difficult.

After all group of earthly direct seeding is so big, can direct seeding passes through only this one just.

Direct seeding open of Jiang Feng before long, the 0 records of book review area were broken, a lone comment especially harsh, come back namely, look, within an inch of shakes his side.

Content is as follows:

What your work writes is very good, look come out the author uses a heart, but still have a few subtle the inadequacy that go up, need to improve, you can add my QQ123456789, discuss together. . . . Make up no less than going to, wisdom barrier of Mom. ----Small KK

Eunuch dog, you a moment ago direct seeding disappeared for what, beg solve, I had helped you call the police, don't mention it. ----The meeting such as the bank you

6666666, advocate sow came back actually, a moment ago advocate sow that, how to disappear? This magic I give you full marks, it is the support that gives you 99 minutes, it is the father love that gives you 1 minute. -----Mining

Day king builds ground tiger, pagoda presses down river bewitching. I come also-----Soy party

. . . . . . .

Ten minutes do not arrive, area of novel book review has no less than ten comment, the old friend of river wind direct seeding sees before great majority, among them a book friend that makes small KK is to give him to hit more had admired to come honour apprentice, this can be he has gotten the biggest dozen admire, local tyrant of it may be said is clinking.

Read his review, jiang Feng questioned next systems.

"System, I can reply book review, buy supports, elite, is cutout post waited a moment? Is cutout post waited a moment??

"Can. "Can..

Frozen clew sound rings again, meanwhile, bomb begins between whole direct seeding, why? Small tussle of an ancient time plays the part of right now Jiang Feng, dress junk, complexion is paly, a pair of life before long decline appearance, it is more all round antique, even if be to be in nightly, high-definition direct seeding falls to also do not have place escape form, far high mountain towers aloft, arboreous and very tall, those who taking a remote antiquity is desolate, send pretty barren picture.

"666666+ , a few days disappear, wind elder brother, as before so coquettish, you now this body actor's costumes, be imitate 21 centuries kill Matt? This body actor's costumes, be afraid bad to search. Be afraid bad to search..

"You understand beg, wind elder brother, this is not to kill Matt, this is the rhythm that joins beg gang, this body dress of wind elder brother is really exquisite nevertheless, with me professional eye looks, absolutely tailor does not do this now. Absolutely tailor does not do this now..

"Wind elder brother, your face how, of one face helter-skelter, was hit by wife recently. Was hit by wife recently..

"Small KK is hit admired 130 lollipop. "Small KK is hit admired 130 lollipop..

"Cool breeze alone drunk dozen admired 10 66666. "Cool breeze alone drunk dozen admired 10 66666..

"Homicide is not the blame is hit admired 100 flowers. "Homicide is not the blame is hit admired 100 flowers..

. . . . . . .

Hit indescribably admire brushed screen, the Jiang Feng that look is dumbfounded, still talk without direct seeding, hit with respect to so much how admire? Enquire a bottom how to return a responsibility at once, idea types.

"How does small KK return a responsibility after all? Why can be you hit so admire? Why can be you hit so admire??

Small KK sees Jiang Feng talks, of one face excited, type at once response path: "The old, you this was to pass through! You this was to pass through!!

"I lean, how do you know? Do you feel likely? Do you feel likely??

Jiang Feng hears the word that small KK says, frightened jump, this play is incorrect, either should be readers do not believe first, sneer at next one, I go out to turn finally circuit, make a face next? This gut is incorrect nowadays, it is dozen of evolution type incorrect.