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The first chapter this world there is sth fishy

Qiu Yehan is cool, dilapidated village, building air leak, below thin thin quilt, bai Ziyue sleeps lightly suddenly.

Passed through.

Even if had gone 3 days, he is fab still.

3 days come, he also had a few knowledge to this world, know this is not his foregone any world.

The old person in occupying a village is told, here somebody, there is sth fishy, have evil spirit, have celestial being

Of course, he is not believed.

Do not cross the cause of death of predecessor, also let hair of a paroxysm in his heart.

Encounter ghost how this is likely

Bai Ziyue sneers, this is memory certainly those who absorb is a little unbalanced.

The inclination that he affirms again.

Dot, always can a few surprise think of chaos to want, ability is 8 predecessor years old, listen much the abracadabra of village old person, day thinks of night somewhat somewhat dream, it is very normal.

Breathe out

Wind is bigger, accompanying penetrative chill, just, this chill, all the more gloomy and cold.

"Very cold "

Bai Ziyue stimulated clever spirit to hit cold quiver.

Abrupt, he resembles is the induction arrived what, had turned adagio head.

Inside not big room, besides desk of a young timber, without any adornment, window of only a wood, ajar.

Pass through wooden window, bai Ziyue is crawly one Jing.

A child of 78 years old child complexion bends over ghastly was in outside the window, the eyes with empty goggle at, be opposite with him inspect.

Abrupt, that child grin laughs, beck, resembling is to saying, will play with me

Gooseflesh of Bai Ziyue whole body rose.

"True true there is sth fishy. "True true there is sth fishy..

He is muddled, a kind hard character analogy feeling is raided on mind, the brain that lets him a blank.


This is ghost

Encounter ghost really how should I do

He is confused, dare not move easily.

Making is to see Bai Ziyue is long do not respond to, impish some are impatient, wear a window directly unexpectedly and enter.

Instant, originally the room with respect to Yin Han, more show biting, in Bai Ziyue's eye, bright moon appears ghastly and horrible.

He controls the fear in the heart to the utmost, but look at wear a wall and pass, close of buoyant in suspension is impish, the sort of fear resembles cannot be being restrained commonly instinctively.

Cough up chuckles

His tooth chatters, want big growl, drive out this kind of weak feeling, discover oneself seem to cannot move up and down all over however, can helplessly look at impish stand by.

Pale face, empty eyes, violet black general lip, lie opens the mouth, the seem in Brown tooth is permeating blood

"Good bravery "

Just be in at this moment, be like the big growl with general thunderbolt to ring in the blast outside the door.

Back-to-back, the door is opened suddenly, one is pulling arm, stride of big fellow of body form husky steps, one fist with a bang goes out.

Powerful gas blood ripples to come.

"Ah "

Acerb and sad and shrill call comes out, impish body form, seem clout is general by lacerate, of the smoke that be like blueness drop off.

Originally ghastly room, also resembling is melt of ice and snow, heaven and earth because this is bright,leave come.

"Kongfu "

On Bai Ziyue's pale face one delay, the eye shines.

One fist impish to with a bang kill, this is not kongfu what be

"Yue Er, you do not have a thing scare dead woman. You do not have a thing scare dead woman..

Very fast, a Qing Li's woman is walked into outside the door, attack to hug rapidly Bai Ziyue.

It is behind the woman, one tall thin man also the about of one face insecurity, did not talk nevertheless.

This two people, be Bai Ziyue's parents, bai Yong, he Gong is beautiful.

"Dad, woman, I do not have a thing. I do not have a thing..

Warm in Bai Ziyue heart, answered, the eye is ticked off continuously however tick off look at Na Zhuanghan, in the heart fervent.

Military accomplishment

Can kill ghost

This thing, the stimulation to him actually very big.

Make him thoroughly clear, this world's true extraordinary.

"Be at ease, impish just, want bravery only actually energy of life is full, it also cannot take you how. It also cannot take you how..

That big fellow sees Bai Ziyue looks at him all the time, think he is returned some fear, the laugh of comfort.

"This is you bright father's younger brother, v is pressed down in clear river, but awful.

You mixing boy also is really, encounter ghost so large issue, also do not know to say with us, 6 aunts experience is extensive next door this if it were not for, see you complexion is incorrect carried, your dad is not at ease fall to come back bright father's younger brother please, you can be about to was given to kill by that ghost "

He Gonghua is chattering, in the heart furious nevertheless, firm firm ground was patted a few times rear in him, be afraid of again hit really was fond of him, at once effort abate.

"Many thanks bright father's younger brother. "Many thanks bright father's younger brother..

Bai Ziyue flounced off maternal bosom, see Xiang Zhuanghan, ask curiously: "You a moment ago hit, it is military accomplishment can kill ghost "

Xu Ming is surprise like that look at Bai Ziyue, 78 years old of children, apprentice is planted via this misfortune, cried early with respect to what fear commonly, a bit better also be tacit, so courteous like Bai Ziyue thank, of pair of sober still his ask in reply, it is little really little.

"It is a few skill only, calculate do not get what gest.

As to kill ghost this kind impish actually very weak, enrage the person with a bit stronger blood, it dare be not stood by, I just condense gas blood on fist, nature is OK and direct its break up. Nature is OK and direct its break up..

Xu Ming laughs, there also is some of contented in the heart.

Enrage the person with strong blood commonly, impish nature dare be not stood by, but want one fist impish hit be frightened out of one's wits, can also average person can be not accomplished.

