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1. order of the 1st order is downhill

The world is opposite.

Earthy mainland is lying between ocean and big Xizhou stand far apart facing each other in. Oriental relief is higher, the sky over there rises high also it seems that, cloud and mist rises from maritime land and rise, wave ceaselessly towards that place, gather together finally together, all the year round does not come loose.

Cloud grave is here -- the graveyard of worldly and all cloud.

Cloud grave most in faint have peak of a Gu, the peak carries the straight sky that enter empty on the head, do not know to lead to where.

In fokelore, the world is comprised by 5 mainlands, every mainland has different view, only those enter the powerful life of divine domain, ability sees all landscapes. To Everyman, fokelore is fabulous only, they do not know where the mainland of the others is, do not know how to go, do not know peak of that Gu in cloud grave is the passageway that leads to other mainland.

Natural, also had seen the landscape over high in the clouds without who. Here, quiet cloud layer spreads towards far and near like white silk floss, do not have an end it seems that, the empty sky of upper part is endless black abyss after lens face, there are countless starses inside.

Suddenly, two star shined, brighter and brighter, it is so standing by towards lens face high speed. Before those two star come to lens face, ability sees well, it is the blaze with two divine and white groups so.

The break like cobweb appears on the lens face between completely cut off and real world and night sky, next instantaneous rehabilitate.

The blaze with that two divine groups, had planted with some miraculous way, appear in lens face in this real world, thin air, be out of shape by the ceaseless wave motion of calcination -- that is not divine fire, it is its eye only.

Whole world, disturbed because of tremendous advent, the light keeps refracting, a shadow like hill appears on cloud face, the space begins to maintain arch to be out of shape, be squeezed possibly to crack it seems that.

Megalosaurus of a gold, appear between empty sky and cloud layer.

Distance that round of red day, be obstructed completely by its huge body, cloud layer upper part counts the world of the kilometer, bleak because of this rise, the air temperature all around drops quickly, crystallization having white begins in the cloud, reflexing countless lights, the crystal lens area that becomes barpque twinkle is general. Heaven and earth becomes angry so, this is the majesty of top class life.

Gold megalosaurus is looking down at this world, eyes indifferently.

The scenery on high in the clouds, it has looked a lot of times.

Gold megalosaurus horizon sides with that Gu peak to fly, when be about to be close to, horrible and huge dragon human body, sink in Xiang Yun mist, at this point annihilation disappears. The mirage of endless amount is defeated by horrible and huge body. The riprap between Gu peak cliff is bony, abrupt to extremely, without the plant, connect moss to be done not have, deathly stillness, resembling is sepulchral.

Fly in Xiang Wu so, the course is long day and night, did not know to fly after all much further, still be from beginning to end however in mist, did not encounter other thing, it is faint only can see appear between cliff lichenous, cloud and mist also is compared most upper part wants a lot of more grumous, it is the relation that ego squashs probably, begin to form a lot of crystallization in cloud and mist, that is water, air is then humid also rise.

Gold megalosaurus does not have any interest to these change, continue to fly towards lower part.

What the plant in Gu peak goes is increasing, cloud and mist is wetter and wetter, water falls on cliff, turn countless Qing Xie into the current of degree of finish gradually. 10 thousand countless fine thin flow, between cliff gurgle shedding is dripping, fall into mist in.

Gold megalosaurus looks at Gu peak between 10 thousand tiny stream brooklet, the expression in eye pupil also becomes dignified a lot of, fire of two round gods is sent more deep and remote like that -- the graveyard that here is all cloud, also be the fountainhead of all water.

Countless current, fall between Cong Gufeng, it looks only among them together.

Gold megalosaurus is in mist, as Na Daoxi next water is silent flying, experience countless day and night, be like always will repeat without what stop, be in however a certain hour... the mist before it came loose.

Before cloud and mist, it is the ground.

