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The forest that different of the 1st chapter changes

"Computer overload, bear of Lin Yi head exceeds 186 percent, enter quicksand. Enter quicksand..

"Fast stop a test, first minister Lin Yi, he is exclusive one can be entered [dedicated] the laboratory assistant of condition.

We cannot lose him quite, want to foster to be able to be used again otherwise [dedicated] laboratory assistant, not within the foreseeable future.

So our experiment will be laid aside indefinitely, save him quickly, must maintain Lin Yi's life! Must maintain Lin Yi's life!!

"Good, we now... "

"Bang! "Bang!!

Acuteness explosion, cause billowy blaze rises and rise, gobbled up all people and equipment, sad wail is full of whole space.

Right now, ai Ermeng like that from awake in sleep, all over he of cold sweat, big mouth is big asthma is worn gas.

Already very long did not dream of the picture when preexistence is dead, did not think of tonight the dream arrived.

The sees oneself be in pallet cabin of one's heart still fluttering with fear.

Al steps down a bed, a bath is held in both hands before coming to birdbath the face.

Look at a little broken looking glass that hanging on the wall in, that bridge of the nose is forceful, double key point is slim, but the teenager with very cadaverous complexion.

Al is very clear, oneself had been answered really did not go, he turned into from Lin Yi really Al - Gelante.

From a the Christian era 2086 having infinite possibility, the laboratory assistant that top-secret of government of an ancient name for China plans.

Pass through become to be elbowed out by stepmother the childe of lordling of countryside of the solitary in mountain forest frame house.

From a lofty Oriental youth, turned into not dry behind the ears, do not have even mustache senior white man girl.

Since time of this year, lin Yi was received completely eventually originally Aierna is desultory, the memory like the fragment.

The mother dies early, distress father depends on the identity of rock-bottom noble, far walk along an alien land to join army, become an elementary officer.

And because this controlled whole Gelante manorial hind mother, gradually elbowed out Al manorial besides.

Also be originally Al is sneaking, all the day ignorant and incompetent, catch a cold finally because of actually, lost life.

Apropos also nevertheless such, it is cheap that the Lin Yi that just lets an ancient name for China was collected, held this body.

With the experience that preexistence lives for years as orphan Lin Yi, just gradually lived to come down, cured the body.

Al very rejoice, in originally Al is elbowed out inside this cabin when, still taking the bow that the mother leaves.

Otherwise, one can't make bricks without straw, was Lin Yi to bring preexistence archery 3 paragraphs ability, also raise not vivid oneself.

Suck greatly at a heat, al puts on the dress simply, taking bow to leave his cabin.

Saw the sky of eye daybreak, the early of early morning day break of the summer, went to five at 4 o'clock only probably now.

The hare that as it happens is this world goes out when foraging, natural namely Al first-rate chases time.

Time of a year, the Ai Ercheng that enough lets have archery cause originally is an eligible hunter.

More what is more,the rather that, al still was brought from preexistence [dedicated] different can, chase more be nothing difficult.

Move back and forth in Lin Zhong commonly as cheetah, al looks around ceaselessly, if do not have content,the incomplete branch that inspects a foot to fall breaks wood general.

However, moved back and forth for some time in Lin Zhong, al did not see an any hare however.

This had been head and shoulders above strange category, can say for unusual.

Stopped, al is looked at all round some are noiseless, have the wood that the bird calls a few times now and then only, slightly pursy eyebrow.

Time of a year, al had had very clear knowledge to this world.

E.g. , this world and the originally world of the ball are very similar, but resolutely again different.

Be in this world that is equivalent to period of Industrial Revolution of earthly first time, however having all sorts of numinous person things truly really.

Even the deities in fokelore also is existence, the country that Al is in, it is a state that has state religion.

Here, of devotional millions upon millions brightness advocate brilliant the Vatican, having the privilege that is next to royalty and nobility.

Be in so after having these acknowledge, ai Ercai feels something wrong strong, and plan leave a forest immediately.

After waiting for everything to reinstate original state, reentrance forest hunts, sail carefully all ages boat, adventure often represented risk.

Face about is about to leave a forest, but be in at this moment, in the ear that the froufrou with a hurried rhythm passed into Al.

Back-to-back, the change in the brushwood on the right side of Cong Aier gives the vague impression of a black, the neck that sides with Al directly comes over.

If regular response rate, al can be by this necessarily black shadow is hit, what basically won't have survival is likely.

But with respect to the period in this key, on moxa Er Na Shuangzhan's blue pupil.

Show suddenly to be the centre of a circle with pupil severally, sending out the cirque with blue crepuscular white.

Between an instant, al was entered [dedicated] condition!

Although enter [dedicated] after condition, no matter Al is force or speed won't have change.

Do not cross reaction ability of Al, no matter be the body or cerebra, become fast multiple.

Can accomplish easily photographic, and be remembered well in [dedicated] all message that collect below condition.

And after entering this state, al's every word and deed, do not have even breath spare time and movement even.

Got even the sense huge promotes, make Al can accomplish ear of be observant and alert to listen to all directions.

