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Highest grade holds ghost system the first chapter catchs ghost outfit to force system

How to establish rural area.

On a mourning hall.

Inconsumable paper made to resemble money and burned as an offering to the dead, cigarette diffuses.

Chu Hao wears monk robe, smooth head, reading aloud in the mouth, old spirit is free.

Chu Hao is reading aloud, abrupt abdomen " murmur " " murmur " constipation, couldn't help immediately, rise asked where the toilet is, made off at once to go out.

Crouch in latrine, lighted a cigarette.

"Really comfortable. " after Chu Hao is aperient, couldn't help saying.

Be abrupt! In the toilet that close, cold faint sound starts to talk: "Hello. "Hello..

This Leng Buling the sound of Ding appears, frighten the grand that get Hunan one shiver, the smoke in the hand is dropped in hole, he carries late wool on the back.

Look all around, here nobody?

Although not very believes the there is sth fishy on the world, satisfying in quite fear, suo of crural Dou Duo.

"You... do you have redundant paper? "You... do you have redundant paper??

Chuhao loosened at a heat, be a toilet so is additional at the same time, wall of one side of be apart of lavatory of male and female, rural latrine pit such.

Chu Hao: "Girl, you talk can so abrupt, frighten me to jump. Frighten me to jump..

That sound on, taking apology say: "Feel embarrassed, you can... can you give me a bit? What a moment ago came is anxious, did not take paper.

Chu Hao recalls the girl's voice, the feeling is quite Orphean, path: "Have, I this gives you. I this gives you..

"Thank. "Thank..

Look, still be a courteous girl.

Chu Hao draws out a wrapping paper, be abrupt! Brain appears a frozen and earnest voice.

"The outfit that catch spirit forces systematic open, host " Chu Hao " , atheistic, lifetime all one's life is bland, outfit do not force be installed instead, it is to catch ghost outfit to force the person selected with first-rate system.

"The outfit that catch spirit forces the system begins to lade... "

The sound of Leng Buling Ding frightens him to jump again, the hand trembles, paper is dropped went inside latrine, his pop eye.

"Lie groove! ! !!

Chu Hao looks at wrapping paper to drop latrine, couldn't help scolding wide mouth, this has fallen, just took out a piece just, be fallen into completely.

"How. "How..

Another girl, also was frightened by Chu Hao jump.

Chu Hao is awkward: "Paper... paper is dropped went in hole. "Paper... paper is dropped went in hole..

"Ah! ! How does that do? How does that do??

The sound on was full of anxious, what she comes is anxious did not take paper, also did not take even the mobile phone, can call otherwise let a person deliver.

Chu Hao by the sound of brain, of lane indescribable, still receive a word to: "I still have two pieces, can be insufficient! I use otherwise first, go out to be taken to you again. Go out to be taken to you again..

"Be no good, I am used first. I am used first..

The girl is anxious, she does not want to let a person see his the one side of this dry ration.

Chu Hao instantly not willing, paper is father, how can let you be used first!

If you are beautiful belle, that also calculated, but in case you arm the fat old woman of thick waist fertilizer, is that deficient big?

Chu Hao feels bearing of the other side is no good, the person grows good-lookingly also where to be less than, light method: "100 money a piece. "100 money a piece..

On silent, path: "All right, you give me. You give me..

In Hunan grand heart one happy, toss a piece of paper, the girl on screams immediately: "This... is this paper? Do you play me? Do you play me??

A piece thin thin paper, if this is used brush fart. Fart, still not is disclose broken?

Hunan grand dry cough, a little guilty path: "Trashy cross wrapping paper? A piece of paper is divided piece fold, one piece gives you, I still use another piece. I still use another piece..

"You... you... blamed. "You... you... blamed..

Visible, the girl on has much life, be about almost cruel went.

Chu Hao did not respond her, brush a person, also do not believe the other side can sell a piece of paper with 100.

Return mourning hall, he is a little strange a moment ago the sound of brain, because oneself are too tired,be, appear psychedelic?

Nevertheless he did not think more, one pace strides mourning hall.