The lower edge of cloud and mist is very flowing, depend on a ground completely rise and fall, assure cloud and mist and the earth's surface faultlessly between, have the space of 5 feet, just be the height of a mankind, come from demiurgic design it seems that. Between the earth's surface and cloud and mist the space of 5 feet, lead to distant place, far is faint and glazed line, cannot see the sun however, on the earth's surface, have countless stream.

Mirage is abreaction before tremendous dragon head, show the ground and that brook.

Brook water comes from the Shi Lou in Gu peak, clear calm cold cold, there is a tub in brook water, there are a few flaxes in the basin, there is a baby on flax -- infantile complexion small blueness, closing an eye, just was born apparently not too long.

The mist on the brook blossoms commonly like the flower, give 10 thousand countless piece, crowded, emerge move, broken medicinal powder, sneer sneer noise, one compares the gold bibcock with even tremendous palace, slowly smell cloud and mist, come to brook face.

The 5 feet between brook face and mist are apart from, very narrow to it -- the body of gold megalosaurus is concealed in mist, dragon head also has a part to be concealed in mist, appear send august, mysterious, horror more.

Gold megalosaurus is silent look at brook face.

Tub still rises and fall slightly in brook water.

In insignificant tub, it is forsaken, closing an eye, the new student baby with paly complexion.



Mist flows gradually medicinal powder, all replies are halcyon.

However, halcyon it is temporary only... in mirage, even till Gu peak around, engraving temporarily together almost, the howling of the countless sad and shrill, panic since the noise and wail cry!

In the world that this thinking that still is insensate, original under cover is so much birds and beasts, it is to attack everywhere in mist the sound of fan wing, alone horny animal is confused not the sound that choose road strikes all ages gigantic tree, have extremely crystal Feng Ming even!

A god studies the aeriform front line that form, spread towards horizon from brook bank and go, the meadow of wet seep through, become dry and clinking immediately, connect the aquatic in the brook even, the brim crouched to rise!

Gold megalosaurus still does not have what mood in eye pupil, high, indifferently, regnant the world.

10 thousand animal of world of lower part of cloud and mist flee, it is paid no attention to, even if is that Chu Feng, it also is paid no attention to, it just stares at this brook before have sth in mind, staring at the tub on the brook. Gu peak falls 10 thousand tens of brook, it is staring at this brook only; Lie between when 30000, it comes to this world again, it is for this baby in the basin, can you move away eye how?

A very fine smooth silk slowly fall, appearance of that smooth silk is aureate, divine whiteness is inside, as if can give off light by oneself, smooth silk front is extremely fine, hind Duan Jian is thick, till be like the arm is general, the surface is very smooth and perfect, especially from in the luster that gives fully, more add beauty.

The material of this smooth silk is like Jin Shiyu, feeling giving a person should be very heavy, actually very light however, the breeze that goes up as brook face keeps swaying, as if in dancing, want kiss that tub, call in for an instant again however.

That is the dragon beard of gold megalosaurus.

Right now, the divine fire in pupil of gold megalosaurus eye, had become no longer that kind of eternity is stable, indifferently has been replaced by thinking, be in it seems that some more hesitant what. The front that two dragon need, resemble gentle finger, in the edge of brook load basin light kiss is touched, be like touching, actually not true however contact.

This gold megalosaurus had spent very long years, have adv unimaginably wisdom, however right now that tub, it is it it seems that however cannot undone difficult problem -- the mood in its eye pupil becomes more and more complex, have longing, also have vigilance, hesitant, became finally struggle, perhaps be innocently, perhaps be intended, the wind force of brook upper part is small change, that dragon that should brush tub edge to flit originally must quiver gently, eventually first time is right ground bring into contact with tub, issue brush in the ear of the baby in the basin even!

It is so slight contact, produced very acuteness change -- the two gods fire in pupil of gold megalosaurus eye, slam-bang is diffuse, turn myriad into stars, in that stars ocean, reveal callous and voracious appetite undisguisedly!

