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Prehistoric of the first chapter is tribal

Before Xie Xi one second is broken out in 30 thousand feet high empty heart disease fall down, eye of below one second is opened, him discovery is being bound greatly by 5 flowers, throw between a flock of nake primitive philtrum.

In him ahead is wearing one caboodle bonfire, ablaze combustion, blaze is blazing, heat blow on the face and come, sitting on his edge a primitive tribe big fellow round careless skirt, the stick that choosing the root is forked person leg above the move that bake.

Full-bodied barbecue is sweet 4 excessive.

Xie Xi is a little muddled, saw a thing that is being baked by fire carefully, of true true be sure to is leg of a person!

Sweep all around, it is the male primitive that having Zhuang Shuo figure round careless skirt, circling bonfire to sit into circuit, the eye is staring at that person leg that baking continuously continuously, ceaseless deglutition is worn saliva.

The line of sight is gone to again right-hand rotation. See clearing corner only in, one is hanging down the person of the head is hanged high on a stake, there is stone basin below.

His calcaneal was cut off, the whole body is convulsive, ground of gules blood drips from cut come out, fall next the Shi Penzhong that catch.

By that person, same by cane the person that 5 flowers bind greatly is being pushed forcibly by zax Zhuang Han, pulling hang toward another stake, was bound very quickly to be on stake.

The Zhuang Han that the man that is being bound is developing to lifting zax is roaring angrily what, and Na Zhuanghan is kick only he one foot, sneering toward the side temper by dipping in water buccal saliva, behead of ground of efficient of the zax since brandish issued his calcaneal tendon.

That person deplorable sad wail, in a moment if blood stream is noted.

Xie Xi is crawly, go to again that convulsive person looks on the side of him, see that person stopped tic eventually only, hanging down the head swallowed last tone, the stone basin blood below his body also was filled.

Zax Zhuang Han crouchs private parts body rapidly, removed replete stone basin in the sky changes a basin, hold stone basin in arms next, hale arm muscle beat rises, come over the Shi Penduan that contains full blood.

That stone basin has car tire diameter so big, cheng Man blood, how does foliaceous Xi range estimation also have 559 jins. That primitive loosens easily gently unexpectedly a person is moved!

Whacker effort! Want to know the record of weight lifting world of 69 kilograms of class, it is more than 600 jins almost, if this big fellow goes lifting weights if, world champion simply easy to do!

Stone basin is put down by careful ground, without slop a blood.

That group of primitive round bonfire also are not staring at leg of the person that bake. It is a facial thorn is worn first atrocious thorn is green, the neck hangs the man that full bone acts the role of to stand up, easily high high end has stone tub, like admiring a neck to resemble drinking water, murmur murmurs big mouth drinks blood, a mouth after be being drunk handed another waits the man by.

They drink hematic order to have the law very, it is fixed it seems that, then one stands up one, did not appear the circumstance that two people stand at the same time.

Shi Penli's blood sees an end, the last person extends even the head into Shi Penli, extend a tongue to lick lap, do not let off last.

"Toot wow... " faint and puerile sound from rear transmit.

Xie Xi turns the head looks, this ability discovery stood rear the woman of a lot of primitive tribes and child.

No matter be woman or child, the looks at that group to eat the flesh to drink blood man of anxiously, guttural and ceaseless deglutition is worn saliva, deep longing is in the eye.

Just sound is a little boy of 34 years old is given out, be covered closely by the woman on the side of him immediately Pull in your ears! .

Why can he reach a such places?

Xie Xi lowers his head to see his body.

Wore a broken straw skirt, the abdomen flesh that is being bound can count a rib less, ability to walk is like match rod.

Was to pass through actually... day ah, xie Xi cannot believe.

Original oneself, be aboard heart disease died?

The head of abrupt Xie Xi dizzinesses one blast, the memory with this original body is like discharge shadow in brain halt flash.

