What is the first chapter then?

Round caky is round-the-clock fetch guides scout passes by offshore delay amble to enter, far, can have seen pure white snow line.

"Strong point, be about to arrive at Thule. " ringing acoustical sound rises, the Na Cheng of military uniform of a suit white reports to the La Xiao that sits in position of deputy aircraft commander.

They are one comes from Yu Douluo academy day fights confederative science the division of the institute of ancient fetch animal with subordinate branch department studies a group. Since after fighting Luo Lianbang to finish the brigade of first time aerospace before 9000 about, the mankind began ceaseless to aerospace exploration. Ceaseless exploration, ceaseless discovery, let the mankind have more and more knowledge to cosmic vast.

The grow in quantity that accompanying population and a few other issues, the mankind begins to try interstellar immigrant. The course figures the indefatigable effort of chiliad, finished the immigrant of the first planet before more than 1000 years eventually. Later come more than 1000 years, the mankind had completed the emigrant plan to 7 planets, and develop.

Since nearly of animal of the fetch before all ages after bringing the disaster that complete collapse, the Mo La of that generation prolocutor that is known as the mother that fights Luo Lianbang peace announces the mankind and fetch animal peaceful coexistence. Prohibit all kill behavior to fetch animal.

When having colony of the 3rd planet federally, this heavenly body donative fetch animal, by contemporary digital fetch the king of animal is guided, as a child stage of 10 thousand animal undertook the face migrate greatly. Fetch animal had the home that belongs to his eventually.

The 7th planet later, given fetch animal. Had two heavenly bodies that belong to oneself, fetch animal gained sufficient rest and build up strength in all ages, dissolve thoroughly with the Chou Yuanye between the mankind. The mankind is having comprehensive collaboration with brand-new means and fetch animal, come several years, from fetch animal occupational move is whole fight Luo Xing's mankind to struggle seek to live on, to the mankind invention fetch guides implement, begin to compress the vivosphere of fetch animal, arrive again before all ages the king of the fetch animal of come to is guiding remaining fetch animal to retaliate the mankind. Nowadays, the mankind and fetch animal peaceful coexistence. The change of the times, let the because of spirit division profession mankind closely related and fetch animal eventually, entered peace to develop period.

This division that La Xiao leads studies a group, come round namely Thule explore examine, the ice and snow that watchs to still have remain to be here kind fetch animal, or fetch animal is vestigial, have the research of pair of ancient fetch animal thereby.

Thule once was known as a bottle of Luo Daliu last Sukhavati, here harsh environment, the animal of a few fetch that just lets remaining is not harmed by the mankind. Undertook flight as much later, but the fetch animal world here becomes an organic whole oneself, also expended very great strength to just let animal of great majority fetch approbate immigrant at that time. But still a few choose to stay or be concealed.

"Good. " head of La Xiao shoulder is hanging major military rank, appearance is brilliant, he this year 31 years old, be graduated from institute of a bottle of Luo Lianbang state-maintaineding science and technology, animal of main attack fetch studies. All scientific research units award military rank entirely, consolidate management by federal.

Agreeing at the same time, his look is not self-conscious fall in Na Chengjun to install next beautiful curves, they besides it is a colleague besides, still be a pair of sweethearts. Beautiful Na Chenggang enters an institute before long, by him tower of close water of this strong point. Two people feeling is very good, planning this division take an examination ofing to go back to marry.

Na Cheng glare he is one, do not overdo. The model with handsome charming is brought so that La Xiao understanding laughs however.

"After entering Thule, immediately open life detector. Explore examine intensity increases fetch animal administrative levels. " La Xiao gives orders.

"Yes. " Na Cheng is to be in charge of technically exploring, immediately the response path of do official business according to official principle.

Thule is the ground of bitter cold from of old, hardly any plants can live here, when there is fetch animal previously, also with cold-resistant animal of large the lofty spirit of a nation is given priority to. The special spirit animal that still a few is similar to female and so on of scorpion glacial green jade, snow exists.

Very fast, round-the-clock fetch guides scout enters Thule, to more inner ring flies, downy white halation around it is all round scout, completely cut off outside bitter cold.

Compressed plane leaves celiac center position, a virescent ray is aspersed fall, the ray falls when the ground, form enough to enclothe the green aperture of one square kilometer, there always is what life intensity exceeds administrative levels of animal of 10 years of fetches inside aperture, can be explored to come out. This can be newest life detector. Spend enough development underground subtly 100 meters.

