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The first chapter, the wintry night that Wu Lan presses down

The time that Nuo heart kingdom has 3 months one year only can be warm, appear to always be enveloped by wind snow and chill here, so that the god of first sun rays in the morning can bring here dawn to cannot bring warmth however,the winter here is such land chill, the believer of agricultural goddess people always hard try every means is in those are fecund but all the year round sows the crop of cold-resistant on cold land, wait like wheaten, barley, cole, one year one ripe agriculture reluctance is furnishing the grain ration place of this country needs.

Night, the black orchid town that is located in Nuo heart to get north is soundless, it is midwinter season of a year, the sky hiked up as always goose feather heavy snow, fall in the housetop of every family, also get on road repeatedly thick a firn, the air of small town is quiet and breathed, the chimney of the building appears thick black smoke, ethereal stars brings the ground faint starlight, heavy snow however all bury.

This is seasonal, the time early with downhill sun, after the day is black, fast return town one minute to divide safety with respect to how, slow it return town one minute to be divided with respect to how is dangerous to return town one minute to be divided with respect to how, the field whats after sunset have, person of robber, beast, often come the north of foray the pretty a group of things with common features, green skin that is dreariness even or the soul of a deceased person appears and disappear from time to tome, the dwellers of small town won't choose basically to go out in this moment, only the door in the home and warm fireplace can bring them safe sense.

A silver-coated world, besides now and then of the course patrol guarder, a darkness inside small town, resemble a dead city, the cold wind of midwinter ceaselessly howl and over- , snowflake is between horizon facile and graceful, be in this one year the coldest season, the dwellers of small town can hide in his home only, looking forward to to be able to wait at an early date come of beginning of spring momently.

The leather boots of a black walks on the step of city gate mouth, give out Zhi ah Zhi ah sound, the person that coriaceous interest holds black of whole body of a dress appeared to go up, he is wearing a coriaceous tricorn, the brim of a hat is pulled very lowly, there also are many accumulated snows on the cap, the figure of this person is tall power fierce, his backside is carrying on the back quarter have aureate the single hand yataghan with argent decorative pattern, there is an aureate battle hammer on the hand, the length of handle of battle hammer hammer is very long, have half the individual is so long, hammer handle bottom is helix is spinal, twinkling frozen cold light.

The countenance of this man is brilliant, and always bringing smile, look appear a father, but the nap of his mouth edge will look, this man won't exceed 25 years old, and in the eyes of the blood from his catenary armour and firm severe, know this individual is not what Abba absolutely.

Man left and right sides observed one time, on road unmanned, the trace that is less than any footmark searchs on the firn of mud road, he sighs slightly, see city gate mouth has piquet to standing sentry, before walking up then, the note that using mention lightly asks: "Excuse me, these two days you have see one is wearing Gao Dingyuan hat, wrap around personally cape, dress antiquated grows crural pants and black skin boots, the man with cadaverous complexion? The man with cadaverous complexion??

Guarder is not about to reply originally, the cape light kiss before the bosom opens this man him general, a badge of argent white wolf head is shown was in of guarder before.

"Feel embarrassed! Discourteous! The knight Yours Excellency! " that guarder sees this badge, subliminal body holds out and forward the man salutes: "3 days ago, really a such man has come! He professes is cloth spy gentleman, it is the friend that the feudal lord Yours Excellency, then we put him to go in, he left early in the morning yesterday, forward southwest just went! Forward southwest just went!!

"Cloth spy gentleman? Ah, let me want, the circumstance 3 days ago is certainly such, an unfamiliar traveller was riding Ma Jin to enter town... " who knows man sneer unceasingly, he stretchs his hand to wear than delimiting in the eyes with a little disturbed guarder: "Before going up, our then faithful guarder enquires, but this traveller drew out a few silver, gave us faithful guard, expressed bad to make clear the meaning of the identity, faithful guarder experienced the traveller's sincerity, not, it is to come from ' cloth is special ' the gentleman's sincerity, put him to go into town next, right? Right??