That desire, it is to praise, it is to use a facial expression.

Be opposite life praise, because use a facial expression for life,be.

It is the longing with the most primitive life.

Gold megalosaurus looks at the tub on the brook, opened the mouth, dragon ceases to bend washs with watercolors and go out like broken jade.

The baby in the basin still is closing an eye, know to fall what to can produce momently far from.

Brook water is enveloped by the shadow.

Dragon breath falls in tub all around.

Below momently, tub reachs the baby in the basin, can make the food of gold megalosaurus.

Be in right now.

A hand falls in tub brim, pull tub to brook bank!

That is the hand that is a scar completely only, some are emaciated, very small.

Clang clang underwater acoustic in, brook water swings broken, that hand is pulling tub, run desperately to brook bank.

The host of that hand, it is a canal Zhuang of 34 years old.

Canal Zhuang pulls tub to brook bank, hide between bank stone and oneself body, next face about, take out the sword between the waist, wang Xiangxi's that bloodcurdling on the face, tremendous gold dragon head.

This is a very strange canal Zhuang.

He became blind an eye, was short of an ear, run desperately in the brook before when, look to come out the leg is a little game also, watch deserted sleeve tube, also have even the hand only.

Pardonable he can hide tub into back only, ability pulls out the sword comes.

The tremendous dragon that looks at brook face to go up head, canal Zhuang complexion is cadaverous, dental division division makes sound, be not frozen by water of glacial cold brook, however because of the fear in the heart.

This is he sees true dragon for the first time. He does not know what dragon is even, he knows to fear only, but he did not run away however, taking that feeble Mu Jian however, block basin severe tight in back on the spot.

Ground of indifferently of gold megalosaurus expression looks at canal Zhuang, only same advance enters the super overmatch of divine domain, ability sees its eye pupil innermost anger and callous.

What is canal Zhuang calling, complexion is cadaverous, scared and unusual, do not have the basin in loose hand however.

Gold megalosaurus rises angrily, dragon breath enveloped brook two sides, death is coming.

The Mu Jian in canal Zhuang hand falls in water, his face about holds tub in the arms into the bosom.

The scale on gold megalosaurus body and mirage grind, splash a countless day internal heat, brook water begins to burn.

Be in at this moment, a middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest appears in brook bank.

Middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest looks at the gold megalosaurus on brook face, expression is halcyon.

The day internal heat on brook face, suddenly extinguish.

Gold megalosaurus looks at that middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest, give out Long Yin!

Long Yin is very long, as if forever won't stop doing business is general, that is extremely complex syllable, listening to resemble is the most complex composition, resembling again is nature most the sound of bloodcurdling hurricane, nip is miscellaneous adv unimaginably might!

Middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest looks at gold megalosaurus, said a word.

That is monosyllabic a word, pronunciation is very barpque and difficult, resemble the language that is the mankind far from it seems that, contain ases if to wear in extract boundless information, ancient meaning is abundant!

Gold megalosaurus was understood, but it does not agree.

Then the mist acutely on brook face emerges move rise.

Dragon ceases everywhere gush is spat, the meadow of brook bank wet seep through and woods, the instant turns bloodcurdling into the scene of a fire.

That canal Zhuang is carried on the back to brook, knew to produce what thing far from, scared low head, closing an eye, just hold the tub in the bosom in the arms closely.



Had not known how long, brook bank eventually quiet to come down.

Canal Zhuang heartens, look later, see brook water is clear only, the fire of brook two sides also already extinguish, the tree that is scorched only and bake cracked stone, in the horror that narrate fights that before.

Long Xiao is transmitted in cloud and mist. It is anguish, unwilling completely in howling with disappointed regret, it is telling whole world 5 mainlands, oneself foregoing hesitation, brought how the regret of deep feeling of grief.

Canal Zhuang was frightened jump, single hand is holding tub in the arms, mount a bank lamely from the brook, go to the side of of that middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest, cowardly cowardly ground looks at Xiang Yun in mist.

Middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest stretchs his hand the blaze of head of whisk extinguish shoulder.

What does canal Zhuang remember, raise tub a little difficultly come.

Middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest has received tub, adopt that baby in the basin gently case, right hand finger tip is lying between flax, fall on infantile body, below momently, his brows was knitted rise.

"Your life... very bad really. " the baby that he looks at the move that be wrapped by flax, commiserative say.



East the east of earthy mainland, have a small town that makes Xining, there is a creek outside small town, brook bank has a mountain, there is a temple in hill, there is a monk however in temple, only a middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest is being taken two apprentice here cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine is realized.

Hill is anonymous green hill, temple is deserted Buddha temple, two apprentice big road sign Yu Ren, call Chen Changsheng smally.

Xining town is inside week territory. Big Zhou Wangchao stands up 800 years ago oneself Taoism is state religion, till lineal nowadays year, state religion unify the whole country, it is homage more, press a truth for, the life that Shi Tusan's person should live jade of bright and beautiful garment to feed, but Xining is pressed down too too out-of-the-way, that broken temple is more out-of-the-way, ferial li of signs of human habitation is infrequent, can live the life of homely fare only so.

A respectful form of address for a Taoist priest, want naturally ascetic. Method of current and worldly cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine countless, the way way that place of that middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest gives, as disparate as way of other and sectarian way, body of not exquisite cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine is realized, do not pay attention to life star to sit according to, Back.

From a child of more than person begins to recite door ancient codes and records, chen Changsheng is to just opened an eye to want to be forced to floating to those yellow books written in ancient times syares blankly more, he most the path classics ancient codes and records that the thing that begins understanding is full house, after the society talks, begin to learn know how to read, begin to recite the character on those classics ancient codes and records next.

Song and when of be used to, down to can if ripe back flows, this is the life of Zhuang of two canal in broken temple.

Early morning awakes, they are endorsing, burning sun phlogistic fire, they are endorsing, dusk clock is broken dumb in, they are endorsing. Chun Nuanhua leaves, summerly thunder shake, autumn wind is bleak, wintry snow cold is cold, they go up in ridge in a field, in brook bank, below the tree, in Mei Bian, holding path classics in both hands to keep be being read, carrying on the back, do not tell time die gradually.

Have in broken temple full stack of a house path classics scroll, yu Ren is 7 years old when once disappointing number passes, have 3000 fully, highway 3000, hank or hundreds word, or more than 1000 words, the shortest deities classics does not pass 314 words, the longest immortal classics has more than 20000 words fully however, this is them what should carry on the back is all.

2 people of division brother keep reciting, beg only remember, content with superficial understanding, they are early clear, the master won't answer him forever any doubt to collected Taoism scriptures, can say only: "Remember, nature can understand. Nature can understand..

The illuminative child that plays to those worldly having an insatiable desire for child people for, such life is adv unimaginably really, green hill is fortunately desolate, scarce signs of human habitation, occupy one's mind of the content outside notting have, OK and absorption, disposition of two canal Zhuang is distinctive, also do not feel as dry as a chip and drab unexpectedly, carrying on the back with respect to ground of such day after day, passed several years insensibly.

Some day, read several years without inactive sound stops. Two children sit on hill stone, shoulder to shoulder, a book is built go up in two people knee, glance book, be opposite each other again inspect, some expression are spellbound.

Right now they had carried last on the back, continue again without method however, because they look not to understand, the written language on this path allusion is very new -- accurate for it is very strange, those character components radicals by which characters are arranged in traditional Chinese dictionaries and strokes are known obviously, combination rises, became completely strange thing however, how to read? What meaning?

2 people return temple in, search middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest.

Say of middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest: "Highway 3000, what you look is last, this 1601 words, concealed of meantime of according to legend is worn the day eventually justice, never the person can comprehend among them meaning completely, more what is more,the rather that you? More what is more,the rather that you??

