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The 1st chapter grabs 3 root hair

Green cane university, inside floret garden.

Chen Xiaobei is cautious draw out a brand-new Iphone6 mobile phone from the bosom, both hands is being held in both hands, giggle path: "Ice, birthday joy! Birthday joy!!

Daydream before Yao ice ice want an IPhone6, but the say that distains to consider however right now: "This breaks a mobile phone I do not want, begin from now, you were swung by me. You were swung by me..

Bang --

Chen Xiaobei feels he resembles be being banged support by 5 thunder, brain immediately a blank.

Dare not believe completely, at the moment the schoolgirl of this chill callosity, interacted with oneself namely the girlfriend of large half an year!

Chen Xiaobei regards a country as the child, to buy this mobile phone, not only escape the class goes holding two or more posts concurrently, return a living cost to save next in parts, work laboriously assemble 3 many months, just buy eventually.

Who expects, change a such satirize to come actually extremely result.

"Why! ? " Chen Xiaobei growls.

"Because you are poor. "Because you are poor..

Yao ice ice mentions the portfolio on the hand, sneer at: "Edition of Lv set limit to, sold you buy not quite. I am new male friend brushs card, want how to much buy! Did this reason become enough? Did this reason become enough??

"Cannot think of, you are this kind of person actually! " Chen Xiaobei anger.

"Not foolish! The society is so actual! The society is so actual!!

Yao puts ice on the ice to distain: "Blame you to did not cast good embryo only quite, parents of on booth one pair of smelly farmers, be destined this all one's life does not have prospect! My Yao Bing is put on the ice but won't do a daughter-in-law to smelly farmer!

"You say I am OK! Never mention it my pa Mom! " Chen Xiaobei look coagulates, reflection gives cold ice in Hei Tong biting look.

"You... do I do your goggle at? Below a public occasion, do you still want to hit a woman to won't do? " Yao ice ice was frightened jump, she never has seen Chen Xiaobei has the eyes of so biting iciness.

"I won't hit you, but morning and evening one day, I want your genuflect to say to regret below my foot! " Chen Xiaobei mood is frozen, one word.

"Daydream! Ice of my Yao ice is mixed from now on your never in contact with each other! " Yao Bing is frozen hum, twist a head to move toward the car of a BMW of far.

Door is opened, a young man put Yao on the ice ice to be pulled, the palm lays Yao Bing naturally to put a leg on the ice to go up.

"Shi Mingwei! ? ??

Double eye of Chen Xiaobei wants ejective fury almost!

Absolutely cannot think of, yao puts new male friend of ice on the ice, can be Shimingwei actually.

This fellow is Chen Xiaobei's classfellow, jewelry business is done in the home, like to bully Chen Xiaobei usually, did not think of to still dig Chen Xiaobei's corner stealthily, simply bully person too very!

"Of Mom! I must sign up for this enemy! " Chen Xiaobei is grasping fist low growl to.

"Young farmer! Also deserve to be fought with me by you? " Shimingwei reachs a hand from the car, toward Chen Xiaobei vertical stroke has middle finger, the humiliate of bare fruit fruit!

"Shi Mingwei! You a beast! " above of Chen Xiaobei fury, carry the hand is about to break the mobile phone the past.

Bite --

But be in at this moment, that brand-new mobile phone, actually oneself shined.

"Can IPhone switch on the mobile phone automatically? Bought a mountain fastness goods? " Chen Xiaobei one frown, still want to break a mobile phone.

Bite --

Bite --

Bite --

But below one second, begin to play a message consecutively on mobile phone screen.

Chen Xiaobei looks carefully, direct muddled.

Faery of goddess in the moon sends a red package.

Bovine Prince of the Devils sends a red package.

Xiang Yu of Xiang Yu the Conqueror sends a red package.



The information insanity that sends red package brushs frequency, do not want money like aglow bag same!

"Won't this be a flock of neuropathic? The name is too funny also compared... "

Chen Xiaobei spits groove subliminally, open chatting software with the rapiddest rate next, spelled old order to grab red bag.

He must have wanted to take land thoroughly now, can be being grabbed is a minute a minute!

The hand is slow, red bag is grabbed!

The hand became slow...

The hand became slow...

One face looks at Chen Xiaobei depressedly mobile phone screen, although red bag still is brushing screen, but he however whats were grabbed.

"This group neuropathic be lone hand of 30 years fast? This do I still grab a wool? " Chen Xiaobei times stricken, accelerate finger rate desperately.

Bite --

Congratulation, grab the red bag of neat day mahatma, obtain 3 flexibly monkey wool, already stocked 100 treasure chest.

"I am brushed! Grabbed a wool really! " black line appears after Chen Xiaobei head.

Is red bag returned can lose one's temper?

Is this new function?

Chen Xiaobei is trashy and exorbitant archives mobile phone, adopting tried attitude, he finds the icon of 100 treasure chest.