The weather that the day freezes coldly, cold sweat appeared on the frontal lead horse of guarder, sweat freezes very quickly, he speaks haltingly the ground in a low voice say: "Knight, the knight Yours Excellency, excuse please, excuse us please temporarily be obsessed, I am certain at that time be by fiend appendages! Those money, I am willing to give you its turn over to the higher authorities, ask you be sure to condonable our fault! Ask you be sure to condonable our fault!!

The man appears very malcontent, hum, the expiration in the mouth from him after a Bai Wu, man shake one's hand: "Calculated, put me to go into town! Put me to go into town!!

"Yes, yes! Thank extremely! " if guarder cheats amnesty, opened city gate rapidly, ligneous city gate is in the roll of bearing of simple and ligneous mechanism slowly open, the man was pulling Ma Zou to enter town, left the guard of one's heart still fluttering with fear.

This vogue is in the evening at 6 o'clock, the people activity that should is town originally when, but the climate of Nuo heart is such, the sun is early when 3 o'clock already downhill, so he can be in alone only street in going, pondering over the job that produces all the way.

"The soldier's pay and provisions of soldiers can make sure dress warmly and ear one's fill is unwarrantable however go up too the life of have more than needed, in face a few dispensable, below the condition that does not violate military orders, receiving bribery is give no cause for more criticism, mr Beierte as expected brillant, became old hunt demon person, he understands thoroughly human nature, trifling a few silver, let him escape a lot of troubles all the way, but, made me very difficult do so. " the man raises a head to look at the bright moon with bright and clear sky, murmur path: "Went southwest square, mr Beierte is this to plan to head for haven? Mr Beierte is this to plan to head for haven??

"Anyhow, this time still stays first, field night is honest too dangerous. " the man thought a little, still decide first seek temporary lodging had better.

Seek temporary lodging 9 days, go next and that woman of Jia Lan parliament is confluent.

Nuo heart kingdom is a desolate and devious place, nevertheless even if again small small town, should have the mankind only resident dot, can have inn, the man found inn very quickly, a two buildings with tall layer, look from outside, should have the 10 look that come to a room.

Down the mud road of firn, if be opposite euqally erstwhile,the hotel of small town still is all small town dwellers are opened.

Cross the wooden door with strong hotel, hotel interior seem sends pair of spots, ligneous desk and chair is being put confusedly, people communicates to the top of one's bent inside hotel, carouse barley wine, hotel boss and proprietress ceaselessly from end gives all sorts of food and wheat wine inside the stage, the ingle inside fireplace is burned flourishing, there is thick broth in oven, the steam of broth waves ceaselessly in the interior of hotel coming loose.

Outside frozen weather and indoor and fervent circumstance formed bright contrast, the window of hotel also cheated thick fog, mix inside house outside house, resembling is two worlds, field still has two to malty fellow cuddle is together and be worn by central bonfire the singing with lively bard is jumping the ethical dance of Nuo heart person, the trader that still one comes from an empire sprain hand is being taken of a kindly by a Zhuang Han dance, he that erratic movement lets those present people burst out laughing.

"Ms. Fulaiya! Come again wine of a cup of barley! " a big fellow that wearing two tuft big beard forward the proprietress is loud say, ground of his firm firm puts ligneous goblet in on the stage, inside goblet already clean, whats were remained besides a bit bubble.

"Beautiful! Beauty must be taken when the name that makes me! Even wheat wine? First settle accounts, you had drunk wine of 4 cups of wheat, aggregate pay me 20 schilling! " the akimbo of the proprietress get up on one's hind legs of figure big and fleshy, made the head of big fellow with ladle, big fellow felt his pocket rapidly, drew out 30 schilling at a heat: "These give you, beautiful Ms. Fulaiya, take wine quickly! Take wine quickly!!