Chen Changsheng asks: "Master, don't you also understand? Don't you also understand??

Middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest shakes his head say: "Who don't have to dare say who understands really, I also cannot. I also cannot..

Younger brother of senior fellow apprentice is right inspect, feel some are regretful, although still be dot, but carry 3000 collected Taoism scriptures on the back to now, only poor hank fails contest full result, nature won't be happy. But not be common dot after all, begin to be accompanied with path classics photograph from muddled, disposition is a little delicate also, 2 people prepare face about to leave.

Be in at this moment, middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest continues say: "... but I can be read. "... but I can be read..

Since that day, middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest begins tuitional path to be in charge of last pronunciation, impart literally pronunciation, those pronunciation are particularly barpque, very simple sheet is syllabic, use some muscle in throat, also have special demand to vocal cords, anyhow, unlike is normal mankind the sound that can give out.

Chen Changsheng does not understand completely, just resemble duckling kind, conscientiously is pressing the pronunciation simulation that the master teachs, before Yu Ren can remember a lot of years now and then however, be in brook bank, that word that the master speaks to that horrible live thing.

Yu Ren and Chen Changsheng used a long time to master the pronunciation of those 1601 words eventually, still indissoluble however its meaning, ask middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest also is couldn't get solve, meantime, they had gone up in these last spent full a year of time, next they begin to resemble previously in that way, holding final hank in both hands to continue chant, until can carry on the back.

When the life that thinks when them oneself cast off back path to be in charge of eventually, middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest asks they begin to be read the 2nd times, helpless children are forced to begin to repeat again, because repeat,perhaps be, this eulogy to collected Taoism scriptures is read, they feel painstaking instead a lot of, feel a little bitter to be able to 't bear character even.

Also arrive just about at that time, they just begin to be born to indissoluble, why does the master want him do 2 people read these path classics? Why to teach oneself cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine? Had written above path classics obviously, a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest should be ascetic, should seeking immortal gift is.

Meantime, yu Ren is 10 years old, chen Changsheng 6 years old half, also be in just about this year of autumn, white crane defeats the cloud and come, brought the greeting of distance old friend and book of a thin silk, there is birthday character 8 to still have book of a marriage and keepsake on thin silk book -- some VIPs that once was saved by place of middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest, mean carry out line of business year acceptance.

Middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest looks at marriage book to smile not language, look next to two apprentice. Yu Ren places a hand, show him move cannot look the eye of content only then, the smile refuses, frustrated of Chen Changsheng expression, do not understand this is what meaning, had received marriage book muddle-headedly, had a fiancee from now on.

Count ever since year, whenever year when the section, that white crane can defeat the cloud to answer period and to, bring the capital of a country the greeting of that noble, return meeting incidentally a few more interesting little gifts, send Chen Changsheng.

Chen Changsheng gradually bright thing, know what affiance means, often be in night, borrowing starlight to look at the marriage book that then Feng Jingjing lies in the drawer, he has some of feeling that says not to come out, thinking that to hear as about the same as oneself big fiancee, have some of halcyon joyance, some are bashful, more frustrated.

Read student limit calmly, in Chen Changsheng 10 years old when, appeared accident. Some night, he recites collected Taoism scriptures the 72nd times afresh after last 1601 words, feel oneself consciousness waves suddenly left the body, begin to wave in the woods in green hill stroke, he at this point lethargy does not rise, the body begins to send out give a kind of extraordinary fragrance.

Either the flower is sweet, not be Xie Xiang, also not be cosmetics sweet. Say weak, sway next for a long time not to come loose in nocturnal wind however, say thick, wave to be carried nasally, it is that however like wispy, unlike is the fragrance that the world can appear, cannot ascertain, very inviting.

Most what discover Chen Changsheng circumstance first is Yu Ren, hearing that extraordinary fragrance, his expression becomes very austere.