"Bite... the outfit that catch spirit forces the system lades end, host " Chu Hao " , acquire parcel of great gift of 1 class novice. Acquire parcel of great gift of 1 class novice..

"Bite... acquire character property. "Bite... acquire character property..

In Hunan grand brain, appear immediately character attribute, clear like stereo image, is this fabulous in fictitious science and technology?

Host: Chu Hao.

Learn on job catchs spirit division: 1 class (9 class rise full, achieve apprentice to catch spirit division)

Experience value:

Outfit force value: 0

Supernatural power value: 0

Systematic clew: After 3 minutes, li Mei's green soul appears, the target is family member of all alone fetch, ask host to shift to an earlier date ready-made.

Eye of Hunan grand pop, he is a little absentminded, the feeling is truthless, subsequently clinking excited with rapture.

Does the golden hand that often sees in point to a system?

I also have so one day ah! !

Does the outfit that catch spirit force system?

Ni Ma.

True there is sth fishy?

During Chu Hao becomes stunned, the direction of latrine, run the girl of an in a huff, her about is 18 years old, grow fresh and juicy, one pair is like a clear water, exceeding but person love.

Although she wears mourning apparel, but can see however, the figure under mourning apparel is highlighted, a Na much appearance, daydream making a person.

The girl also saw Chu Hao, stunned immediately, path: "Chu Hao? "Chu Hao??

"Mu Yuxun! "Mu Yuxun!!

Chu Hao sees the girl, the instant feels dark all round, of his woman so won't artful?

Mu Yuxun, the school of level of high school goddess is beautiful, the person that seeks her can discharge a freeway, the most important is, chu Hao and she still is classfellow.

However, it is so artful.

Mu Yuxun Jing anger, pointing to Hunan grand nose, scold: "Blamed, is a moment ago the person in the toilet you? Is a moment ago the person in the toilet you??

Mu Yuxun's true energy of life is mad, a moment ago that piece thin thin paper, within an inch of did not let her break down, buttock is too big, use cautiously so, never feel so embarrassed to pass, come back now, take paper to go back even continue to brush.

She is formidable school of grade of a goddess is beautiful, this kind of stupid shit, mix this unexpectedly blamed buy a concern, show errant Chu Hao can go to the school spread fallacies to deceive people.

Chu Hao one Jing, at once fingered citron says: "Almsgiver, you are acknowledge a mistake person, deficient monk is doleful. Deficient monk is doleful..

Mu Yuxun is wearing funeral clothes, angry path: "Doleful your younger sister, change ash this young lady knows you, unexpectedly bunco comes in married daughter home. Unexpectedly bunco comes in married daughter home..

Say, still have reason of a paragraph of evil, mu Yuxun was cheated by Chu Hao in the school 50 money.

This bit of money nevers mind, the most abominable is, chu Hao tells her peach blossom to carry came, be in the school celestial bodies of fine of come across of 3 fork in a road, expected at that time very long, the result rained heavily that day, a piece of car pole fast and over- , splash a rainwater on the ground, did her a suit is wet.

Chu Hao this fellow, change ash she is known.

Chu Hao forces painstakingly, encounter this school flower, really troublesome.

The conflict of two people, drew the person inside mourning hall, a middleaged man goes, ask: "Rain as kind of sweet grass, how to return a responsibility? How to return a responsibility??

Mu Yuxun is pointing to Chu Hao, path: "Uncle, he is my high school classmate, not be bonze, this person is fortune-telling cheater. This person is fortune-telling cheater..

Which can let Chu Hao her debunk! At once: "Almsgiver, you may be acknowledge a mistake person, deficient monk does not know the Chu Hao that you say. Deficient monk does not know the Chu Hao that you say..

Middleaged man looks Chu Hao up and down, this small bonze about is controlled 18 years old, big shaven head and monk gown, comely guileless, unlike is cheater.

"Rain as kind of sweet grass, you are acknowledge a mistake person. You are acknowledge a mistake person..

Hear uncle not to believe his, mu Yuxun is angrier, double bosom rises and fall, she goes at a stride, one is afraid of go up in head of Hunan grand bareheaded.

