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Salty fish of the 1st chapter! Play card for the first time! Meteoric tear!

Outside holy fetch village.

Day daybreak, white mirage, cover in the not lofty various frame house inside the village.

A little boy that wearing simple sackcloth, at the door the village that diffuses from mirage, ran slowly.

He is having the skin of wheaten color, bright double look, breath is even, not urgent the not slow hill bag to ahead runs.

Run to the half, what to remember suddenly, stop below the foot of a hill that hill wraps, look to among them over a megalith.

See that megalith only over, lying the little boy of an as similar as him volume.

Then little boy grows have delicate features, add up to person eye predestined relationship very, do not pass the sample with one right now slack face, lie on megalith, becoming warped cross-legged or with ankle on knee, mouth still is holding a La Yincao that sees in everywhere of village China and foreign countries, chew so that grow grow has taste.

"Maple elder brother, rise every day so early, take exercise together with me today? Take exercise together with me today??

He forward the little boy over that megalith is laughing at say.

"Small 3 ah? Be retreated, I lie to one's heart's content, again narrow one's eyes is met, the weather is hotter and hotter, wait meet you take exercise, will cry again wake I. Will cry again wake I..

The little boy on megalith did not open an eye, know bearer already it seems that, drowsily say.

"... maple elder brother, can you use small 3... this name name me? Can you use small 3... this name name me??

Tang San forced smile.

Maple elder brother, full name Wang Feng.

Bigger than him a few months, the small lazy bug with holy fetch famous village.

Other little boy of 56 years old, this age, rise mostly early take exercise, for be about to arousal military spirit prepares.

Otherwise removes early farmland namely, follow parents does some of farm work.

With respect to maple elder brother, often one face is unripe without be expected from in the morning, lying, what thing also is not done.

Nevertheless, maple elder brother is very pitiful, when just was born, listen to mayor grandfather to say, because the mother died for difficult labor.

Father later also sadness is excessive, break down from constant overwork, do not arrive one year, also died.

Then, maple elder brother was adopted to rise by mayor grandfather.

Go every day as the day, maple elder brother knows a thing gradually, besides go every year hold a memorial ceremony for does obeisance to parents outside, in the sadness that also won't be enmeshed in parents to die early.

Although humanness is slack, dan Feng elder brother is first-class really of one clever.

Think of this, the looks at that to lie on megalith little boy that Tang San or some admire.

These a few years, maple elder brother also does not know to make what method, commissariat of village of fetch allowing emperor and vegetable crop increase greatly, make originally barren holy fetch village, gradually rich rise.

Maple elder brother is returned village doorway, that is in mayor grandfather mouth, the likelihood is the post that emperor of the fetch in fokelore leaves fingerprint, to stood to rise.

Say to say to monicker, this is an impression of the hand that fetch emperor keeps, still wrote one pile story, say to get fantastic, say to look with reverence will touch before wanting only, have the possibility that becomes fetch emperor later!

Just attract all round good a village, the Ding Cheng that connect Nuo there, often have a tourist, run village look with reverence.

Direct a this devious and barren holy fetch village, do not go out two years, build follow a small town child like.

Say even father, this maple boy, cerebral melon seeds and other people are different... know a thing cannily.

Whole village person likes him.

But too bit lazier.

"Do not cry small 3... " Wang Feng thinks, " , cry big 3? Cry big 3??

"... " one face does not have Tang San language, "Still cry small 3, maple elder brother, I took exercise first. I took exercise first..

Saying, tang San places a hand, forward the hill bag of far climbs deftly.

Although other is small, but hands or feet is very deft however, 100 meters many fast rise is wrapped, before him, if walk on flat,resembling is like.

Do not pass a few minutes, mount the summit.

"Common saying says, 3 minutes of days are destined, rely on 7 minutes to hit go all out... rely on golden finger 90 minutes... as the leading role that fights Luo Daliu, it is different... "

Wang Feng one pair just citric expression, look at the skill that Tang San falls completely then.

Is this where 6 years old of little boys should some skill?

Resemble him himself, never mention it mount, run a little while to be gotten with respect to kick washed-up.

"It is the person that pass through... small 3 you are overmatch renascence... "

King maple leisurely sighed, "I am different, I am weak renascence... my 21 centuries, what this devoir divides is small curtilage, inside the world that how passes through to fight Luo Daliu? Passed through to calculate, still pass through in on body of utility man costar. Still pass through in on body of utility man costar..

"Golden finger also does not give me. How do this let me play? How do this let me play??


Wang Feng also is the person that pass through likewise, but compared with leading role Tang San, much poorer.

Go against the setting of the day without what, also did not bite bite system, do not have bovine fork to fool fooled Wu Hun more...

Of course, wang Feng yearns for extremely, but do not have!

So, king maple salty fish 6 years, can depend on the wisdom of preexistence only, loath improvement improves holy fetch village, let oneself and village person, pass a little so at ease a few minutes.