Be during his brains is befuddled, the Zhuang Han that lifting zax has gone to the side of Xie Xi, like carrying a chickling one carries a Xie Xi, the corner that bloodlettings toward that goes.

The memory of itself of this body in brain is worn in concussion his soul, the consciousness of foliaceous Xi itself resembled be by confine in lake water, although know oneself are being carried, can be incontrollable however body.

He is without column of the load that be hanged, left foot is handholded...

Not, fast sober come over!

Xie Xi's soul is struggling, forehead is oozy cold sweat, an imminent peril during break through confine abruptly from muddleheaded in sober, cry greatly: "Etc! "Etc!!

This word says exit is not Chinese any more, however the original language that Xie Xi learns after receiving memory.

Zhuang Hanhui wears zax the hand halt of zax below, seem to was not heard then be like so that continue to want to be chopped downward!

Xie Xi grabs aloud quickly: "I have important information to want to tell you! "I have important information to want to tell you!!


The movement of brandish zax stopped.

"Say. " Zhuang Han is taking authoritative mood to briefly.

Xie Xi: "Not, this information is very important, the leader that can tell you only or witch. The leader that can tell you only or witch..

Zhuang Han laughs at zax disdainfully.

"Food. " Xie Xi differs zax Zhuang Han speaks, cried immediately, explain subsequently: "Be had not discovered about a kind but edible plant. "Be had not discovered about a kind but edible plant..


The complexion of zax Zhuang Han immediately dignified, a pair of eyes like the eagle are staring at him to death to death.

Of Xie Xi remain calm allow to look by him.

"You are waited a moment. " Zhuang Hanxiang believed zax a few minutes, face about toward bonfire that crowd goes.

Loosened in foliaceous Xi heart at a heat, be afraid of be afraid that this Zhuang Hanjiao gets him to lie, be disinclined and his gibberish, without giving thought to thirty-seven thousand one hundred and ninety-one chopped besides. His new life did not arrive ten minutes to was about to end hurriedly.

The leaf is recalling the memory that a moment ago received in Xi brain, feel an upsurge of emotion rise and fall.

This body is called Song Cao formerly, this year 13 years old, it is a parents' dead orphan. The cryptotaeneous cinquefoil tribe that before long he is in before is called tribal breach of Hei Ze by, the soldier dies entirely, 7 people that include Song Cao inside only escape, other be walked along by capture of Hei Ze tribe completely.

7 their people met Tu Shan's tribal person unfortunately again in fugitive road, face the miserable situation that is eaten off now, perhaps be to was frightened to defeat courage, or the body too too hungry, gone hind was added by Xie Xi personally.

And what the for a long time in heart of Xi allowing a part of a historical period cannot calm is not brutal and bloody tribal conflict.

However this world is one is having the place that dinosaurian, gigantic bug, fierce animal appears at the same time unexpectedly!

Fast ancient has 3 famous geological periods, the overlord that is differred is occupational. It is times of Carboniferous gigantic bug respectively, jurassic dinosaurian times, times of fierce animal of ancient close discipline. And now, 3 kinds of not coetaneous earth overlords are in unexpectedly same a time paragraph jackknife appears, collective existence is on this mainland!

And should be born in gigantic animal of gigantic bug dinosaur to be eradicated entirely originally, relative to the mankind of safe Neozoic the Quaternary Period, struggle in the mainland of MAX of this crisis index however now beg put!

Xie Xi looks up to the sky, there is huge white celestial or heavenly body one round in the sky, than before the sun with hep place wants to go up one round greatly, sending out blazing ray, in this white celestial or heavenly body nearby, still have a gules a bit a few smaller celestial or heavenly body, also sending out ceaselessly quantity of heat, collective broil is baking this earth.

This body is exceeding lack water, insolate in the sun below, did not secrete sweat however. Foliaceous Xi tongue licks oral cavity, he is very thirsty, the stomach that connects hungry feeling terribly hot by him oversight.

Passed through actually the prehistoric age of different world, so the place with heavy crisis, just bloodletting probably die some more delighted?