Danger and the side of danger side head, that black shadow flits on the neck edge of direct Cong Aier.

Right now, be in [dedicated] the Al below condition, saw that real features of black shadow with dynamic vision.

A or so both sides grew two eyes each, the top of head is longer alone weird boa of horn.

Biff bos, that boa also discovered Al apparently and not to be trifled with, so it dish became a snake blast, look at Al with one's eyes open.

This 4 alone horny boa feels Al not to be trifled with, al also does not feel this weird boa is good bully.

Although a moment ago Al instant open [dedicated] condition was escaped 4 times alone of horny boa kill biff surely.

But he himself knows, a moment ago he if a little a bit slower, can be wiped directly neck, dead cannot die again quite.

See that 4 times when Al so alone when horny boa does not prepare to continue to atttack, immediately backward slowly retire.

Although Al does not know this 4 times alone the antecedents of horny boa, but he knows however, this thing is not to be trifled with absolutely.

Accordingly, he did not want the think of a way with face of this thing upright at all, just want to leave as soon as possible, pull open a distance.

Look at slowly regressive Al, that 4 alone horny boa sides with Al immediately slowly moved to come over.

See this, al is none hesitant loosen immediately the Gong Xian in the hand, make arrow arrow direct shoot be in 4 times that alone before the body of horny boa.

This is a warning, also be one makes known his position.

Al wants to let this 4 times alone horny boa knows, oneself are not afraid of you absolutely, but also do not want to be with you however enemy!

Must say, the animal of the majority, resemble this kind of blazing especially, have not low intelligence.

Most the meaning that place of this one arrow represents Er of at least moxa, this 4 alone horny boa is clear.

Consequently, it is sending out 4 times that Leng Mang's eye saw Al, immediately face about is far went.

To cannot enough biff is killed surely, and still have the boy or girl friend that hurts him ability, snake kind often be won't light pregnable.

And Al sees 4 times alone of horny boa leave, loosened eventually tone, still did not loosen vigilance nevertheless.

Al looks all around, side with immediately run besides the forest, leave the forest that this becomes suddenly dangerous as soon as possible.

Draw near silvan brim, al ended [dedicated] use.

Be in [dedicated] in condition, although Al can obtain a variety of magical capability.

But to physical strength and spirit use up, also be very tremendous.

Show level, he is most and successive the time that open influences ten minutes, should end [dedicated] use.

Otherwise if, moxa Er can be immersed in a kind to should stimulate condition immediately, be immersed in forcibly insensible in the vitality that restores to use up and physical strength.

To consist in this has countless risk the Al of the world, this kind should be stimulated forcibly insensible, its danger rate is too old.

Be like so blame is necessary, al is general won't long use [dedicated] !

Walk out of a forest, al thought, did not return oneself cabin immediately simply.

It is instead down hill road all the way and below, go leaving the medium-sized town that then the name is the town that face hill toward hill.

Face hill to press down just as its name implies, it is the town that face hill and establishs child.

Because draw near,the snake that teems with medicinal material and game carries hill on the back, so very flourishing.

Accordingly, can appear in the thing in the city only originally more very much, also appear in this to face hill gradually in the town.

E.g. , al comes to the destination of the town that face hill, be located in the Howard library of office of corner of the town that face hill.

Although the name is the library, but it is a small bookstore only however actually.

Allegedly merchant Howard has this name, it is to want to manage oneself bookstore finally into the library.

Dan Aier feels this explanation is simple belong to talk nonsense, the meaning with this unique name draws the person namely come over.

Conveniently satisfies evil taste of Howard, because he is outer,profess to the person, basically be Howard library curator.

Carrying bow on the back, in the small bookstore that Al walked into this to be Howard library directly.

Tossed a silver coin adroitly in the hand of Laohuo China heart that visits shop, al pushed the dark door inside small bookstore to go in directly.

Put down bow, wash his hands in the birdbath inside incidentally.

After drying a hand, this ability takes Al on the table folded newspaper early to look with respect to what get ready.

And this moment, old suddenly Hua Deze is to grunting what, put on an oil lamp to Al.

"Old Howard, are you to say to be about to install electric lamp this year, this half an year, how be still oil lamp? How be still oil lamp??

Hearing Al's word, old Howard turned over a supercilious look immediately, say: "If you lend the money that read to turn over times every time.

So I still can consider install an electric lamp well, otherwise the thing that the money installation that which come to burns money then.

Still have, you had better read newspaper quickly, because of that book that you want I am done to you.

If you do not look, delayed the time that trims this storehouse to me, I can be to should increase you to borrow the price that review. I can be to should increase you to borrow the price that review..

Aierde knows the book that he wants to be done by old Howard, immediately be overjoyed.

He looks at old Howard, hey hey laugh, say: "Miserly old Howard, you are at ease.

The student of university of all alone Lang Qiaoya won't be frightened by you!

Went, put down water, next you can go out. Next you can go out..

Turned over a supercilious look once more, old Howard looks at Al, low growl: "I can not be your lackey! "I can not be your lackey!!

One's voice in speech falls, old Howard is turning over supercilious look, direct face about left this, small stack the storehouse of book paper.