The leaf is obstructed slightly in dim green hill, have lion growl roars of a tiger, flood dragon of dance having a crane dash forward, if thunder frog cries,have what this Ying Xia night just can appear, green hill is Oriental in that cloud and mist that nobody dare enter, faint appear a huge shadow, knowing is He Sheng content, in countless life of greedy and awe-stricken eye look attentively at below, chen Changsheng is sending out extraordinary fragrance, shutting eye sleep deeply, do not know when to just can awake.

Yu Ren is worn in the desperately fan other couch wind, the fragrance fan that wants to get on Chen Changsheng personally goes, because that fragrance lets him,enunciation promotes the secretion of saliva or body fluid, make him unripe give a kind very eccentric, very bloodcurdling thought, he must fan wind, this thought also fan goes.

Middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest does not know when to come in wing-room, he stands in couch bank, look at the Chen Changsheng of lock double eye, said a word that only he himself just knows: "Because be in where again? "Because be in where again??

One night time goes.

Dawn is aspersed fall that instant of green hill, the extraordinary fragrance on Chen Changsheng body abruptly collect is done not have, also do not hear a bit again, he replied former about, the myriad rare animal in green hill returns form of that bloodcurdling after saying, also do not know when to leave.

Yu Ren looks at the junior fellow apprentice in sleep deeply, eventually no longer alarmed, breathed out slowly tone, want the cold sweat on erase forehead, because shook desperately,just discover shoulder the fan of one night, and painful cannot movement.

Chen Changsheng opens an eye, woke. Although sleep deeply overnight, but he knew to produce what thing, look at the senior fellow apprentice of expression anguish, complexion becomes a little cadaverous, ask: "Master, I is this how? I is this how??

Middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest looks at him, silent after a long time, say: "You are sick. "You are sick..

According to the view of middleaged a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest, because,Chen Changsheng's disease is congenital body empty, 9 paragraphs of passages through which vital energy circulates in the body cannot be linked together, the extraordinary fragrance of yesterday evening, it is mind cannot relay circulate, can be forced only as sweat eduction, those are the person's indispensable mind elite inside sweat, taking a kind of extraordinary fragrance naturally, this is a kind of strange disease.

"That... can be you treated? "That... can be you treated??

"Cannot, without the person can. Without the person can..

"The disease that cannot treat... is that a life? "The disease that cannot treat... is that a life??

"Yes, that is your life. That is your life..



From 10 years old after birthday, that white crane also did not cross green hill again, kyoto there broke a news, the across of marriage book ases if to never had appeared, chen Changsheng now and then stand in brook bank, look at the west, can remember this thing.

Of course, more issues that he considers, still be oneself disease, perhaps say a lot... he did not become frail, make easily besides some tired besides, look at very healthy, resemble the person of an early die young far from, he begins to suspect the master's judgement even. But if the master's judgement is correct, how does that do? Chen Changsheng leaves broken shrine definitely, go looking between flourishing the world, take the advantage of oneself to still can look, he should see the hill of a book from heaven in fokelore, go retreating that marriage even.

"Teacher, I should go. I should go..

"Where should you go to? "Where should you go to??

"Go thing capital of a country. "Go thing capital of a country..

"Why? "Why??

"Think because of me living. "Think because of me living..

"I had said, that is not ill, it is a life. It is a life..

"I want to change a life. "I want to change a life..

"Come 800 years, only 3 people change a life to had succeeded. Only 3 people change a life to had succeeded..

"Is that very somebody extraordinary? "Is that very somebody extraordinary??

"Yes. "Yes..

"I am not, but I also want to try. But I also want to try..

Kyoto, chen Changsheng always wants to go, no matter can cure oneself disease, he always wants to go, more than because he wants to change a life,be, because the across of marriage book is in,also the capital of a country.

He clears away baggage, had received senior fellow apprentice of more than person to give that small sword that come over, face about leaves.

Teenager Taoism priest of 14 years old, downhill.