Scout is delaying coasting to scan at the same time advance at the same time. Although life detector monitoring area per fire detector is very big, but Thule very length and breadth of land, want whole to be swept, it is explore examine only even among them one part, also need a not short time.

"Good, since reach a place, set is good exploration program, authority takes a rest. Hope to be able to discover this somewhat. " the body that blue Xiao Shen exhibited him, have some of lackadaisical say. Place of corners of the mouth is hanging a light smile from beginning to end.

Look at his appearance, na Cheng twitch one's mouth, this fellow, always such, what to do it seems that unmindful like, what whats can do however is very good. When going to school, also did not see him how try hard, became learn bully. After the job, very relaxed be admitted by the institute, obviously oneself are admit together with him come in, now still is first lieutenant however, and he had been promoted twice by abnormality however. Want to know, it is extremely difficult that military rank is promoted, below the circumstance that does not have a war, successive wants school level officer, want above 40 years old at least ability is possible. But this fellow this year just 31 years old just.

Wanting is ill-affected really, what oneself try hard than him obviously is much! Even, when chasing after oneself repeatedly, it seems that also only muddled muddled knows him, smiled to surrender in hurtless of cultivate of his that person. Hum!

Thinking, already was a shadow obscures before the body lamplight, an old hand kneads her head, that familiar sound rings in side side subsequently, "Good, probe what instrument to be able to call the police automatically, accompany me to have a meal go. Accompany me to have a meal go..

Changing others is sweethearts was become with the colleague inside this kind of significant section, regular meeting speak and act cautiously, ke Laxiao however this kinds of a bit consciousness is done not have, so barefaced He Nacheng is close, na Cheng reminded him a lot of times, but he however one's cricumstances or characters remain unchanged, call it by a good name of: Cannot help!

"Hum. " Na Cheng stands up, just realize next, oneself easy to do if listening to him. Really blamed!

Look up want glare he is one, those who greet is La Xiao's attractive smile however, eye all the time, was pulled by him little hand, go to the dining-room of airship. Side side still transmits the sound of this fellow, "I like you foolish foolish appearance. "I like you foolish foolish appearance..

Do this say who is foolish? Who to say! Wanting to want not to break out in her when. Abrupt, a chain of hurried " drop drop " the attention that sound drew everybody.

Na Cheng is completely subliminal almost before developing the seat that returns oneself, had a chain of operation quickly, the screen before her magnifies quickly, can see screen is medium clearly, the halation with intense circuit is shown ceaselessly diffuse shape is released outwards.

After La Xiao tightens therewith, also come to the side of her, watch Xiang Nabing screen, complexion also becomes dignified rises.

"Each unit attention, each unit notices. Appear likely powerful life style, scout rises to go to 3000 meters highly, life detector is explored centrally. Shield temporarily open arrives the greatest strength, intercept weapon prepares. " what he hesitates none is a chain of give orders, the lackadaisical appearance on the face disappeared, those who replace is dignified.

The halation that diffuses on screen is gules, what do this mean he is very clear, only administrative levels form is other 100000 fetch animal, just release so powerful life energy likely.

"Use reconnaissance satellite detailed observation. " the shoulder that La Xiao pats Na Cheng.

"Hum. " Na Cheng both hands spends the operation on the before oneself work station like butterfly to wear as wearing, very fast, satellitic UniCom, tall clear reconnaissance satellite locks up calm target below her guiding.

Straight body of La Xiao station, turn to scout advocate screen, advocate on screen, a pair of picture is in by fast enlarge.

Inchoate moment is a pure white only, very fast, the snow that can watch clear clarity was changed. Back-to-back, it is a valley that is being surrounded by ice and snow.

Saying is a valley, actually more resembling is a break, break is explored in the tall clarity of reconnaissance satellite in rapid enlarge, arrive all the time in the valley. On the side of the rock that ruptures together.

That enormous life energy is passed from here namely, when the satellite fixed position is in that when, la Xiao and Na Cheng are clear see, enclothe in Bai Xue under, faint light aureate halation twinkles.

"Magnify again a few. " track of blue Xiao Chen.

The picture continues to magnify a few, what look this is clearer, what that snow cover is twinkling is aureate not merely, still have argent. Twinkling dichromatic and adagio alternately.

Na Cheng twists a head to look to him, light tone: "What is that? " --

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