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The first chapter disappears

"Fatso, do you say to you can be taken an examination of on dance work college? Do you say to you can be taken an examination of on dance work college??

"It's hard to say, yi Feng's classmate, your dancing is no good again, work force insufficient, you play a wool, still go together with me electric contest association, the society is early in the morning n/COL the head of a family, anyway orphanage comes out, can make money work is a day a day. Can make money work is a day a day..

"Also be, association of contest of the 2nd volunteer report, so knock decided! so knock decided!!

In shabby library, one fat one thin, one tall two one short figure are laughing at chat to wear, the child early husband of poor home, can not be, see the tattered clothes on two person, this is right tall poor boy also is not the other people with rich what apparently, say simply even if compare beggar it may not be a bad idea not the fellow of how many.

The redness of skin of fatso is OK still, after all is the person so fat either? The body of a thin person is a little miserable and shabby, young young person is nevertheless by blast the wind below the setting sun has been blown just, this is small a thin person unexpectedly the body is stupefied is face hind shook a few shake, if not fatso took grip, do bad to was about to fall directly.

"I say Yi Feng your boy does not have a meal 3 days, defeat a book originally to look, your show was amused. " the glare with deep fatso the Yi Feng of eye thin and small.

He is fat brothers is dissatisfactory very, two people are brother, what does brother do to look in the eye, force thoroughly read what book, the what on what to have, study has a wool to use, still be inferior to going out to work those who come is honest, even if want to learn, that also must be filled full abdomen is learning, do not have money to do not have the body, that whats never mention it, you are a third class disability, still take an examination of dance work college, learn a fart.

Fatso is called Shao Yi, because be that approves orphanage to do not have starved to death child exclusively, surname Shao again, called Shao Yi so, the meaning issues comer for only work, so fatso Shao Yi as a child mad eat, have delicious first cram oneself with food says again, this is the life maxim of fatso Shao Yi, very dead always wear than Lai Huo, at least the person still is in!

Be mocked by oneself brother right now, yi Feng also is forced awkward laugh, pulling frail body to had walked along 3 place bookshelf, below one is taken on a little frame work the shabby broken book that even some of extensive fizzled out.

"Hand of arteries and veins of easy profound shift? "Hand of arteries and veins of easy profound shift??

Shao Yi is not had language, he has grabbed the ancient books with this then yellow extensive, above obviously truly truly not with respect to depict those a few big character -- " hand of arteries and veins of Yi Xuan move " .

This book name arrives is very bully gas, and very black still abstruse, do not pass even if so book of Xuan Ao, disclose the strange unreal story that is a popular goods of dependable quality just.

2086, the earth has been entered without resource times, enter when a heavenly body ruined when, that destruction and new student also often are between an instant, the human open that puts only in this times so of new era live law.

Xiu Lian!

The mankind can repair refine, write refine ancient law.

Although have exaggerated part,once passed the ground of flying Apsaras escape that says antediluvian period, but below new era, the mankind can repair refine really, dividing gold to break iron is not a dream, single hand is held in the palm heaving hoisting jack gigantic vessel is there are plenty of such people more, can say to be below such environment, the mankind acquired a new life, gained strength.

Be in so that times, all ancient magic art is broken up to search to undertake study by a person with high aspirations and determination, and " hand of arteries and veins of easy profound shift " a book that compares flourishing at that time namely, because this book is the ancient law that the earliest somebody writes refine to give force to come, just went up to the sky to open a big joke with this book probably, always repair refine the human ace of this book, do not give a month, because changeover of body regulating bodily functions is brought about finally,explode body and die, so hand of arteries and veins of easy profound shift was labelled at that time banned book, also be deridingly likewise most the useless book of rubbish!

"Your court death! "Your court death!!

Shao Yi tongue-lashs, he swings his arm to be about a bookshelf of ancient books replace, and do not say now they two people come to here is a frame-up character not suitable, simple for turn over a wall to come in secretly namely, steal so awful book even now, this and cerebral damage have what distinction.

Be no good, be no good absolutely, shao Yi has prepared Yi Feng this mixes boy to give pulled out, brain is bad special, simply!

Nevertheless right now, easy peak of be filled with indignation also is to look slightly in the eye, this year has a brother to calculate pretty good, still be the brother of a slotting tool of two costal region at least, did not take a book to repair refine with respect to can do nothing about it nevertheless?

A smile shines to die namely in canthus, the U of size of a stone dish in the cuff that be entered by Yi Feng's fast a place of strategic importance, u dish direct scanning copy, knowledge masters completely, such technology is too general, nevertheless fatso does not know this line of business, fatso knows to eat, very dead wear as Lai Huo, this is the maxim of fatso.

Toot toot toots...

A hurried hooter noise rises, in an instant in the ear that at least has 20 patron wagon to listen to the sound below to pass into two people directly quickly.

"What circumstance! " first one low, on fat face of Shao Yi one flurried.

"How do I know. " Yi Feng also was stupefied, just returned enigmaticly bad laugh, came in an instant a flock of patron wagon are what circumstance greatly, because they force twice thoroughly,took this " hand of arteries and veins of Yi Xuan move " ?

for this banned book? Yi Feng is a little confused also, should know this book also calculates popular goods of dependable quality, although be banned book, but only should a library has the inscription rubbing version of this book, and oneself take this goods that 10 have 89 also is inscription rubbing.

Old people has the police don't have a thing to do what?

The thought in the heart 100 turn 1000 times, actually also does not spend the time that blinks, yi Feng and fatso in the space that two people shrink to fall in the bookshelf, right now air dare not give two people, other do not say, was shot to kill on the spot, that also nobody argue goes.

Deserted library, breathe sound to disappear almost in an instant, yi Feng used the breath with him the faintest life almost.

Below moon, two people look at window outdoor police to be answered back and forth solely through night, before you can say Jack Robinson, more patron wagon came, also do not know here gave what business after all, right now two good friends can communicate with eyeball rock only.

Tacit understanding still is some, at least two people understood the meaning of the other side: Temporary first law-abiding, constabulary come and go, but do not look for them for certain, should look for them to run early reading room, where can still wait such sufferring.


Time goes in one second, sweat tick is on the ground, two teenagers do not know completely still oneself, below the case that air dare not give, see periphery have a police ceaselessly patrolling, outside seeing a window again, patron wagon is in as before ceaseless addition...

"Fatso, a problem, why don't they enter the library? " Yi Feng cannot help starting to talk eventually, in an instant already half time goes, see a police ambulate in contact, but be wool,do not come here.

Face Yi Feng's doubt, shao Yi is likewise confused, the emphatic of look ugly and ferocious on his face shook below, final Shao wipes him to knead the like that pearl sweat on the face one by one.

"Of Mom, steal this book, not be to steal money, we still are done not have full 16 years old, detain education at most 24 hours ah, blamed, father did not play! Father did not play!!

Bang stands up, tremendous movement gives a bookshelf suddenly bump collapsed! Fatso also couldn't help again, god-given fatso also is met an a sudden big stride forward, lightsome fatso body, do not have the instant that response comes in Yi Feng, his swoosh runs to the doorway!

"Help, the police Yours Excellency, I was stranded! " Shao Yi cries greatly.

The sound of fatso such sonorous, he cries to open the door at the same time at the same time, and be in of Shao Yi rear, in the look that frightens in Yi Feng, a Bai Guang is abrupt from the emerge in large numbers on the door, bai Guangyan did not have everything, shao Yi by gobbled up thoroughly go in.