"Then I want practice martial arts, OK "

Bai Ziyue immediately afterwards say.

Bai Yong's complexion changes, did not talk.

"Practice martial arts is a very bitter issue, can not be average person can susceptive. Can not be average person can susceptive..

Xu Ming look swept Bai Ziyue, although body spirit is weak, but it is difficult to there is body of child of a kind of common country to go up really on the body some intelligence of animals, different embarrasses.

"Again bitter, it may not be a bad idea passes now such, face impish and helpless. Face impish and helpless..

Bai Ziyue is serious completely on a piece of little faces.

"Fierce cannot be passed gently, although I am intense this world the side produces the clear river below to press down dock class head, also dare not pass outside privately general gest.

Nevertheless, become in a few industries that I can recommend you to enter side of intense this world to be pressed down in clear river apprentice, also the opportunity acquires military accomplishment. Also the opportunity acquires military accomplishment..

Pause, xu Ming say: "Of course, this also is not a bagatelle after all to you, you can discuss one time first, contact with me again. Contact with me again..

Saying, xu Ming laughs, rigidity leaves.

Time already very late, he also is person of cloud leaf village originally, there is dwelling place in this, do not have much more slow-witted idea naturally.

"Yue Er, you want to learn connecting with the boxing skill really "

Silent a long time, bai Yong asks.

He Gong is not abandoned in flower heart, want to refuse, remember the son treats the issue of ghost again, can helpless groan.

"Want "

Bai Ziyue's sturdy say.

Generation of his hard work, who thinks dead again

If not be clear that this is what world,still stopped, understand here nowadays demons and ghosts is jumbly, strong person countless, the nature in his heart is restless.

Impish can feel human lot, more Huang regards other presence

Without skill, how to live

Incur the sort of impish weak feeling, he also does not want to was experienced again.

Because be met dead really, and very terrible.

"Did Yue Er sleep "

In another room, bai Yong asks.

"Had slept. " He Gong flower answered, by be unable to bear ask: "Yue Er wants Xi Wu, how you think after all hear, in the town not smooth and steady also, the village these year go to what Wu is versed in, a lot of fail to come back and, I hear Na Lieyang helps the place that also is not what safety.

Of Xu Ming his father's younger brother 3 child went in, also was beaten dead to while still alive by the person over there, in those person eyes, human life but cheap is gotten very. Human life but cheap is gotten very..

"I know naturally.

But before having what idea two years, lying between us the lotus village of 7 lis of ground, whole did not have.

5 years ago, live in the hunt head village in hill, besides fluky and outer, all died.

Almost every other a few years, have disaster advent. Who knows is what is coming up against hill to not still

In the town, anyhow has feudal official to be being defended, side of intense this world is strong also, a few safer.

Village of our cloud leaf, without strong person guard, once touch,went up how does disaster do

The manners and morals of the time is so the manners and morals of the time, have what idea

Yue Er is in the town, perhaps can earn an outlet to come more. Perhaps can earn an outlet to come more..

Bai Yong is little at ordinary times character, understand however in the heart.

Cloud leaf village is the strongest is Xu Ming, but because be in,intense this world helps v, rare when coming back, should come up against hill to not really other perhaps disaster, whole village 100 come number person, said to was not done not have.

This Bai Ziyue encounters ghost, he cannot find whole village one dare answer next issues come, he just drives a few lis of roads to beg to Xu Ming head at once.

This still is impish only, it is different of the weakest unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease allegedly.

This Bai Ziyue suffers exciting Yao Xuewu, xu Ming also did not refuse, promise to recommend, he although some are not abandoned, also feel this is a favour probably in the heart.

Want to know, since Home Xu Mingshu 3 child after the thing is troubled by, he has had a few years to did not recommend a person to be helped into intense this world again.

Across, bai Ziyue was not asleep naturally really.

His heart is again big, come up against incident of this kind of clever different abruptly, fall asleep impossibly also peacefully.

After dealing with a mother, he opened an eye.

Fence of a wood, also cannot isolate sound, it is the conversational sound with connecting parents in all counting the side that passed into him.

"This world, as expected the crisis is heavy, one impish can all alone life, return infestation of bandit having mountain. The thing of lotus village and hunt head village, be afraid of only also do not have so simple.

Learn to get military accomplishment only, powerful oneself, ability protects him, protect family. Protect family..

Bai Ziyue is not true child, clarity of train of thought, understand oneself unfavorable situation.

3 days come, he knows father and mother already is average villager only, father is recumbent farmland plants dish, now and then head for Tian Jiabao of the large family around to help commission fare, the mother is in the home patchy, shoe a copy kept as a record sells accept to exchange cash of a few article to the town next, in utter destitution of it may be said.

Be in early before, he has considered a change, made a few plans even.

But in be clear that this world is not his imagination nowadays so simple, his plan wants a change naturally.

"Fortunately, I also am not devoid support. I also am not devoid support..

Thinking in Bai Ziyue heart, thought easily.

A transparent face plate emerges was in before his.

Full name: Bai Ziyue

Force: 025

Speed: 032

Constitution: 035

Military accomplishment: Without

Fetch can: 15

Although not be clear about, this face plate is after all how blending in his is what thing has the effect with special what inside body

But have a bit at least he is very clear however.

That has this attribute face plate to be in namely, should in the world that enough lets him weir in wave of this cloud tangerine, hold more dominant positions than others, even, settle down and get on with one's pursuit, fly towering.

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