Went in, 3 golden hair appeared on screen.

There still is word of one style or manner of writing below -- flexibly monkey wool, can follow pattern of change of intention of the person that use, whether to extract?

Chen Xiaobei nodded extraction.

Whiz --

Golden light shines, in Chen Xiaobei's hand how to give a golden monkey hair!

"Lie careless! What ghost is this? " Chen Xiaobei is frightened cry.

Another watchs mobile phone screen, 3 monkey wool, remained two only!

Chen Xiaobei calculates mobile phone of again trashy and exorbitant archives, impossible also foolish to believe hand function is deferent article, this violates science completely!

" ... that group is neuropathic, be true immortal? But, why can you have Xiang Yu and bovine Prince of the Devils? These two goods can not be an immortal ah... " Chen Xiaobei is not Chang Na to cover tightly.

Swept group of names, writing awesomely -- 3 bounds red Bao Qun.

This nods common sense, chen Xiaobei still is some.

Alleged 3 bounds, it is bound pointing to a day, abuttals, person group!

That is to say, besides those immortals, still a lot of mankinds and demon are in in red Bao Qun!

Close fair, qin Qiong, xiang Yu of Xiang Yu the Conqueror... those are illustrious on the history well-known figure, all is in group in.

Most those who make Chen Xiaobei muddled force is, still have Li Bai and Du Fu unexpectedly!

As to demon this one, also very much Chen Xiaobei is familiar with, bovine Prince of the Devils, essence of bones of the dead, spider essence... it is not to look not to know really, look frighten jump.

"No wonder can have red bag to brush frequency, and I am not grabbed always still, so this group li of know exactly about sth 10 thousand members ah... without giving thought to so much, my foretaste tries to say again! My foretaste tries to say again!!

Chen Xiaobei compose oneself, will flexibly monkey wool is held in both hands case, the silent in the heart reads aloud, skill comes out with respect to the hand that changes to me again, let me grab red bag!

"Breathe out! "Breathe out!!

Chen Xiaobei played a note to monkey wool.

Then... he grew a left hand really, and vivid, mobile freely!

"I strap a big straw! "I strap a big straw!!

This falls to be able to have decided the authenticity of 3 bounds red Bao Qun completely, but Chen Xiaobei is done so that be about to cry however without the tear.

"Very dead not dead, make this foolish does forked desire work? Many a hand, how do I still see a person after? Want him chop hand? Want him chop hand??

Bite -- distance flexibly monkey wool invalidation still has 3 minutes.

"Fortunately time is restricted! Frightened dead father... " if Chen Xiaobei obtains amnesty.

Wanting also is, if monkey wool won't invalidation, that blows silver-colored hill of a few golden hill directly, second half all one's life can have lain.

"Ni Ma! Forget grab red bag! Forget grab red bag!!

Chen Xiaobei beats cerebral door, immediately 3 hands are used together, click frequency act wildly.

This can be all wool and a yard wide immortal group! Even if grabbing root hair is baby! Cannot miss this absolutely once in a blue moon opportunity!

"Enemy firepower is too fierce, I had not grabbed them at all ah... "

3 minutes are about to go, chen Xiaobei is empty-handed still.

But, proper the instant that the 3rd hand disappears, the mobile phone is successive shake two, let Chen Xiaobei jump excitedly directly.

"Be grabbed! Double kill! Double kill!!

Bite --

Congratulation, grab too on the red bag of old gentleman, acquire grain of god of evolution of the Eight Diagrams, already stocked 100 treasure chest.

Bite --

Congratulation, grab month of old red package, obtain accord with of 3 pieces of the fate brings lovers together, already stocked 100 treasure chest.

Chen Xiaobei one face is ecstatic, simply bright is crooked crooked!

Subsequently, the red bag that brushs frequency gradually overblown.

Chatting window plays an one build to resemble.

Too go up old gentleman: Cough, each path friend, everybody good evening! Today is the wedding day with enlightened net of 3 bounds celestial being, henceforth, red Bao Qun of this 3 bounds is our new Eden... (omit here 8000 words) .

The Jade Emperor: Old gentleman says well! (3 expression that applause)

The Tang Dynasty monk: On attic!

Xiang Yu of Xiang Yu the Conqueror: Carry you on the head a lung! Follow aglow package!

Bovine Prince of the Devils: Jade, I just grab garment of detailed of gold of skirt of a Neon, send the past to you now!

Jade face fox: Good Da, niu Ge Da! (3 love)

Iron fan princess: (3 kitchen knife)


Group in begin fill water, meet partly temporarily also won't have red package.

Chen Xiaobei immediately oneself the card of old mobile phone changes novice plane in, bear down on quickly next public transportation station.

Two when grab with respect to Lian Gang red bags do not have idea to examine, he wants to do a thing only now!

all humiliate, return doubly!