Mu Yuxun is bright and clear laugh: "I listen to a person to say, you like Yi Rong to dress up at ordinary times, your this bareheaded is false. Your this bareheaded is false..

Next, she is pulled forcibly, skin of a piece of face is removed, chu Hao's hair also was exposed.

Chu Hao is dark scold, that group of bastards, give out oneself unexpectedly sold.

"Hum? "Hum??

Middleaged man looks, a spunk appears on the face.

The dead in the home, the mood is not very good, there still is cheater unexpectedly nowadays, bunco comes to mourning hall, this is greatest disgrace.

Middleaged man in a stern voice, path: "Evict. "Evict..

Before two men go up, grand of ferocious goggle at Hunan, as if should go to get down of his while still alive, change do at ordinary times, fixed firm firm beats this cheater.

Chu Hao is anxious, also cannot be in charge of so much, path: "Etc... I come here have a reason, your mother-in-law was about to come, you cannot drive me to go. You cannot drive me to go..

Chu Hao's word, let attendant everybody, look neuropathic look at him euqally.

Attendant the relative that is an old lady, hear Chu Hao how saying, each glower circle is opened, complexion malformation.

"Throw. "Throw..

Two men are placing Chu Hao, throw outside mourning hall forward.

He threw a fall, ate the mud of one mouth.

"Do not let me see you again, break your leg otherwise. " two youths are ferocious still, face about goes.

Chu Hao stands up, one face unlucky, spit the mud in the mouth, path: "Bah bah... really hapless today, how to touch on Mu Yuxun this slaves girl to death. How to touch on Mu Yuxun this slaves girl to death..

Look, the soup of 200 money bubble of practice thing, this but he next the meal money of a week? Think a nuisance that feels distressed.

One face unlucky, planning person.

Abrupt, an evil wind comes over behind Chu Hao, he hit disgraceful, seem flashy, be lost to eat refrigerator inside same.

Face about looks, the whats inside the courtyard are done not have, inky one, it is noiseless very.

"Evil wind comes over, the system says the ground is true, did Li Mei blueness come? Did Li Mei blueness come??

Chu Hao thinks of systematic clew, blueness of the Li Mei after a minute comes Suo Hun, he some fear.

"I have outfit force system, be afraid of wool? Be afraid of wool??

Abrupt, scream is transmitted inside mourning hall.

"Ah! "Ah!!

What kind of shriek is that?

Throat gives out hundreds decibel, can break vitreous shake, film of ear making a person is prickled.

The gate of mourning hall, "Phut " one shut, produce so weird job, chu Hao is frightened not gently, complexion is ghastly.

"Systematic clew: Li Mei blueness comes, rain of wash one's hair of the first target as kind of sweet grass. Rain of wash one's hair of the first target as kind of sweet grass..

Chu Hao still is being sent muddled, hear systematic voice, let him had answered a god to come.

Mu Yuxun's appearance thinks of not only in brain, two people although be mixed of it doesn't matter, goddess of a school, one has a meal repeatedly debatable poor ** silk, can be schoolfellow these year, he cannot see absolutely refuse to save.

Chu Hao gave him one slap, angry path: "Your system is in hand, I have the world, be afraid of chicken feather! ! !!

"Open novice ceremony bag. " Chu Hao inside consciousness.

"Bite... obtain tear of weather eye ox a bottle. "Bite... obtain tear of weather eye ox a bottle..

"Bite... acquire habit of primary Mao Shan. "Bite... acquire habit of primary Mao Shan..

"Bite... obtain novice peach backsword. "Bite... obtain novice peach backsword..

"Bite... obtain Gong Long 5. "Bite... obtain Gong Long 5..

In Chu Hao's brain, the sound that continual occurrence system hints, let his body be one of shake.

This book, original name cries (the strongest outfit forces the system that catch spirit) but install,force two words are prohibited serving as a title, but under, can change highest grade to hold ghost system only, ask everybody to be at ease collect, this book anyhow is installed namely force without the limit.