"Good Lie! " the old hand of proprietress big and fleshy one brandish, in the pocket that disappears schilling instant on her body greatly, received fund, proprietress joyful, directing at hand to move more wine buckets rapidly, hotel boss is a dish the hotpot that bake puts in sit in before the soldier on the stage: "Gentleman! Your barbecue, use slow please! Use slow please!!

"Good. " this soldier had received barbecue, wanted a cup of wine again, he looks the age is not small, canthus had had many furrow, immerse oneself in coping with delicate barbecue.

In the across of field, dress up flowery, wearing purple dress, wearing gules bonnet, there is the bard of a lyre on the shoulder, he is debugging the string of his lyre, preparation begins his show.

"Bard gentleman! What story does the plan bring us today? " say of aloud of guest having alcoholic drink.

"Be, not wonderful us but won't pay! " everybody jeers in succession.

"Growl growl ~ " inside hotel, all people are in jeer, bard is helpless the ground clothes and hat, began to play oneself lyre slowly: "That, I bring everybody an old story today, 150 years ago gallant and epic! 150 years ago gallant and epic!!

"In be apart from today more than 1000 years ago, the earth or auspicious, people lives and work in peace and contentment, northward pretty a group of things with common features although mainland of the earth in mixing has occasionally fight, commerce and peace are thematic as before, southern state once was the biggest best harbour and free commerce city, the short people that lives in mountain range of ridge of a house of world of the eastpart part equips him excellently and handicraft in order to and human empire commerce, southern moorland is standing tall and upright a pygmean city a place of strategic importance, the gold period that witnessed atomy... at that time, it is dangerous now that the forest still is done not have, at that time... "

"But be in,be apart from today about before chiliad, everything changed. Everything changed..

"The world, was changed. Was changed..

Become quiet gradually inside hotel come down, have the crackle that the live charcoal inside fireplace burns flourishingly only, wine traveling merchants are located in succession, bard should keep quiet when perform this is the common sense on the mainland, just not be on that mercantile face that comes from an empire very care, do not pass or listening quietly.

Bard begins to play slowly have a rising and falling music, melody grief, but be full of a hope however: But be full of a hope however::

It is before close chiliad

The empire is northward, darkness comes

Fiend acts violently, muddleheaded infestation, be like the world continuously purgatorial

Divine fall from the sky of the totem, the divine annihilate of the beast

Civilized not enemy cruel, fierce exterminate of wisdom keep out of the way

Peace is far go, war indulge in wilful persecution

The empire is southern, green skin rises abruptly

The head that case exert needs, change what black ties case to act the role of article

The fastness of short people chiliad, do not block diffusing plague

First of king statuary be overturned, the collect carefully of barrow became the surprise of aggressor

Very lucky

Conclude afresh federally destroy at a conquered nation during planting

Grow beard armed escort, male lion knight, hand in hand before row

However this victory is not worth while and joyful

The empire lost their emperor

Quarrel between brothers, be immersed in unending conflict

In dark corner, the soul of a deceased person climbs from inside graveyard

Wrong beast person is corrupt mainland each district

The world sinks into, everythings on earth is critical

150 years ago, comet of a double end has delimited horizon, the hero arrives eventually

That is salvation person Ludeweixi

Diabolical infante is awarded head, evil Sa gets killed completely

Again powerful muddleheaded child, mashed vegetable or fruit of one beach meat also is nevertheless before him

In law sanded Campagna, justice person formed invincible united army

Ancient megalosaurus is blusterous

Angel hovers at horizon

The law rod or staff used for a specific purpose of demon and longbow sparkle shine

Short people comprised the soliddest impregnable fortress

Even still the devil comes from base of frit fire land

Of the person that suffer salvation penitentiary, for justice battle, with muddleheaded for enemy

Everything is attributed to Ludeweixi

Tens of on the city wall that has purified diabolical prince and the head of the person that the god has tender feeling for hang in the empire

Revealing his clinking halo, great achievement

Triumphal call out moves thorough scope of operation

He is everybody choose new Caesarean emperor

Everything is attributed to Ludeweixi

Muddleheaded roll a native place

Peace arrives afresh this earth

People lives and work in peace and contentment

All magical paean ring afresh

Everything is attributed to Ludeweixi "

Bard impassioned ground is being sung moving epic, do not have a person to notice, the doorway of hotel is ab extra a new guest.