"Pass again before long, the formal gut that fights Luo Daliu namely, tool person Su Yuntao also should want to come almost... I if arousal spirit of what hook military, hoe military spirit, flat bump on bean curd directly, bump dead directly. Bump dead directly..

Wang Feng is chewing La Yincao, look at going up in hill bag, breath says offer, repairing refine Xuan Tiangong and extremely violet the Tang San of demon pupil.

In the eye, that is clinking envy

He goes up in this megalith every day, look at Tang Sanxiu refine, wanting to be able to learn to provoke half type secretly namely.

Regrettablly, he is not what talent, also do not have what fluoroscopy.

Looked more than one year, also did not see a what plaything come.

Look at Tang San to become strong slowly however, lemon is one a large bamboo or wicker basket, of one a large bamboo or wicker basket just.

"The those bottles of Luo Tong's person that preexistence sees, this does obeisance to a handle with Tang San casually, written guarantee a brother, the family learns Tang Men all to impart absolutely you... make up a few times really foolishly in disorder!

Wang Feng thinks of this, the author that immediately those abhorrent sand compare a snarl in the heart.

This Tang San can not be 6 years old of children, family soul can be Tang Men a lot of high level made fun of one, still can build a Tang Men supreme dark implement Buddha angry Tang Lian, door of institutional the Tang Dynasty is highest the talent of exercise to benefit the internal organs.

Still be the soul of an adult!

Connect him old father Tang Hao, collection of this dark sky treasure did not say.

In he is 6 years old when, regard as the biggest secret under cover.

Can you tell you an outsider?

The family also is to just passed through will fight Luo Daliu before long, you calculate full brother, family Tang San also can pass you erratically.

"I think very much ah... hey, without the mobile phone, without computer, cannot brush tremble sound, cannot play game, s9 does not know G2 won, still be Fpx won. Still be Fpx won..

Wang Feng mouth sighed.

Come 6 this years, he is thinking momently.

If have golden finger, wang Feng feels he affirms lofty sentiments lofty ideal, in the four seas of freely of this bottle of Luo Daliu, fight hard all directions, marry a few beautiful girls, achieve illustrious prestige one time, leave a paragraph of romaunt...


Calculated, salty fish.

Not a little while, face south as horizon be born first, violet glow of lofty or bottomless is aspersed fall on the earth, ased if to drape a bright clothes for its.

Wang Feng also feels a light warm desire.

"Small 3 that boy, is should fast Xiu Lian over? Is should fast Xiu Lian over??

Wang Feng just talked in whispers, go up from hill bag with respect to what see Tang San is alight, went.

"Maple elder brother, how are you still holding La Yincao in the mouth? How are you still holding La Yincao in the mouth??

Tang San is looked at still lie on megalith, basking in the Wang Feng that the rising sun gives birth to first, but path.

"How, do you still look down on La Yincao? Do you still look down on La Yincao??

Wang Feng chewed a few times.

"This is after all... prevailing small grass. "This is after all... prevailing small grass..

Tang San ponders ground say seriously, "Nevertheless, although be common small grass, vitality also is the most exuberant, the most tenacious, this bit, la Yincao is not common. I can do not have the meaning that look down on. I can do not have the meaning that look down on..

Hear this word, wang Feng one face is dumb look at Tang San like that.

Be worthy of is leading role, with the others small wind child is different Oh, still can speak this word that has deep idea quite.

"Right, so I decided, small 3, later your Wu Hun, be La Yincao! Be La Yincao!!

Say of Wang Feng drowsily.

"Maple elder brother, you also too caustic... "

Tang San forced smile, "Curse me! "Curse me!!

This is prevailing plant small grass after all, tang San returns the Wu Hun that is him hope, a little good little...

"Nevertheless, wu Hun is to want arousal hind, ability can show, maple elder brother, you say can not calculate... "

Tangsan was laughing to leave, still do not forget to turned round to say sentence, "Maple elder brother, remember answering a village to have a meal. Remember answering a village to have a meal..

One face looks at king maple silently Tang Sanyuan goes, faint sigh, temporarily in the heart of acerbity acid.

Also be at this moment.

"Bite, fight Luo Daliu gut to begin formally... congratulation host first time plays card, obtain goods: Meteoric tear! Meteoric tear!!

"Note, article general the means with reality, send to host beside, predict to arrive tonight... notice to find please. Predict to arrive tonight... notice to find please..

"Hit calorie of spot next time: Holy fetch village, military spirit hall! If can achieve force of a priori full fetch to play card, will spark additional and mysterious Wu Hun! Hope host tries hard to promote! Hope host tries hard to promote!!


Ring to be in brain as this sound, like the cat of wool of blast of king maple Wan Re, jumped from megalith directly!

Agitato all over the face aglow...
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