Rise till blast bell noise, drew the attention of hotel everybody, the man stands in the doorway, listened thoroughly gallant epic later, he just pushed an entrance door, salvation person Ludeweixi's story is the everybody on whole continent familiar to the ear can the story of detailed, this great raw country noble, the new Caesarean emperor later is depending on powerful actual strength and overbearing artifice, superior political wisdom condenses the old empire that has destroyed together afresh, frustrated eventually muddleheaded main forces, new empire is built afresh in the remains of old empire, ludeweixi is the emperor of found a state of new empire.

"Still have a room excuse me? " in the look in everybody, this man started to talk, what expect as place of a lot of people as expected is same, his voice appears very youthful.

"Be a nonnative? "Be a nonnative??

"Do not have a room nonnative, here immediately put up the shutters, you are answered please. You are answered please..

"Close close! "Close close!!

Wine traveling merchants are tongue-in-cheek path of shout of half serious ground, small town is not so the bearer outside the welcome, this person before is not familiar face, wine traveling merchants are a little antiforeign.

"You... shut up to old woman! Is this kind of weather good come not easily is a guest easy? The blockhead that you kill these days always does not yield my deal! " one of the proprietress howl interrupted the behavior of wine traveling merchants, smile showed on the facial mount a horse with her round circle next: "Some, much is empty room here, with respect to you a person? With respect to you a person??

"Right, with respect to my person, also help me prepare dinner incidentally! " went putting a thing on the youth, come down to sit in next on the stage, he nodded rye bread, the horsebean that boil, barley wine, bake mutton chop with one chunk, value is 20 schilling likewise.

"Bard gentleman, tell a new old practice to listen to us. Tell a new old practice to listen to us..

"A what kind of story should you hear then? " bard also is laughing at say: "Otherwise, do I tell a Buliedaniya to you the story of king of knight of found a state? Do I tell a Buliedaniya to you the story of king of knight of found a state??

"That we also had listened! " wine traveling merchants state this also has listened.

"Say the story of a green skin and pygmean war? "Say the story of a green skin and pygmean war??

"This is uninteresting! "This is uninteresting!!

Wine traveling merchants begin to discuss aloud with bard, some wanting that listen to a war epic, some wanting that hear love story, return some wanting that hear the story of divine Dai even, all sorts of requirement by no means an isolated case, bard is a little embarrassed also.

"Such, we let bard gentleman tell a new story for us, the young hero of kingdom of our Nuo heart, ' sledge ' the romaunt of Lai favour, how! How!!

"Well good! This is good! This is good!!

"Listen to this! "Listen to this!!

The man just lowers his head to have a meal, spend a bit money to let a proprietress did a butter to wipe biscuit again incidentally, after eating dinner, he says good-bye, returned oneself guest room.

What he decides is the room with this first-class hotel, in hotel, the most disappointing accommodation is big of course, discharge inside full the bed that simple flax and cogongrass make, a little a bit better cell is two-men single perhaps person, have a simple bed and a pail of water with edge horn only likewise, a pail of water is not to take those who drink, when going to the lavatory, use.

The room that he stays in, having soft bed and a piece of table, a piece of chair, even still one is lain between technically with what will wash gargle, there is a small window inside the room, return a room hind, lai favour pushs the window gently, look at the heavy snow outside: "This heavy snow does not know to still can fall when... "

At this moment, the bracelet on man artifice is blinking the ray of soft white suddenly, he is accident without a bit, press the gem that moved a bracelet to go up with the hand, then one is full of august sound from come out among them.

"Lai favour, found Beierte's trace? "